yep that's right rusty pull up doing a $2,000 skin giveaway it's free tanta and the link is at the top of the description nope someone to knit this all a song planning Austin Allah tea holy metal at the end okay I killed him I killed him headshot him he's dead you never gonna pick up again all right here we got two ribs on me holy shit look boom headshot one dead at Shawnee busy desk instead double-edge anemic dead winter where are you all five bar for keeps biting my head I'm toss here I am and filter out the outpost a good place to begin any campaign you recycle you buy and you build all in relative safety and peace I set up my starter base and hit the trail in search of nodes I soon realized where I wanted to live down the road and around the bed the outpost was still nearby and there was a forest that abundance of barrels and nodes so I now have my main goal to set up a home for me and my friends just real close to all the modes trees and stuff big Brad backers up that way I know that sounds weird just from that little thing but from what I've seen in my experience those guys are the ones that love taking Bradley for some reason I'm getting tired thank you fuck me type you can look quick right I suck I think I just got killed by a hacker there's eight friends he fucking sucked oh that's the thing like he wasn't hacking I just looked at his profile he's got 54 hours on record is this you outside no that's him if you go out the base if he's not out there and go down the road you might find my body on the side of the road with some stuff on it I fucking lost my salvage pick fuck which way there was an air drop dropping right next to the base I didn't even know I walked straight up and into him I left like the left down the road toward SATs got a massive timer put your name on him ah it's like some fucked-up weird shit I'm like invisible Brian my name it kind of looks like a – maybe for you oh I found it yeah there's nothing on it it looks like a common nothing ah not really about the wood armor yeah sorry I just killed a guy with a hatchet in the other boat he's fucking loaded 138 scrap how do you get a bug so I'm actually gonna move us down the road more like a p12 p13 q12 maybe there's a queue oh sorry the by this heaps of nodes down there and this trees and shit everywhere 9x crap on me at the moment Barney McCartney you've already got what the base on the hill like 340 oh yeah fuck was that he's getting real like fucking creepy Hey look there's a guy the bus stop at me oh that's me you're not in my team I am in your team you know grants me oh I won't scream you know great you only mean you agree that's one I probably have name tags off I do fuck I thought look at this boy he just looked at me what just looked at me and I just slammed him up here shots fired you're fired I bet your kitty real tired progress well we got the main base down but everything was going to sweet so of course one of these are the last holes had to come out of the Woodworks right it's that hacker it's the same guys before xt5 yeah Hey look at that I called it I was right I'll go see if there's any scraps you could do out there skittles was right hey Andes clan wouldn't babe they didn't get taken down in the normal way you say in my videos but whatever you'll say but now we just have to keep on trucking even with the hacker around he wasn't acting when I first met him but I knew just looking at that cunts profile he was a fucking knockout it was their Russian playing I'm an Australian so with the fucking few hours yeah eight friends say we can't fucking really do the workbench thing you know we want to do it's right here look at the foundation as well 37 out of 5 they might rebuild they might be built on that geographical areas they built onto it they're either over there it's quite close to launch or they're over near those rivers and they'll be they'll be some over near those rivers – hey dog obviously just dive – fucking 65 I said an L today I was right like 10 I attend the oscillate I want to run it so this place is TC – fuck it now you got tarts and shit all around that fucking bags hopefully gotta like a hacker buddy that fucking a non hacker buddy that a live EP xt5 yeah it is but exit actually you fuck if we can get the scraps we can run up there right now and do the fucking t3 pretty sure I'm gonna run into him on my way here should I go fucking do it bro y'all oh my god the TC that broke is loaded I mean I'm fucking in you struggling with that jumpin fuck you now that the shell of the main base was down with our workbench inside we decided we would run over and scope out the hacker base upon arrival we notice that they were already under attack all those ladders all at the back of it maybe they're not at the ending clap easy loot faggots it's FBI kill that naked Oh another hacker really yeah csgo best bought he came out whilst shooting the naked fucking just rule he laid me out with a Python bro Denmark has six hours it's one of those dudes of friends because he's fucking sick cells 120 hours on a counter-strike 9 game 16 friends he's been f7 and I told alright it was him again already she said yep that's right xt5 got BAM before we ran over to their base before he had heaps of f7 reports and earned banned him herself and as it turned out it was him again already in the space of about 15 minutes I think well they're in there like fuckin singing think through the fault bulge or anymore right even your turrets have aim but what's this shit right it's fucking shooting comes through the wards this what's this you guys inside there [Applause] we've gone deep on the fucking hackers buy anything oh yeah they're fucking everywhere is that what are you guys over on the edge oh no it's holed up alright he's gonna start right inside it's one of them it's one of them that's one of them we have got crackhead we do renovation crack at that base oh yeah what do you why do you have to hack hey come here buddy why have you gotta hack why have you gotta cheat fuck you guys have a base you guys have a base yeah thanks Salvage picking up keV fuck fucking probably ears cut oh yeah this sleepers in there sees a little feet down today this metal you guys want this metal wall so don't discuss weapons and run will be where we're goin boys cheese we'd made it home with our cut of the loop the pain and suffering it was now time to go out and introduce ourselves to the people of the land battle good this is double-barrel he's about to loot I know y'all catch on with their do it hopefully it done yeah it don't grab it oh we got most of that shit be careful yes double-barrel need that