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Hello, I’m from the Australien Government Have you been too busy to notice
that we’re dismantling democracy? Well, here’s a new app to help you keep
track of all our shitfuckery Introducing: My Police State! Just like My Health Record but with no clear
opt out choice, My Police State is for your own safety Which is why we’ve already signed you up coz we wouldn’t want you to miss out on our exciting journey
into authoritarianism My Police State! Packed with exciting features. Like 20-year
jail sentences if you make us look bad by commiting the crime of Journalism And especially the crime of Whistleblowing.
Just ask Witness K who exposed how we helped
an oil company fuck over Timor Leste We’re pushing to try him in a secret court. Because… My Police State! Also includes: new laws to break up protests new laws to break encryption facial recognition as well as attacks on courts and judges… on Unions… And attacks on Aunty.
Or as we call her, Auntyfa *snort* Oh and remember we’ve also made it a crime
to impersonate the Government, so don’t do it My Police State! To run My Police State, we’ve created a brand
new Government Department: Home Affairs Located in Canberra’s leafy suburb of Mordor,
it brings our most powerful agencies together under one single roof. Even the Federal Police Which means if we ever need to investigate,
say, Borcer Force for human rights abuses in Nauru or ASIO for cooking up WMDs to justify another war Home Affairs will be investigating itself. What could go wrong? Sure, there’s a risk that this unholy concentration
of power could one day fall into the hands of a cold-hearted minister who despises
human rights and… oh wait… One ring to rule them all Ok so we’re fucked But hey, the PM had to do something to keep
Pete from taking his job and selling out your liberties was worth it Home Affairs – coz your Home is where you’re
most likely to be harmed; but we also know that hyping up fears of gangs, terrorists
and refugees is way more effective at scaring you into letting us build
an authoritarian shitshow My Police State If you don’t like My Police State you can
opt out at the next federal election PS. My Police State is supported by both major parties Authorised by the Department of Home O’Fears

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. now
    – not always happy with yours
    – cause you claim Bible is not fine
    but humans have all existing models of governance tried no one working all of them have failed multiple times
    – but have never tried to be lead at religion but but and but HOW IT READ and IT READ IN MY EYES Religion OF LOVE
    – do not take a look what the JEWS (+ khazarians doing) you get totally fucked imagination of religion in brain to be disgusting about
    – humans have invented politic to avoid religion
    – but politic now keep religion quiet to be here not a hell
    – is impossible but is truth

  2. Whoever this woman is, she is dynamite! Riveting and riotous imitation of those slick government PR hucksters! And hypnotizingly lovely. (Doesn't hurt.)

    Shared to Facebook, with comment:

    Some more hard-hitting satire from Australia, the land of the would-be coal billionaires. I haven't followed up on it, but I think both Canada and Australia have been getting tips from the leading fossil fuel boosters of the Republican Party. And of course the UK's Cambridge Analytica has been chipping in to help out button-pushing fossil-fuel-oligarchs everywhere. Keep the faith, though: These authoritarian flunkies dry up with a bright spotlight focused on them. That, and investigations and indictments. Their scuttling around has to be endlessly exposed.

  3. Ès ist nicht j'aime, ès ist 'later on', too short die (called) Sache (ausnutzen). Some (soma) i (sor-ri~ei) lov(flovver le bleu)ve (i)(Kopfposition) yous (fous). Sorrei! -> mord mord stress (3) casualites please ..

  4. The leafy Canberra suburb of Mordor!  Love it!    Now ask what those guys who were soldiers in World War 2 or Korea what they were fighting for…  I think they would be rather upset.  By the way, you forgot to mention the laws to trace people via their IP addresses or their internet providers  or their meta data and the way you can work out lots of things about a person from de-identified data if you combine data from more than one database (eg MyHealth and Car Insurance)

  5. The cash ban laws are in the senate comity because labor will not support them in the senate !!!it will be an offence to do deals in cash over $2000

