How RUSSIAGATE Threatens U.S. Democracy

It is now clear that we have entered one of
the most important moments in the history of our republic. News is that Michael Flynn is refusing to
cooperate with congress in its investigation of the Trump team’s ties to Russia. Flynn is Trump’s now-disgraced former National
Security Advisor whose tenure was the shortest on record because it came out that he was
deeply compromised by the Russians. It seems Trump knew all along that Flynn had
worked with Russia, was warned repeatedly not to hire him, but decided anyway to put
him in one of the most important positions in the government. According to Trump, Flynn was fired only after
the Vice President himself determined Flynn was a liar. After getting canned, Flynn was completely
exposed and offered to tell investigators what he knew, but only if he received immunity
from prosecution. But as more and more evidence has emerged
that Flynn is a central figure in the scandal, no deal has come. Now, anyone who’s watched a couple episodes
of Law & Order knows that when a suspect asks for a deal, they’re either guilty or they
played a significant role in a crime. Flynn himself knows this, and directly addressed
the issue of criminal immunity during last year’s campaign. [Michael Flynn]: “No individual too big
to jail—when you are given immunity you probably committed a crime.” So according to his own logic, Flynn is obviously
guilty. But in an attempt to hide from justice, and
to protect others, he is refusing to hand over documents that Congress ordered him to
in a subpoena. He has invoked his fifth amendment right not
to testify against himself, but the fifth amendment doesn’t technically give him the
right to refuse a request to produce documents. Flynn must hand them over or risk being held
in contempt of Congress. Right after the election, Ezra Klein of Vox
summed up what Trump’s election meant for America. [Ezra Klein]: Donald Trump will be our next
president, those are not words I thought I’d be saying tonight. But now it’s up to America’s institutions
— and to the people within them — to check his worst instincts.” And here we are. Flynn’s outright refusal to comply with
a Congressional subpoena — on a matter this vital to the country — is a bold, illegal
move that directly challenges the integrity of our democracy. If Congress doesn’t uphold its power now
to investigate criminal behavior by the executive branch, the credibility of the legislative
branch to hold the President accountable will have suffered a major blow, and the country
will have taken a step down the slippery slope to dictatorship—exactly what many of us
feared from a Trump presidency. Our representatives must put politics aside
and immediately hold Michael Flynn in contempt so the US Attorney can bring criminal charges. There must be no wavering, no hesitation in
this critical hour. The rest of Trump administration must feel
the full weight and power of the system’s ability to hold them accountable. This is a black and white moment in American
history. Republicans in Congress either serve the American
people, or they serve Donald Trump and whatever darkness he represents. The time for partisanship and delay has passed. For a Republican Party brimming with self-proclaimed
patriots, there aren’t many who seem to understand the gravity of the situation or
the growing outrage of the American people. Forcefully taking a stand on this matter is
both right and necessary. Thanks for watching. For TDC, I’m Bryce Plank.

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. It is time for the Republican Party to grow a backbone and end this debacle. For a party brimming with self-proclaimed patriots, there aren’t many who seem to understand the gravity of the situation, or the growing outrage of the American people. Forcefully taking a stand on this matter is both right and necessary—nothing less than the fate of the republic is at stake.

  2. Stay off of politics. I'm going un-sub if you don't.. There's no evidence of anything serious STILL. Get over it.

  3. really i think you are a russianophobic so what if the us and russia are friends. what do you want war?

  4. In my opinion, I see your point here, but your point must be filtered through your writing bias. The argument is valid, but stating it through a political bias isn't going to sway opinions effectively. – My $0.0002 Ad Sense.

  5. Tronald Dump is a hoax designed by the russians to distract you from republican agenda, an agenda that thus far has yet to bring consciousness to numb minded so called "conservatives". These priorities we shouldnt have to divulge into but I'll do so in a attempt to rattle these followers of exemption, pure merrcan.
    #1. Cutting 20 million CITIZENS off healthcare(but somewhere in there, they claim to be "pro life")
    #2. Cutting taxes for top tier income earners(not "blue collar coal, sorry😥)$250k a yr.
    #3. Superior policy inexperienced individual w/a fetish for dictators.
    #4. Secretary of State is former executive for a company who lied to uncle Sam's face over the greatest threat to humanity(anthropocene), as well industry which denied any existing effect on human health from the use of lead in gas for more than 20 yrs until it was banned.
    Please respond, I wanna hear the reasoning for such hypocritical taint.

