Homosexual Activity (SPOOF TRAILER)

honey I’m telling you ever since that couple moved in next door weird stuffs been happening don’t worry about it I’m just gonna set some cameras up around the house and record come here seriously especially when we’re sleeping that’s when I’m the most vulnerable the windows are locked the doors of office nobody’s getting in we’ll see about that I’m not seeing anything just keep watching told you freaking told you stop crying it’s obscuring your fish we’re just so lost the abomination of gay marriage has created a portal to Hell there must be something you can do the Minotaur why because it’s destroying my marriage what is this this is destroying our marriage hey come on Paula sticker my balls taking my bone sticking my balls they come on boys mama Jose come on boys – come on boys think of my balls think of my balls taking my boys take my balls taking my balls – come on ball thinking my balls

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  1. Hahahaha! Brilliant!

    But yeah, some of the general audience have no sense of humor and they would get their nickers in a twist about it.

  2. i almost peed my pants and spilt all my tea over my keyboard. now its all sticky and shit, but at least i found amazing video to show to friends or rewatch myself and laugh .

  3. Liam was one of the gays! Awesome vid chaps, particularly liked the revisit of the unforgettable classic "tickle my balls" 10/10 would tickle again