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  1. California is blue because of minorities and immigration. As a majority non-whites will never vote for the GOP, watch and see how much the GOP wastes on courting the minority vote every single election. 2020 is going to be more of the same no matter how much Trump wants to win the black vote.

  2. The smaller states negotiated a "deal" with the larger states, and this resulted in the union being formed. The smaller states WOULD NOT have joined a union of larger states had they not been "over-represented." The larger states would have had to impose dictatorial power over the smaller states to get them to agree to a popular vote system. But tyrannical behavior wouldn't have been consistent with the core philosophy of the founding fathers; so that's the deal we got – and it makes sense for all the reasons Tara Ross says. Period.

  3. As a California resident I firmly believe that the elections here are manipulated so the disenfranchised voter makes very little difference. Most everyone i run in to in my daily travels are fairly economically conservative, yet these same people vote FOR tax increases over and over, then complain about it. Really????? That is why I am not so confident that a change can ever happen here.

    That is scary and the beginnings of tyranny.

  4. I am glad they spoke of the lack of forsight of the founding fathers. "We hold these truths to be self evident…" Well, they only are to those who have been properly educated or motivated…hence our modern problems. Our founding population is differently minded than our modern population…it is also evidenced that the great safeguard to tyrants is the people taking up arms. Well, how unfortunate better and simpler prevention measures were not written. It just reflects their times. Example: How motivated or prepared are we vs our founders to even be able to do such an extreme measure….and in a real sense this was one of their highest faults (chiefly being their assuming generations in the future would be as educated and motivated as their current generation). Brilliant people for sure and thank heaven for them yet the assumptions they made have not prepared against the critical and most dangerous enemies of a free people: Time, Memory and Comfort. There would have been some particular differences of our founding documents if it were otherwise. Great vid.

  5. The Electoral College was made to prevent overcrowded city's in a handful of states have total control over every single election. Which is why the left 100% wants to get rid of it. They have to make their case to ALL of America. Not just the fruits and nuts on the coast.

  6. 21:53 – I have been saying this about New York for years. Living anywhere but NYC is irrelevant as far as Albany is concerned… We are expected to fund everything in NYC while being taxed and regulated out of business at the same time. It's a fucking nightmare.

  7. Sorry Dave, this is one of your more misguided videos.

    Your guest is wrong from the start, when she misquotes the 10th Amendment on the very thing she says is most important and that people don't know about the Constitution. She inserts the word "expressly" (for granted and prohibited powers) into the Amendment. That word isn't there. And not by accident. It was deliberately kept out of it by Madison!

    Madison rightly thought that that single word "expressly" would destroy the Constitution, by making it impossible to for the Federal Government to function normally and reasonably construe the meaning and implementation of its powers. He argued that keeping the word out would render the 10th Amendment non-harmful to the Constitution and enable the Federal Government to act normally like any government, including every State government, in doing what is "necessary and proper" for implementing its powers.

    Unfortunately he wasn't completely right about it's being harmless without the word "expressly". He forgot that people with strong ideological motivations, such as your guest, would choose to misread it as if it had the word in there anyway.

    You're usually debunking popular myths. This time you're spreading one. And it's the one that formed the basis for the secession and Civil War, the worst treason in our history. Haven't we learned anything from the price we paid for that?

  8. 28:09 – Thats actually not true, many people did own high powered munitions like cannons privately. It wasn't as common as rifles are now, but even up through the civil war, a lot of weaponry was privately owned.

  9. The real problem with the math is the state based, winner take all, part of the system. Distributing electoral votes based on a total vote system makes more sense. So if I win Ohio by 60% of the vote I get 60% of the delegates that state has to offer. This would not be perfect and could be upgraded with more complexity but this simple change alone would make a huge difference and take the purple state issue out of the equation.

  10. She's mostly wrong about the Senate too. The main thing the Constitution did there was to give Senators long fixed terms and keep them free from State instructions, so they could focus, like wise aristocrats, on national issues and the national purpose and not be beholden to State policies and State-on-State power politics.
    It sounds more and more like she's stuck in the ideology of the opponents of the Constitution, just dressed up the way Jefferson did it as if it were strict Constitutionalism. Notice that she approvingly says that people were expected to remain loyal primarily to their State not the Union. Fortunately the framers hoped that that would change with time and built the Federal political structure so it could gradually accrue the greater loyalty. Fortunately it did change with time. Otherwise we wouldn't have a country.

