How Obama Could Kick Republican Ass (If He Wanted To)

so often apologist for president obama
will say but checking on the stand it has nothing to do with these
negotiating republicans yes economize don’t guess compromise uh… i guess compromise with which in
now go ahead would believe in a black and white world
will you never compromise maybe a republican right the question is in the compromise i mean sometimes i’m amazed at the
shallow in this in the conversation in washington d_c_ when it come see the politicians or
reporters acrylic i guess the liberals or against
compromise with palace a compromise but as the compromise with you what she says are you know what i what you
want to happen or our tv on wednesday and i will controlled television the
wrestling so you’re going to watch football you
know what jamie a lightness was rhino you don’t want your gun shows ordered by the end of it happening or
was it as a compromise gaza if your what you’re not in favor compromise what’s is compromise that’s the question come on
how stupid in ubi okay so what should be out in accomplice so look when it comes to that bush tax cuts for the rich off the table if i would be a fun would present all
the progress of mom and deal with the republicans now why is it off the table other things
on a compromise on but i’m a compromise on that what and win a whole lakshmana besides which i don’t know anything those tax cuts inspire r_j_r_ fast of twenty thirteen that’s a six weeks so rebuttal is cut it all when i think i
was like that bell six weeks from now they expire what do you do that i win you lose all bug in the middle class tax cut
expired two de soto bombing is an excuse all the time their colleagues using man all right on january second i put
together a bill i have harried introduce it in the
senate that says i’m gonna give a tax cut the ninety
percent okay never holds your vote against it all be mine gaps how did hogs morning as ninety percent of entry what is a middle-class tax cut golf
course be my guess they’re not gonna vote against that and
i think it would be a good and kids watered in twenty four d okay so it’s thick easiest window wall that was a leg but that doesn’t mean or come by sears
was on the tape so how much are we going to increase
taxes on capital gains dividend income carried interest estate tax corporate taxes no course obama’s going the reverse
direction he’s actually cut corporate taxes but i would say but he says oh we’re
doing loopholes and deductions here’s what i’ve said you know your you’re right bainer and all those kids gate we are
going to wear loopholes and deductions but no word on it cut corporate taxes weren’t at the same
right opa-locka that what can i work and uh… on capital gains of ideas you
go back and the third nine point six he should be chars like for the top bracket
like anything else dividend same thing carriages what a joke i system loophole for that people like
that run in private equity but those are all going back up doesn’t have to go back of the thirty
nine point six well that’s where you have a opposing
party then you can negotiate by one graham of internet was every
other fifty percent don’t get right let’s negotiate kid at the lower could
be twenty five thirty thirty yet that’s where you have compromise
okay no i’m not gonna come minds on things
that have already been resolved when it comes entitlements well here’s the three things for us all
that i would playful first they come in the room hi embrace it down an essay look as ides wanna make it
clear c_e_o_ at the same time before i would
like them i say they’re ready you all agree what was there are a is
always right i mean whatever i do they do you guys
was iran or iraq or iran is eric to is right in asl or zero i am i really no let me read you there
are a national isn’t always talking on on the race your sicily all there are
areas right are let me show you a ring social security has nothing to do with
the deficit social security is totally funded by the
payroll tax levied on employer and employee nothing to do with the deficit so ronald reagan did resides in ukraine
i certainly agree the source code is off the table now how about medicare medicaid now i remember somebody ran a campaign on cutting medicare and i think you would say quite often use of the p uh… i’d believe candidate on the republican ticket but inst uh… idea was considered the being idea
on the republican side wesat at random super summer time accounts or security converting medicare into a defined
contribution for about a system that’s a bit back and he will set no we’re not going to do your dumbass
idea turning medicare into a voucher overwhelmingly reject the you know what
happened which is an election about it an answer was how about your medicaid idealists an
attorney what we’re trying to do here is couple medicaid reforms of food stand
reforms housing assistance reforms education reforms for drug training
we’re trying to couple these things begged sending them back to the states
and block grants so we just had an election about whether we’re gonna turn medicare into a
veteran medicaid into block grants an american people said no so that is
now off the table because they’re american people have spoken i mean compromise on other spending cuts and got it wouldn’t hurt to cut the
pensions of federal employees etcetera etcetera and it’s a bad idea for the economy but i would just get to make a decision spy
know that there’s going to some degree compromise when he comes the ratios president mama
keeps writing about i wanna do three times as many spending
cuts three dollars a spending cuts for every dollar of tax increases so that’s his former right but that was before the election here would be my formula after the election one dollar in spending cuts for three dollars in tax increases that’s the new for me you know why because we just had an election and that’s what the american people
voted for you don’t like it well you know what my two helped is if you won the election what i think with just one two three says i’m not actually in these
negotiations i can tell you that that would be my starting point so that you can finally have a prison
obama claims he wants at balanced approach you give me ten dollars in tax increases
unlimited dollars in spending cuts then we can have a real conversation what present all mom is offering is not
a real conversation he is giving them three times as many
things is we’re getting in return that one trillion dollars in the tax increases would happen if we did absolutely
nothing in six weeks that’s not a compromise that’s giving them everything they want even after you won the election and then throwing in the custom medicare
and medicaid on top pricing on the cake event throwing corporate tax cuts and then say hey you know what maybe we won’t even
stick to our guns on raising taxes on people making over
two hundred fifty thousand dollar betting compromise that’s a capitulation
and it’s not because president obama’s week he just ran an incredibly strong
campaign when it was his ass on the line now it’s because president ovr month wants the same result as republicans as we showed yesterday his top advisors
willis reed said there interest or aligned let me go to lee brody from cnbc he wrote an article and said the plan presented by romney
and embraced by the g_o_p_ decapitations appears to be gaining
traction despite romney’s law so here we go again it doesn’t matter who wins they already
had a plan the oligarchy had a plan an avenue that plan no matter what larry cudlow is quote in that article and he says without any shame or conscience i really hope obama buys intimates plan well i guess you do hope that don’t you now larry cudlow courses right winger represent of the rich on cnbc but you’re saying okay these are just
guys wishful thinking on cnbc well then let’s go to kent conrad he’s not just a democrat he’s the
chairman of the budget committee on the senate side about the mit romney plan let’s just say is a renewed interest and that’s how this game is played they pretend to be progressive during
the elections but once thats over you’re gonna get the mit romney plan anyway it makes me physically ill now my job is to let you know what’s
happening before it happens victory everytime you’ll get to see whether i’m right or
wrong and i’m not making this stuff up i told kent conrad to say hey he’s
reconsidering the mit romney plan he said it you think i told jay carney think about
hey lowered adjusting the rates on two olympic devall sand dollars and bring
them up no he said it he said we’re open to did i put these
words and i’ll bomb a stop now my job just interpret what they’re
saying if you think that they’re not gonna
screw you good luck to you but you’re wrong

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  1. At least the ballots in Washington and California have voted for legalisation of BIG progressive points (the beginning of the end of the war on drugs, same sex marriage).
    Obama being a pushover isn't all bad news, he will let the states and ballots do their thing, which means the people's progress can begin.
    You can bet if Romney was elected we would have overturned those ballots in 24 hours and stopped the progressives' march dead in its tracks. Thank the stars that man wasn't elected.

  2. The only good thing about Obama having won the election is that progressives can do their thing and slowly advance the country.
    If the Republicans had won they would overturn any ballot initiative that went against their ideals of racism and favouring the rich.
    Deals in congress will still go the way of corrupt bureaucrats, but at least Obama won't touch the ballots and people in America can start voting on decisions that they care about, and it counting for something.

  3. Yup. Need 60 senators. Not necessarily in one party, just a Republican or 2 that will put aside politics and get something done. It happened in the Clinton years and was a huge success. Clinton was the best politician I've ever seen and Newt, for as maniacal as he can be, is very smart and knows how compromise works. Then the Republicans threw him out…imagine that.

  4. Mate YOU were correcting ME – and you'd be amazed how pathologically obsessive people get about that word. You felt the need to correct me, but didn't actually know what you were talking about – I REALLY hate being patronized…

  5. I just hope that these rich people are taking all of this money and getting themselves ready for the end of the world or something atleast so that some of us survive even though it is the scum of the earth

  6. just why is he a good president? He has failed on every promise he made in 2008. He has spent more than any other president. Unemployment is at 8%+. He has failed to cut the deficits, economic growth is actually slowing each year. He has been the most divisive president ever. He can't accept blame for anything. His foreign policy is a failure, Al Qaeda is poised to take over Libya. His handling of the Benghazi matter is an outrage. He can't work with the opposition as Clinton did.

