Houston police chief hits out at politicians and NRA after officer death

They need to get in a room. I don’t want to hear about how much
they support law enforcement. I want hear how much how much they
care about lives and the sanctity of lives. Yet we all know in law enforcement that
one of the biggest reasons that the senate and Mitch McConnell and John Cornyn
and Ted Cruz and others are not getting into a room and having a conference
committee with the house and getting the Violence Against Women’s Act is
because the NRA doesn’t like the fact that we want to take firearms out of the
hands of boyfriends that abuse their girlfriends. And who killed our sergeant?
A boyfriend abusing his girlfriend. And the fact that his mom, his father, his
wife, his sisters, his friends, and ultimately the community that he laid down his life
for will be putting him to rest before Christmas because of the cowardice
of the political people that we have in office. You’re not a Republican.
You’re not a Democrat. You’re not a conservative.
You’re not a liberal. You’re not a progressive.
You’re an American and American blood is being shed every
day in this community, throughout this nation, and do something about it or retire.

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  1. Art Acevedo is a leftist gun control advocate and he needs to be removed from office. None of us want to see such a wanton loss of any life. Although LEO'S know the possible consequences it's what makes it harder on the rest of us. My heart goes out to the officer's family.

  2. Taking guns away under the Violence Against Women Act? Look, you can take away the women (hello, incels!), but don't you dare touch their guns…!

  3. This is a bunch of BS! Every background check in every state has a question regarding domestic abuse. If you purchase a gun after being charged with domestic abuse it is a felony! This guy who pulled the trigger was as KNOWN FELON! So why did this Sergeant roll up on the scene without his weapon drawn after his girlfriend called the police and informed the police her boyfriend had a gun and was a known felon? Please explain this! Sounds like dispatch dropped the ball and didn't relay the pertinent information to the Sergeant in the field! Blaming this tragedy on Senators who had absolutely nothing to do with it is pathetic! This Chief needs to Retire if all he can do is blame those not responsible!

  4. It is surprising to hear that a police officer particularly a police chief about firearms when in fact, physical deadly force and sharp instruments cause the majority of homicides. Further, vehicular deaths even surpass firearm stats. More people will die tonight from car accidents than a month of gun violence. Read your crime stats chief and stop bringing frivolous attention to yourself. If you think guns are a problem, then have your officers patrol the streets without firearms…that way, they won't have to use deadly force on the community.

  5. Where was Acevado's rage when 2 of HIS corupt and tyrannical LEO killed two pesky innocent citizens after an illegal search warrant was obtained and executed?? What this corupt tyrant fails to say , is there is already a federal law prohibition for those convicted of DV. LE in this country fails to enforce the already 30k+ gun laws on the books. Over 10% of LEO in this country are being charged and convicted of various crimes. Anyone that believes that government is here to help you needs to seek mental help.

  6. Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo is a hero. Our deepest condolences, sympathy and prayers for 32-y.o. fallen hero Sgt. Chris Brewster and his family.

  7. CHEIF EXACTLY DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT OR RETIRE!! So do something about the lives that die daily just not your co-workers life that matters. but then again its not like our lives matter right its not like we are your BOSS! and you are our SERVANT!


    A wise man said "DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT OR RETIRE!!"

    How is this a way of life? Wrong is right. Feels of TRUTH? Servants think theyre the BOSSes… FML this gotta be a sim.


    seriously R.I.P to your coworker for reals give hes family the justice they deserve. JUSTICES WE ALL DESERVE PLEASE! So lets have the same passion the folks that need it the most in fact they are the reasons why the badge even exist your oath that promise too whom shall protect and serve we PEOPLE!

  8. Why do people consistently blame shootings on those who had absolutely nothing to do with it. Law enforcement should spend less time enforcing traffic law and more time on gun laws that are already on the books. Maybe there should be less time spent on drug possession charges. What about the failed three strike rule that put a grandmother in jail for life. Courtesy of the Democrat party Chief. Finally what about a Police Officer shooting an innocent person inside their own home.

  9. I wish you would not have clipped this and left his speech without editing and censoring. His actual words were quite amazing, seeing a police chief speak from the heart after one of his own was killed for no reason.

  10. Houston police chief rips 'smug' Cruz and McConnell, who 'don’t want to piss off the NRA' ► https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2019/dec/09/houston-police-chief-mitch-mcconnell-ted-cruz-gun-laws-nra

  11. This video demonstrates that there are many ways our law enforcers can be heroic. Support our brave women and men in blue! Big love and respect to you all.