  6. Yes, I too would like to see a party full of self-proclaimed patriots to do something patriotic.

  7. If, and that's a big if, there are any criminal charges brought against Flynn, he will get pardoned. Ford pardoned Nixon. George H.W. Bush granted immunity to anyone who could testify against Reagan. Nothing is going to happen here. If need be, Pence will pardon Trump after he resigns.

  8. Your well made videos and great speaking voice gave me the false illusion that you were actually gonna say something important. You should apply for Rachel Maddow's job; both of you are great at making mountains out of mole hills

  9. Ha! I see you guys changed the title of this. Was it because so many of Hillary's cronies took the 5th and you all said nothing or was it that you realized that it was a constitutional right against self-incrimination? Would we even have this discussion about "meddling" and all the other unproven allegations if the country in question were Israel? Why don't you do a story on the Israeli lobby and how it impacts and SHAPES US policy, foreign and domestic?

  10. Call for the overthrow of the president of the US over a scandal that was made up by the Hillary campaign after the election is eroding the foundations of the republic. We have seen no evidence of "collusion" with Russia or Russian influence in the election. The DNC refuses to let the FBI examine their servers for hacking. So their was no independent investigation of the Russian hack of the DNC. Christopher Steel who wrote the Trump-Russia dossier admitted under oath in court a that all of his claims had no facts to verify them. Steel also works for a company own by one of Putins oligarchs Friends and was hired by the DNC to create opposition research on Trump. There is no evidence of vote tampering. Comey is an unreliable source because he stated under oath in may 2017 that no one has interfered with any of his investigations. He also did not report what he thought was obstruction of justice to DOJ or the Senate which is required by law. So Comey is probably pissed that he lost his job and wants to get back or he committed two felonys to protect the president he hates. People in the intelligence community have omitted that they want to take down the legitimate president at all costs and that is a greater threat to the Republic than a story with no evidence.

  11. Thanks for the incredible video. I hadn't kept up on this in quite some time and it really showed me the magnitude of this entire thing.

  12. Wow. This is an incredible message. Have you ever considered running for Congress? I would totally vote for you.

  13. This is why America needs a Prime Minister, to take some power away from the President and give it to Congress.

  14. "Anyone who watches law and order" because that gives you knowledge of the actual law. Are all democrats this stupid or just this channel?

  15. the guy who made this video is a dumb. tell us about Hilary selling 20% uranium to Russia. Bill taking money from Russia and Obama audio with Medvedev

  16. thats to bad because I liked your channel. I loaded this page into my daily visit folder, but you should steer clear of politics unless you are just in it for the money aka the clicks. Any fool knows all you have to do is voice an opinion from a butt hurts safe space perspective and it will generate a huge buzz from both camps, unfortunately i dont belong to either so no point in stopping here anymore.. Anyways i removed your page and wont be back, that should make you and the rest of the snow flakes happy, the only thing you are really losing is one subscriber and one clicker.

  17. Great video. This is a very serious point in U.S history. Glad to see you give attention to an issue of this magnitude.

  18. A bit diluted The Daily Conversation, specially in 2017. Members of congress of either party do not serve the American people and have not done so for many decades. Actually believing congress acts in the county's best interest is like believing in the tooth fairy.

  19. Gop should get tought with FBI for lying and dodging giving evidence in russian charges against Trump

  20. We have hit a lot of red flags that would make a "dictator-wanna-be" to be able to easily become a dictator. The reasons I say this are the following:
    1. nativism/racism
    Their has been a huge rise in racism against Mexicans and Muslims. Whether you believe this racism is good or bad, it still could easily be used as fuel for a dictator just like Hitler, Stalin and everyone before did. The reason I say "whether you believe this racism is good or bad" is because many, not including me, think this racism will protect us against terrorists by deporting possible terrorists.

    2. Unpopular leader
    Whether you like Trump or not, it is clear that many, more than half, dislike him. Many perceive him as weak and un-American. This could be used by a dictator who could say "we need a better stronger leader, a leader like me." That's a translated quote from Hitler in his book mein kampf.

