Here’s How We’ll Win The Culture War | CPAC Australia Speech

Hi everyone I hope you’re all well so as
I’m sure a lot of you are aware I am currently in the USA on a bit of a
Christmas holiday so my regular content schedule is a little bit out of whack as
such what I have for you today is a speech I gave at CPAC Australia which of
course is the Australian incarnation of the American Conference and in fact this
is the conference that a Labour politician Kristina Keneally tried to
sabotage by attempting to get our keynote speaker Rahim Qasim banned from
Australia for rather stupid false reasons but whatever the conference went
ahead and in fact thanks to Christina Keneally’s free publicity it sold out in
record time and was extraordinarily successful so I hope you enjoy this
speech because I tell you what I had a lot of fun doing it social media star
and political commentator Sky News regular and all-around well she’s all
around daisy cousins ladies and gentlemen daisy cousins well good morning everyone isn’t this
isn’t this exciting so this is exciting this seat pack that we have here today’s
political landscape is for lack of a better term a bit of a mess it is
characterized by two warring camps one on the left one on the right and another
in the middle a large group of exasperated disaffected moderates and
centrists whose necks are getting increasingly sore by the incessant
back-and-forth back-and-forth of the bitter ideological tennis match that is
the culture war in 2019 it all started off as just a few hypersensitive
University students lamenting being triggered by certain words and demanding
safe spaces being gently poked fun at by snarky witty highly attractive and very
amusing our right wing commentators who was sick and tired of being told what
you think and say however it has turned into a vicious war of not just words but
actions from online dogpiling to sabotage professionally doxing street
brawling and even mass loss of life the culture war has escalated to a place
that it never ever needed to go so how did we get to this point well the left
will have you believe that the division as they call it is caused by racist
sexist bigoted conservatives spewing so-called hate speech led by a terrible
man named Donald Trump who is apparently if we believe the room is the second
coming of Mazzilli knee now to be clear this is an important distinction when I
say the left I mean the regressive left yes the faction teetering on the extreme
who while making up actually only a small menorah
of the population occupies a disproportionate number of influential
positions in the media academia Hollywood and of course big tech this
allows them to dictate the cultural narrative and determine most importantly
what is and isn’t publicly acceptable to talk about the right however will tell
you that this cultural friction is caused by the blunt refusal of this
regressive left to consider opposing opinions as well as their vicious
smearing of any opposition I mean after all if you tell a group of people that
is conservatives often enough that their entire moral core is questionable
because they happen to support a certain political candidate well you’ve got to
expect that maybe those people will get a little bit angry eventually and
considering the left’s hostility in Australia and around the world has amped
up Bigley since the election of Donald Trump in 2016 for no other reason than
they are such appalling ly sore losers it is no wonder where that we have
reached a point where certain members of the two ideological camps are role
playing at civil war now from what I’ve observed and experienced indeed over the
past couple of years it seems that the regressive left has really made it their
mission with their neo-marxist mentality of pitting people against each other as
either the oppressor or the oppressed who have primarily inflamed these
tensions so much so that conservatives after years of downplaying and ignoring
these provocations as conservatives tend to do but conservatives are starting to
react now this is quite a big deal because conservatives are not naturally
reactionary conservatism is not about reacting to things so much as conserving
conserving freedoms and also conserving what is good and true and functional
conservatives want to create to maintain rather than to react and
destroy leftism on the other hand is by definition a reactionary ideology they
are not about building things up they prefer to tear things down with no
discernible plan of what to construct to replace it it is in their nature to poke
fun and prod and harangue conservatives to proverbially stick it to the man
funny thing is what the regressive lift doesn’t realize is that they already won
that culture war in the 90s and now they are the proverbial man to which people
are sticking it and they don’t realize it’s so funny now considering the
tendency of the right to placate rather than to react the regressive left has
been dealt a very surprising hand in recent years with right-wingers finally
making it known that they are fed up with the left rudeness now one thing I
have noticed after the 2016 election was that it always seemed to be the
regressive left who was suddenly talking about this division in society and how
everyone was so terribly divided and I remember thinking ah this isn’t a new
thing everybody has always hated you it everyone has always hated you it’s just
only now that people feel empowered to say so after years of being the
ideological equivalent to Mean Girls Regina George and anyone who doesn’t
know Mean Girls I pity you the wonderful movie Regina George is the school bully
who thinks everyone loves her but actually everyone hates her thought I
