How Do the Politicians Help White Collar Criminals?

give you one small example of uh…
money that house every page of the politicians that made a difference so until june did he give orders houses
alone or a committee of bush’s at the last thing you can point two million
dollars he’s been given to republican and
democratic leaders since the creek what uh… there from texas within eight billion dollars uh… and now it’s on account for
shocking uh… but he in that when the republican orange martini
immediately tom delay dick armey and phil gramm uh… but finally got the most effect on
the light at the flight is corporate jet stanford score project at least sixteen
times essentially explode off tommy bahut top top isn’t applied anywhere you want don’t
worry about it as long as you get the job done so how did they pay him back well in two thousand the house banking committee put together eighty money-laundering
legislation now that’s a good thing it’s the gas money laundered and by the way stanford is now also
accused of money-laundering for the mexican drug cartels but that’s a possible thing that you
might have done support because the pay is bad as it
gets i thought the republicans are against uh… trucks oscillatory asbestos what
happened had to get this kind of course uh… statement throughout the house
banking committee put together a team money-laundering legislation which is
very necessary right dekat reflectors antithesis most of the committee no prob
every grease it makes perfect sense what happened after that well let’s look uh… it turns out three lawmakers make
sure that they didn’t get a vote in the overall congress in that was widely widely popular would’ve passed easily these three republican leaders feel that
alarmed and of the genius to figure it out tom delay dick armey missus sorry but it’s like getting out
of committee c our friends our money launderers they pay for corporate jets they pay for
our cut campaign contributions there how we
got here now i don’t know were in favor of money because of that sounds like it’s too too extreme statement to say that these
st politicians who are represented so the people who
are in favor of money on it but one of the conclusion is that why did they killed anti money
laundering build everybody else agreed to like they did not right now the asa
millicom value question my reputation and my affix so why did you kill it and why did you
feel that legislation well unfettered uh… markets work a lot better nobody militias no rules no laws is much better than any will see what’s but with the republican party c with
claim to be the party in favor of the rule of law okay nothing like an old sajan but because of the reasons i left the
party cuz i like the rule of law i really really believe in the rule was he
does know for watching this show and therefore controlled rover rule of
law might acts they they got no interest whatsoever

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  1. great video thanks for all your time i always look foward to the next video i wish i knew about you guys sooner!


  2. very interesting! wish the msm would pick this up!! (though i've missed maddow the past couple days..perhaps she mentioned it?)

  3. Best idea so far this year, they should erect some of the most famous of the European punishers, namely, the Rack, and the Water Wheel….and that nifty device that locked your head and your arms in position and you would be displayed in public so the crows could have their way with ye. Then there's always the public lynching, and I do mean public…fox news would love the ratings. White collar crime would quickly become a lost art.

  4. lol i agree ive followed roughly this same path of logic and arrived at the law doesnt protect the "weak" rather it oppresses the good ,i mean if we werent depending on our bullies friend to police them it would be everyone who was decent doing it ,ya know the law doesnt stop someone from taking shit from you the law stops you from shooting him in the face think about that i mean the law government society all made to feed protect and raise up and now its oppressing stealing lying and supressing

  5. eh really id say taking al their money and putting them in a normal prison would be more then enough to be honest i mean just getting beat up and raped for the rest of their lives ya know lmao we already have torture systems in place dont make these guys special by brakin out the old shit but a nice flogging first could be nice before their cell how bout the crowd getting to take a swing

  6. The believe in the law. The law that keeps the classes in check, aad the poor locked up in droved for non-violent crime to insure they lose their right to vote, work people for little or nothing, and to stop minorities from gaining any significant seats in power. I swear you get more time for shop lifting at walmart or a $5 bag of weed. It's amazing we haven't rioted. As long as we have cable we wont do anything but complain and take our selves to work for our masters.

  7. I agree with Republican ideals but I can't see how anybody in their right mind would agree with the Republican party right now.

  8. its called a FRONT – I will pretend to be a moral bastion in th e front of the building and run a speak-easy in the back. THats how the Reps got this guy in theor court

  9. They should have to write an essay to why they turn down any legislation explicitly explaining why they're against it. And if they don't publically announce any change of heart, and prove to be a hypocrite, they should be fucking put to death.

  10. LOL, yes I agree.

    same goes for those bankers that gave themselves 20 billion in (retention awards) not called a bonus, but its called a "Retention Award"

    If this were china those bankers would have been hung before they even got a chance to ask for a bailout!!

  11. its a problem in here its not that its illegal to do it its that for some resone we legalized people giveing money to peoples campains

  12. You must have the attention span of a gnat. Stevens from Alaska got constant coverage throughout 2008 because the GOP still had some clout and there was an election going on. The reason why no one cares about this new clown is that the GOP isn't in power anymore and the election is over.

  13. ah but the republicans DO follow the golden rule… He Who has the GOLD makes the rules…
    face it most of the republicans in power are not in it for helping the USA but more for helping themselfs!

  14. Were fucked … we got so many assholes in charge we dont evenn know what to do ..i feel like were spinning ..and what bothers ,me the most suddenly Obama is a biggg deall and everything he does is sooooo stupid and scrutinized..yet bush didnt do in 8yrs what obama has done in 8 fuckin days…its obvious the weak and the meek dont have a brain and have been programmed by the rich to think…the rich give a shit about them

  15. this is what we love about cenk. he speaks truth frankly, explains it simply, and comes to obvious conclusions – all as briefly and succinctly as possible.

  16. Who profits from drugs being illegal? Who controls which drugs cartels (companies if legal) get busted and which don't? Which party is traditionally the strongest proponent of keeping recreational drugs illegal? In the, supposed, Land of the Free, why are citizens who sell or consume recreational drugs considered criminals? Who reaps the largest profits from this system? I know, let's make sugar illegal. Why not? Sugar causes lots of health problems. Hmm, I'm going to set up my cartel right now.

  17. The Republicans are a mixture of corruption combined with the inability to be ashamed of all the illegal shit they're pulling. Plus, they can make insane excuses for their behavior with a straight face.

  18. It's true but look also at how many democrats prostitute themselves to special interest and money. Obama himself is a perfect example when you listen for example to his AIPAC speach during the election. Big money moves washington and is ruining the country.

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