Gutfeld: What’s a liberal to do when a Republican is better at compassion?

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  1. *Somebody please tell me you bioreconditioned Tom. The smallest piece of Schiff is absolutely a biohazard and may be a cross species contaminate risk as well.

  2. The joke here from Dan McFarland about AOC's IQ test is a re-hash of an old 'Dumb Blonde' joke. Here's another one: What did the Dumb Blonde say while waiting for results of her pregnancy test? "Oh God, I hope it's mine." Or, How do you know when a Dumb Blonde has been sitting at your computer? There's White-Out on the screen. (Remember White Out ?) But today… what the HELL has happened to us?

    The UNBELIEVABLE ASTONISHING thing is the reaction that this little IQ joke has provoked in the audience watching this video. I can't believe the anger, the sublimated violence, the ill will and downright stupidity that has been provoked by this silly joke? Have we really become so simple minded and ugly?

  3. Is this show there own version of snl. This is fox snl right ? U know CNN and NBC don't need actors. All they have to do is show a trump speech and his supporters. Now that's funny.

  4. you know when someone expresses that type "eye behavior" they are most likely a sexual deviant. I read a lot of books!!!

  5. It sounds like a bunch of kids playing pretend in the front yard 😂..Impeachment task force?? That is the funniest thing ever. Rosie O'Donnell is the leader I'm guessing 😆

  6. Let's compare two presidents.
    Jimmy Carter vs Donald Trump.
    Jimmy Carter still builds houses for habitats for humanity at age 95 and Trump is actively making life worse for humanity.

  7. Fox News the Propaganda Channel…..

    Putin Puppet Commie Rump Butt Lickers…..

    Putin Puppet Commie Rump for Prison…… 2020…..

  8. All liberals seem to have those eyes are popped open look….deer in the headlights look before getting hit by a truck

  9. After the last REAL journalist Shep Smith leaves Faux News, this is what you are left with. Lie spewing nuts.

  10. How many hours of television would you have to watch to see
    a person displayed with gray hair on a news program? I don’t know, count them,
    how many hours of television watching before you will be able to see a person
    with gray hair displayed in a drama or comedy? I don’t know, count them. Now,
    how many hours of television watching before seeing a blond headed person? I know
    the answer to this one, seconds…

  11. While I find Trumps statements very between very funny and groan worthy I have to state that he is the polar opposite of politicians for the past decades.
    In the past they spoke pretty and did very little. Trump does a lot… and doesn't speak very pretty. So I will continue to groan and laugh and support him.

  12. I don’t know where Greg found that guy playing SCHIFTY, but how hilarious is he? Oh and I supported Trump, I gave to his campaign after SCHIFTY and his cronies went after him for the Biden’s crimes. 👍🇺🇸

  13. The president is a celebrity. Remember "celebrity apprentice'. Sounds like he always knew what his role at the White House was going to be.

  14. Liberals used to proclaim "compassion" as their "gotcha" card….. but what it has devolved to now is CONTROL. They use "compassion" ONLY if it helps them control someone. I have always contested that "compassion" was a ruse anyways, since in most cases their "compassion" never actually HELPED any of the issues they tossed it at.

  15. I love that Gutfield blames the Dems for trying to ruin this presidency. The orange guy has done terrific job doing it himself. Probably the best job of it ever.

  16. That guy does Schiff so we'll, I can't keep myself from opening my eyes really big when I watch him! Laughing so hard.

  17. imagine if the transcript didn't come out, oh the outrage and doubts in peoples minds when Adam shifty shift came out with his own lol this is banana republic, Idiocracy movie in real life…

  18. Republicans are better at compassion????? Trump publicly mocks a disabled human (the reporter) being and gets elected anyway. How would you Trump lovers feel if that was you or your family member. I would hope you'd see him differently. But if you were dumb enough to vote for that immature school yard bully, you'd probably be to dumb to get it

  19. I must admit, I find my self laughing hysterically at Fox and their fans going crazy about someone saying something that isn't accurate. When Trump literally does it every day and they ignore it. Ooops. Just fell off my chair. Need to change channels.

  20. Celebrities, again?? Come on!!, again? And B rated at best. No one cares about has been, or any celebrity lecturing us on morality, or anything.

  21. HAS BEENS AND TOM ARNOLD is a never was, so I don’t believe he counts. HIs EX WIFE WAS A CLEB. HE is only known because of he rode in on her coat tail.

  22. This Adam Schiff bit is the funniest thing Gutfeld has ever had on his show …. he really needs to milk it and I'm sure he will

  23. Republicans,,,please vote in 2020 ..We can take back the house and really clean up congress and get rid of the socialist/communists in the dems.

  24. Humpty Dumpty needs a Wall to sit on.

    Build More Walls, less Shifty eyeballs.

    Time for Treasonous Schiff behind walls or bars as well.

  25. How do we get Debbie messing in her pants as any kind of viable political analyst Tom Arnold is got some deep psychotic issues along with his hybrid sister Rosie O'Donnell

  26. Schiff reads the "transcript" like a terrible audition for the part of a mobster from the 1920s. