How Iran's Hijab Protests Went Viral

these pictures are more than just southeast for women in Iran their acts of protest Iran is one of two countries that requires women to cover their head in public Mon Ami given the high java age body protests against compulsory hijab have gotten bolder this year and they're all being broadcast from two social media accounts Navajo Java is very individual child and also the photos of the Rockhouse believe the woman behind these accounts actually lives in Brooklyn Massey Ali Nejad an Iranian activists and journalists living in exile comes up with campaigns of civil disobedience like white Wednesday's which has gone viral Here I am loud and I have the opportunity to be the voice of so many women who won't express themselves but they're looking for media I cannot tell you how many messages that I get every day I'm gonna show you that I have oh my god 71 thousand unread messages I received videos from women inside Iran through my telegram which is really popular in Iran Iran recently restricted access to telegram along with Twitter Instagram and Facebook for its role in mobilizing anti-government protests in late December but women are still bypassing internet sensors to post their hair jobless images if caught in public they could get fined or imprisoned so my small body in condition I won't be here Johnny he never took that only be here job some of the posted videos show solidarity you know as baccarat she can go fight lol chat but others show the harassment that comes with protests in compulsory hijab protests against compulsory hijab kicked into high gear in late December when Vida move ahead a protester in Tehran climbed a utility box and waved her white head scarf from December 1 V dome of ahead came out with her own idea putting the headscarf on a stick and waving the white head scarf like a flag against compulsion then everything has changed you know she encouraged other women she became the Rosa Parks of Iran that set off a chain reaction of more public acts of unveiling which resulted in the highly publicized arrests of at least 29 women a job protest in Iran is gaining momentum before it was like stealthy women right just sending their pictures from their back they didn't want to be identified but after that women filming themselves like with their faces walking in public on their not wearing the hijab in public could mean getting up to 2 months in prison but doing so as a protest resulted in a two-year prison term for move ahead shortly after her sentencing Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei addressing a job protest to discredit them a team in television agreement that decision ever Terry to Gucci canary Harry buffer and yo and his I dunno who Nevada and bad Ramon Cancun we remember a man named Colonel Kathryn Bigelow better and Sarah from the Animas a lot more chilly mid-april video of a morality police officer assaulting a female civilian in Tehran for wearing a loose head job drew outrage and international attention several Iranian lawmakers including the vice president for women's affairs condemned the police violence but although nearly half of her anyons believe her job should be a private choice government officials haven't backed any legal reforms this one I fought to show our foreign minister and I said if you think it's a culture so you have to respect the culture as well you know as a gear I was kicked out from my school because of my political thought I got kicked out from Iranian parliament I went into prison you know I was a columnist then I got attacked by the government because of my criticism so now I'm here outside Iran I'm loud enough to talk about my rights and be the voice of voiceless people for several years Messi has received photos and videos that show women doing other banned activities like cycling in public and even attending sporting events disguised as men her continued activism even from outside Iran has made Rossi unknown figure and the protest movement but not without backlash I receive a lot of threats like naming part of my body and shaming me threatening my son threatening my family inside Iran so normally I just leave the backlash the hate messages behind and I just look at the future and I go

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  1. VICE News spoke to Masih Alinejad about how the online protest movement gained momentum — and where it's going from here.
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  2. Hijab is not a culture for Muslims. Muslims are obliged to wear Hijab but Allah tell us if someone doesn't want to wear all, we Muslims all we could do make her understand that's not right thing what she's doing. We can't abuse them in publicly.

  3. I support you girl. I have got 5 daughters and I want them including all women to have rights to be free. So I say with joy go and show off your hair and please show it off to that dumb idiot ayatollah Khomeini. God Bless you girl

  4. So why are the Democrats in bed with and prop up this type of sharia law??? They say the hijab represents freedom lol. Say that to these women cover up is suppression! Fight for your freedom ladies. You all are amazing!!!

  5. if Islam is really a religion of peace why cant they let any individuals to decide or make their own choices? mainly the females! whyyyy??? Islam is NOT a religion of peace!!

  6. Heck. If they continue to treat their women like that, many are going to leave. I've met a few Iranian women here in Canada. Beautiful they are and, the best thing is that we all get along.

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