  7. It makes me ill to know that Obama is just another Mitt Rodney. I'm also scared that future elections will just be filled with people like Obama. Claiming change, equality, balanced budgets, future positive projects, just so that in the end. When the elections are all said and done. They work for the rich, they protect the rich, and they make the rich richer. It makes me ill to know that every rich fuck in America just wants to fuck the poor. Is having a mansion and other luxury's not enough?

  8. Here is the true compromise. The banksters and global corporations get their way with both parties after they paid for them.Hey guys lets compromise here.Democrats! you guys use the pro gay marriage agenda and make believe you're going to end the wars.Hey Republicans! You guys make believe you're going to lower taxes and end abortions Meanwhile it's business as usual while both parties use bullshit diversions for public consumption as they feed the popular rage.

  9. You wouldn't believe the things they've been trying to say.
    Here's an example:

    Things like that. Again, I apologize, it was wrong of me. I'm not afraid to admit that I screwed up.

  10. All Liberals need to write the White House, and demand that Obama not give away what we fairly won in the election. Compromise to a Republican is "Play by our rules or we take the ball and go home." NO COMPROMISE, MR. PRESIDENT.

  11. Communism requires people to forgo their actual humanity, capitalism relies on people's humanity to exist, so your assertion is nonsense.

    People who create businesses are the makers, they create the products and services and they hire help to do it. When the society decides to punish them with Democracy they move their productivity elsewhere.

    As to wealth: businesses allow the poor to have access to products they never could before at low prices. Gov't does the exact opposite.

  12. Gov't interferes with the market, causes rising prices, destroys competitiveness, destroys choices, steals savings and investment capital and destroys money itself, you shouldn't be surprised that the outcome of such policies is destruction of savings at the lower economic levels.

    Of-course there are people who accumulate 'wealth' today at the expense of everybody else, they are the politicians and politically connected people.

    The gov't steals and redistributes to itself.

  13. This makes so much sense, it must make cents… and dollars by the billion.
    Ronald Reagan was in reality a democrats perfect Republican president – a closet liberal social security supporter. A right wing hawk when campaigning, a left wing dove when in power.
    the GOP has lost it's core demographic due to the noisy white right wingers who have been the Democrats best friend within their enemy, without even knowing it…

  14. Aye, it infuriates me. I wish these douchebags would just leave the rest of us and go found their utopia. I'll give em 3 seconds before they complain about how everything being shit is not their fault.
    People like this will be the reason humanity dies out.

  15. … You know nothing about communism.
    You also know nothing about capitalism.
    Not even the FOUNDERS of modern free market capitalism argued against regulation.
    MANY businesses don't create anything.
    Lobbyists, hedge funds, stock marketeers, prisons… the list goes on you simply don't have a mind capable of thinking past what you are told.
    Risk is no longer a factor, and creativity has NEVER been the main factor in business.
    Govt creates, private business exploits. Not always evil, but true.

  16. you are an idiot…. While I don't smoke pot… I could name a few that have real educations and real jobs that probably make more money than you do. I don't think pot is the greatest thing out there… but neither is alcohol. Get over it you alcoholic.

  17. MY country?

    I live in Scotland, mate. It's bad enough here but I'd hate to live in America with the way the political system is there…

  18. I totally agree with you. I'm sad to say that Obama in office makes me want to leave the U.S. Because of the last four years I can't say this is the greatest nation in the world anymore.

  19. Isn't it weird how television has gotten half the country to believe that the rightest president they've ever had is actually not right at all, and the most leftist president they ever had isn't left at all.

    It's like the perfect scheme! EVERY SINGLE TIME I talk to a republican and ask them what they don't like about obama, EVERYTHING they say is something Obama has given into the right on. They've just been misled into believing right is left, so when things screw up they vote right again.

  20. What's weird is the fact that the worst performing leader America has ever has has found a way to convince all of the stupid ans some of the intelligent that he actually did a good job. Obama voters will have to live with their mistake for a long time.

  21. Because America is one of the largest countries in the world and has a very large effect on the rest of the world, and because they probably don't have NEAR as many problems as we do. In addition, our country is satire to the rest of the world, so they probably feel bad for us.