  11. And she's mostly wrong about the Electoral College too. Read Farrand, the great compiler of the records of the Constitutional Convention. It was intended to nationalize the selection of the President, by giving it to an elite that knew people nationwide. whereas a popular vote would go only to politicians the people knew in each States; and then States would bargain among themselves as to who should get the Presidency.

    Obviously it never functioned right. How it functions today, after considerable Constitutional amendment, has almost nothing in common with the Founders' intentions. Whether that's a good thing or a bad thing is a totally different question. I personally favor living with the Electoral College as a necessary evil, because it compensates a bit for the extreme advantage the media bias gives to the Democrats.
    I fear she doesn't get almost anything right.

  12. If the Dems want to do away with the electoral college they can start with the upcoming Primary. One day of voting. Popular vote wins!

  13. I vote for Liberty. Talk about the bog vs. the little, the Republicans & Democrats try to keep Libertarians out of debates and pass laws to try to prevent the LP from having ballot access.

  14. Hilary didn’t win the popular vote. Because there is no popular vote. The only way to know who would win a popular vote is to actually conduct the election with those rules. If we elected presidents based on popular vote, I doubt Trump would even have been the nominee. A big part of his appeal was the feasibility of breaking down the Blue Wall. No other candidate had a realistic shot at that. The Left claims to have a superior understanding of science, but anyone claiming that Hilary won the “popular vote” doesn’t understand Mathematics, specifically Game Theory.

  15. The only thing I would want/change is to require all states to vote at the same time and not report until all states have completed their voting process. The process is more important than one night should be.

  16. The arms DO match up. Especially when you realize, All governments are significantly out numbered by their citizens. Checks and balances.

  17. Texas has no income tax and relies heavily on property tax. California has very high sales and income taxes an very low property taxes. As a result, California is overrun with land speculators who have made real estate unaffordable to those are actually productive.

  18. @29:12 "States are pretty much close to always being Red…you live in one right now, Texas, although that's becoming a little bit iffy."

    God, you people are in a bubble. Texas is, right now, a Purple state. Just look at how close Ted Cruz's election was in 2018. It was embarrassingly close. The bottom line is that, perhaps by 2024 but definitely by 2028, Texas will be a solidly Blue state as far as the Electoral College is concerned. Once that happens, it will be Blue forever, and there will never be a Republican president again. Then, by 2032 to 2036, the US Senate will have a filibuster-proof Left-ist majority. After that, forget about the courts, forget about the First and Second Amendment. It's over. America will be over.

    Nothing in this interview even touches the elephant in the room: It's all about demographics. It's all about the fact that we are importing more and more non-White people who simply vote for the Left no matter what.

  19. Dave, I wish you’d asked her about the constitutionality of a state deviating from assigning their electors to the candidate who won the national popular vote, therefore overriding their own state’s voters.

  20. Our government mandated education is controlled by the left. Of course they leave history and government out of education.

  21. “But whether the Constitution really be one thing, or another, this much is certain – that it has either authorized such a government as we have had, or has been powerless to prevent it. In either case it is unfit to exist.”
    ― Lysander Spooner, No Treason: The Constitution of No Authority

  22. Great video. Interesting to see the cognitive dissonance and the rationalisation of the Electoral College two people can have.

  23. we changed the way we select Senators and this eliminated a check and Balance against the people.Look it up and discuss amongst yourselves.

  24. The Constitution and Bill of Rights are amazing documents that should be mandatory 1 year learning in our schools…. with a passing score required to graduate 10th grade.

    As for voting, I think we should start by NOT recognizing time zone changes. 9:00 AM ~ 9:00 PM and we just deal with it.