should clarify the regressive left did not take kindly to this sudden and
indeed most unwelcome criticism of their modus operandi three years later and
we’re in clown world 2019 is wild sir why am i relying my concerns and
mournful musings about the state of the culture war well because no joke the
West is on the brink of devouring itself we have seen this multiple times already
with the violence perpetuated by an Tifa and also more recently the terrible mass
shootings by right-wing extremists in christchurch Pittsburgh and El Paso and
I think we can all agree that this needs to not happen any more than it already
has and I’m not the only one making noises about this I’ve seen commentary
from people who tend to be somewhere in the so-called sensible center lamenting
the fact that there is not enough listening going on that the two sides
are failing to hear and to understand each other and that’s why there is so
much resentment in vitriol well that hypothesis or hypothesis I think is a
load of rubbish conservatives do listen to leftists because we have no choice
all they do is talk we couldn’t not listen if we tried they are so noisy and
as I mentioned before they occupy such a large chunk of institutions like the
media that there is literally no escaping them but the thing is
conservatives are happy to listen I don’t well we are happy to listen to
people we don’t find hearing opposing views offensive simply because their
opposing views the reverse however is just not true the extreme left is more
than happy to admit that they will not absorb any opposing viewpoint that’s why
they demonize outlets like Fox News and Breitbart and Colet as fascist and
company it’s so that they can excuse themselves from tuning in on moral
grounds and does avoid the sheer drama of listening to people they don’t agree
with they are also much more likely than conservatives to break off friend
ships over politics now I’m going to ask for a show of hands who has been in that
situation before where they’ve presented an opinion a conservative opinion on
social media and all of a sudden 16 people have blocked them for being Nazis
any one shot yeah yeah yeah that’s that’s nearly the whole room we’ve we’ve
all been in that position and we are not alone a survey taken after the 2016 US
election by the nonpartisan Public Religion Research Institute found the
Democrats were almost three times more likely than Republicans to unfriend
someone on social media after the election
24% versus only 9% respectively there was a similar disparity for
self-identified leftists versus conservatives at 28% vs. 8% it’s quite a
large disparity Democrat women were by far the most likely to unfriend someone
because of politics go figure with 30% of them saying they had done so this was
followed by Democrat men at 14% then Republican women at 10% and then
Republican men at only 8% ditching a friend because of politics isn’t it
funny how those who so rigidly preach tolerance show the most extraordinary
intolerance while doing so I mean my goodness this unashamed habit of packing
themselves into echo chambers on top of slicing people into tribes based on
arbitrary characteristics like race and gender and sexuality is why the it is
the regressive left not conservatives who are responsible for this division in
society I’m going to call it I’m going to say it because I’m sick and tired of
people on the Left saying oh that the Conservatives with their racist and
terrible homophobic Dogma are causing this terrible division and that’s why
everyone hates each other shut up my god and they will never ever ever see
it they will never admit fault or consider that somehow their behavior is
less than appropriate because they are so terribly sure that they are the true
pure moral enlightened educated class therefore they feel that they are
justified in being as vicious and as cruel as they want two people who
disagree with them and why is this because they believe that those people
who have different views are not only wrong but evil reprehensible scum and
that is the key difference right there between the left and the right the right
think the left are naive whereas the left think the right are evil that is a
big and very significant distinction and once you understand that then you
understand the mindset of these people that we are dealing with there is no
measure that they will not go to in order to protect their narrative and
that is scary they feel that their rightness justifies their rudeness so if
not enough listening at least from the right isn’t the problem then what is the
problem well I would say it’s not enough talking specifically talking from
conservatives now as I mentioned earlier conservatives are not naturally
reactionary we are also funnily enough not interested in engaging with
conversation with people who are going to screech racist at us whenever we
suggest something so radical that perhaps open borders aren’t such a good
idea and that is what has landed us in this mess because of conservatives
totally understandable unwillingness to let the opposition screech at them
publicly about how bad they are as human beings the regressive left has been led
to believe that their way is objectively the
correct way of doing things and because there is simply no ideological balance
in popular culture people in the middle who are who are desperate to here are
just a different perspective are not given a reasonable alternative all of
this has allowed the regressive left to get away with their thuggery and their
intolerance under the guise of working for the common good where are my pages I
found them this Hall Pass for bad behavior that