  6. Can you please start taking the piss out of Australian police purposely hiding behind American law/psychiatry of "Disability Justice". Across the planet $42,000 lives are lost every year because of lawmakers easily labelling poor people as schizo, paranoid, and worse. "Stop resisting…stop resisting" (taser killings) is the deadhead statistical mimicry of US police/laws, deliberately applied in Australia as statistical dependencies also (intervention-orders) destroying our relationships, which more frequently changes real-estate and property. The "Disability [in] Justice", is where lowly magistrates/criminal courts, can perceive themselves as 'highest learned' Salem-like-witches, and factually using the history of psychiatry's dehumanising vocabulary, to also conveniently follow panicky community-manipulations in place of courts having to use modern rational english. US "intervention-orders" and Disability justice" are the chain-reactions in each state, for gender-corruption causing confusion to arrive at utilising psychiatry. "90% of psychiatry diagnosis isn't agreed", well der.
    Possibly do a sketch with looker in secretary glasses and clipboard, condescending to a scare-crow (straw-man-argument) laying face-down on Freud's couch. Please please please represent Australia in those contexts.

  7. Damn! Australia too! Awesomely funny content, it it wasn't true. Much love from the American gulag. Eventually we're all gonna have to band together to rid ourselves of this freaking insanity.

  8. yo guys, i've watched a lot of your videos, and by lot i mean more than 10, if one of your host is coming to Bali, let me know

  9. This channel is controlled opposition that is trying to push people to the left.The right and the left are tools of the illuminati.

  10. Have you wondered, as I have, what the gals beauty actually may be. She is rigged not for voice, which is her own. She has a mouth animator, that opens all of her expressions, words, like the one ”shit-Fuckery”. As for the austRalian accent, that has been toned, and she does recite those incantations as superbly as the gals who wRote “all William Shakespeare’s writs”? Yes. AustRalia is an amazing continent. I suggest you all visit, not now, but whenever we “do be rid “the new-Rome of Plutocracy” aka u.s.a. and client-States. Throw those oligarchs-Elites and wArmonger’s bRass-0’s into jail. In-the-Juice is beautemous-SatiRe.

  11. This is democracy for you. We all know this goes on and people are free to talk about it. So fucking what. They still do it anyway. They laugh and snub their noses at us. Get one thing straight. What stands between us and them. Know your enemy. The police.

  12. True police and/or the laws around police powers are ambiguous so as to allow abuses of Australian civil liberties, but can anyone really stick up for journalists? I mean if they actually investigated something, found facts, not stole them or made them up. Bit rich journalists crying about rights. Do a better job first.

  13. I love the classy satire you guys provide. I just wish it wasn't necessary. The West seems to be on a dangerous trajectory.

  14. Australia currently sits at 9th place in the world democracy index, two spaces away from being officially a flawed democracy

  15. Australian police actively encourage citizens to commit (and participate themselves in) actions that constitute corrupt harassment against free thinkers.

    They enlist neighbours to spy on you and report your movements.

    Australian police raid houses when no one is home. Sound legit to you..?

    Or is this East Germany before the wall came down..?

  16. they are not dismantling democracy. you never had it, clearly don't know what it is, and making fun of those nice people who rule the nation is unhealthy. but it's fun to watch, while we can.
    i used to talk to ozzies about politics, but it was fruitless- they just went on masticating the grass.

  17. They can monitor me all they want because I haven't a thing to hide …. Think about one of your children or your partner being murdered by a psychopathic Muslim coward , or a white Nazis delusional bag of shit , if the feds have privvy to that Intel they have a chance to catch and detain these fucking assholes before they kill innocent people . I don't like the one sided left winged views of this channel. Sometimes things in life happen for a reason , as a reaction to a situation , not every action is out of malice .

  18. Lol leftists accusing others of totalitarianism when they are pushing totalitarianism.

    Guess you just want your dictators in power… 😂😂😂

  19. refugees are to be feared those people from their countries didn't saw their own heads off and put them on sticks you know.

