House Republicans Storm Closed-Door Impeachment Hearing

-Guys, we are just one week away
from Halloween. That’s right. Millions of
Americans are buying candy for trick-or-treaters,
which they will rebuy in six days after they
polish it off themselves. That’s right. Halloween
is on a weekday this year. Parents are like, “You mean,
I get to work a full dayandwalk around for hours
in the cold darkness? Wow. Awesome.” I love Halloween.
There’s so many fun costumes, like, sexy nurse, sexy cop, sexy indicted Trump staffer. You know, a fun costume. [ Cheers and applause ] But if you’re still looking
for a costume, look no further. This year,
you can actually dress up as a sexy sold-out
Popeyes chicken sandwich. Take a look. This is real. There you go. Yeah. Most people
called it ridiculous while the President called
the Statue of Liberty and said, “You’ve been replaced.” [ Laughter ] Let’s get to some news here. Just when it seemed like
things in Washington, couldn’t get any crazier, check
out what happened earlier today. -We start with a bizarre turn on
Capitol Hill when as many as two dozen
House Republicans, upset over the
impeachment inquiry, stormed a secure hearing room. -Yeah, Republicans stormed
a closed-door meeting to protest
the impeachment inquiry. Even crazier, they used
Mike Pence as a battering ram. “Ooh! Ooh!” -“Mother. Mother.” -“Mother! Mother! Mother!
Ooh, ooh!” The Republicans actually stormed
the room as a Pentagon employee was moments away from
testifying about Ukraine. ‘Cause nothing says
completely innocent like storming the room
of someone about to testify. “Don’t let him talk!
Don’t let him talk! Get in there, quick.
Get in there! Don’t let him talk.” [ Muffled shouting ] It really turned into an
ugly scene among Republicans. I haven’t seen that many
angry white guys since NBC canceled “Frasier.” Things are pretty chaotic
in Washington. I read that a lot of reporters
think this has been one of the worst weeks of
Trump’s entire presidency, which is really impressive when
you realize it’s only Wednesday. [ Laughter ] Yesterday was
really damaging to Trump after a U.S. diplomat,
Bill Taylor, told Congress that Trump withheld military
funding from Ukraine unless they agreed
to investigate his political rivals. I’m not saying Trump is nervous,
but when he saw the testimony, he was like… -[ Screaming ] [ Laughter ] Some 2020 news this week. There have been a lot of reports about how more Democratic
candidates are thinking about jumping into
the presidential race. It’s not clear who exactly is — [ Woman laughing evilly ] H– Hillary Clinton, is that you? [ Laughter ] -That’s right, Jimmy. It’s me! And just like Mitt Romney’s
secret Twitter, I’m always lurking. [ Laughing evilly ] -I’m sorry. Where exactly
are you right now? -I’m ever present, Jimmy. Always around you,
forever at end. -Yeah, but, really,
where are you? -Well, I’m in
an air duct, Jimmy. [ Thud ]
Oh! Gosh. -All right, well,
can we have somebody help Hillary Clinton
out of the air duct? -See you in New Hampshire!
[ Laughs evilly ] -Oh, my God. I hope you’re okay. Hillary Clinton
in an air duct, everyone. I think she’s up in that one. [ Cheers and applause ] Some business news.
I saw that Tiffany’s just released an advent calendar
that costs $112,000. Yeah.
Exactly like Jesus intended. -Aww. -Anyway, here it is.
This is the real thing. Yeah. It’s four feet tall. According to Tiffany’s,
behind the first three doors are everyday objects like a cup, a clothes pin,
and a harmonica. [ Laughter ] If the first three gifts are a cup, a clothes pin,
and a harmonica, the fourth better be filled
with $111,000. That’s all I’m saying… [ Cheers and applause ] If I’m gonna buy that…
-Yeah. [ Applause ] -Well, guys, Pizza Hut
is testing environmentally friendly boxes
that you can actually compost. It wasn’t that hard. The box is made out of pizza
from Papa John’s. -Oh. Ha ha! -I know. It’s good cardboard.
It’s good cardboard. Speaking of pizza,
after 23 years, the Sbarro pizza in Times Square is closing its doors for good
this week. [ Audience awws ] I think every New Yorker is
feeling a little down about it, so I wanted to take a moment to
pay tribute to our old friend. ♪♪ ♪ Standin’ on the corner
by the Port Authority ♪ ♪ And I just heard the news
that you’re gonna leave ♪ ♪ Wish you weren’t going,
but I guess you must ♪ ♪ Every slice of life
always leaves the crust ♪ ♪ Leaving us alone,
and I hate to sound needy ♪ ♪ But I’m missing your calzone
and your baked ziti ♪ ♪ Can’t believe it’s over
after all these years ♪ ♪ Gonna need a cup for water
and a cup for my tears ♪ ♪ ‘Cause I would climb
Mount Kilimanjaro ♪ ♪ To get you back,
Times Square Sbarro ♪ ♪ A 12-inch pie
with a side of sorrow ♪ ♪ Come back soon,
Times Square Sbarro ♪ ♪♪ [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪ Here today, gone tomorrow ♪ ♪ I want you back,
Times Square Sbarro ♪ ♪ Here today, gone tomorrow ♪ ♪ I want you back,
Times Square Sbarro ♪ ♪ Here today, gone tomorrow ♪ ♪ I want you back,
Times Square Sbarro ♪ ♪ Here today, gone tomorrow ♪ ♪ Want you back,
Times Square Sbarro ♪ ♪ Here today, gone tomorrow ♪ ♪ I want you back,
Times Square Sbarro ♪ ♪ Here today, gone tomorrow ♪ ♪ I want you back,
Times Square Sbarro ♪ ♪ Here today, gone tomorrow ♪ ♪ I want you back,
Times Square Sbarro ♪ ♪ Here today, gone tomorrow ♪ ♪ I want you back,
Times Square Sbarro ♪ ♪ Here today, gone tomorrow ♪ ♪ I want you back,
Times Square Sbarro ♪ ♪ Here today, gone tomorrow ♪ ♪ I want you back,
Times Square Sbarro ♪ [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪

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  1. It is not the impeachment hearing. Trump has not been impeached yet. This is the impeachment inquiry, with depositions.

  2. House Republicans Storm Closed-Door Impeachment Hearing , Funny part is Half of them should have been in the room to began with but stay out so they could storm in .

  3. Mob rule for the Mob Boss
    who knows
    maybe they wanted that good ol' "justice" since it's a lynching anyway

    Feni (Bangladesh) (AFP) – Sixteen people were sentenced to death Thursday for burning alive a Bangladeshi teenager who refused to withdraw sexual assault charges against her head teacher.

    they have a way of handling accusers that won't recant
    Gaetz & company- is this your model for rule of law

  4. Holy crap! Can't get that song out of my head!! I'll never be able to see a Sbarro again without hearing it in my head. You're evil.

  5. Nothing says 'guilty' like trying to get into the courtroom where the DA is questioning witnesses without you, the press, or your lawyer in a trial against you. Right? By the way, I looked up that witness testimony you were talking about. No, I didn't. Nobody can. Not even the President. It was done behind closed doors. That's what the republicans are protesting. None of the testimony was released, nor was any of it supposed to be. But funny enough some managed to 'sneak out'. I wonder how that happened? Here's what sneaked out

    "Once Cooper's testimony began, she provided a very technical readout of how foreign aid is disbursed, according to lawmakers. Several lawmakers say her testimony helped show that the Ukraine aid deviated from that normal process. Cooper, who was issued a subpoena in the same manner as State Department officials who have testified, did not give an opening statement, lawmakers said."

    the aid 'deviated' from that normal process. That's the big smoking gun that has the president in trouble? That's pretty vague. If she had indicated that something had actually been done that was improper or illegal, don't you think they would have said so? Instead, we get this vague statement that can only be interpreted as damning. And we did not even hear this from her. We heard it from 'lawmakers' who apparently don't know that sworn testimony in a closed-door session is not supposed to be repeated outside those closed doors.

    Everyone who falls for this is only making themselves look foolish. You have learned nothing from the Russian collusion fiasco. People were releasing so-called damning statements from that and people like Jimmy have been peddling it out as truth. And when it is found out to not be the truth, it's too late. The damage the lie does is never fixed. The only thing truly hurt are the reputations of the people who do it. I don't know how they can look themselves in the mirror.

    I wish anyone who peddles this stuff has the same thing happen to them. Some people only learn things the hard way.

    I understand Jimmy has to do jokes… but when they push a narrative that is made from lies they lose their humour. make fun of the truth about Trump. There's still plenty of material for that.

  6. I thought KFC chicken was finger licking good!
    Why do people spoil everything, say MR,BEEFY!
    Say it! Say it! SAY IT!!! mr beefy & I Love you, roll over 💤💤💤💤💤💤😇🤘👍👌

  7. You idiot republicans just keep going the corrupt Trump rat hole. Are you that Trump swamped that your willing to break the law.? Oh thats right…like TRUMP you dont know what law is. I dont know how this sorry republican party got this disturbed…must be putins wish. Weve lost a sense of law….and decency. I DO NOT SEE ANY TRUE REPUBLICANS….YOU MIRROR TRUMP…THATS IT.

  8. So I wonder how many people are going to dress up as Trump for Halloween.
    I think I will. And I'll add something to the costume. I'll wear a pair of handcuffs too.

