Help us end this hell: Anywhere but Westminster | General Election 2015

These films have a sort of secret motto, I’m
letting you into a bit of trade knowledge here, which is: it’s fucking complicated. We want your help in deciding where we go
for our final election film but first, some rules. The first rule of Anywhere but Westminster
is: don’t go to Westminster. It’s one of the bleakest places I’ve ever
been in Britain, definitely. The second rule is: stay away from the media
herd. There’s about two fishermen in there and about
15 journalists. Right, I’ll try not to ask you Nick Robinson
questions because that’s not what we do. What do you do? The third rule is: if you have to interview
a politician, don’t let them sit down and get comfortable. How’s it been? Well, it’s… it’s… it’s… I mean, look,
don’t go into politics if all you want to be is sort of perpetually liked by everybody. Hello. We’ve got into this culture now where you’re
supposed to have the answer to everything immediately and actually just to pause for
thought, in normal circumstances, would be a good thing, wouldn’t it? Shall we have a quick pause? Do you want a
quick pause? What, right now? Right now, come on. And there are certain things you do not allow
them to say. The hard working families, who are concerned
about some of the issues… It was going alright then and then you said
“hard working families”. I wish you hadn’t said that. What? Hard working families? Did you just say delivering for Scotland? Absolutely. How old are you? 19. Come on, man! This is how professional we are, there’s a
script on a Gregg’s bag. Don’t write too much of a script before you
actually talk to people. This is the plan for the film. I’m proud to be associated with professionals
such as the two Johns who do everything on the back of a fag packet or in this case… A Gregg’s bag. A Gregg’s bag. But do remember your questions. Have you got the piece? Who’s got the piece
of paper? I haven’t got it. How can it have just disappeared? And as another well known presenter can testify,
don’t mess with the producer. I’m going home tonight. I mean, when exactly
is this find groovy fucking Labour people thing going to happen? Can you stop saying that we’re going home
today, right? I want you to react to the fucking thing properly. What do you want? If I have a conversation
with you they’re going to hear your voice. What the fuck is wrong with hearing my voice? Oh my god! Finally, be afraid. Always be afraid. I think he’s a no voter. I feel nervous now. I feel a bit scared, Phil. There’s no… civilisation sort of stops here. Look as crazy as me and still not be out of
place here. Don’t come back. Ha ha ha! Look, you were great, when you switch this
off I’ll have something else to say to you. Oh yeah, go on then. Baited breath.

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  1. Maybe you guys could visit a Prison. Speak to some of the people who are on remand. Especially as they have the right to vote. Haven't seen much reporting about this group of people in the main stream media…. Might be interesting.

  2. Bath is a nice constituency, expected Lib Dem though it hasn't had much poll attention, 2 universities and a large affluent and old population. Crucially it looks as if the lib dems are going to be the backbone of any majority coalition with only 20 or so seats. Oh, and it's a very pretty city too.

  3. Guy in the yellow with the glasses made a hugely important point, and you fucked it off with acting the wisecracking clown.

  4. How about talk to libertarians or anarchists. Those who actually put forward we don't need a government or that government is force, etc.

  5. The green party claim to be increasing their numbers hoping to turn labor voters to their party. what do they have to offer that the other parties do not?

  6. Leamington and Warwick!  Really interesting seat as most of the left-leaning but non-permanent university students vote here and their vote has a huge impact to go alongside the locals, but last time the seat was won over to Tory from Labour by a few thousand votes and this time its looking to be one of the most on the line seats which has such a student population

  7. Manchester Withington. Has been Lib-Dem under John Leech for 2 terms in the Labour heartland of inner Manchester. Locals seem to think Leech is good for the area but with a large student population and the broken tutition fee promise, plus the Labour hype around devolution, it looks like it might change.

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