HALO WARS 2 Campaign Walkthrough : Ep1 A New Threat!

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  1. Master chief could’ve dealt with atriox with two punches an probably t baged him sorry about spelling I’m 12yrs

  2. Just an FYI for anyone still wondering: At the end of HW1 the Spirit of Fire was left adrift in space with no FTL, so they all went into cryo-pods. This is why they're all still the same age 28 years later, since you don't age in cryo.
    Also, there are way more Spartans than the MC, though most people know that by now

  3. *Game explains how to make marines
    He ignores them and says, "Yea, yea iv'e played this game before."
    *Proceeds to make excessive amount of flamethrowers because he can't figure out how to make Marines.
    *Annoys the shit out of me.

  4. This video may be a year and a 9 months old but Master Chief (John 117) is one of the last Spartan-IIs not the last Spartan and that aint Canon

  5. So cryo stasis Holt aging . So they are at the same age that they went in the pod , but time has passed and the war is over.

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