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Hong Kong protesters to continue after bill declared "dead"

Hong Kong protesters to continue after bill declared "dead"

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. This proves to you that liberal protesters are a bunch of airheads. Divide and conquer tactics simply won't work.

  2. Lam is such a liar and wants to play punk. Why did she not say withdrawn but dead. This woman is so arrogant and is a big mess with her administration. Honhkongers keep going. Your freedom is in your hands and NOT Carrie Lam who is just a ignorant puppet.

  3. she what british try to do to protester in hongkong

  4. wish i have this in english. so you people know what power china have in hongkong.

  5. The Central Government is smart.
    Let them protest day and night till they have enough.
    2047 is still many years ahead, let the trouble makers move out to the 5 Eyes Countries.
    If the Central Government RUSHES to solve this problem with Force, then it will fall into their Master’s Trap right away.

  6. Beautiful, People in Hong Kong uniting.
    In America, conservatives are fighting to reduce big government control and protecting the 🇺🇸 constitution while “tolerant” liberals attacking them for it instead of uniting.😒

  7. I have a strong feeling it is the organized gangs of HK are behind the protests, riots, and violence. These troublemakers know if they were to be send back to china for their crimes, they will be executed. I pray china will get this passed and send all the troublemakers back to china for hard labor. They will never make it out alive.

  8. There is no oil or other natural resources in HK, no one will come to rescue the troublemakers. Time for china to build FEMA camps and gas chambers to eliminate the garbage.

  9. The Hong Kong people are not fooled by the word "dead" . They know the likely of the bill to be tabled again.

  10. hey buddy,just give a balance report,,dont go beyond that,dont ever instigate mainland china,…thats,not your work..dont work for the war mongerers,,,,

  11. This the the truth about protestors that western media never report, they humiliated anyone that not stand with them publicly, and this is for democracy and freedom?

  12. China is the new Great Satan for the world to hate and fear!! America has been relegated to being 'not so bad'. Lol


    All the HongKonger ‘s revolution must be guided by noble thoughts and pefect
    standards of the culure which brings love and loyaly into harmony and
    justifiers love for oneself and maguanimity towards others , together with
    scientific and liberal spirit of modern times solid base of HongKong people standpoint
    which will guide all project to be built in accordance with three
    characteristics of thoroughness totality and upwardness of a revolution wich
    encompasses all matlers related to the nation the civilrights and social
    economy and at all levels : People – Country – Individual – Mankind . (Trinh
    Khai Hoang – California – USA)

  14. They will never stop protesting until the thugs are given the emporor's seat in Beijing. Give them an inch, and they will want a foot. People can do anything by chanting freedom these days. Want to march into someone's country? Chant "Democracy and Freedom". Want to storm into a golf club for free, chant "Deomcoracy and Feedom". Want to take away money from someone else, chant "Equality for all!" This is not about democracy, but about leftist political power struggle, and the people in HK are just political pawns. Last time it happened was in the 1960s in China. The government will stay, just the idiots will suffer and drag the entire HK with them.

  15. Basically, it means the protesters want more. It's never about the extradition bill which is much more reasonable than people thought if you read it carefully. Recent activities move HK nowhere. If anything, from the long-run perspective, it will make HK moving backward in term of economic development and democracy. I know someone won't agree with me. Give it time. Let's see.

  16. Wow! i feel bad for HK b/c the crackdown is coming. It is going to be hardcore too. It will be worse than Tinamen Square. It will be like soviet tanks rolling into eastern bloc nations to putdown protests by shooting down people on the streets.

  17. Chinese brainwashed Mainlanders think this protest is a celebration of the motherland. CHINA puppets follows all commands from the CCP like 🐕🐕🐕🐕

  18. I wonder if the Hong Kong people have the will to see this all the way through.
    China is only beginning to put its foot down against the world.

  19. Pro-Capitalism Communist Royal Family can't endure such humiliation! SEND THE TANKS AND PEOPLE'S LIBERATION ARMY TO THERE!!!

  20. Their a lot smarter than the Brits who are still waiting for Brexit which their incompetent government can't seem to do, or is it ever going to happen.

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