Hillary Clinton says the 2016 election was ‘stolen’ from her

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  1. Hillary Is Just a Spoiled Brat Spoiled Sport Sore Loser, As Well As The DNC & All of Their ILK!

  2. Now you know how Bernie feels. Go to jail, do not pass go, do not collect 200$ . Sick phycho screwball

  3. Now… I know the Dumokkkrats are Stupid…but who in the hell would go to Hillary for advice???

    The American Public, We the People,
    to learn how DEEP the Take-Trump-Down Cabal
    FISA Court is regulated in order to AVOID what happened with J.E.Hoover's "Cointelpro" SCANDAL in the 70's.
    Even so, TODAY'S FISA Court did NOT FOLLOW their own RULES!:
    AUTHORIZED SPYING on a target LASTS ONLY 6 months.
    So, every SUBSEQUENT REQUEST to CONTINUE SPYING requires NEW evidence of wrongdoing!

    FISA Warrant, 2, 3, 4 used the same INCIDENT on FISA warrant No. 1!
    Holy Sh*t!



    MOREOVER, MSM has little reported that Trump was spied on BEFORE
    Jul 31, 2016
    date of
    the OFFICIAL FBI date to START SPYING on the Trump Campaign!

    5Eyes Agency MASS surveils 5 country's (Australia, NZ, Canada, UK, USA) CITIZENS, thru our own NSA, and it
    spied on CITIZEN
    D. J. Trump BEFORE
    he EVEN announced RUNNING for President!

    5Eyes is ROGUE!

    WE DO NOT have a SOVEREIGN America
    IF 4 other COUNTRIES spy on
    American citizens,
    do we?

    PEACEFULLY DEMONSTRATE, Call, Write, Petition your elected officials.

    Our SOVEREIGN America is in trouble.

    2016 was to be the LAST election had Killary+Comey, 5Eyes, CIA, FISA Court, DNC, MI6, got THEIR way.

    Banana Republic, folks.
    We are THERE with our DNC in Congress.

  5. I don't think Slick Willy agrees. He advised her on her campaign and she wouldn't listen. He told her to go to the Rust Belt and other places to campaign and she wouldn't. She ran a very LAZY campaign and insulted people, like calling Trump supporters deplorable and saying that women vote how their husbands vote.

  6. These two thieves stole millions if not billions from everyone she and Billy Boy could rip off. She was in on sell 20% of our uranium reserves to Russia!!

  7. Keep whining sore loser hag …you are incapable of accepting and getting over your loss. I'm a latino who did not buy into the Democrat identity politics scam!

  8. Hillary's just a victim like all these other societal losers she's the only one that Seems to have the balls to take it on tour. Could you imagine the shape of this country if she would have been elected.

  9. @ Hilliary Clinton is just a spoil brat, maybe she needs to try again, to run for President and have the deep state support, and lose again. She should get ready for the next life, and be sinless.

  10. You can also be a corrupt,disgusting,dishonest,despicable, lying criminal responsible for the deaths of many.

  11. When Hillary projects her stolen election its her way of telling you she will have her hand steal as many elections as she can

  12. Hillbilly Clinton, Nasty Pelosi, Sucky Chumer all Dems are parasites. NOBODY in their right mind would want them in any part of our government. 🇺🇸TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸 Straight Republican ticket.

  13. Awww still sore that I chose the best President everrrrr, Hillary? I'm glad I crossed over & voted for the cream of the crop. Still winning.

  14. Wasn't the wicked witch a lawyer? Someone should remind her what the legal definition of stolen is. Last time I checked, it was not: having your arse handed to you in a democratic election.

  15. Clinton and Obama Stoled B.Sanders votes, after Sanders found out, Obama seen walking on W.H grounds with Sanders, Obama Conning, Bernie into not reporting this. Following Day, Sanders wakes up with his own Island,and 3 Mansions . What's Wrong With This Picture ? The Clinton's need to know how much the People hate them ! Sanders, Betrayed those who did Vote for him ! Trump/Pence 2020 Case Closed !

  16. Wonder what Bernie Sanders think of that comment. He’s so disingenuous and nieve it doesn’t phase him.

  17. Someone please help this poor woman with her wardrobe. She always looks uncomfortable. I am no fan of her, however I am beginning to think she is having the blood cut off at the neck.

  18. Hillary lost according to election rule. Saying the word "stolen" just shows she does not believe in the rule of law. What a shame to a 'qualified' lawyer !

  19. Crap! I had an extra $2.50 today and bought a coffee and a bagel. I could have gone to listen to her talk. Well, on second thought, that was a nice raisin bagel…..

  20. If her ticket prices to see her speak drop any lower they will be in the negative numbers.
    They will have to start paying people to fill the seats.

  21. No, the election was not stolen from her, but the DNC did steal the nomination from Bernie and everybody else who was running against her in the primaries. It was set up for her to win it no matter who ran against her.

  22. Let's not forget the fact that she didn't think that Donald Trump would concede and all these horrible things about him yet here she is not conceding and doing and has done horrible things. This is just one of the reasons why nobody wants Hillary Clinton as president. She's a criminal lock her up!

  23. Worst turn over of power ever. Lock Her Up. She stole the Dem primary !!! shhhhh- Bernie was in on it.

  24. Nobody feels sorry for Hillary, like Hillary. Well…she knows where the Presidency is, why doesn’t she steal it back???

  25. what most of the moron public aren't picking up on here and what I find hilarious is what she says is you can be nominated by your party

  26. She was told she was going to win, and didn't. Her comprehension is not that high, can't quite figure it out. After all, she did what she was told and campaigned where she was told.

