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  1. Seems unlikely that "voting irregularities" would happen in a primarily RepubliKKKan controlled that would NOT favor the RepubliKKKan candidate. #ImpeachGOP

  2. It was a landslide vote..but Kentucky won it and that's all that matter..congratulations Kentucky..go Kentucky go 👏👏👏 bye Moscow mitch 😂😂

  3. Is America waking up at last ? Even Kentuckians ( not ususally known to be a smart lot ) are recognizing the mistake they made in 2016 .

  4. The Dealmaker in the White House is a LOSER! Heehaw! The Feds will be putting the bracelets on Rudi "Rasputin" Giuliani before New Year's Day!

  5. I’m not very familiar with some locations and political tendencies primarily central and Midwest of the US but I believe this was Trump's territory. I would recommend having a hydrologist or oceanographer analyzing these results because something is cooking, and the GOP won’t like it at all.

  6. Message to President McConnell … the people are not happy. Also, there appears to be an orange turd stain on your best suit.

  7. Itll be a blue christmas without you.
    My blue heaven.
    Blue on blue
    Blue eyes
    Am I blue?
    Blue balls.
    Blue is for boys….
    What color blue ?
    and the Repubs BE SINGING THE BLUES .

  8. I'm so happy for Kentucky and her wonderful people! I knew you could do it. Now keep that mindset when you cast votes in 2020 because we need you to boot mitchie out.

    NO REPUBLICAN STALLING, AND RECOUNT..TAKE IT LIKE A MAN..YOU LOST.!!! You will just be one less racist in the dump administration.

  10. scam fake election, dems cheated in louiseville , dropped 50,000 gop votes in trash, counted all the dems hillary voters, jefferson county

  11. democrats are con artists, stealing another election , just like doug jones, way ,..same way !!

  12. So odd to watch people hate having rights and demand more government in their lives… enjoy your new red flag laws to come Kentucky along with all the other usual garbage.

  13. Moscow Mitch should be very worried right now! If Republicans really want to win, they should ask Trump to start endorsing Democrats!

  14. No congratulations for Kentucky.The tight result shows that a lot of them are still siding with Moscow Mitch and the Russians.

  15. If you vote Republican you too can help your state become like Mississippi. The state of Mississippi was named as the third worst state in the United States in 2019 in a list by U.S. News and World Report. "Mississippi is the 'fattest' state in the nation with staggering rates of high blood pressure, inactivity and diabetes." Mississippi was the most overweight state in the nation. Mississippi is ranked the worst or close to worst state of all 50 states when ranked for its poor quality education, health care, economy, and fiscal stability. Mississippi had the nation’s highest cardiovascular death rate in 2017 and the second-highest rate of cancer deaths. Wallet Hub’s analysts found that Mississippi was the most dangerous place to live. Gallup polls found Mississippi had among the highest levels of economic anxiety in the nation. Keep the good people of Mississippi uneducated so they are fooled when it becomes time to vote the bums out of office. Way to go Republican leadership!

  16. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Eat it deplorable fascist republican refuse, eat it hard…

  17. Kentucky could be the epicenter of a seismic shift in american politics if we are able to channel this momentum to unseat the SENATE REPUBLICAN MAJORITY LEADER.

  18. Poor little numb nut. It's not riddles. You're just too stupid to understand grown up English. So, to you, people like trump make sense because he speaks at third grade level, which you understand.

  19. Yeah, I can imagine what those "discrepancies" may be. Some voters have been able to counteract Bevin's voter suppression laws and actually exercise their right to vote, as stated under the Constitution. 01:30

  20. Democrats are racists,  traitors, 
    America haters,  they hate all minorities they just want power.  Biden likes children like his friend Epstein and Clintons,  this creep cant be a serious contender from dems
    Biden likes children
    Warren likes beer
    Kamala likes Willie
    Booker likes bathrooms
    Beto needs new diaper
    Bernie is a coward
    Democrats does NOT EQUAL democracy .

  21. By being so repulsive Trump is ironically making America Great Again by purging lemming Republican's from political office! You want sure political suicide, back Donald and better yet have Trump back you! Keep it up Donald, more rallies are the best political ads for Democrats. Hey GOP keep Trump in office and the Dems will win for decades! #GOPTrumpLemmings #FoxNewsTrumpLemmings

  22. 4:08 — does he refer to days prior to the realignment and the dixiecrats, or was Kentucky actually liberal at some point?

    Because pre-realignment, democrats were the conservatives and racist scumbuckets.

  23. Well, it's obvious that Muslim-Democratic Operatives voted 5 times or maybe the Good-hearted "real American" Republicans simply didn't pray hard enough.

  24. Good! Corruption has to go. No more corruption ever. We need people who believe in patriotism, morals, and security for this country. The next President has to be a law abiding citizen; and, who believes that we need to do something about climate change!

  25. The corrupt demogras they stolen the vote from the Republican candidates they are disgusted and angry crazy corrupt people

  26. IF Andy Beshear wins the Kentucky governorship contest, that would indeed be a HUGE victory for his party! Kentucky was a deep ruby red state in the Bible Belt South. In 2016, Donald Trump won that by 30%+ and his endorsement at the rally the evening before election day should have helped incumbent governor Matt Bevin. The fact that this did not happen is a bad omen for the President! Virginia turning blue on the state level in both the State House and State Senate for the first time since 1994, is another red flag for the GOP! Virginia and Kentucky are both states in the Bible Belt South which is the last strong hold of conservative, mainstream values, still left in our country!!! Even conservative Democrats like Bill Graham, Zell Miller, and Andy Griffiths… used to support GOP candidates like Ronald Reagan! If that changes, the GOP is in deep trouble!

  27. Everyone says ditch mitch or moscow mitch. Wake up kentucky support Amy McGrath. She is a true genuine person help her support her so we can get turtle man out of office.

  28. Welcome to the monarchy of Kentucky. They should make that castle near Lexington the new Governors mansion. Hail to the royal Beshear family!

  29. The Democrats handed out $5.00 Bills to Kentucky dirt poor for votes at the local Walmart parking lots that’s how they did it!

  30. Bevin was bad news, for sure, so hats off to Kentuckians for removing an opportunistic hack from their governorship. Now they can carry through and remove the most corrupt, sanctimonious Senate leader ever, Moscow Mitch, in next year's general election. They can undo a lot of Russian money influence that has hurt our nation, not to mention the people of Kentucky.

  31. why do they keep saying that trump wins when it is about BESHEAR and BEVIN, not trump, how cares how much trump win by?

  32. Trump can say they lost Kentucky because the Democrats committed poll fraud and terrorized Trump supporters from voting. And guess what? His base will believe him.

  33. When you campaign on ending the Affordable Care Act in the state with the highest % of enrollees in the nation, it just makes you wonder if Bevin had his head under a rock. Also making changes to the black lung program was not popular as well.

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