Hey Bill Nye, ‘Can Science Eradicate Religion and Myth from Politics?’ #TuesdaysWithBill

Hey Bill. This is Aditya Bakshi. I’m a mechanical
engineer graduate from India. My question to you is why are so many people attracted
to pseudoscience and what can we as a society do to stop pseudoscience if it has the support
of religious fundamentalists and hyper nationalist? For example, the recently concluded Indian
Science Congress was criticized heavily for featuring a lot of pseudoscience and mythology.
Thank you. Greetings Aditya. I’m saying it as best I
can. Aditya? I’m saying it as best I can. I have spent just about two weeks in India
and I got to say I was very impressed with how much pseudoscience there is, how much
spiritualism there is. I guess those aren’t the same thing. And a lot of people – it’s
very common for people from my country, from the United States to go to India to get a
new way of looking at life, to get a new spiritual prospective. And as you suggested these things,
pseudoscience and the spiritual perspective seem to be tied together. But science, this
process that humans have come up with where you make an observation; you come up with
a hypothesis, a reason you think this observation happen, this phenomenon occurred, and then
you come up with a way to test it. An experiment. You test it. You see what happened. You compare
that to what you thought would happen and you know nature and this extraordinary way
that enables us to have cars and trucks and the green revolution and feed everybody and
clean water for a lot of people and electricity and spaceflight and putting things in orbit
around Mars, the Mars Orbiting Mission, ISRO, Indian Space Research Organization’s mission.
Very cool. This is a great concern. All I can say is, well not all I can say, but something
I will say about pseudoscience. Well, in the United States it’s very common to use the
phrase critical thinking, being critical of claims is that it’s a process. When you first, for example, when someone
says that he or she spiritually prepares himself or herself to walk across hot coals, which
is a fabulous phenomenon, it’s very easy for an audience member, someone unfamiliar with
the science involved, to think that it does require spiritual preparedness. But I’ve walked
on hot coals without being spiritually prepared at all. It just turns out that there’s a few
things that happen. Generally fire walkers get their feet wet, they get the grass around
the fire very wet so your feet are wet so that turns to steam. Then the big thing is
your foot is just like a piece of meat, it soaks up a lot of heat before your skin burns.
It’s really amazing. I always tell people wrap a piece of paper around an empty soda
can and hold it over a candle flame, the paper doesn’t burn for quite a while because the
heat passes right through it into the can, the same as the skin of your foot. So, along
this line you have to show people that it was not spiritual preparedness that enabled
them to walk on fire. And at first, in my experience, the audience will reject that.
No, no you have to be spiritually prepared. No, no, no you don’t. And after they try it
or review it they’ll start to change their minds. If you quiz people about the influence
of astrology, the position of the stars with respect to their personality characteristics,
at first quite often they’ll reject it. They’ll say no the stars are very influential. But
after a while they’ll think about it. People who believe they can communicate with the
dead or get the audience to believe that they can communicate with the dead, at first it
seems reasonable, but after a while you can show that it’s not true. So what I would say
is you’ve got to stick with it. You just got to keep nudging people against the pseudoscientific
beliefs. As far as the Indian Science Conference, this
spiritualism, at least when I was in India, it was deep within your culture, deep within
the Indian culture. So it’s not something that’s going to change right away. But I claim
that it’s in everyone’s best interest to embrace the process of science so that Indian agriculture
continues to feed your billion people – your, our billion people and continue to explore
space because it brings out the best in us, brings out the best in people. When a country
has its own space program, it just inherently produces more graduates in more advanced science,
which then enriches technology for everyone. And soon everybody in India will have access
to phone calls. Everybody in India will have access to higher more advanced transportation
systems. What we all in the developed world very much want is for Indian nation to skip
these fossil fuel steps that we all went through and produced all the greenhouse gas, which
has given this extraordinary quality of life in the West to be sure, but we want, by we
the world wants Indian mechanical engineers such as your self to get right to renewable
energy and become world leaders in renewable energy. And this to me is very closely related
to eschewing or setting aside spiritualism and pseudoscientific beliefs and embracing
science to solve these actual technical problems. Spiritualism is a separate thing. If people
are enriched by that it’s great, but to have spiritualism or believe in psychic powers
or psychic preparedness influence agriculture, for example, or influence electricity production
is inappropriate and is going to hold you all back and that’s why, hold us all back
and that’s why I think you’ve asked the question. But if you’re a mechanical engineer you are
using science to make things and solve problems and we appreciate your work. Carry on sir.
Carry on!

