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  1. Jeremy Bash is WRONG. While many Americans are convinced, there are a great many yet who are NOT. It's not WHAT we now know; it's WHO says it. Although all the witnesses who testified did a good job, none of them hold the same weight as Mulvaney or Bolton would, for example. And the reason for that is because what we need are witnesses who actually had day-to-day contact with the president himself. As for the timing, if House Democrats think that Americans want Impeachment for Christmas, I think they're wrong. I'm a Democrat, I'm in support of impeachment, but even I do not want to deal with this over the Christmas holidays. I think it's rushing it. I would not have withdrawn those subpoenas, but I would instead pursue them. Wait until they have the documents in hand, and until some first-hand witnesses will testify. Americans will be more apt to both watch Impeachment hearings and support them if they come in early 2020. No one wants to put a damper on Christmas, and for House Democrats to inflict that on Americans is grossly insensitive and inconsiderate, in addition to it just being unwise and a mistake.

  2. You shake hands with the man holding the potty, you end up smelling of poo!

    Truth is dragging in the gutter and the process rescuer shouldn't allow a lackluster Bolton to bruise it further.
    It's because Bolton hasn't got scruples, he has no integrity!
    Bolton may have been dismayed and semi-active for transparancy, but keeping quiet now for the sake of a book has done what good for whom? sometime earlier he was the gatekeeper General to the den House of thieves…. And now he wants to be begged and cajoled out like a snake to speak the truth to power!?!
    Right now Bolton (like fake Christian VP. Pence) dignity and chivalry is non distinct…. All of his conscience has gone. It got lost in the $2million cash-gravy deposited 'drug deal putridish'!!!

  3. What is really going to happen? The Senate is not going to impeach. Republicans are protecting this criminal at the risk of their own credibility. His base is more riled up than ever. What is really going to happen to our democracy, and our standing on the world stage? And they called Obama the antichrist. lol.

  4. Mike Pompeo don't care he riding trump train and feel like he above the law that why he grin and been sarcastic he know he not going to jail and he rich he don't care about been secretary of the state it all business for him and trump getting paid and what every happen, happen he out there that his plan

  5. Bolton should definitely testify.
    Let's not forget Bolton said he wants no part of this drug deal. So I'm grateful that's on the record. Yes people definitely should start going to jail for not testifying .But to make Bolton the Fall Guy you're sending a wrong message. I mean stop and think if he testifies that's just going to make his book juicier to read. Can come on people let's not forget Trump and the GOP'S of Mafia . Have cost in American money millions and millions by protecting and hiding this fake con man president.

  6. NEXT PHASE —- Pelosi finds some way to get out of the mess Schiff & the crazed left wing has gotten the democrat party into.

  7. Fiona Hill is a Foreign Service Officer. She has travelled to Ukraine and Egypt and South Africa and South India and the Solomon Islands and any place where there might be in turmoil

  8. trump doesn't care if the people he gags go to jail for not testifying he already has two in jail and one on his way, trump is for trump….Man, I hope I get to see trump do the perp walk..


  10. So far, the dems have uncovered nothing…what has been uncovered in the investigation is that Ukrainian officials had no idea the aid was being held until Sept, finding out from a news article…so in July, when the call occurred, they had no clue the aid was held, so that would make black mail an impossibility. Additionally, the Ukrainian president said he was never pressured and was not blackmailed or extorted to initiative investigations. So even in the very remote case the dems find any evidence moving forward, there is no getting around the fact the Ukrainian president had no clue the aid was held…But, I hope the dems keep investigating Trump, because Trumps poll numbers continually rise while he is being investigated, because a majority of the public sees through this political sham by the dems.

  11. I don't know why everyone keeps expecting Agent Orange in the WH to do the right thing. It's not in his heart and nature to think of what's right. That's why he is a sociopath. He will always put himself 1st.

  12. The 🇺🇸 Constitution is meaningless! Laws & Government issued Subpoenas are to be ignored as long as you swear your loyalty to Donald 💯% & you're a member of the GOP!
    There seems to be no other option but the 2020 🇺🇸 elections and that's being set up again for a win by outside forces. 🇷🇺
    Impeach & Convict, but DonTheCon is fully protected by MoscowMitch, Miss Lindsey, Minion Barr, Devin Nunes & the Republican party!

    -No Quid Pro Quo-
    Si Quid Pro Quo
    •On audio, video & in writing✓

    #CULT45GOP 🇷🇺

  13. Let's look at respect for the office of the President! Benjamin Franklin wrote The Constitution after the Article's of Confederation was written. The constitution includes impeachment clauses! Respect the constitution! Respect the process! This is impeachment is patriotic since the day George Washington took office! I'm so sick of people disrespecting the constitution and making this impeachment about a party! I've never seen so much disrespect for the nation!

  14. Bolton would be gravy gone bad! He is a Weapons of Mass Destruction War Lie Criminal! He will sell his statement to the highest bidder.

