How Social Justice Got Trump Elected

I'm not a trump supporter and I didn't over him but instead of accent a child and calling Trump supporters racist and sexist I decided to be intellectually honest and actually listening to what Trump supporters have to say and it seems to me that among the reasons they give for supporting Trump none of them have to do with hating minorities or women they support Trump because they see him as a hard-working businessman who knows how to get things done they see him as acknowledging the realities of the problems caused by illegal immigration they expect him to lower taxes he isn't a career politician he's pro-life he supports veterans and so on now I'm not saying that this is necessarily how I see him but it's how they see him that's what matters of course some liberals will argue that being tough on illegal immigration is somehow racist but Trump supporters argue that their concern is that illegal immigrants commit a lot of crime and those who get arrested get supported instead of put in prison that's enabling them to come back into the country and commit more crimes the fact that most of these illegal immigrants are Hispanic is incidental illegal immigration would be just as problematic in the eyes of Trump supporters if they came from anywhere else if the problems they cause were the same liberals will also argue that being pro-life is anti-woman well let's be honest here the reason why so many right-wingers are anti-abortion is not because they think women shouldn't have a right to choose what they do with their body but because they think it's morally wrong to kill a fetus to them it's not about subjugating women but about saving babies and in their opinion a baby's right to live takes precedent over a woman's right to choose whether or not you agree with any of that whether or not you agree that any of trumps plans for dealing with any valid realistic whether or not you think any of his policies are harmful to women and minorities is not the point the point is Trump supporters sincerely don't view these issues as issues of race and gender but if practicality and ethics these people don't want to end massive legal immigration because they hate Mexicans but because they view as a threat to national security in the economy they don't want to end abortion because they hate women but because they genuinely believe that a fetus is a person and it's wrong to kill it but by trying to label these people as racist and sexist for having what they view as fair and legitimate concerns by dismissing their arguments as racism and sexism by refusing to even consider their point of view all you've done is you have alienated them and embolden a backlash are there genuine racist and sexist supporting Trump of course just like Al Gore was once enjoy speck Fred Phelps and Obama was endorsed by Reverend Wright but these people don't represent the overall voter basis of these candidates it's dishonest to try to lump all of them in with people like them or to use their endorsements as some sort of evidence that these candidates and the supporters are racist sexist homophobic or that they hate America that's just childish mudslinging and using the same logic I could accuse Trump haters of being homophobic anti-semites because the Westboro Baptist Church hates him or I could accuse Obama supporters of wanting to kill white people because he was endorsed by the new Black Panther Party see anybody can play that game the election of Trump was really just a pushback from people who were sick of being cried bullied into silence by having their views labeled racist and sexist you people the liberals the feminists the sjw's are the ones who got Trump elected you're the ones who created the atmosphere which made people start seeing him as a voice of the silent majority in no other political climate could a guy like Trump ever be taken seriously as a presidential candidate but all of this identity politics nonsense has created a cauldron in which conservatives and moderates have been afraid of saying anything that might get them labeled as bigots and has finally boiled over they're so fed up with the race baiting and the cries of misogyny that when liberal bloggers and commentators call trumple racist and sexist all it does is make them like him even more because the left is just doing to him what they've been jointed them for all these years and even if he really is a racist and a sexist it doesn't matter anymore because the left has cried wolf too many times working-class white people and men are sick of being told they're automatically and inherently racist and sexist because they're white or male even when they haven't done anything to hurt anybody other than be born white or male they're sick of being blames are told that they somehow benefit from racist and sexist institutions they have nothing to do with and having their opinions and concerns dismissed because they need to check their privilege while they're either out of war are stuck working dead-end nine-to-five jobs and living in trailers sure you can argue that the average black person has it worse but that doesn't diminish their problems the average income for white people is significantly higher than it is for most other people well let's not forget that the average is brought up by the handful of white millionaires and billionaires who are hardly representative of white people as a whole the typical white man isn't a rich yuppie the sjw's make them out to be what an impoverished redneck who doesn't have power over anything except his pickup truck these people are barely any better off to anybody else but the left doesn't want to acknowledge their grievances because of some absurd premise that them being white and male somehow magically makes them immune to hardship while at the same time telling them that they're racist and sexist if they complain so when they see Trump's detractors throwing labels of racism and sexism at him that doesn't faze them because those labels get thrown around so liberally now that they don't even mean anything anymore because everything is racist and sexist in the Liberals eyes they just see it as a sign that the less considers Trump a threat and that he's getting under their skin and that makes him a hero to them and I know I sound like a trump supporter for pointing all this out but I'm not I just see where they're coming from and why candidate who isn't a career politician appeals to them and why they felt the need to get out and vote and shake up the system honestly I was shocked to see Trump win but in retrospect I should have seen it coming the financial flop of ghostbusters despite so much virtuous signaling and accusations of sexism from leftist commentators should have been a predictor of what our culture was headed how the popularity of my own YouTube channel is multiplied more than tenfold in just 2016 as I started to call sjw's on their lives in hypocrisy it just goes to show that calling people who disagree with you racist and sexist just doesn't work anymore people have seen through it and recognizing as a Dreiling tactic for those who have no real arguments so while Hillary supporters are accusing Trump and supporters of being racists while they're the ones who are going on racist tirades on social media vandalizing monuments with graffiti saying die White's die and physically assaulting people all I can do is sit here and think to myself Wow no wonder Trump won on a final note I don't normally listen to Alex Jones but while looking for clips of rioters after the election I stumbled upon this video by him and this one come out to me because it perfectly summarizes this election why is this young man races for wearing a Donald Trump shirt because Trump is a racist xenophobic Islamic hating Mexican hating well I've never heard that before okay do you see Trump supporters going to like Bernie Sanders rallies and harassing Bernie Sanders voter you know they're wimps and they're scared they have no balls that's not our problem in our exercise ah fuck that nigga Trump obviously this behavior is only paving the way for Donald Trump presidency these guys are too fucking stupid enough you

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  1. I'm a social justice warrior.

    Not for stuff like imagined racism and cultural appropriation and other perceived threats, for real things like ending human trafficking and child pornography.

  2. I usually agree with your point of view but I disagree on this one to an extent because Trump did say some racist things, he labeled all Mexicans and everyone crossing the borders as rapists and murderers when in fact only a small percentage of them do, but he just labeled them all up in a group. This is racist because you’re generalizing a group of people based off the actions of others that’s just like saying that all white people hate black people because their ancestors were space owners or that they are all KKK members and neonazis.

  3. Trump was elected because he, like other Republicans, convinced poor white Americans that Muslims, immigrants, and poor people of color are to blame for their problems.

  4. Hmmmm
    Multi billionare, playboy, bissnus man, who is inteligent enough to make more money than some small counterys.
    But he made a rude twiter post so he should be impeached.

  5. I wasn't towing for Trump either, but honestly, I'm still glad he beat Clinton. Just as a matter of principle our vested, career politicians need to know that the American people are sick of their games. Trump showed them that they can bleed and we needed that.
    So… Now we just need to find out what to do about the orange bull in the china shop…

  6. i expected to listen to some ahole yammer on about how they hate trump. however wile you can tell in his vioce hes not happy, he backs up his claims with statistics and facts. i adore this as it gives solidity to claims. wile i was not a trump supporter i did not support hillary even more. wich is why trump got most of his votes. id like to say thank you, for actauly looking at evidence and percents and facts before jumping the gun, i apprecaite that, and i understand we may not agree on everything fully, i can respect your view as i hope u can resoect mine.

  7. I don't live in america but I'd vote trump over clinton not because of this reason, but because clintone would have tried something that could start world war 3

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