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Hostile Democrats need to stop harassing politicians: Varney

Hostile Democrats need to stop harassing politicians: Varney

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. #RECALLMAXINE for inciting violence against republicans and conservatives, using her political ideology to terrorize political opponents. Kinda sounds like Terrorism right ?

  2. Trump gave open violence on Anti Trump supporters by offering to pay one of Trumps supporters that physically punched someone in the head Trump supporter beat a 91 year old man with a brick and told him to go back to Mexico who is more violent

  3. How much do you Democrats hate us? Your buddy Danny Ortega, communist turned socialist has murdered more than 500 innocent Nicaraguans and 1200 more have disappeared (dead). Killing and imprisoning those who disagree with you; a Democrat wet dream.

  4. I was astounded when I saw the video this morning. Do you know what's frightening? I didn't see it on any of the news feeds yesterday! If we're not very careful, we're going to see the powder keg explode.

  5. Why would they? They own the media. They’ll do whatever they want to us and who’s going to stop them? The justice department?

    What the liberals are doing is what fascism looks like. Banning speakers, banning YouTube channels, banning books, banning statues.
    They hire anti white activists to positions of power, they openly call for whites to be eliminated. For Jews to be eliminated, but that’s okay by media standards.

    No different than Nazi germany

  6. Radical demonic secular / gnostic Left!! Ivanka for 2024 on the democrat card!! Bring it back to the day of JFK!!

  7. This is how the liberal Democrat's and Progressives treated Blacks in the 1920's…What else do you expect from Racist and Bigots. And you wonder why the number of Blacks for Trump has doubled in just 9 months.. They seen the truth. As the Democrats and Progressives show their true nature..That of Plantation owner. As Identity Politics can carry you so far.

  8. For someone to act on something Maxine Waters said to do is one sure fire way to announce to the world,,,

    "look at me, I'm a Libtard that can't think for myself."

    "I count on CNN to tell me how to think."

    "I'm educated because I went to a University."

    In the backwards world of common core educated people, when someone calls you out as a 'racist', 'nazi', 'climate denier', what they really mean is "Look It's A Patriot." So give them a smile and a waive and tell them, "Thank You For Noticing."

    I know it's a strange world…

  9. Were was the police??? Why didn't they arrest the perpetrators of those assaults?? Let the cops BE cops once and for all.

  10. When you look for trouble you will get it. Some of these George Soros rent a mob a – holes. Will be in a world of hurt. Maxine Waters is uncivilized . Not fit …must be fired….

  11. Come next to me and I will introduce them to my pepper spray, baton, stun gun and legal pocket knife. Thank the Lord for our 2nd Amendment here in Charlotte, NC.

  12. Democrats brainwashed black people so bad that all they know is Democrats which supports amnesty and illegal aliens.

  13. The far-left wants to create a situation where people are going to carry guns and shoot them down. The second amendment allows for self-defense. If I was attacked I would definitely defend myself.

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