  25. Argument against the Electoral College:

    1: The EC is tool that attempts to alleviate the fear of state succession, and that fear is outdated today.
    2: the EC’s use of ‘winner take all’ effectively nullifies the minority vote in the state where it is used.
    3: States ALREADY have representation through the house and Senate, and these elected officials are selected by popular vote.
    4: The EC should be demoted to second place, and can used to break statistical ties in the popular vote.
    5: Or, the EC should use proportional voting, so that minority votes can be accurately represented.

  26. They had cannons on their private ships. The arms that British were trying to seize in Lexington and Concord were militia cannons, not muskets. Private folks had artillery in "Bleeding Kansas".

  27. The only scenario that I see turning California and New York red again is an economic collapse brought about by our massive debt.

  28. It seems to me that better title for this interview would be "Changing the Myths of the Electoral College". Somehow this political compromise of the 1780's needed to get the initial adoption of the Constitution passed is magical. Despite that it in no way pinned down how it has actually evolved since then. If the initial ratio between the number of Representatives and Senators had been maintained, it would serve almost no function to protect less populated states from domination of more highly populated states. Might be more honest to admit that given current politics and opinions that any modification to it would favor more centralized power with less protection of dissenting liberties.

  29. Why should the default position be that the framers of the constitution got everything right? Well intended as they were, they couldn't foresee how society would change over the centuries. Hence, some would say, why they included in the document provisions for how to change it. America is evolving and so should it's foundational document. We can't for all eternity be bound by what a few upper class fat-cats from the 17th century believed. Maybe it's time for a radical overhaul. At least that's what they say, I hear…

  30. Ok. Have a well armed military soldier with 1000 rounds of ammo and 1000 citizens armed with sticks and rocks and tell me who wins.

  31. At 22:45 you complain about Larger area tyrannizing small areas, but yet the EC ROUTINELY tyrannizes minority voices (minority = losing vote counts).

  32. Step 1: Take moral high ground by standing up for the voice of minorities.
    Step 2: Destroy the system in which the minority's voice matters.

  33. Tara: has anyone done an analysis on this…
    Award electors by each congressional district, instead of ALL the electors from the state going to one candidate, and the 2 senate electors go to the winner of the statewide popular vote.

    how would that system affect previous elections?

  34. this republic is upside down the elected officials do not come to the people with an agenda and get elected in a true republic. in a true republic the people assemble in small groups being your neighbors discuss what they want done to improve their lives, set an agenda then elect a representative to find out how to make it happen, the problem here is society has been taught to be enabled. in a true republic each member is taught to be self-reliant first so the issues become small and easy to manage. today the issues have gotten way out of hand to manage so when the few people who do assemble are the ones with major issues that are to large for the few elected officials to be able to get under control so they play kick the can to the next generation. now when that generation that sees that this has been the game for many generations and says we are no longer going to kick that can we are going to address these issues they are so large there are not enough representative that know the answers that can act in the manner that the founding fathers established and utilized to create the one true founding document that is the instructions for each and everyone on this planet to be independent self-governing. we stopped reading that document, learning the instructions then teaching it to others. they established the "Peoples" law (exclusive equity) but we allowed ourselves to be enabled by lawyers, they established the "Peoples" bank (treasury direct) but we allowed ourselves to be enabled by federal reserve bankers, they established the "Peoples" form of government (republic) but we allowed ourselves to be enabled by politicians, they promoted the "Peoples" education system (family) but we allowed ourselves to be enabled by school teachers. all of these different titles that we have allowed to enable us have one thing in common they promote to know better than you as to what your needs and wants are. star trek had it right the borg are coming to assimilate you into the collective the largest conglomerate ever created in the universe. you can stop this by learning the instructions left for you by the founding fathers it is not to late. question would you create a system that did not benefit you, do you not think that the systems that have been created benefited there creators, then why not learn how those systems benefited the ones who created the systems and use that system to benefit you. (self-reliance self-governing) how do you get a corrupted system to go away "STOP USING IT"

  35. one of the most sacred documents ever written by the creator transcribed by the founding fathers and the others who were not subject to the kings rule of law and this is what samual adams said to those who wanted to be subjects “The natural liberty of man is to be free from any superior power on Earth, and not to be under the will or legislative authority of man, but can only have the law of nature for his rule.”
    “If you love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude greater than the animating contest for freedom, go home from us in peace. We seek not your counsel, nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you; May the chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen” it is not to late to learn exclusive equity jurisprudence self-reliance self-governing

  36. There tollerence now is intolerance. We're in trouble and they want to take our 2nd Ammendment away so they can rule over us like the king did.