they have been handed is also what causes social justice warriors to act
with such hysteria whenever they suffer a loss they are like spoiled children
their ongoing global tantrum over the 2016 election proves that they’d had it
their own way for so long that they’ve forgotten how to share they are so
emotionally attached to their political beliefs that even a hint that maybe they
might possibly just be a little bit wrong on one or two things goes right to
the very core of their being to admit that they are wrong would be to up and
the very fiber of their identity because of this and also because of the
left-wing obsession with big government it actually makes perfect sense that
they would stress so much about who was going to lead them in which politician
does what again they are like children and they need to be reassured that the
adult authority figure is in the room or they’ll become anxious and act out by
crying or throwing things literally conservatives on the other hand do not
get emotionally attached to our political beliefs or at least not as
attached and this is again the nature of conservatism we don’t like big
government we would prefer politicians to have as little to do with our lives
as possible and unlike the extreme left we don’t look to politicians for moral
guidance that’s what really and community leaders or family members
are for as such whenever our political parties lose we shrug it off with an old
well maybe next time you know let’s work harder and get them at the next ballot
box we do not need therapy dogs or playdough
and coloring books to get over the appalling traumatic experience of losing
an election well what is that so what is the solution then to all of this
nuttiness I mean how do we generate not necessarily a more conservative society
but just a more balanced society a cultural zeitgeist where everybody feels
that they can express their views without fear of losing relationships or
professional sabotage or having their reputation destroyed it’s not that much
to ask really and look as I mentioned
conservatives have done a distinct lack of talking over the past decade and it
is time but that changed it is very very important that we challenge the noisy
regressive leftists in our lives and we all know at least one or two but not for
the reasons that you may think it is not to change their minds because trust me
that’s not going to happen the only way a social justice warrior
will seriously consider other viewpoints as if they go on their own independent
personal journey of soul-searching you won’t actually convince them of
anything but you can convince those who may witness your discussion with them to
borrow from the Gospel according to Ben Shapiro never argue privately with a leftist
always have the discussion in public with an audience they are the ones you
were going to persuade some of the best advice I ever got when I was starting
out on this journey of culture warrior ‘dom in 2017 was from the illustrious
Rowan Dean who is the editor of The Spectator before I went on QA the
beginning of 2017 which was my first ever panel television gig really being
thrown in the deep end there he said to me don’t go in there trying to win an
argument that is not your job your job is to present a particular perspective
in an entertaining and interesting way not for the other Palin panelists or the
studio audience but for the people at home those are the people that you are
going to influence the same is true in your own lives Suns camera and studio
audience now while you probably won’t influence your opposition they’ll be too
busy hand flapping and calling you a bigot or something you will influence
your audience Donald Trump embodies this and yes while he may be wonderfully
brash and seemingly spontaneous and delightfully rude and crude he is what
you would call the first wartime president during the culture war yes this brashness while not typically
conservative is what is needed at this point unlike unlike conservatives the
left has been the only side sorry part of me let me rephrase that I read it
wrong I’m like Trump the left has been the only side actually fighting for what
they value and what a dirty dirty fights they have put up and while conservatives
pride themselves on being dignified and polite and not at all reactionary this
strategy simply hasn’t worked Trump for all his wonderful floors is actually
fighting the culture war using the left’s own tactics against them he is
far from silent he is calling them out of their own game using words not
violence and while he won’t change their minds that’s not the point he is proving
to the silent masses just how unscrupulous disingenuous and
power-crazed the regressive left actually is his strategy while
unorthodox and some would say uncomfortable is working and look I know
regressive leftists are awful I know they will try to denigrate and to mock
you I know they are very intimidating but it is so important that we do engage
with them to somehow swing the pendulum of public dialogue to a happier medium
of what is acceptable even if they cost you as the villain
sometimes you have to be ready and willing to play that villain in order to
get the message for us very much for having me if you liked that video please remember
to like subscribe share leave me a comment and if you really really liked
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  1. I have (high functioning)Autism, ADHD, Depression and Anxiety problems, and Sleep problems. That's why I have a therapy/emotional support animal. But don't worry, I fully believe the Left is bonkers and am a Conservative Replublican. And I believe in you Daisy. You're awesome.

