Hey! Republicans and the Intelligence Agencies

-Republicans have been
dismissing the Ukraine scandal involving President Trump
because the information comes in part
from whistleblowers and officials in
the intelligence community. The most dramatic example came from this interview
Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson did with Chuck Todd on Sunday. -The American people want to — -So do you not trust
the Ameri– Do you not trust the FBI?
You don’t trust the CIA? -No, No, I don’t.
-I’m just very confused here. -Absolutely not. After
Peter Strzok and Lisa Page? -Okay.
-After James Comey? -You believe the FBI and the
CIA, the government agencies — -John Brennan. No, I don’t
trust any of these guys in the Obama administration.
I didn’t trust any of them. -You don’t trust them now.
Do you trust them now? -No, I didn’t trust them
back then. -So there you go. He says he
doesn’t trust the FBI or CIA, which brings us to a segment
we call “Hey!” ♪♪ Hey! Republicans, now that they’re
reporting Trump’s crimes, you suddenly question
the FBI and CIA? Would have been nice to hear
some of that skepticism during the War on Terror
when the government was going through
everyone’s phone calls like paparazzi digging through
Justin Bieber’s trash. “Damn it. It’s just cologne
and stupid hats!” When Trump is gone and Republicans go back
to liking the CIA, they’re going to have to
backpedal like crazy. “Oh, wait.
Oh, you were talking about the Central Intelligence Agency. I thought we were talking about the Culinary Institute
of America. Hate those guys. I don’t trust any chef who wasn’t trained
at Le Cordon Bleu.” And, hey, when the intelligence
agencies wanted more power to gather information
on American citizens, you guys literally called it
the USA PATRIOT Act, which, in case you forgot,
stands for the Uniting
and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept
and Obstruct Terrorism Act. And I just want to say any time something has a long,
convoluted name like that, you know it’s not going to
live up to the hype. It’s like when the movie
“The Assassination of Jesse James
by the Coward Robert Ford” came out. I mean, they should’ve
just called that [bleep] “Hottie with a Gun.” So Republicans love — They love
the intelligence agencies when they were abusing
their powers and trampling
on civil liberties, but now, suddenly,
they hate them because Trump
is being investigated. At this rate, they’re
going to have to pass an updated USA PATRIOT Act
called Uniting to Support A Pathetic
And Tarnished Red-faced Idiot Otherwise known as Trump Act. [ Cheers and applause ] And hey, hey, hey. Hey. Democrats. Democrats, side note here —
but just because they’re going after Trump now
doesn’t mean you need to become CIA and FBI
super fans. You can applaud and protect
the whistleblowers and think Trump
is a corrupt, lawless criminal who should be impeached
or removed from office without building a shrine
to James Comey. Although, I have to say,
if Trump does gets impeached, it would be pretty cool
if he was airlifted out of the White House
by a government drone. [ Laughter ] The bottom line is this — Republicans spent years
lecturing the rest of us not to question
the intelligence agencies even when they violated
civil liberties and abused their powers. And now they’re telling us not to trust
the intelligence agencies when they report crimes
committed by an obviously corrupt
president. Republicans, hey,
when you flip-flop like this, you look incredibly stupid. Almost as stupid
as Justin Bieber in a hat. This has been “Hey!”

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. This is throwback to Nazism. This is exactly what happened in Germany in the late 20’s and 30’s, when instead of pledging allegiance to Germany, they pledged allegiance to Hitler.
    The RepubliKLANs are actually the Neo-Nazis. Just wait for what is going to happen next, if people do not react and weed out this trash and filth from the government and White House.

  2. So well said. I have lost all respect for the republican party and whoever thinks it is a good idea to vote for these fools. Their only interest is power, they will eat their own for it. Sad.

  3. This is just a attack on our legal system which if you are a politician or one with money there are no consequences, and have not been any for a very long time in the USA , which makes us as corrupt as any other Nation on earth , and we are the last people to interfere or tell any Country any thing ! are word means nothing , we are morally bankrupt with this President , we have a whole Party afraid of this President, which is Mafia style , there for I am lead to believe , we are not the Country we once were and that is scary. how did we get here ? Nixon left with some dignity , what will it take for this man to do the right thing for the Country ? even if I was not guilty of anything , for the sake of the Country I would resign , any one with common sense would do the same rather then go on with this corrupt circus on a daily basis for 3 whole years , that s the sign of a sick and self serving man !

  4. When I first started culinary school, I would meet chefs who said they came from The CIA. I was thinking, “why does the CIA need chefs?” Yeah, now CIA means something different now. I automatically think of the culinary institute of American whenever I hear “CIA”.