  9. the deregulation nee do occlude people hu purchase  and own media and also own businesses and financial services so they have tea own pocket media channel. Now time magazine is owned by a person who can promote biased options promote his own buiensessed and party political interest. the deregulation need to include presetting forming these large type of  business media burger and controlling news publications. so for example the time magazine now publish selective stories they can get a free pass to court hearing they get certain information release that is published that is not related to business that the person conducting but they help their friends in goevrenmney or judges this is called corruption. 

    the media need to be deregulated.

    thsi is different that present trump using mark lago resort for the meeting was ethis is honest disclosure if some one is against using thsi location they do not have to show up. but would present trump use the action of a political poppet such as the time magazine owner that is publishing say horrible articles about presiend?

    it is absurd. 

    or because it is like say i have my own car but since am politician i can drive my own car etc. so also since president trump is not going to go use location that is affiliated with time magazine what doe sit mean and he supposedly can't honest and use mark lago he can use location of a friends and then that friend can be accused that he likes preisend trump because epreosndet bribed him by using his location? or it can be that president uses locates in which he has a personal investment of managed for him in trust. 

    so they created these shy ethical rues that do not make any sens.e if president preciously eps to become a present acquire dwelt estate and everyone is away thsi i honest straight forward dealings then why not. 

    caus what we have is political like biden hu do nt have real estate they literally book locations of they bodies like epstein and then it all become corrupt and accusation of pdophilia

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    is a giant machine  that is not main decision basically som people can be free or safe they call it safety

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    take away  h r U judges?

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  10. Pathetic as always. What you need to be asking is why is this being held behind closed doors without any transparency, no cameras and no way for anyone other than Shift being able to asking questions.

    If that is the type of America you want to live in, then welcome to the new Soviet

  11. Each morning I wake up wondering how the Stooges in the WH are fixing the "leaks" today.

  12. somewhere Justin Bieber is pissed off , Jimmy's natural singing voice is Way better than his and Jimmy can actually stay on key.

  13. I get it you hate Trump, i get it really
    BUT honestly If Trump is in an investigation to be fired..WHy is he NOT allowed to hear about it or the peoiple that follow him

    IM sorry but Clinton in his time of impeachment was allowed all Legal American rights

    WHy is Trump not?

    Jimmy your a fucking retard…what your talking about are double standards..Yeah lets fire Jimmy's boring ass and NOT tell him why and than REJECXT him all benefits afterwards..

    you anti Trump people are so anti American its retarded…its simple law yet you oppose it

  14. If you're ok with politicians holding "closed door secret meetings" then don't complain when more Stalin-esque techniques are employed and you're thrown in jail without due process.

  15. jimmy fallons you are funny but you suck,you are a joke, you put down TRUMP our president .2020 you will have 4 more years of TRUMP. He will be are PRESIDENT again jimmy.

  16. Universal basic income has been requested in assistance by thousands of U.S. citizens but it has not touched congress tables its such a unfair an distressed outcome weve been reaching for. Pass this for the american citezens disabled an ill respectful veterans families for their holdiays. Its like all we are hearing of is misconduct sheding america apart. Lets not get into details all the republicans also democrats know as a people edges of cost are one major, and I do not see how a such free great country. Months passed an thousands of democrats an republicans sit here waiting for such a thing requested passed through congress havent seen a family get together as such in forever. The disabled students even recent graduates cannot stand this without our increase in benefits or freedom dividend. (Increase The Disabled Benefits Income Or A Freedom Dividend.)

    Outrageous a twentyfive dollar increase $25.00 really support our countries tenants $1,500.00 income. ✊🇺🇸

  17. Not an impeachment hearing… it’s an inquiry to see if there is any evidence to investigate further, which there isn’t

  18. Their pizza slice was so big you ate only one. They served it on two plates. NYers were like this pie crust is too thick. It's not real NY pizza. I loved their sausage slice the best.

  19. Look at all those white guys walking in unison to storm a meeting that half are allowed in to see anyway. I can’t stop watching it it’s so laughable…..🤣

  20. It's amazing what concealing minor details does to change the narrative of a story!
    1) this was and is NOT an impeachment hearing. At most it's an inquiry to see if there is any merit to move forward.
    2) it was not a secure meeting, all members of congress were legally entitled to participate! – evidently since no republicans were removed from the room.
    3) considering point #2 above, why do YOU think Adam Schiff would bail from the room immediately when they got there? What are they hiding from the VOTING MEMBERS OF CONGRESS, by proxy nearly half of American citizens?!?!

    How do people not see a problem with this? Why the blind partisanship!

  21. Well Trump did say he feels that he is being treated as a lynching so I guess he sent the angry white mob of Republicans, who are on the committee's of these meetings duh!

  22. I wonder how these shit eating Celebs live with themselves when they tell blatant lies and try to steer your conscience to follow THEIR agenda!

  23. How is it "storming" when multiple members have access and a congressman proved they all have legal access to the interview…? Y'all crazy

  24. Years ago, the pilonidal cyst which allowed Chickenhawk and Obese Gas Bag Rush Limbaugh to avoid serving in Vietnam in the 1960s was excised by surgeons from his fat ass and carefully preserved through cryogenics. Occasionally, a piece would be broken off and thrown into a petri dish, where it was allowed to thrive – fed by a steady diet of hamberders, covfefe and right wing bullshit. One of the specimens became Matt Gaetz.

  25. Sbarro's is closing because there's a rumor going around that a bunch of CroMAGAtards and/or fappy creeps on Reddit are going publicly accuse it of being another one of those pizza restaurants without basements that harbor child molesters in the basement.

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