  2. A life long democrat shoots up a mexican mall in Texas and instantly gets promoted to far right extremist. I wonder how long until Antifa is labeled as a right wing terrorist organization just to push the blame.

  3. When good people decide enough is enough, their children will grow up with statues & schools honoring people like Daisy Cousens.

  4. Sorry Daisy, I love your talks, but that bloody soundtrack is so distracting! You do not need and orchestral accompaniment. I want to listen to your ideas, not have my mood manipulated by some sound-god. (Ditch them next time?)

  5. The Left thrive on division and victimhood. Without it, they be lost. Like vulchers to a dead carcass, they're just waiting to pounce the minute an evil Y man is seen to be stepping out of line or saying meeean things in their view. If only they'd actually contribute to society.

  6. As a moderate my neck hurts like hell.

    But it is more from the whiplash of being told I am part of the far right, because I dare to believe in boarder control, freedom of speech, and the worse crime apparently….. Freedom of religion!

  7. … I didn't like the music overlay.
    Loved the speech though, wish I coulda been there… Sans belt, of course. ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

  8. Wish that I could meet you in person. You are a very smart and well read woman. Take care and I hope that you enjoy your time here in the U.S.A. Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year/Decade.

  9. You are a very pretty woman. Where are your children? More women like you need to replenish civilization with well raised children. God bless you and your's.

  10. I only 'unfriended' one person on FB. And that was because any time I presented facts instead of opinion on their page, I would be barraged with personal attacks instead of valid arguments in rebuttal. It got old fighting that unwinnable fight, so just left. Most of the left doesn't let the facts get in the way of their opinion, so I knew it was a losing battle. JMO.

  11. Hmm,…I can't remember the last time (if ever) I've heard somebody on the right going on a long "rant" on social media because they were 'triggered' by a comment made by a person on the left. Just sayin' . [Wink.]

  12. When dealing with the "progressive" left, a variation of what my Dad taught me about fisticuffs. = Don't start the fight, just make sure that you finish it. But doing it with facts and logic is how to win. [Wink.]
    But if they get stupid on you, I say just punch them between their "running lights". JMO.

  13. Me and my husband have both noticed that because of people like Daisy and others, the pendulum is swinging back towards conservatism, but what I'm afraid of is that the Lunatic Left will cause the people to culturally implode, causing actual "minorities" (I used the term sparingly; gays, trans people, and etc.) to be lumped in with the psycho leftists and lose what little social cred they have left (specifically in the terms of real trans people). I am an asexual man in his early/mid 20s whos been married to a man for 6 going on 7 years, I have had acquaintances from a lot of walks of life, but the only ones who have actually helped change minds were those of the "integrationist" mindset. Showing that these "minorities" the left claims to represent are in fact normal people who just want to be seen as normal people not any more deserving of special treatment because of or recognition for arbitrary traits such as race, gender, sexuality, so on and so forth.
    The Lunatic Left is going to make the average Johns and Janes of society think they are all like that. Just think of how the "sexual revolution" just made society more oppressive in the next decades. The sickening, decadently toxic, and hypocritical behavior of the Left is going to cause this to happen.

  14. It's a simple tactic really. Demonize your enemy do that killing them is mentally easier. This is a step taken just before war. This is a heads up of what the left is planning on doing just as soon as they don't get what they want.

  15. Some really good points here especially in regards to so many people now react badly when 'their side' doesn't win a democratic election.