  27. Stolen. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    Distract Distract. Patriots its how the left deals with it to take the focus off of them. How stupid they are because they are putting the Spot light on themselves.😳😰😰

  28. Bit like all the emails she intentionally stole and got rid of like all the other factual evidence she has destroyed

  29. That's right, Ned Ryun, "people have to go to jail." !!! And it will all lead back to the Obama West Wing! This is a battle we MUST WIN for the rule of law and JUSTICE!

  30. Ripped from her grasp, in the nick of time….

    The drama is surreal…..

    Go find a job, you putrid, smarmy criminal.

  31. There was no way on earth that hillary clinton can become president . The only way for america to get away with what she did to gadaffi is to shunt her . No way will that woman ever get in the white house officially . She has been running america behind closed doors for years . She really needs to get over it .

  32. You know what sux when I type in President. Her last name comes up next. I have to type in Trump every time.
    Sure would like to know how to fix that. As I did not vote for Bill. And sure as hell did not vote for her .

  33. Poor old lady – it’s called dementia dear… best you go lay down in the pits of hell… it’s very warm ( I think 🤔 I mean I wouldn’t really know cause I’m a baby loving, truth loving, god loving human race loving soul who knows when to quit!) LADY SHUT UP AND GROW OLD GRACEFULLY…. speaking of stolen – ADRENOCHROME ring any bells 🔔OH IT WILL….

  34. And just who gave her the 2016 election for it to be "stolen" from her?. Just by the ridiculous statements politicians make people should be able to see how ridiculous those who actually want to rule over them are.

  35. The Hildarrhoid, still filling her diaper and the airwaves with her fecal matter.
    Is this a great country or what?

  36. Hillary is talking about three different people. Trump ran the best campaign. Hillary became the DNC nominee, by stealing the nomination from Bernie! Hillary decoded!

  37. No Witch! It rightfully belongs to President Trump. You in the other hand did steal the candidacy from Bernie Sanders.

  38. Anyone besides me notice how HOT conservative women are? Beats the hell out of looking at some obese purple haired tattooed SJW with bolts coming out of her cheeks and a nose ring to collect snot.

  39. Of course. She's far too sociopathic to acknowledge that the least liked candidate in memory might legitimately lose an election.

  40. So poor ole Hill got an election stolen…not once…but twice. First it was a black guy and a white guy…tough luck, Hill. Maybe you just suck?

  41. Cheated in the debates, Cheated Crazy Bernie, now someone has to tell Nana she didn't win
    the election, go visit the grand kids, tell them how important you once thought you were,
    This loser will remind people why they voted for President Trump, & not Crooked Hillbilly. Trump. TRUMP 2020

  42. H. Clinton using words like stolen and crime. Hate to say, with the enormity of her reported lies, and treasonous acts, what is she doing, running loose in an orderly society? This is highly insulting to both law abiding citizens, and also those incarcerated for much,much less!

  43. I am afraid NOT Hillary! Hillary you are the one who knows all about stealing elections. Afterall, Hillary ypu are the one who tried to steal the election from President Trump. Example: Paying for the fake Steele dossie (sp)

  44. Humpy Dumpty( Hillary) sat on a wall , Hillary had a great fall, all the kings horses & all the kings men couldn’t put Humpty together again. Your a busted, cracked egg move on.

  45. she is trying to say she stole it from Bernie..The democrats are still using opposition research to try to unseat the president..they never learn..Iguess too stupid…

  46. lolllll she now thinks election was stolen from her, Hillary election is NOT whitehouse furniture , that anyone can steal it

  47. you can be corrupt as possible you can buy fake dossier from the Russians, hell you can even use the Federal Bureau of Investigations to go against your opponent, but somehow the American people's Voice Was Heard f*** you America

  48. Learn to enunciate the word “important” dear 0:35 What’s the issue with younger people these days? Pronounce the “T” for crying out loud! 🙄

  49. For the left the biggest issues I saw outside of rigged elections here.

    were the facts of Libya and Honduras. With Honduras she was involved in the coup before during and after and lied about it.

    The democratically elected president was abducted and she established a new fascist government who ended up killing the left wing activists, environmental activists, indigenous people, LGBT activists, and Union leaders. As the left in Honduras was massacred she said nothing.

    It is not even a controversy that this happened it is history and people are in denial.

    Libya was far bloodier but Honduras really shows who she is aligned with and who can just die.

    The irony is she was the instrumental cause of the migrant crisis in both Europe and the United States which intensified right wing concerns of immigration.

    She essentially created the MAGA movement.

    She should be held accountable for destroying the lives of every Honduran asylum seeker.

    Trump unfortunately was not smart enough to know the caravan was not Soros it was the actions of Hillary Clinton who destabilized the Honduran government.

  50. Hillarious, You can thank James Phony Comey for the fact you are not in prison. Do you actually think you won the election? Every sort voted for you. you had a monopoly of perverts, deplorables, illegals, criminals, crackheads, ladies and men of the night, winos bused in, + others, some voting 7 or 9 times. How many votes did you steal. YOUR days are over. Your a has been. if the democratic choice had been honest (not rigged) Bernie Sanders would have been the Democratic choice, NOT YOU. YOU CHEATED HIM OUT OF THE NOMINATION. You were not elected because most of the intelligent enough could see through your plots, manipulations, lies, self praise, shady past, con game, failures that were far more than accomplishments. Fake personality that deceived you, yourself.

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