  37. Slave owning founders get no respect from me, have a Black scholar on to go more in detail regarding the electoral college and slavery!

  38. As a native of Wyoming, I don't understand why the residents of San Francisco think they should have the same electoral power as the entire state of Wyoming. San Francisco has no mining, no significant energy production, no ranching or farming, no timber harvesting, no hunting or wilderness tourism. What makes the people of San Francisco think they can govern or regulate activities they have no experience in?

  39. In Australia we have the Floundering Fathers and Thanks For Nothing. It's part of our convict heritage humour. Australia the proletariat that got away.

  40. Because of this video, I finally understand why we have the electoral college. This video should be mandatory viewing at universities. Without the electoral college a whole LOT of places would be ignored by the government. Farmers would sure be screwed, that's for sure.

  41. Roflmao. The only reason women got the right to vote is to lessen the black Male vote… hardly anyone acknowledges this.

  42. we need more states, we have too many big ones. Break most states in half, and states like texas and california into 3 to 5 states

  43. It’s hard to ignore some fundimental flaws in the electoral college system.
    First, every state, and DC start with an automatic 3 electoral votes, REGARDLESS of POPULATION. So there are something like 12 states in America which should have anywhere from 0,1,2, or 3 electoral votes but they all start at 3. Giving smaller, less populated states an automatic advantage proportionally.
    Second, the electors of most states are “winner take all” meaning that as soon as either party wins 51%, they win the whole state. So 49% of the population can be wholly ignored. I see no rationale for the winner take all aspect of the elector system.
    Lastly, if consider as I do, that the electoral system electing a president who didn’t win the popular vote as A FAILURE, then the system which elects the LEADER OF THE FREE MOTHER FUCKING WORLD HAS A 7% FAILURE RATE!
    The electoral system is worse than mob rule, it’s minority mob rule. With strange rules where small states have something like 100,000 people per electoral vote, while the largest states need 600,000 people per vote.
    Meaning the less populated state you live in, the more your vote is worth.
    I simply think all votes should be equal, or at the very least as equal as feasibly possible.
    (Side note) the only elections where the loser of the popular vote won the election were ALL in favor of the “conservatives” of the past. I think 2 Whigs won without the popular vote, and 3 Republicans. 0 Dems. 0 liberals. 0 anyone else.
    Knowing that the Republican Party has factually less registered voters than the Dems, and independents, it seems very strange that such a relatively small group would keep having the system go in their favor.
    I am not a leftist. I am a liberal libertarian. I have no party allegiance, as they are all
    Corrupt scum fucks, I am however deeply in favor of the most representative government our republican can muster. And there are extemely basic changes that can be made to fix glaring issues, but the political machinery seems set in its ways.

  44. All you have to do is watch a clip of Jay Leno asking people on the street questions about civics. I would be for one person-one vote if every voter had to pass a civics test before being allowed to vote. When I see the utter and complete lack of understanding of civics in this country, if we moved to popular vote we would become an untenable idiocracy. 99.9% of the people get their opinions from anything that Fox news or MSNBC or CNN say, with no depth of understanding of complex issues. College students cannot tell you what year our country was founded. How many people can tell you what is contained in the Bill of Rights? The Articles of the Constitution? More than half of millenials cannot even tell you what the name of our National Anthem is or how many stripes are on the flag. Most college students cannot even name all the states on the map. 28% of college students believe that Washington D.C. is in the state of Washington. Popular vote = President Beyonce. Oh, yea!

  45. Without any animus, I suggest, for discussion –
    What does Tara think about winner-take-all States? How about changing Elector apportionment to reflect diversity within states? Increasing granularity, to my mind, would improve participation. In the right neighborhood (or perhaps as a statewide fraction) a Republican in California or a Democrat in Texas might have their voice heard in the College. Trump would have had a few in CA, NY & IL Hill some in TX & other red states. I would consider it good if some part of each state was worthy of each parties' attention.