  20. I can understand how little kiddies who can hardly tell shit from shoe polish would want to do something, but the tricky part is knowing what to do. Sadly, defending the ABC which has lost it's soul, and ethics, and previously cherished goal of offering some balance, is unsustainable. It has become something akin to an echo chamber for single minded simpletons, seeking to bray some new wave neo-marxist politically correct, intersectional idiocy, for those desiring to appear righteous, without needing to be so.
    I suggest that instead of trying to shut down dissenting opinion, by declaring and seeking to legislate, that anything you disagree with is hate speech, that must never be heard. My hope is that you actively engage without bringing a preconceived bias that anyone right of Sarah Hanson Young is a card carrying Nazi, Corporate Lapdog, Extreme Right Fascist.
    If you engage openly, you have the ability to both inform, and be informed, you know, like in an honest exchange of ideas.

  21. Yep just think how big the police state would be if leftys run the joint . More censorship, More surveillance, less freedom of speech and less rights.A lose lose situation for all if you ask me.

  22. What a load of crap this is. Stopping people from causing major disruption to traffic and people going about their business is a great idea. Should have happened sooner.

  23. Watching you wanker lefties melt, makes my life complete… Get ready for another Liberal term u welfare dependent babies😆

  24. I’ve been binge watching your videos on a playlist now and it is very hilarious, entertaining and informative at the same time.

  25. I love my country. And I love @thejuicemedia. It's hard to keep your head around what is right and what is wrong.

    In their torturing and satirical way, they implore us to think.

  26. Boat people shouldn't even be allowed to settle on detention islands, they should of been told to turn back or they'll be used as target practice for the navy and air force.
    If they wanted to come here so bad, they should of done it the right way..!

  27. The Cretinoid Australis Hominid doesn't care . Anyway it gets it's info from Murdoch Inc' , the Liberals propaganda ministry .

  28. In Poland its gonna be my uprising state and then my invaded state 😀
    Over and over again 😀
    Untill the last drop of blood.

  29. Give it to the Aussies to show more balls then Americans with the same issues. Well done. Although a true police state, would have this video taken down.. Ya'll are the last of the traditional English colonies to be tackled.. No wonder you still feel free to say this and get away with it. Australians seem to be the last of the imperialist rebels.

  30. Under the current Liberal government we are being shown the "dark side" of Capitalism and we have a fascist government at the moment.

    If you vote Liberal then deep down you can not be a decent human being!

    We know that statistically speaking, under the current fascist Liberal Regime, that the Australian economy is in the worst condition it's ever been in for the past decade. We know that the rate of homeless people has dramatically increased. We know that the number of suicides directly attributed to financial stress have also dramatically increased. We know that the number of jobs that are actually available and particularly unskilled work, is dramatically less than the number of people who are actually looking for work. We know that for people who are actually over the age of 50 and are looking for work, the majority of those people are actually suffering from debilitating illness both physical and psychological and are therefore finding it extremely difficult to secure a job. We also know that Scott Morrison is a religious nut whom is involved with a cult called Hillsong and that he is actually mixing politics and his religious "beliefs" together while supposedly running the country. Based on these sad facts and many more, I would say that Australia is in very bad condition right now. Whenever we have a Liberal government in power, Australia takes a nose dive. The economy plummets, the value of our dollar decreases and the average working class person suffers as a result. The Liberal voters try to defend themselves by saying, "but it would have been worse under a Labor Government" however they have absolutely no actual statistics to show that would be the case. Statistically speaking, Australia has always flourished under a Labor Government. The  arrogance and panic of the Liberal voters simply led them to vote based on emotional fear rather than logic and a kind heart towards the rest of the country. Now of course we are all paying for it.

  31. Politicians and officials are easy to blackmail to push all this oppression through. This is what Epstein and his Zionist have been doing for a while now.

  32. They're only dismantling the illusion of "democracy". It never existed. "Elections" are just part of the facade. ALP-LNP are always chosen by Murdoch. 5G will accelerate the police state because its a weaponized phone internet surveillance control system.

  33. Its all true. Australia is fucked ive been here all my life but want to leave permanently. We have satanist paedophile murdering politicians that are above the law. But not above God , judgement is coming

  34. The juice media bringing Australia together again with great entertainment and sarcasm the Australian way
    Love ya work please keep it up 👍

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