based on their look at the Sun pretty sure it says your name with your logo really I thought I saw one last time it looks like it no oh little little nerve a little bit well then what the fuck it look like your logo like it had the colors and like a little look like it was your your logo and then the fuckin oh no fuck I'm hit yeah I'm headshot killed one he's on the ledge there's compound on the ledge shooting down at someone down here and there's another one about him as well actually Scott top-heavy oh shit I've been hit there's another one here somewhere I'm running straight back out to my buddy yep from Sammy come in the middle of the field the semi got me straight away double head sorry no I think they're all dead maybe you get Sammy gonna yep no ice please yeah I get it quick just slipping fine put your hands in the air oh well fucking else funny out of you and you can make a fucking theme-park out here this compass like what three squares or some shit skills icicles and struggling say fast you did fun Thanks they're closed I gave in your letter of lollipop although I know I'm beefier yes five squares discovered let me kind of speak freely there we go what colors right there I know drop me off off swim are you a jam fuck see I'm enough having to take it I've got a stack around okay okay pockets have got 26 yeah cuz I only got myself that guy you know I've got the Python open that when I go 23 so give it a stop on a boat I fell off to catch up here I go he killed me yeah fuckin come back no I stiffen watching his back okay yeah I'm lying in real battle this time dude it's survey seven around it could be dude I am I am I just started running to the ocean now I've only got I don't have much in the hopes that I'm gonna get on there and just get on your shit Oh to cross your flame arrows gucchi then you've got it solo mission wide stop wouldn't stop yeah good idea I probably better see the car code my render wasn't so easy nice straight to the back yep okay don't worry Doug Wead made it home yet again after another successful run but all of our success was now jeopardized simply because of one sound that you do not want to hear coming from the direction of your bass that's our base join us form make sure I can run back I'm gonna spawn now let's cut both catch-up outside okay really [Laughter] rockets dude I was thinking fucking high qualit now we progress further than yesterday it's probably it's Rockets so it's not just two guys in a laugh they're rating from the other side I see the guy yesterday Jay what okay oh yeah see whew I'm just gonna push down on the take shots or not I'm waiting I'm to see one it will loop I know he stopped society building now they're trying to see like they're trying to seal it should I shut this nigga chopstick he's a hack up he's hack up ye Quan okay that's got the ha god damn it dude hacker 5 I was dude okay this guy e Kwan's the god that my friend message me about earlier that I should have been like that probably is here okay behind behind I cam dead I know dude it's just that was too fucking so now every time bro like wood armor and shit bro like you know I know would like I should have just killed him man I saw here I thought this guy looks like a counter uh I thought I'd I thought it was a take a I called it as an a K and then I thought to myself is that an 8k kind of should've just fuckin complained Imam oh yeah and I was trying to shit into surprised I didn't get like insta fucked by the hiding PACA didn't kill me in level ground but like if we were in there we probably Thunder our – you know we've got to hack it down somehow yeah yeah usually it's only one and sometimes I don't have a user properly and I gotta stand still to toggle something I've seen that before yes all the to say yeah Frank of my across he's got fly marijuana there clutch – Ekans nothing all right so she's Randall's boys now Wow you're denying cousin gear I see you in that's no idea even if we do get everything back like a basis hey it's cut fucking dollar if they lost at the turn oh no oh fucking lag is instantly as well as I seen it I shot the tyrant lit like heaps of them up and they they stood in the doorway over there let him in the doorway Tara though he's dead I'm John posture ready Nick full gear pump I believe are you down okay do you take a pump oh good season on got it yeah yeah yeah enter that really govern this ah are you gonna I'm gonna show us left oh my god Quon ne Pond Park mash in the peak cuz I could just looted you believe me but it got me as a hacker man like what am I gonna do I'm not the boy this one better get its sword the sword yet it'll live here right and I see an era here on the grand next foot another stack he needs a snack I think it was like for de nails of work we get him banned I'm a fucking I'm not doing much nah I'm not drunk do it up the knife I'll get to the point of level three the other two a clueless as well as the thing I hurts you know like that you need the hacker and so on double headshot Amy's dead try and fight this thing it's gonna be really difficult just try to fight but I don't want to I'm trying track fuck Jesus what was that thumb time all right up the back I accidentally clicked water running honey by that door all that loot is right there I know man try like some stupid code dude just once I laugh like five five five five imagine got it it's funny we've killed them but we just can't get it I know I man it's like all open to just this one door and it's almost like they knew that too cuz that opened it to PvP you know what I mean yeah out and I happen look like he was gonna close this door so that means they're coming back if you just chill there they might think they're gonna that's maybe a good thing broke and then they're gonna think that they're gonna get shot straight away so then I can fuckers closed door as soon as we spawn in they might be like through there they're still fucking panic spray big fucking hack and smile grin on that fucking County man but he's a buddy that's exact face okay it's not a little yawn I'm just gonna kill him Lukashenko you know who we are bitch bitch we are the Slayer of hackers the hacker hunters as it were yes County mom hey bud I bought that you're dead you're dead well the only possession we own is the m9 a hacker's m9 well that was day one of white for us 14 hours a game plays stripped by a hacker and his two BOTS but we weren't going to let that stop our campaign tomorrow we head north you

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  1. Do you guys think these videos are too long?
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