How Russian Prisoners Are Using Tattoos To Protest Putin (HBO)

Alexei Navalny is Vladimir Putin's most hated opposition figure and he's banned from running against Putin in this month's election because of an embezzlement conviction in 2015 Alexei got a suspended sentence but his brother Oleg was found guilty too and is still serving a three and a half year jail term behind bars Oleg has gotten creative about reaching Russia's disaffected this underground tattoo party is the brainchild of Pavel akima the urban planner turned activist is using it to get Oh like neva knees designs out to his supporters me as a business case a Luger at the corner post on Twitter the pu sheer single desperately wished the post-abortion young career bushka court is named Erasmus topper a skillet this regime is now so there's a very positive contact record Negreanu mysteriously knee this butcher has created kick kick to the possession elusive shooter colleague of sauce the tattoos have become a strand of counterculture in putin's russia it's not that the designs themselves are brazenly political but the act of getting one has become subversive traditional to go its own the mocha district to each other the project began in 2016 when Pavel wrote to Oleg in prison asking him to create customized emojis known as stickers for the encrypted messaging app telegram but tattoos have a much longer political history there in Soviet Russia tens of millions of people served life sentences in gulags where tattoos were used to differentiate between the authorities criminals and political prisoners geminate Rothko I see and treated some stroke or I seen Ebola mommy's testimony to Palermo Yosuke Olek communicates mostly by mail with activists who then publish his work online he's launched several projects from prison including a satirical web game about surviving jail and original artwork posted to Instagram likes tattoos go for about $50 with most of the money going to his wife neither Oleg or Alexei have tattoos of their own but Oleg says he'll get one to mark his eventual release from jail his sentence is set to expire in June you you

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  1. “Art to him may be the only way of engaging with the outside world. So we have decided to widen the reach of this art,” Akimov told VICE News.
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  2. So, the basis of your reporting here is to glorify criminals who were caught and found guilty of embezzlement ?

  3. Navalny the CIA rat, wont be able to be a candidate of the Russian elections. He is a Crook and a CIA puppet.

  4. Oh no! Not the tattoos! Putin must step down before more people get the tattoos or its going to be Russian revolution part 2!

  5. Honestly who actually thinks tattoos will make any difference in any way shape or form. Like great you are standing up to a near dictator-like president but still getting a tattoo does nothing to go against him. It's like only those who know about it would understand the significance of them and if you are trying to garner support you need to reach everyone not the few already in the clique per say.

  6. Alexey Navalny , you must aware of the almost 300 russians were killed by USA forces because of putins screw up on Feb 7th 2018 ,most of these bodies were cremated on putins orders to prevent the russian people from getting this information on the number killed , also there many more who died in russian hospitals who were put in refrigerators to be released a few at a time because of the election coming up , putin is doing all he can to hide tbis , there are many in hospitals in St Petersburg amd Moscow hospitals who are prevented from speaking about this !

  7. man i got tattoos from my left hand up to the tip of my neck. (not on the neck.) I REGRET IT JUST AS MUCH AS I LIKE IT. BUT THE BODY IS A CANVASS AND THE INK ON MY BODY IS IMMINENT. i told my selft no neck tattoos or face tattoos ( i want them but the solid hand tatoos is enough) so my whole body will be paintd except my neck and face.

  8. This news is too way trash, I even didn't who is Alexei Navalny if I didn't see it on a RT news show … who care about this nobody ?

  9. СИМВОЛ ПРОТЕСТА ПУТИНУ ЧЕРЕЗ НАКОЛКИ мда делаете вы а стыдно мне. Мда измельчала "интеллигенция".

  10. When you put ink on your body you love somebody, but when you put Putin on your body that a sin because Putin is Satan son ok Putin start steal million when he was a mayor then he move up to being a president and start steal billion? So when he retire do he get to sale Russian to urkaine.

  11. They protest Putin because they're scared. Scared of the enemy on the outside, but simply don't realize they have one hell of a President. He may not be ideal, but he is the best they have right now, and far from a reckless guy. Just watch his interviews, and if you know anything about Psychology and body language you can tell he is genuine with his words. Any other leader and Russia would have collapsed long time ago. If only they understood what situation they are in, and what the world is going up against right now.

  12. Aleksei Navaly is a good person but he's not de right candidate for the time being.
    Putin needs to rebuild from the ashes of the Soviet Union 90's. He's still not finished. Only until Russia has comeback from almost a century hars dictator ship will they be able to handle Aleksei.

    Russia is still in stage 1 in recovery
    Putin is the right man for stage 1
    Aleksei is the right man for stage 2

    If Aleksei would become president Russia would crumble becauze they are not ready yet. Putin will bring stability, certainty and tradition back into Russia
    Aleksei will bring change from the old system.


  14. Dear Vice. I am your subscriber for only one reason, every time you publish video about Russia I am here to remind you that we have a lot bigger problems then those that you're talking about in your reports. This video of yours is another example of poor journalism. Find a real case, not a shitty one. Tattoos against Putin? This is bullshit.
    If you don't have enough skills to cover real problems in Russia in your reports – please don't do reports about Russia at all. Thank you.

  15. The resistance during WWII wore arm bands in protest of the Jewish population being forced to wear patches and white armbands with star of David on both. Tattoos on Jewish people were concentration camp IDs. Permanent marking was a constant reminder for concentration camp survivors. This would not be my choice for such a dark time in my country.

  16. Illegally banned from running elections since the European court ruled the sentence (for both brothers) was illegal!

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