How 2020 Democratic Candidates Are Vying For The Crucial Latino Vote | Deadline | MSNBC

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  1. Not understanding why the people of color (blacks) in Biden’s case, are so interested in supporting his campaign when Obama has not endorsed him and Biden has no plans to single them out beneficially; unless that’s another voter candidacy media lie, as CNN, MSNBC’s done to prop up Buttegeig’s candidacy when both Buttegeig and Biden are Big PAC donor funded, have zero grassroots support or progressive ideas?! Which is what voters want?! When Bernie’s in 1st place 100% grassroots supported or in most cases runner up and the media has little to no mention of his success in the Polls, as if to steer away his electability?! In real estate steering is considered illegal!! What conglomerates is prime time in the pockets of? The story the public might like to hear about?!

  2. I don't watch you anymore because of your bias. But your title???? Biden???? I don't believe you. You all have turned into just another corporate ran news. Bernie is higher in the polls. Biden is a loser. People want Bernie, so get over it! Bernie Sanders 2020!

  3. Bernie’s the OG decades spent fighting for Americans justice, healthcare (M4A); climate change (Green New Deal); keeping big PAC money out of politics!!! Platforms other candidates continue to ride on his coattails. The media’s not willing to admit (cnn, msnbc, etc), Bernie owns the biggest grass roots movement in US history!! AND, Like Bernie, his supporters do not waiver. Bernie 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸

    A vote for Biden, Buttegeig, Warren, etc., equals more of the same selling-out to big conglomerates. AND, tRUMP’s corrupt “American Greed’ MAGA-tards PAC rats (for 100% tax incentivized/write-offs to pay 0% zero taxes) selling-out our country and disparaging years of respected institutions to ruin!!

  4. Bernie’s being underestimated!! CNN props up Buttegeig with more air time of his 4th place (8%)?! and Klobuchar’s (5%)?! single digits?!; To Bernie’s latest (24%) consistent Front Runner status, his years proven track record of success to holding, ‘the Largest 1st Place; Grass Roots Movement in US History!! Not smart on ratings to leave him out of the media as his base grows.

    Buttegeig’s all Smoke & Mirrors!! Proves Insensitive to Americans needs; Displays political greed by ‘Wine Cave Pete’ of elitist donors to Biden’s ‘Super PACs’, both selling-out country to the 1%.

  5. It’s about TAX’s people; with tRUMP:
    Corporations/elitists: Pay (0%), that include tax incentives and write-off advantages;
    Working Class/Sm bus: Pay (40%).
    You do the math.

    tRUMP’s less then educated supporters; are too stupid to realize when their getting less then a fair shake. Most wont realize it until they’ve lost their shirts and homes!! As tRUMP removes more and more benefits from the working class!! People, are being sold a bill of goods by a conman in the Oval Office soley for personal gain and to assist the elitists 1% and industrial complex monopolies who will continue to control America’s sky-rocketing costs of utilities, healthcare, prescription drugs, insurance, etc.

  6. Pete ain't gettin no love….poor baby. Perhaps if he came across as genuinely concerned with issues that affect lower middle class and poor people….. oh never mind. Pete's a corporate shill.

  7. Biden or Buttyguy = more corporate favoring tax plans, more McJobs for everyone, more debt for you personally and the nation collectively. How you gonna pay for healthcare? How you gonna pay for college? How you gonna buy a house, pay the mortgage, save for retirement? THE LAST THING WE NEED IS MORE OF THE SAME NEO-LIB CORPORATISM.

  8. The problem for Democrats in the past 4 presidential elections has been averaging to the middle. Obama was elected because he LOOKED like change. He wasn't change. Americans given the choice between the "lite" version and the real thing, will always choose the real thing, even if it kills them.

  9. The MSM is doing their utmost best to sideline Bernie……CNN simply wants to push Biden, although he is corrupt, and there is some truth in the Baresma issue….It is so obvious that nobody will be able to win Trump, but Bernie..

  10. Legal visa holding and American Latinos love Trump. They came to America the legal way or were born in America. The ILLEGAL imigrants are the ones trying to vote illegally to GET FREE STUFF AND FREE AMERICAN STATUS. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN ON AMERICAS WATCH.