  15. I bet Botton is concentrate on his book in the next one to two months so that the book will hit the store asap, then he will start to testify. If he really do not want to testify against Trump, he will not write the book to expose all the evidence . So people need to be patient, I bet he will jump out to testify when the book hit the store in Jan or Feb of 2020, and that will be a atomic bomb in tieme of the election to Trump

  16. Why not that the publisher opens the door now let people to pre order Bolton's book , so that Bolton can come to testify now . If the pre order is opening now, I will order two ot the book

  17. Tennessee teacher, David Mosley, calls for murdering Trump supporters.
    Sick, demented people are indoctrinating our children!..

  18. Why stop any of them from testifying if there is nothing to hide? Really… what for?…. principle? That’s getting ‘old’ already. Me thinks thou dost protest too much.

  19. If we want to investigate Servers how about the one Trump moved the calls and emails too, if he has nothing to hide why is he hiding it?

  20. If Trump and all his goones are claiming that they're GUILTY of any wrong doing. Then why are they so defensive arguing, hiding, lying and deflecting everything. Why not just tell.the truth show what's in the transcript. THE ACTUAL TRANSCRIPT NOT THE DOCTORED REPUBLICAN VERISION. WHY LIE AND GO IN CIRCLES??

  21. Trump, is such a bully. A internet bully and is a bully when he is with his idiotic supporters
    But look at Trumps demeanor when his is around intelligent individuals people with an actual brain. He folds like a little wimp. What a complete loser. SERIOUSLY

  22. The Justice Department appealing the decision of the court… like the Pentagon appealing against defending the nation!

  23. Why are the Trump yes men not fined $25,000 & jailed. This is what would happen to any other citizen.
    There are Congress officials qualified to hear classified intel.
    ***Vote Trump and his cronies out in 2020. Your vote does count.

  24. As always Karine goes last so she can have something to repeat. It's embarrassing that she never has anything of substance to contribute.

  25. wow ……. the legendary jerry Nadler …………. hope he calls candace owens and lewandowski to testify ….. I might watch it if he did

  26. the dems better not lose this. the lose on purpose so often that the people are about to stop voting for them..they lost on purpose in 2016 and are trying to lose 2020 already. they knew bernie would have won but they obviously wanted to lose. they ran the least relatable person ever. relatability is the #1 thing that people vote for..

  27. this is another example for the Dems backing off the most important issues like in mullers not following the money. Bolton is key call him he should be subpoena if he shows or not, but now the judge says he has to comply. there is no excuse

  28. Why is the media avoiding discussing this?

  29. I am becoming numb from all of this nonsense. Trump should be impeached NOW! Whether or not the Senate will convict him, let the American people decide and hold them accountable in 2020.

  30. When will the Democrates actually get anything useful done for the American people and stop wasting time with all these stupid impeachment trials…it’s worse the Russian hoax…Trump is practically sprinting to a re-election onslaught…nice work dems

  31. Why is the justice department appealing ? I thought the justice department was not intended as an arm of the president ?

  32. Every single one of these republicans need to be investigated! If the Russian will give a LOSER like trump money… as trumps son admitted on camera. They will also pay off these republicans who full on support trump. The only do for themselves and they only love money, cause they prove daily that they DO NOT love country.
    I give them a bit of credit by saying that I don't believe republicans are stupid, cause they are not… they are just greedy. FOLLOW THE MONEY!!!! That's where the truth is!

  33. And so I insist—and God backs me up on this—that there be no going along with the crowd, the empty-headed, mindless crowd. They’ve refused for so long to deal with God that they’ve lost touch not only with God but with reality itself. They can’t think straight anymore. Feeling no pain, they let themselves go in sexual obsession, addicted to every sort of perversion.


  35. Bolton is a coward for not testifying. He is just trying to make money of this book instead of saying what he knows . He just needs to say what he saw and heard .

  36. how did america get to great in the first place wasnt that little man that threw out bs till he controlled the country and america along with Europe as well as England as allies was put down this is the information my mom and dad told me .why does america needed to be great again?

  37. Another shameful tactic and act that Demorats are taking during the Presidents trip overseas to work for America andTrump hating Democrats using thre time to do nothing but find ways to impeach the President ,and get him to move out of office before the election, which will never happen. Whatever the Democrats will try to do will never succeed. Donald Trump will still be President for another 4 years.This will be the time when these Trump hating Demorats will have to start looking for a Job as Liars,Betrayals and Traitors of America and American people.

  38. If all we need is " Lying and obstruction to impeach" Trump Does this every day!! He is Senile and can't remember what day it is. Sleep Donny needs to go! Get him out before he starts a war in Europe.

  39. Maybe they wouldn't wait for gravy but in the 1700's an entire community waited a week for the Molasses that was on a ship in the Frozen Harbor before the celebration!

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