  5. Republicans love the CIA and the FBI like they love the Constitution. ONLY WHEN IT SUITS THEM. They've shown their hands. Vote all Republicans out from office when election comes and replace them with Democratic politicians. Only then we will get rid of theses asinine bastards that have demoralized our way of life during the 45s first term! #RRFO #TRE45ON

  6. I don't understand how someone got elected who tells everyone not to trust the FBI, CIA. He obviously only "trusts" Trump.

  7. There needs to be new laws created and passed about Presidential powers or something to prevent this kinda dictator style government thing in the future.how can America continue to allow this criminal to hold office an make important decisions on the fly continue on? Republicans should be extremely ashamed o f themselves for siding with this Orange jon un.

  8. Hey just because this guy Seth likes to take a big black one through the glory whole well what can you say he doesn't know anything about politics

  9. Im in shock since 2016, is anyone really this big a liar and demented as this “president “? All my republicans friends still believe in him & support him. Theyre not stupid people, either. Dear GOD, SAVE US ALL!

  10. Part of the Congress's job is to provide Congressional oversight of the Executive branch. Plain and simple. You don't have to be a political scientist or lawyer to explain some "spin" on it. It's CLEAR. It's part of their job !!!

  11. Wow just think if Trump wasn't president you wouldn't have a job. You know better huh? Well no matter what happens with Trump let us check the ratings with you and who is that guy who forced Letterman off his show? I never heard of he dude then and I even forgot today the only way I can remember either one of you is if I put Trump in front of it lol loll that is just kick ass for you and wait a minute didn't both of you work for the Arsenio Hall show? I remember a show 15 years ago Arsenio said their show had to hire 2 white people?

  12. So now apparently no one trusts the media, FBI and CIA, Congress.

    What's next not trusting the president 🤥. Imagine!


    Withhold aid to Ukraine – RUSSIA BENEFITS

    Withdrawal US troops from Syria – RUSSIA BENEFITS

    Trade war with China – RUSSIA BENEFITS

    Trump has lost the farmers $40 billion in soybean sales contracts Now Putin sells $20 billion in soybeans to commie china and Brazil sells $20 Billion in soybeans

    Trump lost the ranchers $20 billion in pork sales contracts. Now Putin sells $20 billion in pork to South America & commie china.

    This is a recurring theme – RUSSIA

  14. hey Ronnie, Trump will soon give you a nickname, maybe LeakyA**hole Ron, throw you to the Turks to be butchered like the Kurds….. maybe put your cellphone # on Grindr, just like Miss HeeeyLindsey "Relevant" Graham's gray saggy old butt

  15. Heard this story too many times before, never will I trust anything the media or the democrats say. Maybe they should read the children's book called The boy who cried wolf.

  16. Trump will not leave the Whitehouse gracefully. He will be dragged kicking and screaming like a toddler throwing a tantrum in a toy store.

  17. The problem you all have is both side bend the truth and then blame the other on for doing it first

    Theses late night outlets scarecrow everything said and further the divide

    And theses cable news outlets are just excited to SELL you the news
    They know where there market is and they feed and divide you dumb Americans

  18. Every person watching this show, every person with working brain cells, every person who laughs at the insanity of this president needs to register and vote next year. Don't laugh, don't yell, vote all of these non-working Republicans out!

  19. Wow… I've NEVER seen so many trolls in one place as in this comments section. The pay must be pretty good now that the minimum wage is up to $15/hr.

  20. Hey, that was so funny Seth…..boy that johnson is sure back pedaling now he was caught calling out sondland for his lie, saying "sondland saying trump call was a quid quo pro"…..the republicans actually think trump will get re-elected and be all powerful and they can run on the trump corruption band……Impeach Indict Jail trump! SAVE OUR COUNTRY!

  21. You all are nothing more than a bunch of worthless whining little cunts. Trump is YOUR President, and will be for the next 5 fucking years, and there's not a God damn thing you can do about it. Oh, and Seth, I hope you have a plan B because you suck. #MAGA #WWG1WGA

  22. These so called republicans should not be voted again, surely their loyalty to the country and the constitution is nowhere to be found. Instead they like licking the orange man's ass, for their own self serving reason.

  23. Ron Johnson is the Chairman of the Intelligence Committee. He just threw two of the most important agencies that provide critical intel to him and keep us safe under the bus, and smeared their image on national television, just to protect a demented orange sociopath who commits bigger and bigger crimes every day….

  24. Didn't Trump all but purge the government of any and all Obama appointees that he could find as soon as he took office?

  25. This political debacle over the past few years has really elucidated the truth of USA. It’s about stealing for you and yours, and saying everyone else is stealing, but you’d never stoop so low. Then you steal the microphone to sell on eBay.