  11. Cheap trump and his cheap supporters should be punished in the next election for thinking that they can do whatever they can ignoring your votes

  12. By all means kiss up to soecial.ethnic groups and screw whites
    Got it. If toy have to cater to, then these voters want that and they e made up their minds

  13. Members of Congress have called Medicare & Social Security radical socialist or unsustainable since those laws were first introduced but Trump promised, "I won't cut Social Security Medicaid & Medicare like every other Republican." Trump's austerity budgets gut all 3 and public education after the GOP tax scam doubled the number of corporations that pay zero taxes, rewarded offshoring and automation of jobs and looted the Treasury for the swamp, multinationals, war profiteers, entitled oligarchs and gifted the Trump dynasty an estimated billion.
    As a real estate mogul known as the Queen of Mean explained, "Only little people pay taxes'"

    What more can we expect from an abusive boss who opposes a legal livable wage, is infamous for not paying employees or taxes and told us "That makes me smart"?
    Call it Trumpcare 2, the sequel attack on the American people. Trumpcare failed in the senate when McCain joined with Bernie Sanders and democrats to defeat every Trumpcare bill, all of which would eliminate protections for people with medical conditions like PTSD, leave half a million more veterans and millions more Americans uninsured, cost millions of US jobs and more American lives than the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Grateful to Senator Sanders for defending us from that assault and for voting against the invasion of Iraq that most members of Congress, media and Trump supported. While two thirds of the nation's homeless are veterans, instead of "bringing our troops home" the Trump administration recently sent thousands more soldiers to Saudi oil fields after it announced a potential invasion of Venezuela would also benefit multinational oil companies and other war profiteers.

    Who defined MAGA?
    Sadly there will always be super-elites who prefer not to pay taxes or a livable wage and would welcome a return to 14 hour workdays in deregulated toxic sweatshops at subsistence wages or worse who consider basic worker health and safety protections, clean water and air laws "burdensome regulations" and would've called slave states "right to work states".

    "Call it democracy or call it democratic socialism; there has to be a better distribution of wealth in this country for all god's children." – Martin Luther King Jr who was also called a communist who hates America and was told to go back to Africa.

  14. Trump talks about socialist governments, but Russia is listed as a democratic republic, is that his idea of a good government?

  15. Trump has been impeached and removed from office. He can’t read or write. He can’t attend Mar-a-Lago . Or the golf course. He might end up in prison

  16. Any republican who disapproves of socialism is welcome to send back their social security checks, and to pay for their own healthcare.

  17. Many years ago, I realized that a victimhood mentality and a sense of entitlement are two of the worst things a person can have in life. Yet they are pillars of the Democrat philosophy.
    I cannot relate to this losers creed.

  18. Why is that when normal people talk about a specific group, they are all labeled as racist or sexist or Ad infinitum, whatever the term is? but when all the media does is split our country into whatever groups they seem fit to make the top ten of the week to talk about, nobody calls you out on it. All politics and the media do is split us all up into groups. Just amazed me the double standards that are accepted by certain people. Using the Liberal logic here, I guess the Latino vote is more important than the Black vote, or the White vote or any other group, since you see fit to divide this group out from the rest of the US citizen. How absolutely hypocritical of you all.

  19. Folks, Greta Handberg .. Time Person of the Year.. 16 year old is asking all of us to join her in stopping the catastrophic DISASTER of the end of all life on EARTH, please?

  20. Watch the AP archive video u_KXc2dSx4o "convention opens, Bloomerg, Giuliani" Then tell me how an ally of Cheney, Huckabee etc can be the Dem nominee (Trigger warning — war criminals)


  22. What kind of poll is this? Bernie is number 1 in Nevada. Of course Buttigieg is polling the worst with minorities! He has nothing to offer to the American people(except the status quo) just like Biden, has a controversial record in South Bend, told an African-American that he doesn't want their vote, his campaign put out a fake endorsement that they claimed was from the CBC, and was in a wine cave with billionaires.

  23. Democrats are leaning too far left. America will not go for socialism, even if you change the name to "democratic socialism", and have a big mouth hypocrite like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez backing it. A vote for Bernie Sanders, or Elizabeth Warren will be a vote to re-election of Donald Trump.

  24. Half the country lives on Social Security and all the seniors are on Medicare. THAT IS DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISM. We have been and are a DEMOCRATICALLY socialist country. Trump is attempting to destroy Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid. He is a LIAR.