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  1. This is all a really good example of anti-religious bigotry.
    Haters gonna hate, problem is they will try to convince you to hate with them, or laugh at you for not thinking the way they want you to think.

  2. Evolution is easily proved just by looking at the transformation from dogs to wolves and the studies involved with there psychology and biological structure difference being the same animal with genetic mutation influence, yet people still want to explain it with supernatural beings.

  3. Hey Bill, at what point do we need to limit the number of people being born on earth to ensure the masses can continue living?

  4. Bill that's not how firewalking works. The ash from the coals produces an insulative layer which protects the foot from the heat.

  5. amazing how you only spoke to the pseudoscience of spiritual communities while ignoring the pseudoscience that comes from scientific dogma, for instance that alkali metals explode on contact with water because of the hydrogen gas produced. this is only plausible until you see sodium explode while completely submerged in water where there is no chance for any hydrogen produced to react and explode. in reality the mechanism is a coulombic explosion that results from the rapid expansion of the surface area from them metal when the sodium and hydroxide ions repel each other generating more surface for the reaction to take place.

    and i think you avoid mentioning this because the environmentalist community is also entrenched in such dogma in ignoring the fact that their climate models do not function properly to predict anything. you want people to think that this "solved" science of climate change is ultimate truth, when in reality we don't have the whole picture yet and you know it.

  6. 'can science ever prove metaphysical'
    award for most moronic question ever asked.

    metaphysical things become physical things once explained
    presuming all metaphysical things could ever be proven physically
    was idiotic question.

    all questions are based on stupidity though.
    if you knew the answer.. it would be waste of time/mean to be asking question.
    unless you are teacher giving exam
    or self anointed inquisition member

  7. God is obviously not real, and all current religions are obviously fake.
    I'm not a fan of spiritualism, but it's slightly better than religion.
    Spiritualism is still a delusion, but it usually bends and changes with secular law, so it is not dangerous.

  8. It doesn't seem improbable that there could be a shred of truth in astrology. I've met many people who are very much like their astrological sign's claim.

    Not that I think the mystic blah blah blah …no.
    But latitude, altitude, and time of year can change the hormonal balance in a pregnant woman's body in tiny ways that could have effects on neural development.

    I don't think astrology was folks looking at the stars asking how this effects them. I think it started with tribal elders noticing that folks born during certain times of the year had certain personality traits, and the rest is just fluff.

  9. Well. How can this young man defeat that in which they obviously ignored to mention within the realm of relativity. The who or whom, what, when, where, and why matters, ignoring it only amplifies its frequency and that is relativity. Is this not now a Pseudo Science I have described to be thrown back at Science?!?

    One does not defeat to prove anything but your will over another by force. That is a LOSS NOT A VICTORY! Get it? Got it? GOOD or should I say God or dog or …..you fill in the blank! Love and let live is my model or try, words don't kill people do.

  10. India is planning on quadrupling its power production via coal burning plants. If this happens, we're all screwed.

  11. As much as I love science. Our bodies and minds hardly work on rigid control and rules (someday they might, but would we be humans then? 🙂 ). Spiritualism is very open to interpretation. Make your own 'informed' interpretation. To me that very feeling of being connected to another life form or to the universe; that is true spiritualism, how it makes one say 'our' instead of 'your'. I'd pick it any day over American materialism although it's not without its joy and advantages. Namaste (meaning 'I bow to the divine in you.') Science rules!

  12. You seemed to have equated pseudoscience with religion and spiritualism. Even though there is x amount of crossover between them, pseudoscience is not the same as religion and spiritualism. Pleas clarify your position on this aspect of your presentation. Also, if you do believe they are the same, please show how.

  13. I find one of the best ways to educate people on things like religion (how it's not real) is via the Socratic method wherein you just ask them questions over and over leading them to their own conclusions.  That way you don't feel threatening, you aren't telling them what to think, you're just guiding them by asking them to teach you (which gives them the control) but you can direct the conversation by asking how they came to that conclusion, etc.  If you come off like a know it all jerk (and it's hard not to) they'll shut down.  Also, you can't teach anyone online, it has to be live.

