Hong Kong violence gets worse and China tells U.S. not to interfere

Hong Kong this week is seeing the worst clashes
between protesters and police in the past five months. And China’s foreign ministry on Wednesday
denounced a U.S. senator for saying he wants to push forward a bill supporting the pro-democracy
protests in Hong Kong. Our Eum Ji-young has more. Protesters crippled Hong Kong for the third
straight day on Wednesday as they blocked roads and train services, forcing businesses
to close. Police rained down teargas and rubber bullets
on students and protesters, who fought back with molotov cocktails and fiery arrows dipped
in petrol. Hundreds of students have fled after days
of violence on several university campuses. Demonstrators braced for more clashes, some
armed with javelins, bows and arrows. The demonstrators put up barricades and used
bricks and projectiles to block roads in several places, including in the central financial
district and Mong Kok. Some protesters gathered at the Cross-Harbour
Tunnel tollbooths, setting them on fire and vandalizing them. Near a subway station, a 70-year-old resident
was hit in the head by a brick-shaped object thrown by protesters and is in critical condition
according to local media. As more disruption is expected on Thursday,
Hong Kong’s subway operator suspended parts of its rail network and the Cross-Harbour
tunnel was blocked. The government ordered the suspension of schools
from kindergartens to colleges on Thursday for the first time as clashes turned increasingly
violent. Meanwhile, U.S. Senator Jim Risch said he
supports the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act and said he wants to push forward a bill
supporting the protests. This drew an angry response from China on
Wednesday. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Geng
Shuang criticized the senator by saying that “Hong Kong is China’s Hong Kong” and no external
forces should interfere China’s internal affairs. Eum Ji-young Arirang News.

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  1. Beijing must be referring to a widely circulated video in YouTube wherein a CIA agent was spotted right in the thick of action.

  2. This is where the Second Amendment comes in handy. Bows and arrows vs guns… seen that play out before.. Good luck with that revolution.

  3. Chinese Communists Party is evil and never trust CCP.
    Its trick is that, giving you all promises and everything to keep you stay. Then it copies and steals your technology. Finally, after CCP learns everything from you, CCP would kill you and snatch everything from you including things CCP gave you since day one.
    Then CCP switches to a new target and skillfully repeats the same process.

  4. Hong Kong should remain a separate country. How can you be free for all these years. Then have to bow down to a tyrannical system.

  5. Don't trust any news from Hong Kong local media because almost all Hong Kong medias are controlled by Chinese Communists Party. What happens in HK now is fighting for democracy and freedom, more like what happened in 光州 of Korea in 1980s. Hongkongers could experience how brave were you Korean's fathers and mothers then.

  6. Go back china hk police is a teririst killer of humanity Hong Kongrs is a freedom fighter they love their Hong Kong China is a dog eater country China is shiiit yaaaaaacc China is enemy of humanity go back china fuck of you bloody cummunist ass lickers go back china free Hong Kong love from India

  7. Hk need self rule yet stay in the one country 2 system China need to hand off from hk . Anyway hk can’t live without China now

  8. #Hong Kong Violence gets worse and China talls US. Not to Interf……??# Mere Ati Priyon,"Jaishaa ki,"Aapka Apnaa Shubh-Chintuk,Apne hi Bhaaiyon-Bahenon ka Bhavishya;SADI ki PRAGATI ke Sumtulya ho;Taaqi Hamaare Samaaj ki NAV PALLVIT PEEDHI,Swaim mein Vaichaariktaa ke Dharaatal Par Etnaa Nikhre ki,"PITAA ki PYAARI BHAASHAA mein Bachche,PARMESHWAR ke sneinh mein Sheesh Jhhunkaayein;Tub PITAA, Apnee Baahein FAILAA kar ,Apne Gond mein Samette huye PYAAR PAAYEIN!!Amen!! Mere Priyon,"BETE-BETIYON,Aap sub apne Ujjwal Bhavishya ki Aash; Aishaa koi Ubhadra Vyavhaar/Pradarshan na karein;Jishshe Aapke Shubh-Chintuk ka Shir Jhhunk….?? Ji Haan,"SHYAM LAL" ki Vinamr Apeel hai ki,"Vishwa Jan Maanush ,Apne-2 Chhetron mein SHAANTI Banaaye Rakhein;Taaqi,PARMESHWAR,Apne NAV NIHAALON ka Sneinh Paakar;AATMIK SHAANTI ki Anubhooti ka AHSHAASH Ho!! Mere Baal Priyon,"AMERICA,Opening mein koi Sahyoog denaa hi Nahin Chaahtaa;Too Dushri Taraf BRITAIN Country VB mein Election ki Taiyaar kyon mein Vyasht hain…??Koi GUM Nahin,"JO SAHBHAAGI NAHIN HO PAA RAHE HAIN,UNSHE VINAMR APEEL hai be ki,"Aap ke hi Vichaaron ke Anushaar,Hamaare Apne LIFE ke bhi Har PAL ki Keemut hai;Eshliye Nirvivaadit Bhaavnaaon mein,"PITAA" ke DAASH ko,Announcement se Chinnhit hoone ki Duwaayein Avashya hi Bheint karein;Aapki Mahtee Kripaa hoogi!!Dhanyabaad!# Aapka:Shyam Lal Bharti/"WISDOM OF KING"BHARAT. .

  9. Where is the news on several million HK asking the government to have the police stop the few student nazi terrorists from terrorizing the locals?

  10. The man who died from a brick to the head was hit by CCP supporters throwing bricks at protesters. There is video proof. Also the man who was set on fire was caught on camera after walking away with his shirt off with no injuries.

  11. this video say 70 years old resident who is gone…just beasuse his want to persuade these people ,this is not protest ,that is terrorism

  12. Please support the students at the Hong Kong universities. Support the Human Rights and Democracy Act . Don't let the Tienaman Square 2.0 happen again in Hong Kong. Many thanks to the Senators in US.

  13. Holy duck it's getting mad max there. Witness to all the HK protesters. Shiny and chrome may Valhalla welcome you in glorious battle with the Communist corrupt
    authoritarian PLA. Soon all of mainland Chinese cities will embrace freedom and kick the communist corrupt party members out.

  14. That headline says everything about China hahah…. as if the chaos hadn’t done enough damage. You’ll be amazed how the chinese think !

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