    3. Divided nation
    Whether you agree with all of the protests or not, the protests show we are divided. So did the election. Many, whether you think they had the right to do so or not, cried and mourned our nation after the election and many still do so. Their have been millions protesting not just in the United States but in every continent in the world. Even one guy went to Antarctica just to make this completely true but in all of the other continents, their were millions. This could be used as fuel to further a campaign just look Hitler did. "A divided nation is a weak nation, I want to fix that." That is another translated quote by Hitler during one of his rallies.

    4. Mass Immigration/ war torn countries
    Mass immigration can create fuel for racism which can be used to further a campaign. War torn countries can be used as political coins to persuade the population to believe you can help foreign countries which will show your own compassion and intelligence. All though usually leaders use this as a lie, like they may say they will help but they end up not helping, this is still helpful to create a functioning campaign and to draw a variety of voters. Hitler did this when he said he will help countries rebuild after a rebuilds Germany but he never actually helped foreigners.

    5. Scandals
    We have all seen a lot of Scandals so far this term. Ranging from possible data breaches (Hillary and Pence's emails) and to intelligence breaches, possible wire tapping, fraud, copyright infringement and etc. Their have been to many, whether you believe that Trump is being bullied or if you think they are actual issues, these Scandals could be used as political coins in a campaign to become a dictator. Their were not a lot of Scandals during WW2 so many dictators used propaganda to create fake Scandals and it worked. The same could happen here.

    6. Lack of confidence in the media and our leaders
    Many perceive that the media is lying constantly and whether this is true or not, it could be used to convince people to listen to the leader only. Hitler did the same thing, he said that the media was fraud and lying and then once the country agreed, he created his own media. The same could happen here. Many also believe our current leaders, not just our president, are lying and that they are frauds. Whether they are or not, this could be used as fuel to persuade the country into wanting new leaders or a new single leader.

    7. Bad deals
    Many deals and policies so far have been called out right outrageous. Whether you believe they are good or not, a dictator could use this to persuade everyone into thinking the leader is weak and ignorant. Hitler did the same, he said that the Weimer Republic was not trying to help Germany to become great again. That wasn't a Trump joke, that is simply the best way to put it. Germany was weak and Hitler said that their Chancellor was weak and was not fit to make the country strong and back to the way it used to be.

    8. Huge debts
    We all know our debt is to high. A leader could say that our current leader is making it worse and thus making our country worse. It also doesn't help us that many are against Trump's wall because of its price tag. The wall could easily be used against him. Whether you think it's that expensive or not, the many that are against Trump due to the price tag could be used as a political coin and used to rally support against Trump.

    9. Talk of revolution
    Many believe a revolution is needed, I do not think so but this idea of a revolution could be used to actually create one. It could be used to get support or as a political coin to make our leaders look weak and undesirable.

    10. Our leader himself
    Whether you like our leader or not, he has many characteristics and thing that he has done that could be used against him. His hair could be used by saying that if he can't manage his hair, he can't manage the country. Whether you think his hair I bad or not, it could be used against him since many hate his hair so much. The way he talks could be used against him because many believe he talks ignorantly and sounds ignorant. Whether you dislike his voice or not, the idea that he sounds ignorant could be used against him. His skin could even be used against him, in propaganda he could be depicted as an orange and that would make propaganda far more effective. It's not like dictators use normal pictures of a person against them, they depict them as something else based off of a trait. The investigation of Trump and many cabinet members possible connections to Russia could also be used against him for obvious reasons. A dictator-wanna-be could say that he is compromised and unfit for the presidency. Whether you believe he has ties to Russia or not, this could be used against him.

    11. First 100 days
    Trump didn't come close to completing his 100 days checklist. Whether you belive his checklist was absurd or that the 100 days itself is absurd, it still could be used to make him sound like he can't get anything done. Especially because the first 100 days runs back to president Theodore Roosevelt. Trump also called the first 100 days absurd and thus someone could use what Trump said and the historical ties of the first 100 days against him.

    12. Trump picked up the phone
    When Trump was officially elected, the dictator of Yemen called to congratulate him. You might think this isn't so bad but actually it is. No president nor cabinet member has spoken to the dictator for 47 years because of the atrocities that Yemen does to their own people. That's why you don't here much about them. We cannot do anything unless we restart communication and start a war. Yemen doesn't have politics with the outside world so the only thing we can do is either war on nothing. Yemen isn't doing anything to anyone else so we are letting them be for the time being, well we were. Just the fact that a brutal dictator congratulated our president could be used against him, so could that Trump was the first president to pick up the phone in 47 years.