  14. I'm a man of reason and science. I will say there's no God but there is a soul. Just because science doesn't prove it doesn't mean it's not real..Gravitational waves were just recorded. From their conception to their detection took 100 years..

  15. I need to submit a video question.

    I want a looping GIF of an approving nod from Bill Nye, followed by him raising his fist to the camera for a "fist bump".

    This will cure depression. In some. Or at least help.

  16. the number of fucking stupid religious people making shit arguments in the comments is disgusting to me. bill nye is too soft on these moronic cretins.

  17. Solar Powered electric cars that cost less than $9,000 USD would be a breakthrough innovation for India. A mostly carbon fiber body with minimal use of steel & aluminum, highly efficient 4 motor self rotating integrated electronic wheels, and highly efficient low cost non-toxic recyclable batteries – this would be wonderful for India and for Air quality. TESLA cars are amazing – and completely financially out of reach for 99% of Earth's human population.Affordable "Green Technology" automobiles is the #1 need of Earth – one photo of the horrible air pollution in China, or of the children dying from lung cancer is proof enough.

  18. It is troubling that the feeling of "knowing" something is equally strong and satisfying for those with science literacy and those without. Even more sad is the ones without science literacy have much less work to do to have that feeling of "knowing". Of course it follows more people will be scientifically illiterate until it becomes the norm for children's education.

  19. David Suzuki enlightened my conscience with a simple statement. Each and every human individual is composed of a biological entity and the capacity to remember input and analyze it.. Without specific input one cannot develop mental consensus on that subject. For instance having never heard of the concept of religion  ones mind does not compute the factor. We are nothing but a body with personal memories .

  20. Ah yes, I get it. I am so enlightened now. Jesus Christ bad. Hugo Chavez good. Homosexuality good. Heterosexual marriage bad. Abortion good. Raising a good Christian child bad. Gender differences false. Global warming true. Whites are racist. Blacks can't be racist. Feminism good. Patriarchy bad. There is no God. The universe and life appeared from nothing. Smoking pot and doing drugs is good and trendy. Eating meat bad and unhealthy. Welfare good. Traditional family bad. White male oppressive. Female and minority oppressed. Religion bad. Liberalism good. I am so enlightened now! wow. Now I shall go eat some vegetables and worship the earth while watching elen degenerate show.

  21. He forgot the part of science that requires the making and testing of predictions. I wonder why? Maybe because he subscribes to the biggest pseudo-scientific religion that's ever existed. A religion that claims to be all about science and evidence but is famous for making predictions that fail to come about.

    Gotta love it, "set aside spirituality, go for renewable energy!" Hahahaha! Seriously, you couldn't make this shit up.

  22. It's so obvious that Bill is Illuminati, I can't believe you evolution Truther's can't see this. It's just sad.

  23. Years ago I remember a discussion in chemistry class about "blueprinting" being the surprising situation that the creation of totally new substances seemed to be easier the more times they were created. Has anything come of this?

  24. hey bill nye come the bible is the most widely spread book in the world , and Jesus left more impact on the earth than any man who ever lived? and long after your dust He still will be ? How did matter come out of nowhere and yet cannot be destroyed only change its form .

  25. Ya he is right.. I am Indian and i see how easily people believe in pseudoscience and not actual science.. People believing in pseudoscience think that one denying pseudoscience is just too dumb to understand it well in reality it's other way around..

  26. Did Bill have a sort of yellowish shade to him in this video or am I hallucinating? Could just be the makeup that I'm sure they cake onto his face before the HD videos. If he wasn't wearing any makeup, and I'm not hallucinating, he should get some liver enzyme tests.

  27. Science is what you can know. Biblical teaching is knowing the truth that unguided matter can't make you and only your Creator can forgive and sanctify your entire being by the truth of His word. No one else can be your Savior.

  28. What's the difference between pseudoscience and Bills living in a computer simulation argument. Astrology is probably just as valid as that possibility?

  29. India, China and a few other countries need to drastically lower their population growth, else they will be doomed to suffer super high pollution, unemployment, and poverty. The amount of available land is static so as the population grows it put a lot more strain on the country itself. One child or less is the best!

