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Hornady LNL AP Progressive Loading Primers

Hornady LNL AP Progressive Loading Primers

flip the primers / so that the primers are on a hard surface and then take your pickup tube and start to push the primers up into the tube normally I do about a hundred of these at a time because that's the capacity of the two I could order additional tubes and preload a bunch of tubes so that during a long reloading session you can just keep dumping tubes into the into the actual primer tube on the machine but I just haven't gotten around to ordering those yet okay now I'm going to take the primer tube that I just loaded take out Milo primer indicator flip the tube upside down pull the cotter pin tap it gently and we're done put the tube back on the rack that I built and then we put our indicator back in now we've got say 105 primers left to go

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  1. i wonder if the dillon primer alarm could be adapted for this system? would be a fun project, and a good video! 😀

  2. instead of a pick up tube is a an automated sustem? such as in the case of the Hornady case and bullete feeders were u just chuck the cases/bullets into a bucket and it automatically sorts things out.

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