  12. It's a MENTAL HEALTH issue, NOT a gun issue. There are over 20,000 gun laws across the U.S., no amount of gun laws will help this problem. Look at the states with the toughest gun laws. Look at those cities too. They have HIGH gun violence rates. California, Illinois, Baltimore, Washington, Dade county in Florida for example. "Gun free zones" like schools still having shootings. Parents not locking up their guns. Mentally ill people being overlooked or not delt with.

    300 million+ guns legally owned.
    If we were a problem, you'd know it.
    Don't make it a problem.

  13. If that so called "Police chief" can't do his damn job and stop crime in his city, he needs to step aside and let a capable person take over. No way should he blame his failures on the Senate or the NRA.

    I'm willing to bet vital parts of my anatomy that whoever shot that officer didn't have an NRA membership card in his pocket.

  14. But if the cops have guns and we dont, we get military state!!! I must have my AR15 so I can defend America's FREEDOM!!!!!

  15. This officer is full of it, he is a normal man just like the rest of us, we all have the right to defend our lives and just cause some bad do bad doesn't mean we pass laws to start taking guns from people. This weak man is thinking with his weak feelings and not rational thought..

  16. While the slain officer's family and the city is in mourning over the events, this nut job decides to make a Democratic political statement blaming Republicans. Sick. Just sick.

    This man should be removed from his position immediately and treated for his TDS.

  17. …but the arms manufacturers wouldn't make as much money and Republican politicians might not get as large political campaign donations and lobbying perks. And the Republican base of psychopathic extremists couldn't have their guns. This is not rocket science. The GOP has become the party of and for the psychopaths of America.

  18. DUMB AMERICANS..you will kill each other like Animals.
    And that is legal or you…wake up pp people…REPUBLICAN MAFIA USING YOU LIKE things

  19. This POS needs to retire. He is hiding behind women and children while disregarding his oath to protect all Americans in his city.

  20. Hypocritical cry baby! Where was that anger when you and your colleagues were involved in organized crime after a false raid ending with 2 innocent civilians dead!?

  21. Republicans would sell their mothers to pimps if they could get a dollar. They prefer getting money from the NRA than life. Because Republicans don't care if you live.

  22. GOP with their corrupt support of the gun lobby who's spending millions promoting the GOP. Russia with Putin in the WH looking for anyway possible to cheat no matter what it's cost including our constitution. That is treason, punishable by what? not this AG's justice system.

  23. Hey Chief, what comments do you have about two studies that say there is a possible 40% domestic abuse rate in police officer families? Do you want to take their guns? If so, why don't you? Do you want to make real change or do you just want to lash out because of your emotion?

  24. Does 2nd Amendment apply to individuals?

    The Second Amendment (Amendment II) to the United States Constitution protects the individual right to keep and bear arms. It was ratified on December 15, 1791 as part of the Bill of Rights. … While both James Monroe and John Adams supported the Constitution being ratified, its most influential framer was James Madison.

    Like it are hate it…freedom comes with responsibilities but unless everyone including LEO are willing to give up their fire arms….then we in society have the basic right to self defense. Would they have taken his 16th Amendment rights? If not every law anyone proposes to use any rights….they must apply to every right or none at all. IMHO

  25. The Violence Against Women Act and the "boyfriend loophole" he mentions would not have prevented this death because Solis obtained his gun illegally as do most criminals. Art just uses a bad situation to further his anti-gun activism. Blaming the NRA and politicians for this is the lowest of lows.

  26. I love his passion and prayers to the family of the fallen Sergeant…but that's the nature of the job. I've been shot at and its a wake up call for sure, makes you wonder if it's the right career for you. Criminals don't obey laws Sheriff, your making guns harder to get for responsible citizens…criminals don't give two shits about laws

  27. so it's different when it's one in blue where was his outrage when they murdered 2 civilians over a bad cops decision to lie to get a warrant

  28. He says "another cop doesn't need to die", but the Miami police used innocent civilians for shields in a gunfight while gunning down an innocent hostage. And the only police love spoken about the murdered civilians was they were collateral damage…..BRAVO Officer Self-righteous, no wonder there's no respect for police officers anymore.

  29. It is SO Nice to see the Police Chief Being Real and putting some of the blame where it Belongs, onto Moscow Mitch and The NRA
    (The National Russian Association)

  30. You know how many unarmed black men were shot by white officers in 2016 in the entire country? 16. Yeah, it sure sounds like a crisis.

  31. Anyone who blames the NRA for gun violence is a coward. They're a coward because they don't want to attack what they truly disagree with, the Constitution and the 2nd amendment. Chief Arcevedo is a coward.

  32. This FLICK is a corrupt cop who is STILL covering up the murder of the couple at home and their dog. I came to comment, not watch this POS

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