  30. Science is science, because it was designed to be science….. also, science fiction is truer than fiction: not the other way around. We are just being misguided to believe in rational and realism: so we can comprehend our reality and yet question it with fervor, when we witness something out of the norm…for example: when we see a magic trick; there are two scenarios: the magician shows us how they did it and we say, that's how you did it. The other, if they showed you how they did the trick, they would have to "silence" you….I find it very frustrating living amongst beings who have no idea what our "reality" is; but, yet they carry on with arrogance, claiming what can or cannot exist; or, what can or cannot be done…. Existence operates through science: therefore, God must be a scientist. ( the greatest )…

  31. hahaha 7 billion people arent going to listen to 1 million atheistic scientists..300 million scientists are religious..get over it

  32. Nye in a nutshell. "Anything that cant be scientifically proven is not true". No actual scientist believes this whatsoever, and it's ridiculous statement that doesnt follow the basic principles of the scientific method.

  33. I no longer think that the human race has evolved much concerning materialistic people feeding the religious people to the lions or the religious burning people at the stake for not believing like they do….that to me is the scary part as I still see it happening today in more subtle forms; forget about eradicating religion and beliefs, rather, focus on convincing people to broaden their minds and accepting those things that have been proven by science to work in our material universe, one little tidbit at a time to bring about personal growth.

    Also I had worked as an electronics technician bench technician to component level. I took a test along with all the other technicians at Tektronix and had the highest score of all that took that test; That being said I use astrology and science, and I am not closed off to different concepts that others may bring forth, often proving that what is perceived can be explained by science; but not always. I have observed correlations through astrology that can not be explained by science; perhaps it has something to do with Jung's concept of synchronicity; but I maintain my right to keep up with my own personal observations.

    Interestingly, in my own search for answers about the universe, I have learned things that I would have never known before.

    It is true that what was considered science fact in past history, is often dis-proven by new facts, or modified for certain conditions for said fact to be valid; a change in perception, a different viewpoint and new things are discovered.

    So what do we know about spooky action at a distance, string theory and multiple dimensions? Science can only prove things that are material and can be tested. I am broad minded enough to explore other possibilities I have not investigated for myself and not so gullible that I just accept new ideas without my own observations.

    I see religion and beliefs as stepping stones to the social evolution of the human race that allow a society to function. Let's not forget the atrocities of countries that decide what people can believe or not believe based on their current understanding of science thinking they have all the answers for everyone, … that being another kind of closed minded myth. Notice I did not say open minded, rather I believe in being broad minded, honest and truthful with what I observe.

    That is my belief and I am sticking with it! 🙂

  34. I want to ask you a serious question Bill.

    First of all I love most things you say.

    But with the advent of the holographic universe discovery and the fact that I can't even prove that anything other than my thoughts exist….

    And that this could very well all just be a simulation… Critical thinking.

    And observable things are observable but therefore ideas and psychological constructs that are invisible must also be "real", right?
    And my body is continually being made out of new atoms. Critical thinking.

    Are my thoughts made out of real things like atoms or are they made out of patterns of electrons and if so do they actually exist? Critical thinking.

    And to be weird but honest, I've had 3 premonitions in my life. Skepticize it if you want but it's true. I've guessed 2 lock combinations (spontaneously) and foreseen a rabbit abduction. In the course of 33 years. I know it sounds weird but it's true.

    Ignore the last part if you want. Just please answer the first part please. Thank you.

  35. My next question would be would it make logical sense to eradicate religious people like in the old days of witch hunting…? For the greater good. I am all for science and spirituality, but isn't there going to come a time where it is just going to make sense to make a cull on humans who insist on insisting on their differences, even to global violent ends???

    Somebody gave me a neat book a long time ago titled "Twelve Steps Toward Political Revelation" by Walter Mosley.

    All I can really remember about it was that even people who hate others ideologically can somehow find something that they both agree upon.

    I do not personally think that humans are special and worth saving but if people could start to understand that principle it may make life a lot less stressful and a lot more happy and comfortable and safe for us all not having to be living scared of one another on a minute to minute basis.

    Our enemy is religion. Religion has not conquered everyone's enemy which is death.

    Our enemy is also greedy motherfuckers who take more than their share.

    But our enemy is also stupid people too.

