Hamilton PARODY – Hillary Rodham Clinton! The Key of Awesome #114

How does a Moon-faced schemer wife of the cheater Elected to the New York senate then end up in the cabinet of her Former nemesis a president she ran against I like to speak in yuge run-on sentences As first lady she fought daily for kids and babies. I once called her shady, but I was just campaigning I don’t mean to be flaky, and look I’m not saying she’s ideal But at least she’s not orange racist and rapey. When Hillary campaigns She never takes a break or complains And it’s insane that people still support this buttmunch this guy’s worrying because if he wins he’ll have to do stuff, he’ll have to answer for the facts and figures that he trumped up. Then a Running mate came in the form of Tim kaine our gal saw her numbers stay basically the same well I’m just here to say whatever you need me to say. I may have a few suggestions though Just stay out of the way, okay, then the word got around They said Bernie could be our man. A huge socialist who’s mad legit and talks with his hands in the primaries She broke Bernie across her need like Bane, and you already know her name What’s your name ma’am? Hillary Rodham Clinton. She should be in prison. I’m here to save us from Armageddon You’re armageddon. I just have to get past this piece of dung. That’s rude. Waste of space, orange disgrace And how much more evidence must we get on this prick to get his Advocates to admit the candidate is unfit to sit in this oval office if you’re undecided you’re a fracking idiot I married the Donald, the Donald is very normal guy We are not deplorable and I don’t ever plagiarize, [I’m] telling him Donald, you must watching what you say Especially when you’re wearing microphone, okay? I can do what I want to women cuz I’m rich I can just kiss them then I grabbed him by the Pussy and the tush, but I respect them wait a second that was just some locker room Talk just normal bros joking about Sexual assault I barely even have sex my wife won’t even do me, her husband really does the stuff I brag about doing but when I’m president, I’ll bang so many Hamil-tens I’m here to make America white-I mean great again Not another old white man I’m not white I’m super tan The GOP’s in the shit can. I’m hillary and I’m Tim Kaine She’s gonna take all of your guns At least she pays her taxes. We know you’ll make us proud you shouldn’t be allowed You’ve been called every sexist name And you know that I feel your pain. Let’s flush this orange turd down the drain, woah There’s morons in the voting booths see if you can stop ’em. It’s my place. Another Idiot just voted for the Donald. I did just to watch this lame two-party system topple. We made nice with her. She’s a huge loser. Hashtag I’m with her. Hashtag I’m with her. Me? I’m the damn fool that couldn’t keep it in his pants. Ow! I deserve that So who you voting for? Hillary Rodham Clinton! Wait, what? This whole song was rigged Hey, everybody. Thanks for watching the key of awesome number 114 to see all the other key of awesome’s click in the link in the description below If you’re registered to vote get out there and vote [I] usually don’t like [to] make political videos We change the name of this channel from barely political to the key of awesome But I could not let this insane election season go by without saying something Because I really don’t want that’ll jump come our president I would also like to thank the Youtube space New York for letting us shoot in their amazing white house set I want to thank Lin-Manuel Miranda for writing such an amazing musical that has inspired the hell out of me. [oh] My God, it’s so good It’s as good as everyone said it was if you can go see it go see it. Oh my God I love it so much. [I] also want to thank all these wonderful people that are scrolling in front of me Will they be scrolling? They’re scrolling in front of me, okay? These are our amazing patreon Supporters like this one and this one and this one [you] are our true heroes. You are the funders [of] awesome You are defenders of awesome. [if] anybody else would like to become a funder [of] awesome go to patreon.com/scishow Arc shirt we have guitar picks the [key] of [awesome] guitar picks. That’s a ducky a duckie of awesome If you don’t play the guitar [you] [can] pick your nose with it Fits right up there by [this] song on iTunes

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  1. Pity that you came across as bleeding heart liberals. I beat that you are now shitting yourselves over the prospect of Trump 2020.

  2. This video is hilarious because they all say how shitty Hillary is. Then they trash Trump with nonsense like he didn't turn a million dollar loan into a billion dollar company. Meanwhile Bill and Hillary stole furniture out the Whitehouse when Bill got impeached for being a big t too rapist.

  3. Here's my thought: SCREW both sides. Both make big promises, but all talk. The people need something way more than a divided house.

  4. Two awful candidates who both had no interest in the well-being of the people. trump has proved his incompatancy but I expect Hillary would have done exactly the same. Really losing my faith in the human race.

  5. As first lady she fought daily so her husband's child rape victims remain silent, true boss bitched… does not rhyme, true tho, she is some dominated ho.

  6. Politics can fuck music plays and orgy with plays and go so bunch of mutha fucking Lame
    🕺🏻Thanks for not being hard me. A serious Cheech and Chong night.

    What makes it worse that Hollywood is involved.🕺🏼

  7. "she never takes a break or complains"
    She literally wrote a book about the election called "what happend" about the fact that she lost the election and it was everybody's fault but her's

  8. Im just gonna say it.

    Say what you will of the accuracy of this parody, but its just that. A parody. Chill and enjoy what you can; the last election was enough of a headache.

  9. ~Look, don't hate me but I do support Trump~

    I'm just here to say that I, raised conservative and republican AF enjoy this song and especially Hamilton:An American Musical
    Do we really have to argue about political parties when we can just come together on terms of other thing SUCH AS HOW AMAZING HAMILTON AN AMERICAN MUSICAL IS?

    thank you for allowing me to exercise my right of free speech.

    By the way, before u hate on me, IM 14!

  10. Politics aren't politics anymore it's a fucking war zone, if you disagree God help your souls and watch out for that bus that you're about to be thrown under

  11. For all the complainers on this video fail to realize that this is a example of freedom of speech but there is a limited on what freedom of speech is

  12. Trump says oh I hate black people and Mexicans guess what from the last time I checked orange was never a race but OK

  13. America- 400 years old, and this is our best selection of a leader? Damn we proved the King of Britain right back in 1700s…

  14. Buck up buttercups, gonna be another 4 years thanks to things like this. Keep atacking the voters and you assure his victory….just like Hillary did.

  15. Wow so key of awesome support Hilary, after she called black people “super predators ” and then never apologised? can’t we tell this is political bias video. Won’t be watching it supporting them anymore

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