    Trump may be keeping his head above water in the 'culture wars', fair play, but he not the President the USA needs to get itself sorted. They need a president who is willing to speak the unspeakable – which is to talk about the money supply; how it has been privatised for the benefit of the 1% and to the detriment of the majority of hard-working enterprising individuals; how we need get return to sovereign money for all, not just toxic parasitic debt weighing us down and depriving us of freedom. Lincoln and Kennedy started that conversation. Would Trump take up were they left off? I think not. It would not be in his personal billionaire class' interest to do so.

  16. The fact that there is a left is fine, but the real question is, " How is it all leftists around the world the same?", I understand ideology, the people share a similar government but the cultures are really different. Scary to think that we are just being controlled and we are already in Orwellian world….

  17. OK . . . if the culture war is 'won' by the conservatives, what exactly does the world then look like, and what might be the spoils? Can we even agree on what the culture goal is? Perhaps conservatives define culture very different than progressives: with a much less global, much more local, simple, immediate, and rather narrow perspective. In fact is it true that conservatives prefer to spend a whole lot less energy thinking about culture much at all – except perhaps that all be given the opportunity at a good go at her or his own pursuit of happiness?

  18. Left wing seeds of socialism disguised as social movements like Woke are engaged in a cultural revolution, not just within academia, but the western political landscape which has just been exposed thank god within the Labour party here in the Uk, and as a result the party has been decimated, and is going down faster than Owen Jones in a gay bar on a Saturday night,

    Its also trying to cleanse the entertainment industry of anything that doesn't regurgitate its dogma, we all see it in the many films that try to sneak in leftist political narratives, but thankfully "go broke"

    Globalism, culture Marxism, The Woke narrative, The trojan horse of diversity, government subsidised left wing media along with radical religious ideologys that are not compatible with western values must be on the hit list for our country to be free enough and truly blossom,

    Rant over ๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

  19. The Marxist model of governance will not work. It never has and never will.
    It is authoritarian, stratifying, inefficient and corrupt.
    But sadly, people do not learn from history and so we are doomed to make those mistakes all over again.
    I hope the left does not win.

  20. Thank you, Daisy. I trust you had a wonderful visit to our not so United States of America and that you enjoyed a pleasant Holiday Season.

    If I am not mistaken, the intro/outro music was played at the venue and Iโ€™m not sure you could have removed it – you would have had to have silenced the audio altogether and it would still have been awkward since the venue played the music over your opening lines as well as the end of your talk. It didnโ€™t bother me anyway, itโ€™s common for a venue to play music as someone comes on and off stage to speak – they just didnโ€™t do it as smoothly as perhaps they could have.

    Loved the speech and your poised delivery. If I may suggest something, perhaps a tablet with your notes in front of you would add some further polish to your presentation, removing the need to shuffle pages about. Some speakers like the tactile feeling of having pages or index cards in front of them and some require a confidence monitor – a tablet in front of you might be a happy medium. Anyway, something to think about. As I indicated, nothing wrong with your presentation as it was, just something to think about as a possibility going forward.

    Looking forward to your next.

  21. Liberals disagree.
    Leftists embody chaos. Change for the sake of change.
    We went from no-fault divorce to sodomy to men invading women's bathrooms and athletics.
    The slippery slope is now cause and effect.

  22. Please tell me you follow Maja Rushie. He doesnโ€™t talk about Australian politics but i think it would carry over well. This is fitting to go with his CPAC speech.

  23. The disparity between leftists and conservatives "unfriending" people is in at least some part down to the fact that conservatives are significantly better at choosing their friends… as conservatives are better in almost all other respects than leftists

  24. Once again Miss Daisy hits the nail squarely on the head…which is exactly what Conservatives should be doing to Extremist/Leftist/ANTIFA types. I could have listened to Daisy continuing this speech for another hour or two. Daisy is EXACTLY correct at EVERY point and observation of the regressive Left. Excellent job ma'am.