  26. We should demand all oblama/biden/comey/epstein/clinton/pelosi/schiff/nadler off shore account activity. We have a right to know the profits of the oblama/clinton regime ethnic cleansing and epstein pedophile crimes. Deamoncrats are the hate, rape, mass murder, and hoax humiliation of the world. Long live Trump. Trump2020

  27. And hey u republicans u do k who formed the fbi in the first place right? it was a republican president Theodore Roosevelt. And wasn’t he also a trigger happy shooting president? The only difference is he shot animals not human beings.


  29. Trump didn't create the deepstate fake intelligence communities…bush and obama did. He acts like Trump has been president since 9/11/2001

  30. It's truly sad that late night comedy has devolved into late night leftist podcasts. Keep your debunked propaganda to yourself, the only people who enjoy your content are people who agree with you politically. You alienate the others with partisan toxicity. Stop, it's pathetic.

  31. Goddammit, The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford was a phenomenal movie. Best movie of that year.

    But I had no idea that Patriot Act was actually an acronym. Fascinating.

  32. This is nothing new, the GOP has shown absolutely nothing but blatant hypocrisy trumps entire term. Remember all the complaints about Obamas ACA and saying 18 months was pushing it though and yet having last minute overnight votes on trumps tax plans? remember moscow mitch openly saying it was his job to block everything Obama tried to do and then crying that democrats are trying to block him? remember the GOP refusing to vote on a new justice because "its an election year and the public have a right to vote" and then pushing through kavanaugh weeks before the mid-term elections?

    The republican party no longer exists, its the party of trump and hypocrisy

  33. Hey! is a good segment. To the point and not predictable.

    But I still want to see a true size 6'4" statue of Comey somewhere, maybe right beside a microphone as if he is gonna give a press conference. Because he has been like an FBI wildcard that changes the impact if so many investigations.

  34. Much of my family, and lots of people I know, had a long-standing history of voting republican. Not anymore: lesson learned.
    The few who are still blind followers have no interest in logic or history.

  35. I'm happy someone has come out and said this. Watching Trump publicly denounce our Intelligence Community within 72 hours of being inaugerated left me slack-jawed. He just repeated his talking points from Putin, not realizing he'd just done dirty the dirtiest of the dirty that dirt hard for a living.

  36. This dude overacting little bit too much very childish and superficial? Please grow up and be

    serious! Sets himself over the US politics like somekind of Bessewisser and make fun of US!?

    Wondering how low does one get to sink to reach this level!?And take off that faked audience

    laughing in the background, it's just disturbing! Is this USA in a Nutshell???

  37. If Trump and the GOP does not comply to the impeachment then they all should be shot dead just like all the Dictator nations, like North Korea, Saudi and Russia. I hope the Kurds and the real Americans go after them for the deaths of their loved ones

  38. Republicans are such a joke. They're the reason America has a political crisis on their hands and anyone who votes for one is a complete moron.

  39. For fuck's sake Meyers. How about some accurate reporting, not this fake news.

    A Dji Inspire 2 drone doesn't have the payload capacity to lift Kate Moss, let alone a tubby like Trump. Other than that, great stuff.

  40. There are Republicans that still support the rule of law. It is my sincere hope that they find their voices before the party is lost.

  41. Just in time! I was to,d me that you guys where the experts at this I really didn't believe it til I read your msg…..

  42. Remember, nobody knew about Russian meddling until Obama, plus they hired Bidens son who couldn't get a job over here. He did old man Biden a big favor….

  43. Trump is pathological and his pathologies include an inability to form genuine, authentic, meaningful relations with other people. He views people as things to be manipulated and used for his personal gain. The people around him are viewed as scapegoats that will take the fall for his actions. When he says he is a "genius" what he means is that he is a conman and he is very practiced at the game. Trump has proven many times that he will say anything in the moment to get what he wants. He is attacking the true patriots of our county to cover his criminal behavior.                   This needs to end.

  44. Thank you for reminding people that USA PATRIOT Act was an acronym. You can't come up with an acronym that quickly following a terrorist attack, let alone a bill of that length and detail, unless it had been sitting in a drawer somewhere and you were waiting for the chance to use it. Never let a crisis go to waste.

  45. Decisions based on political convenience, and not the facts puts us all in danger. Under that model, any unlawful act can be justified. That's called tyranny.

  46. The stupidity of the GOP is through the roof with this. They are saying that they don't trust the FBI and CIA but Trump has repeatedly admitted what he did on national television. I'm so annoyed by this.

  47. This reminds me of the Shaggy song back in the day. He was clearly caught cheating but keeps saying, "wasn't me"
    It Wasn't Me https://g.co/kgs/4QBejZ

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