  22. Really, social security was running a positive cash flow and even provided the US government with money by buying bonds. 12 trillion, really out of a 16 trillion debt, you blame that on social security. How about you go take advanced economics class, and come back to see how stupid your comment is. Social security is now about 2.7 trillion dollars in debt, not even close to your 12 trillion and it's not even seen as debt as it is caused by providing money to the US government.

  23. Yeah well I think the American people would rather old people didn't starve and people with disabilities were able to support themselves.

  24. Are you so dumb that you need other people to answer that question? You're that ignorant on the effect that the United States has on the entire world?

  25. No, I mean beginning of 2013… Boner (boehner) wants Obamacare gone to prevent fiscal cliff he said. So beginning of 2013 ALL taxes will go up anyways, thus Obama can simply say: "OK… middle class taxes… down… now" . If GOP says "no" , they WILL get slaughtered by the nation. ANd I hope that will happen.

    But yea, TBaggers need to go… I still don't know how the evil witch Bachmann got reelected.

  26. Yes "in the guise."
    The definition of GUISE is : "An external form, appearance, or manner of presentation, typically concealing the true nature of something."

    And your God has no quarrel with me.

  27. I actually sympathize with Obama. He gets mercilessly criticized for everything he does that doesn't agree with the right 100%. If it's only 99%, they'll destroy him on Fox News, and magically make it seem like it's only 1% instead of 99%.

  28. Do you know anyone who voted Republican this past election in order to further President Obama’s big government agenda? It is more likely that Republican voters sought to advance a smaller version of the federal government. Assuming this is the case, why are Republican congressional leaders offering to help the president spend us into oblivion?

  29. Happy Christmas troll, my present to you, if I knew your address would be a fine book on "Political History of Contemporary Presidential Policy post 1978. It would make an informative read if you could be bothered, and remove your blinkers.

  30. EXACTLY!!! It's worse since as I've said, buddy, some Conservatives might dislike the President just because he's black which is shallow and pathetic. =/

  31. Hey Twat:

    Here's what you didn't learn in your government school. You didn't learn that the Republicans freed the slaves by FORCING through congress the 13th, 14th, & 15th amendments to the Constitution. It was the Democrats that owned black slaves, were the KKK, separate but equal, segregation, caused the Little Rock fiasco, Jim Crow laws, attacked blacks at lunch counters, & led an 83 day filibuster in Congress to KILL the '64 civil rights act, let by KKK "grand cyclops" Dem Sen Robert Byrd.

  32. The welfare state CAUSES more poverty. Poverty is not lack of money, nor is it lack of other people's money. Lack of money is only a symptom of poverty. Poverty is not knowing how to create & keep ones own wealth. Teaching a man to fish feeds him for a lifetime. Doling out other people's fish incentivizes the recipient to never learn to fish, & to not even try. 'To become dependent serfs to the dolers, i.e. democrats politicians. Democrats own the slaves, & that is still their MO.

  33. Actually, the unions are 10x the pro-Protectionism & xenophobes anyone associated with the Tea Party is. The Tea Party was/is against bank bailouts, TARP, crony corporatism, the nationalization of huge swaths of key industry, like the feds reorganizing the car industry as a means of pandering to the unions that bought said government. The Tea Party is like Occupation without the communism. That you think they're racist is a Progressivist lie you've ignorantly swallowed.

  34. [[fucking idiot, Ronald Reagan was a solid conservative,]]

    Not really. He expanded the roll of the federal government quite a lot. Maybe you're confused about the term "conservative". It's not interchangeable with "Christian". BTW, I liked "Ronnie". Don't get me wrong. "A Time for Choosing" is one of the best speeches ever made, but "conservative" can only be weakly assigned to his presidency.

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  36. Funny how YouTube doesn't provide Republican Kicking Democrat Ass clips. If and when it does it's, ensconced , secretive, and hidden………P.S. this guy is an idiot!!

  37. He already has kicked the Republic of America in the ass by trying to turn it into a Muslim Nation so here's what I say to you suck a dick and here's what I say to Obama drop dead b**

  38. The king turd the one who failed every foreign policy, 😁😄 oboma couldn't win against Trump Oboma has a yellow line right down his back

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