  21. He can just go to Russia and he'll be fine unless Russia and USA somehow come to a peace agreement.

  22. No no no. Trump doesn't threaten the US Democracy. US democracy was already under threat from corporations, Trump just brings this and many other issues to the surface.

  23. The places you get your news are lying to you. The Trump-Russia scandal is a conspiracy by the democrats and the establishment to try and sow seeds of doubt into people. Do you EVER stop to look at the big picture and start to think you are being lied to? You actually make videos with good quality and seem intelligent. Therefore, I cannot understand how you believe this conspiracy… it's more likely the earth is flat than the Russians meddled with any-part of the USA political system or Trump admin. When it comes out as fake, will you start to see the media is lying to you then? Or will you go on to eat up their next attempt to deceive and discredit? Stop helping them and being a partisan hack… By promoting these lies and without proof you are doing damage.

  24. How can anybody take this channel seriously after their election prediction 😂 (they deleted the video due to pure embarrassment)!

  25. Of course! And they also say Iraq has some really bad weapon that might be used anytime against the US!! Oh, wait we have been there already..

  26. Mueller's indictments are not "Russia-Gate".

    This is Russia-Gate; Murder-Gate:

    John Brennan is Murdering, Torturous Thief (amongst this entire “intelligence” community).

    Russia-Gate; Murder-Gate

    These people have tried to kill me multiple times.
    I continue to be tortured and abused.
    They have tried to Frame me as “Crazy” — I am the furthest thing from it and this is the unequivocal truth!
    There are countless murders.
    Children have been exploited; Families have been destroyed.
    Public Funds were stolen.
    They have lined their pockets with my intellectual property and with agendas of murder (including mine).
    These people have and continue to steal my intellectual property worth Trillions and obscure my discoveries.
    The people implicated in this are the purported leaders of our Nation.
    This is the truth and the starting point beginning/source of “Russia-Gate”.
    This includes the former director of the CIA et al.
    This entire US Government has been engaged and I have all the substantiating evidence to prove it (see below).
    As I have stated numerous times: I am begging for my life.
    Further your families, their lives, their freedom, and our United States of America depends on Public exposure and your representation.
    I need YOUR LEGAL HELP and/or Representation NOW!!!
    This is life and death and the outcome of our United States and our Earth “The Free World” depends on this.
    Share everywhere, help me expose these murdering, torturous thieves.
    When I have Justice, I will have the platform to ensure the Legislation is passed and enforced.
    I own a 3.6 Trillion Dollar Quantum Technological Revolution that I will not commence (establish my business) until I have achieved Justice, and my fellow Americans and Citizens of this Earth are free people (again). Democracy restored.
    Why would any of these people care? This apparatus of Evil has fleeced our U.S. Government (20 Trillion+ in debt), and I possess the intellectual property (Quantum Technological Revolution) to ensure the sustainment of our United States (tax dollars alone, not including the economics that go along with it).
    Further, when Justice has been achieved and all this has been exposed – trials complete – my business (BASRC) is an equal opportunity employer and I will ENFORCE Gender Equality. At no point in time will my Corporation have more than +/- 55% Men or Women within it.
    This is the truth; this is “Russia-Gate”.
    I need your help if for any other reason because you care about your children, grandchildren, Democracy, our United States of America, our Earth, and Humanity.
    I need your help now!!!

    Benjamin Allen Sullivan

  27. What happened to your predicted Hillary/democrat landslide wave victory? You still haven't figured out how out of touch with reality and the American political pulse.

  28. People who actually believe that Russia "hacked" our election in order to make Trump president are nothing short of delusional.

  29. Nice to be able to see this clown and his nonsense after the report was issued – surprised he doesn't take it down. how can someone be so wrong so often. Blind, brainwashed fool i guess. Spreading propaganda one viewer at a time. His linkedIN page looks like the classic know nothing of today – political science and government major – how much will this guy contribute to society – my bet is zero.

  30. Well bryce … my dear little snowflake … your world has come crashing down… the deep state is about to be drawn and quartered. Your self loathing liberalism isn’t working anymore. Hahahahaha

  31. Hey Bryce. Now it seems prosecutors knew about disculpatory evidence on Flynn.

    Looks like all of this is flying back in your face.

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