Have you ever read the Utah Constitution?

– Ask yourself when the last time was you read the Utah Constitution. – Bueller, Bueller. – If you’re like most
Utahns, the answer is never. When somebody mentions the constitution, they typically refer to the
United States Constitution, a document many of us learn
about and read in school. But the Utah Constitution? It’s as neglected as flossing. Our state’s founding
document importantly declares that “Frequent recurrence
to fundamental principles “is essential to the security
of individual rights.” If government exists
to protect our rights, then those in charge must
frequently be reminded of fundamental principles. Why? Because politicians are
inundated with incentives that lead them to act in ways that violate these principles. It’s tempting to vote
how a friend wants you to or in ways that will benefit a
company or industry you like. Lobbyists strongly pressure politicians to vote in ways that will
benefit their client. And even worse, government agencies using your taxpayer dollars routinely lobby for more taxpayer dollars and more power. Fundamental principles
are easily disregarded or altogether forgotten in the process. Inevitably then, our individual rights are increasingly limited. For example, cities want
to control your property so you lose the right to share your home on Airbnb or have
chickens in your backyard. Large companies want tax breaks so your small business can’t compete in a fair marketplace
for talent and resources. Car dealerships want special treatment so you can’t buy a Tesla. Police want to criminalize cannabis so sick Utahns suffer
for trying to be healthy. Personal freedom, property
rights, free markets, and equal justice – these and other political principles become the convenient
casualties of a system where those in charge
are constantly pressured to act in ways that violate them. That’s all the more reason why groups like Libertas Institute are needed and why your voice matters. It’s our job to create
awareness, agreement, and support for fundamental principles and demand elected
officials to adhere to them. Today’s political landscape
shows what happens if we don’t. For Libertas Institute,
I’m Nichelle Aiden. (upbeat techno music)

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  1. i might move to utah . nice people . ny state constitution .. . be amazed what you learn rating magna carta and state constitutions .  see people breaking the rules and editing the constitution but one part still in it that voids new amendments ..  ny is a free state if you go to court and own your land free and clear for ever … soon i will not owe a debt to people in government benififitng from it and me slavery and not benefiting.

  2. I completely agree the knowledge of the constitution has become irrelevant in the United States , I'm in the process of becoming more of a constitutional scholar and help open the eyes of others to live love and learn their constitution , David Huffman , [email protected]

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