Hitman 2 Elusive Targets Part 8 (The Politician)

Diana: Good evening 47 your target is Dame
Barbara Elizabeth Keating a New Zealand tycoon and the former
Minister of Trade and foreign affairs she was forced to resign from her
position when a charity she represented was accused of funneling donations
towards the Dame zone offshore portfolio Dame Barbara drew on contacts in the
tabloids to shift the blame onto the charity’s director Jacqueline Vika
destroying her reputation and ensuring that Vickers death shortly thereafter
was perceived as a suicide Dame Barbara is now embarking on a PR tour to restore
her standing and we believe she’s working with a body dump in order to
protect herself for public events needless to say the contract only
applies to the good luck 47 Ianisin here and welcome back
to Hitman 2 now once again we have a new elusive target Barbara Keith Keating
or Dame Barbara Elizabeth Keating and this one takes place in New Zealand
which she’s the politician and it’s kind of like that one from a Hokkaido Japan
where I have to where I kind of had a guess who my target was and at the very
close to the end where I just killed my instant target they automatically just
told me who I had to kill but yeah go check that out if you want to go see
what I’m talking about so yeah she’s got a body double and so
yeah it’s not the real Dame Barbara so we got to find out who the real game bro
Barbara is which it ain’t really showing a difference between the two because you
know they still got they got that little purple necklace on their sleeves are
rolled up with the watches they got that little black thing around their uh her
waist their hairs different the hair is the
same but hopefully we could probably find out who’s the real Dame Barbara is
okay so start missin ya it all makes it takes place in the hood so you can’t
change it I could use the you know angle use a lockpick because you remember the
very first episode I did have hitman two I had to find a lockpick and yeah that’s
what I kind of want to do here so let’s go and start Diana: welcome to New Zealand 47
your target and her devil are both preparing for their undoubtedly tearful
comeback speech I suspect Dame Barbara wouldn’t settle
for anything less than a perfect doppelganger so a little additional
reconnaissance might be in order all right so here we are back in New
Zealand and yet there’s bodyguards everywhere it’s not like at the very
first level where there was nobody around this time this actually is
somebody around so yeah we got the cameras so yeah watch this watch this
watch this good shot I am you know look at the
other one watch this watch this watch this watch this
OH COME ON! I thought I hit it you know unless what just leave that one along
then because if I shoot at it again it’s gonna say bullet impact noticed so ya might
want to go ahead and leave that one alone and I don’t want them to be alerted
this early in the game because well this is a good level because you know you’re
on this Beach it’s dark there’s a bunch of foliage and yeah missions like this
just really fun not to go get away from okay so the grass protects you you
pretty much already knew that but just let you know just in case if you knew
from hit man so I’m gonna need to find the skies we’ve got the high one of
their bodies in there and helm I already found my own this guy’s like a probably
much use but first get rid of that make sure nobody else around oh all right well I need to hurry up
hurry up get him please yes yeah I need to hurry my ass up and get in the house
so yes yes dump him hurry up okay put the body on
put the body on( Correcting himself ) put the disguise on see yeah let’s use the house key
that was fast see the way he did that okay I can’t unlock them or can’t unlock
any of the safes. Use the rat poison cuz I remember the very first
episode I had a poison sugar and honey and vodka and hey look there’s one of them
right there and yes she’s an enforcer so yeah I was kind of expecting that but
she’s got a double that’s the- the toughest part it’s like how are you
supposed to know who’s the real target but hang on let me let me close these
blinds cuz I don’t want anybody noticing (Pretending somebody sees me with the target)what’s that guy doing in there
with the politician yeah I know what you’re probably thinking you think I’m
gonna bring up you-know-who but yeah I’m not gonna do that I’m afraid I might get
a copyright strike well I I’m just sayin myself I don’t really know if I will or
not but I’m not a huge fan of politics and you know I just don’t really like
talking about okay so I picked up a car key okay let’s see what she does her dog
was pretty much up there yeah she’s right there
I was just gonna go for them nuts okay now go ahead get out your system yeah
this isn’t good nuts huh all right I’ll stop The politician: describes
powerful reach the parishes only to emerge from the ashes regal renewed like
Phoenix revitalized so yeah she’s pretty much practicing for her speech her
comeback speech I guess for like who’s to become the new president in 2020 like
I said I we like to talk about politics but sometimes I can’t help myself all
right so I’m gonna poison these nuts it’s wait till he looks away hurry hurry she’s in there by herself I could go and kill her right
now but I don’t know even if I poison the don’t even if I poison the wrong
Dame Barbara you know it’s still gonna fit my score cuz you know I know I won’t
do this again but usually the very first Dame Barbara they show or like the clone
yeah they’re put there pretty much um same clone they’re duplicate of their
self usually the very first person they show it’s not the real enemy but I don’t
really want to jinx myself so yeah I’m just being really cautious because I
don’t really want to I don’t want to accidentally kill the wrong target like
I did on the last one okay Dame Barbara : when I meet individuals in the
community I am I maybe two ( Responding to the politician ) more like unpredictable because yeah
you’re you’re freaking clone just went for the nuts all right okay god I’m so
scared to even kill her and your probably saying why well I’m just afraid it’s not gonna
be the real Dame because you know this is pretty much the decoy from
upstairs but hopefully it’s the real one so DROWN HER! hurry come on I don’t want that bodyguard
coming in here please please be the real one YES hurry up hurry up
and hide her all right perfect yeah like I said
the decoy of the target the very first decoy they might show may not be the
real target so yeah that’s that’s the fake Dame so yeah see what I mean I I
think to myself I think to myself now let’s get out of here let’s get out of
here right now I could go for her car and yeah that’s exactly what I’m gonna be
doing well I been supported I’ve been recorded you know I could
probably do now I probably I think I had to record destroy that camera because I
want to get the silent assassin rank and now that you’re saying in you don’t have
to do that you can just exit well I’m a perfectionist I like to uh you know it’s
just complete everything I possibly can I’m a bit of completion it’s like I’ve
been saying all the upper other episodes because I want to get a perfect score
and you know sometimes it’s kind of hard to do oh god they’re getting suspicious
they’re getting suspicious okay I need a I gotta hurry up you gotta hurry up this
is the way I need to go right here and of course one of them suspicious go over
there (Responding to sleeping guard)I know it’s strange isn’t it Sleeping Guard: Command we might have a situation yep like they
always do hurry up hurry up and destroy it. PLEASE okay now let’s go let’s get
out of here right now hurry I gotta be quick COME ON let’s go okay let’s get out of here right
now wait Dammit get rid of this gun I mean yeah I even though I am a guard I
don’t want anybody to notice you know why is this gar has why does this guard have
his gun in his hands even though it’s supposed to be unequipped, holstered –
more like it and I know what you’re thinking
Ian why are you doing this well I want to make it feel like an actual story in
real life when you get done with the mission yeah this is exactly what I’m
talking about so yeah I could go for a car but that
just makes it a little too easy but yeah let’s go ahead and get out of
here right now I haven’t got started yet that’s good
and you know the very first level you know how some of them some of the guards
were um they had they found my boat well this time it’s not like that so yep
let’s go ahead get out I know I keep repeating the same stuff but you know
nothing really comes in my head sometimes when I’m trying to commentate
you know it’s like that with um every single other youtuber but you just deal
what you can do and you know there’s nothing wrong with that well let’s hurry
up before anybody notices me and my boat itself well that was easier than I expected
Silent assassin, someone could hurt themselves, chameleon, hold my hair
11,000 XP silent assassin, nine minutes under six five thousand one hundred
seventy nine points, Silent assassin and yeah
you all know I’m gonna say about that so the politician eliminated and that’s it.
So I’ll see you on the next video for more hitman soon enough I’ll be having
another elusive target and yeah I’ll see y’all when I get to it.

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