    And stupid people are both rich and poor and quite possibly middle class as well. 🙂

  36. My cousin believes we are all one coincioussness that got bored of knowing everything and living eternally so it created an experiment call existence. He listens to the preachings of one man named Bruce Lipton and he calls him "The greatest scientist alive today". He believes in reflexology, astrology, some weird thing to do with the sounds "V" and "L" causing tension in our bodies making us stressed. My other cousin believes in much of the same but also believes that there are 16 families controlling all governments world wide. She believes the pineal gland is the third eye and consuming fluoride calcifies it… Yes, fluoride obviously calcifies. She also believes thinking or saying a negative thought or sentence physically damages you and she believes that all medicine not made by an aboriginal tribe is slowly killing you. Not to mention that she believes you can heal yourself just by thinking about it.

    Signed, Please help.

  37. Religion is a cultural system of behaviors and practices, world views, sacred texts, holy places, ethics, and societal organisation that relate humanity to what an anthropologist has called "an order of existence".

    Different religions may or may not contain various elements, ranging from the "divine", "sacred things", "faith", a "supernatural being or supernatural beings" or "[
] some sort of ultimacy and transcendence that will provide norms and power for the rest of life."

    Religious practices may include rituals, sermons, commemoration or veneration (of God or deities), sacrifices, festivals, feasts, trances, initiations, funerary services, matrimonial services, meditation, prayer, music, art, dance, public service, or other aspects of human culture.

    Religions have sacred histories and narratives, which may be preserved in sacred scriptures, and symbols and holy places, that aim mostly to give a meaning to life.

    Religions may contain symbolic stories, which are sometimes said by followers to be true, that have the side purpose of explaining the origin of life, the Universe, and other things.

    Traditionally, faith, in addition to reason, has been considered a source of religious beliefs.

    There are an estimated 10,000 distinct religions worldwide.

    About 84% of the world's population is affiliated with one of the five largest religions, namely Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism or forms of folk religion.

    With the onset of the modernisation of and the scientific revolution in the western world, some aspects of religion have cumulatively been criticized.

    Though the religiously unaffiliated, including atheism (the rejection of belief in the existence of deities) and agnosticism (the belief that the truth of certain claims – especially metaphysical and religious claims such as whether God, the divine or the supernatural exist – are unknown and perhaps unknowable), have grown globally, many of the unaffiliated still have various religious beliefs.

    About 16% of the world's population is religiously unaffiliated.

    The study of religion encompasses a wide variety of academic disciplines, including theology, comparative religion and social scientific studies.

    Theories of religion offer various explanations for the origins and workings of religion.

  38. Bill Nye's religion is called "Global Warming"… goes into a frothy frenzy if someone questions his faith. That religion was founded by Al Gore… since Gore was to big a coward to tackle the real problem called "human overpopulation".

  39. Hey got a design for a rocket hip to get us to mars> ()():::::::::::::::::::::::::D ~~~~~~. ( added lasers for dramatic effect)

  40. Am I the only one who kept thinking Bill was going to say "pseudoscience bullshit" whenever he said "pseudoscience b…..eliefs"?

  41. Evolution is a pseudoscience

    A banana 🍌 is NOT related to a pigeon

    Bill Nye believes in the Big Bang (a religion that should not be funded by taxpayer dollars and be taught in public schools)

    The scientists say:
    Nothing exploded and it created the universe
    Wow ok you can believe that as a religion but don't teach that to the kids that's unscientific

  42. Real science doesn't offer answers, only questions and methods. You're pursuing scientism here, a religion abusing the good name of people who've worked hard to provide a real benefit for humanity to push their own sociopolitical agenda.

  43. I feel like there's an important distinction: Religion in and of itself isn't the problem, but a mentality commonly associated with and prevalent in religion is: faith. This idea that we shouldn't believe things based on evidence, but should just believe on "because I said so", with the "I" being whatever religious figure suits your fancy. Whenever you try to take that mentality into science it degrades scientific progress as a whole.

  44. To all the atheishits out there, allow me to answer the question posted in the title with just two words:

    "You Wish"


  45. Actually, you die laughing if you listen to the papers presented at the Indian Science Congress …. some examples below

    Captain Anand Bodas, a retired pilot, was presenting a paper on ‘Ancient Indian Aviation Technology’, and claimed that the science of building and flying a plane was recorded by Maharshi Bharadwaj in Brihad Vimana Shastra, written between 6000 BC and 7000 BC, several millennia before the Wright Brothers built a plane. “Maharshi Bharadwaj said aeroplanes were used to travel from one city to another, from one country to another and from one planet to another."

