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Hornady LNL AP Progressive Case Feeder Overview

Hornady LNL AP Progressive Case Feeder Overview

the last thing that I've done recently is to install the Hornady Lock and Load AP progressive case feeder setup which features all the attachments and parts that you need to automate case feeding for the Lock and Load press and basically it consists of this bowl which is at the top which holds the brass cases and if we look down in here we can see that there is a plate that revolves here and the plate is responsible for picking up the cases and aligning them properly the cases then drop through the chute down into the into the case tube here and they await placement at the next pull of the lever and you can see here there's also a a switch that turns off the machine when the tube is fully loaded so the the cases come down and then this block here rotates and drops a case each time and then this slider down here picks up the case and inserts it into the case feeder so let's take a quick look at what this actually looks like I've got a little wooden dowel that I put in place here that keeps the depress from running if I'm just doing a set up or something like that the case feeder rather okay so when I when I pull the handle here it's going to rotate that drops the case down here and then as I go down it inserts the case so you can hear that it it runs each time the case is dropped below the the top here where the switches and there we go we have another case ready to go so it's it's really handy and it's it's a way that you can increase your loading speed by about you know thirty percent or so the entirety of the press in cooperation with the case feeder

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  1. I am having huge issues with the case feeder. My pivot does not pivot enough to the right to drop a case. I have to turn it by hand. Then the screw gets loose. Its a nightmare.

  2. Good video. I found this "older" video after watching many newer ones. You actually appear like a mere mortal in this video. Haha.
    What I mean is that your newer videos are so professional, with better A/V, no clutter and not a speck of dirt anywhere, it was a little hard to relate. But I appreciate having things neat and clean too. It makes life easier. I put a new foundation under my house (working alone) so as soon as I pour my new concrete floor I'm going to start getting things organized again! Thanks for the great videos.

  3. @RedDelPaPa Yes and no. Of course each piece of brass should be inspected but that can be done in other ways…say when the brasss is cleaned. Or in my case I prime separately from loading so all my brass goes through the press at least twice and a case feeder really does help. Yeah, this kind of defeats the purpose of the progressive press but to each his own.

  4. I have a thought. Seems to me that a case feeder is completely unnecessary. When reloading, EVERY single piece of brass should be hand inspected before it's run through your press and again after it's loaded. Seems to me that is the perfect time to touch and inspect every case before it gets cycled through a press. Which eliminates the need, desire, and time savings of a case feeder. Because that critical step should be done at press entry, or when the case feeder is filled. Your thoughts?

  5. Where did you get that ejector wire in that shape. Home made? I'm waiting on my EZ-Ject system to get in but need an operating work-around till then.

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