  25. The 2020 Presidential Election may be the largest landslide victory of any other such election in the last century.

  26. I can only listen to you Daisy, watching you is too distracting.
    I find you far to attractive for the right head to pay attention ๐Ÿ˜‰

  27. Wonderful speech and right as usual! I've enjoyed all your speeches that I have viewed. Keep up the good fight Daisy. Hope you're enjoying your trip to the US. If you don't mind sharing, what part of the country are you visiting?

  28. Great Speech Daisy!!! GO,Go,Go>>..!!! As long as you keep your own Head 'Level' (and Heart) I am with you all the way! Blessings!

  29. Daisy, Firstly Happy New Year,….You are absolutely correct here, the left don't want to hear a Conservative speak at all, they just want to Scream at you and won't even let you finish a sentence. They believe that "they" have the only voice and that everyone else should shut up and let them spew their rhetoric, but they are catagorically WRONG, there should always be balanced DEBATE on topics, not just "them" screaming at you, but as you said, deliver your speach to the audience and let them make up their own mind of which view is correct and or logical.

  30. The good guys continue to win, and the left continues to lose. Donald Trump said we would get tired of winning, but it's still enjoyable to me.

  31. Daisy how are you doing with all the fires in Australia it looks really bad. be safe. Have a happy healthy safe New Years from the USA.

  32. Why would Australian white men want to win the culture war?? What is the point?? Australian men would reclaim custody, family and social rights if political Islam was adopted. #IslamIsRightAboutWomen

  33. Ms. Daisy: you have brought such a delightful and truthful perspective to the public discourse that it's refreshing to know that there are women like you willing to fight the culture fight before we become totally consumed by the left's irrational belief system(s). Here in the states, we have that coastal Democrats (the socialist left) making all the decisions for those of us in the middle. Even life long Democrats do not recognize the party that once was somewhat for the working class and didn't get drowned out by those extremely loud factions of what represents the left today. Thank you for this. I will definitely recommend this. Viva el Presidente Trump!

  34. The left needs a mass re-training from Cesar Milan. Left whisperer.
    They need to realize who is in charge.
    BTW Daisy if you're in SoCal, I've got some free time to show you around…seriously.๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜˜

  35. I don't know about the rest of you, butย I regard Leftists and Leftism as evil. When your ancestors were massacred by these people by the millions, tore your family apart, and made refuges of one of your parents, no other viewpoint is possible. I am not interested in what they have to say, I am not interested in listening to them. Soon enough, the problem of the Left will be solved with boots, bayonets and missiles. They will create the very monsters that will destroy them.

  36. Pretty much every video is designed to divide us, even by reading the titles. Where does all this bitterness come from?

  37. Daisy, I understand you have a problem with sjw's which is perfectly reasonable, but by supporting Donald Trump and his Republican accomplices, you are supporting the destruction of wildlife and environmental catastrophe. I urge you to do some research on the matter and to not let the extreme leftists sway you from making the right choice for our planet.

    I'd highly recommend watching this video

  38. Thank you for introducing me to the new age. I have always been content to to be here in the U.S.A and ignoring other countries politics. Because i have keep my nose out of the affairs of other countries, I have always been offended at people coming to my country and expressing their views. I can see that the problems here in the U.S.A. are not unique to my country. The Socialist/Marxist ideology is like a virus. The conservatives around the world need allies that will help combat this pandemic virus that is spreading. I'm sick of the hearing the lefts views and i very much welcome your brilliant take on the culture war. From now on i will be more open to discussions with our brothers and sister in conservatism from abroad. I have a lot of catching up to do. Learning about UK Politics with Brexit and Australian Politics. I guess i should seek out our allies in E.U.
    With Trump, I feel like some little bit of normalcy has been restored. If we support the conservative causes in each country maybe we can restore balance. But lets not stop there. We need to end PC culture, restore common sense, and heal our divided countries.
    Maybe you are familiar with the hot seat topic of gun confiscation in Virginia. If this happens the gun loving Americans will not tolerate this and I anticipate a revolt. Gun owners from all over U.S. will indeed come to the aid of the brothers in need. Tyranny will be destroyed.

  39. It's great the left still don't see themselves, they caused Brexit and they are guaranteeing maga2020๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

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