Hong Kong police open fire on protesters with live rounds, hitting at least one person: Report

elsewhere around the world the protest
rate Hong Kong was shot by the police and according to various sources a man
who fought back a group of demonstrators was drenched in flammable liquid and set
on fire I’m giong zooms in on the escalating violence in the city state Hong Kong police reported the opened
fire on Monday morning on people gathered for a rally with at least one
person being hit by a bullet the group was rallying to pay their respects to a
university student who died last Friday as a result of the chaos in the city
according to the Hong kong-based South China Morning Post police fired by
browns at the demonstrators on the eastern side of Hong Kong Island and
shot a 21 year old protester in the torso two more live rounds were fired
seconds later by the same police officer and another masked protester reportedly
fell to the ground but is unclear whether he was hit the two people that
the police fired live rounds at are now reported the in critical condition in
hospital also according to CNN a man who confronted a group of democracy
protesters at another site on Monday was drenched in flammable liquid and set on
fire the Hong Kong Hospital Authority told
CNN that a man who sustained burn injuries was admitted to the hospital
and is in a critical condition the violence comes after the deaths of 22
year old charts Locke energized the demonstrators who are already furious
with the police’s heavy-handed response to the protests Chao was pronounced dead
by a hospital on Friday a few days after he fell from a parking building after
the police fired tear gas at the group of protesters he was with this prompted
tens of thousands of Hongkongers to attend multiple memorial events in
several locations including at the garage where Chao fell to his death some
protests turned into chaotic confrontations with police and
protesters protests are continued in Hong Kong on Monday as the shooting has
only added to the public outrage activists blocked roads train and subway
lines as early as 7:00 a.m. local time and trashed shopping malls as part of
their protests at least five universities in Hong Kong have canceled
classes on Monday Hong Kong police said in a statement on Monday that there
clearing barricades and dispersing the protesters on DeYoung Arirang news

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  1. Anywhere in the world, if a rioter attempts to steal a policemans weapon, he has to shoot them.

    That is basic police doctrine.

  2. It's also interesting how Arirang News intentionally left out the part of the full video where the rioter was trying to steal the policemans weapon. See the other videos and reputable news sources for this.

    Arirang is fake news.

  3. Why didn't he shoot him in the head ? fucking coward . Also plz report the news that rioters setting fire on a living human if you dare ~

  4. as we can see it's not enough to play PC games and to watch movies with Bruce Lee LOL. Real life is little bit different, ah, pro-democracy puppets?

  5. This protester went on his own will willingly and unfortunately die, yet blame on the Hong Kong police. So easy to transfer the blame. All the protesters or cried babies out there or losers cannot comprehend this. Don't they have a brain or may they have Tumor in their brains.

  6. If the protesters had their own guns this shit would not be happening! America dont give your guns up or you will be in same position

  7. How can we trust news report nowadays, it doesn't report the actual incident. There are so many videos related to these incidents. You do not report the actual happening. What a shame down with your channel.

  8. the student fall has nothing to do with police firing tear gas, he was with one of his mate in th park lot at 1AM, with NO police anywhere near him. Do your fact check and have some dignity as a news agency!

  9. You showed footage of the police shooting at a rioter. How come no footage of the terrorist lighting up the man who suffered severe burn?! You are the epitome of double standard!

  10. You fake news ass hole 90 % of your report is a lie..THEY are not protesters they are terrorist they are killing law bidding people who are trying to go to work and making a living..Report the truth stop lying to the world..

  11. Please support Hk protester,beacuse if you don't……it doesn't matter,they still ganna do this:

    Burning people alive:https://youtu.be/24uhVYrE1ho

    Beat up innocent tourists:

    The police just doing their job,so stab them and threat their family.

    If some one telling you that is not right,gathering people shouting at her.

    It's OK, the leader won't judge you:

    Don't worry,Youtube,Facebook,Twitter is on yourside, no one will know you are supporting violence.
    So support Hk protester…………For fun?
    Shut up ! Who cares about your political views!People on line wanna be supper hero by supporting the waek . Only people in Hk wanna be save !
    Don't against any side,against violence!

  12. Fuck these fucking medias ! You guys don’t really care about innocent life and peace of other country but just want to create war between countries for your own country benefits based on fake news !

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