  25. No Biden. He's a 'has been' and already failed twice before. The only genuine candidate we can believe in is Senator Bernie Sanders. He's the 'people's champion' and the modern FDR. Bernie will improve the lives of ordinary Americans, and the 'Green New Deal' is the way forward. No more pretenders. Vote folks. Only BERNIE 2020!

  26. I disagree with this. Biden is not someone we want in office. The guy looks like his git no clue what's going on. I know Latinos aren't to excited about him.

  27. DNC needs to know we will be watching as you screw Bernie again and my MOney is going to Sanders and my new t-shirt!! Screw the DNC!!!

  28. Hard hitting video. And yes socialism is the boogeyman that needs to be destroyed/ changed into a facet of capitalism actions/ activities. People are done taking over land. People earned what humans needed to earn to now stop acting like there are "so many" enemies that they need to maintain thievery economic formulas to make sure those who are supposedly lazy won't stay alive to "change it", while actually adding more and more barriers toward a secure life than another "scary" rich one. GO USABREXITGREECEAFRICA GO JESUS

  29. Vote in 2020 there’s a chance trump can win again and you can’t let him this is the endgame, one vote got Hitler into power and one vote can get him out, vote blue in 2020 tell everyone you know who’s legal age to vote to do so for America’s future 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 your vote can make a difference

  30. As a President you should believe the record behind me and not what my face or colour of my skin looks like.

  31. I know that man Ron Klain adviser to Biden say that Biden has done something for us Latinos. Excuse me. But my parents were so let down by Obama and the fact that in 8 years he didn’t pass any immigration reform and path to citizenship or an amnesty. Y’all crazy

  32. Why do democrats want to turn the country into a shithole country? Decriminalized crossing the border. ‘ Medicare fo all including undocumented, illegals, selling jobs to China, drugging youths . Open borders. Anyone can fly from anywhere in the world to Mexico an walk right in’

  33. The trauma and pain in katin America can ask for asylum in Mexico, or the first country from El Salvador, Venezuela. Etc’ why democrats want poor uneducated. No English illegals as opposed to immigrants on merits’

  34. Biden is relying on people's ignorance and/or apathy.
    Bernie Sanders is the only inspiring and viable Dem candidate.

  35. If you’re a Latino trump doesn’t want you speaking your language in this country. He wants walls to keep you out. He considered thousands dead and the rest without electricity not a disaster. He could care less about you but he wants your vote. Open your eyes..

  36. I know what will happen;
    Democrat party will bring up another unelectable antipathetic candidate Biden (like they did with Hillary) so that disgusting human Don can win the election.
    Wikileaks document were indicating democrats discriminated Bernie's candidacy because of is religious perspective (Bernie doesn't believe in a organized religion). Bernie is so honest he doesn't pretend to be religious unlike most of the politicians)

  37. Impeach the next DemocRAT president. Make the corrupt skunks pay for what they've done to Trump !!!!

  38. Latino socialists haha the most non existent voter base ever why did they leave Cuba then? Whet an oxymoron. The dems will lose again.😂😂😂

  39. Latino's in Texas don;t want illegals voting here at all. Democrats are for all Latino's no matter if your a US citizen or not. They are unconstitutionally correct. Come 2020 election the democratic party will be in shambles, an it has already showing the signs.

  40. Yang is the answer. (Doesn't even matter what your demographic is. He just makes the most sense.) #Yang2020 #YangGang

  41. Yo..MSNBS. How about a Yang mention. What…he dared to call out your bias so now he is on the pay no mind list?? One day cable news will be obsolete and I welcome that day!Andrew Yang 2020. (Bernie as his running mate would be amazing for this country).

  42. Sooo what’s left. ?????????????????MALE. PALE and STALE and a wanna be native Indian Not much to choose from.

  43. 50 Twin Cities musicians, over a dozen composers, 20 songs. We're
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  44. 50 Twin Cities musicians, over a dozen composers, 20 songs. We're
    collaborating on raising awareness and helping get out the vote rolling
    in 2020. FREE DOWNLOADS @t

  45. 50 Twin Cities musicians, over a dozen composers, 20 songs. We're
    collaborating on raising awareness and helping get out the vote rolling
    in 2020. FREE DOWNLOADS @t

  46. 50 Twin Cities musicians, over a dozen composers, 20 songs. We're
    collaborating on raising awareness and helping get out the vote rolling
    in 2020. FREE DOWNLOADS @t

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