    On one occasion, someone said, "Hindu epics are all we need to understand the ancient world and we shouldn't rely on modern evidence or research."
    Another fellow claimed that the art of fiction writing hadn't been invented until the last century and because the Mahabharata(the hindu epic which is also considered as a holy book) has been proved to be written at least two millennia ago, they must obviously be accurate and true.
    Modi, the Indian PM said that the Hindu god Ganesh's head was evidence of ancient plastic surgery. For more stupidity google Indian science congress .The rise hyper-nationalist idiots are terrifying
    Modi further said that the Kauravas from the Mahabharata were all test-tube babies as they had been born outside their mother's womb.

  46. bill is right about spiritual shit that's engulfing India..
    our news channels are stuffed with astrology and daily horoscope.. even the "self identified" critical thinkers believe in religious gurus..

    the thing is, when daily life is tough, and struggle is real, people find comfort in religion – but will little advancement, they feel like they can control their destiny through spiritual stuff.. India is in that phase..
    reality couldn't be father from this

  47. who is answering YOUR questions? Bill Nye the Appliance Guy? What are YOU looking for? If the answer is TRUE then YOU know the answer.

  48. I hate it that science was so good earlier and now too little. We discovered 9 planets and moons of Mars way before Gallileo.

  49. India has so much potential but the old politicians aren't helping much, hopefully things will start changing once younger generation gets into public offices.

  50. the world with all it's cultures, all it's colors, all it's beauty, different traditional clothes, different architectures, different ceremonies, different culinary, different languages, different compliments and many other expressions like the hindu dances or the shintoist bushido… why do you guys think all those things would just "fade away" with the death of the very stupid blind faith systems we call "religion"!? can't we, for some weird reason, save the good stuff from religion!? instead of just swallow it all!? haven't we done that with once pagan christimas, once budhist meditation, once christian chivalry and once christian marriages!? isn't that everyday secular stuff these days!?

  51. if you had one ounce of intelligence, you would know that man is happy but by the spirit. Mock, kill the spirit, you'll never be happy.

  52. I believe in science as well as my religious upbringings. I see them as 2 sides of the same coin rather than 2 separate entities. Did you know that it was a catholic priest who cane up with the theory for The Big Bang? And a catholic monk who discovered genetics? I believe in God, but I also believe in evolution and the fact that the universe is billions of years old. I can love science, and love my religious beliefs too. I think they're both great.

  53. Another lesson in pseudo science by the master himself .
    Who better understands the misrepresentation of science then the
    guy that can't even do that right , Bill that science guy.

    Does anyone ever listen to the nonsensical explanations that he discusses
    in these videos?

    Bill go's right into his argument by explaining cars , trains , automobiles and satellites must
    ( i'm guessing he means because of science and not evolution , but we'll never
    know , since we jump right into the amazing phenomena of fire walking and the
    spiritualism needed to accomplish it) be the results of studying nature.
    We then go onto suicides and what ever other direction Bills explanations
    plunder off too.

    But not to worry , Bill likes to claim usually 5 times a minute how science hypothesizes
    and then scientific study is done to hopefully come to an accurate understanding.

    Unfortunately , it's this kind of pseudo science that restricts both science and
    open discussion.

    But not to fear , Bill has other videos that explains how we might be living in
    a simulation thats so incredibly good that we don't even know it.

    Yes some grand creator , sorry , programmer who is good , I mean really really good ,
    yes so good that we might not even truly exist and we only think we exist.
    Yes we might be just bits of binary code .

    So Bill , keep your wit up and that skeptical scientific thinking and help expose
    all that pseudo science stuff .

  54. There is nothing tangible that can only be obtained through religion. Religion is an evil self perpetuating scam that preys upon the weaknesses and fears of people. The best way to combat pseudo science and religion for that matter is to demand from them verifiable evidence to back their claims which nobody has ever done. They are more likely to try and avoid your request, evade the question and lie about it. If the try to avoid this by asking you questions don't let them. If you ask first they need to answer first or admit they can't.

    If someone uses the words spiritual ask then to define it. This is a word that has no real meaning. It is used by conmen who throw a lot of big words around to convince people of something that is nonsense.