  46. Ms. Ross is so articulate and passionate in the defense of our system of Governance as envisioned by the Founding Fathers. Why do such people never rise to the top in politics, and leave us faced with such poor choices of clowns and jesters. So frustrating.

  47. Two simple statistics that qualify the importance of the Electoral College—In the 2016 election, Trump won roughly 2500 counties across the country. Clinton won less than 450 counties.

  48. The founders prohibited direct taxes, i.e., property taxes, by the federal government, except in proportion to the populations of the states. The tax was assessed against the states, not individuals. Sections 2 and 9 of Article I.

  49. I thought the best pooint was that none of this matters if you shift the power to state rights, city rights, or even better, individual rights. Then everyone can do what they want and let the best person win. We only need government for protecting individual rights and nothing else.

  50. I looked into her PragerU video, just for grins. Now, maybe there's been some chicanery on YouTube's part…but the video has 4.1 million views and is nowhere close to the "most popular" video on that channel.

  51. I should not be better researched than your guest. Very disappointed. The federalization of all laws began in the 1920’s when a man was hanged for an offense that was not punishable by death in his home state. It ramped up in the 1970’s when every family having a car and the ability of interstate travel became ubiquitous. Why are you calling her an authority if she is unaware of that or the push for social programs that put states in a situation where they could not run a balanced budget and therefore made them beholden to the federal gov, or the fiat currency made by the FED…that made us all bow down.

  52. We were taught Civics when I was in school. My nieces have no idea because they don't teach it anymore. Americans have no clue how important the Bill of Rights is. Canada and Britain have hate speech laws. There are legal consequences if you hurt someone's feelings. There is no 1st Amendment. When the terrorist attacks happened in France, Macron declared a national emergency. Police and military can now enter your home or business without cause. There is no 4th Amendment.

    The Supreme Court violated the 9th Amendment on HOW they ruled on gay marriage. They got the decision right but for the wrong reason.

    Gay marriage would fall under contract law. Can two people make a business deal, which marriage is under the law? Just like any contract it must be executed until terms met or dissolved via legal process. What SCOTUS did was declare it a right. It is NOT a right in the Constitution and the way they wrote the decision it comes in conflict with the 1st Amendment. We saw Beato and some of the other DNC candidates already state churches, synagogues, mosques, etc…. should be made to perform gay marriages.

  53. Great discussion as always….but you need to buy some larger furniture. Your guests look uncomfortable having to bend their legs at such odd angles.

  54. Good discussion.
    I am a Father of many. I teach,
    Yes, the USA has the history slavery just as it had existed all around the globe for thousands of years. That the word slave came from the word Slav. A white European.
    That hear after all those sinful years American
    Is not where slavery only was, but at the bloody cost of 600 thousand lives
    That is one of many injustices that the USA put to rest.
    This is a great nation!
    The greatest experiment in self governance in the history of humanity.

  55. No electoral college…. then the East Coast and West Coast determine the fate of all. Not reasonable, not representative of a whole nation. Our Founding Fathers were brilliant. Where has that intellectual brilliance gone in our modern society?

  56. Nothing is going to get better until we deal with voter/election fraud. The D's stole seats at the 2016 election, the mid-terms, and the special elections. This needs to be taken care of asap.

  57. Um, no, Hi ll ary did not win the popular vote. Everyone knows the study has shown that google manipulated, and influenced between 10 – 22 million votes toward Hil lary.

  58. I've got the bell on "all" but I still never get notified when these videos go live… Good thing I check up on the videos channels I've subscribed to.

  59. she's so incredibly knowledgeable. So glad you posted the entire interview. What is the link of the video She recorded that had 60 Million views?

  60. The states can choose to apportion their electoral college votes proportionally to how their districts vote. If they did that the popular and electoral colleges would have never disagreed. And it's constitutional.

    What I want is to get the House to adhere to the constitution and have one representative per 50,000 people. We stopped growing the House just because the room was full. How dumb a reason is that? With modern technology we don't need to have every member of the house in DC at all. They can stay near their constituents. You could personally get some of your representatives time, you could tell them what you think about what they are voting on. You know, a real representative democracy.

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