  55. I think thats a great suggestion ,remove pseudo science in what ever form
    it takes.
    We could start with much of what Bill misrepresents as science ,

    It's interesting that Bill and many others take great liberty in their explanations
    of an antiquated theory and make even greater efforts to ignore or misrepresent
    actual science that disagrees with their belief;s.

  56. If the question is, "Can science eradicate religion and myth from politics?" the answer is yes and has, to some extent, been eradicated in America since, if not before, JFK. If the question is, "Can science eradicate religion and myth?" the answer is absolutely not. In fact, science has basically told us that religion and myth will always have a place in our lives. And it is not just the social sciences and humanities, like psychology, that has told us this but the hard sciences. Since religion and myth seek to give us security from the unknown and since modern cosmology (at the large scale of the cosmic horizon) and quantum mechanics (at the small scale of the uncertainty principle) have told us there will always be an unknown, there always will be the potential for story tellers to make us feel safe from this unknown. But it probably is possible that we could change our nature to where we feel "ok" not knowing and never being able to know what is beyond the horizons or whether what lies there will ultimately destroy us.

  57. Is it really fair to ask the country of India to forgo fossil fuels in favor of renewable energy when it has been the "developed world" that has abused these resources and caused our global climate crisis? Shouldn't the US lead by example rather than police the world's energy use?

  58. The thumbnail they chose makes bill look like uncle touche. you know the uncle that has to hug you while holding your breast line

  59. Yep, Bill Nye, preaching about science, without a science degree, met him and he hates anyone that challenges him, a true bigot! And idiots let their kids watch this lunatic, sad! And now he is just a Sick Socialist (SJW) Pervert!

  60. asking bill nye about pseudo science is like asking a preacher about god. in other words; bill nye is actively PREACHING pseudo science.

  61. Not a christian Bill. Saw your segment on abortions. Will you tell me when it's not okay to abort babies in the womb. 2, 3, 6 or 9 months? Tell me when the egg and sperm meet is that a human? I don't know ? You have the answers tell me when that spark that makes them human happens . Answer me that question science guy

  62. Bill Nye doesn't know the difference between the belief of a Supreme Being
    and religion. But, Nye is actually very religious, he worships at the church
    of the 'science community' a bunch of academics, middle school science
    teachers, high school science teachers and college science teachers.
    People who are middlemen between the books and the students.
    If you are not a 'truth seeker' then you are not a scientist. If you
    worship the Kuhn scientific paradigm, you are just 'tools' who are self
    congratulatory and lack any critical thoughts.
    Nye a mechanical engineer whose specialty is airplane brakes
    really is quite average and certainly by the standard of the 'science
    community'lacks the proper credentials to assess subjects that often
    are out the providence of science. Bill should learn a little more
    fashion if he is such a smart scientist. The bow tie is the badge
    of effeminate posers.
    Billy's next video, Can Science Teach Students To Wear Bow Ties.

  63. Although it is not its goal, science is killing religion. Science has shown that a man cannot live inside of a whale. They were not trying to disprove the story of Jonah at the time but that's how it worked out. The problem is some people need religion. Either for peace of mind or to control their behavior. We need to find something to replace religion instead of just killing it and leaving a vacuum. Don't look at me I haven't got the faintest idea.

  64. agree in principle. altho. the firewalking thingy. those are fakirs. being a fakir is one of the traditional three ways of enlightenment over there. u can be a yogi. who controls and calms the instincts of survival in order to tune them out and let their brains do other stuff (like anyone obessed with a hobby that keeps their hand busy and helps them relax and think). and there is the hermit, who echews the social part of life to aquire the time to think (kinda like scientists or, u know, nerds). typical for a hermit is if they sense that u might suspect something socially weird about them, they'll allways try to encourage this belief and even hint at something worse, just to be left alone. and there is the fakir. who uses the emotional and social "energies" (hmm) to get a kind of high of sorts that they use to experiment with their minds. kind of like celebrities. getting high of the attention. the energy of the crowd and the moment. the trick (like firewalking) is not important. its more of a kind of controlled and channeled mass psychosis. what i mean to say is that they might be charlatans, but more importantly some kind of spiritual narcissists? (then came gurdieff and his ravings about the fourth way…)

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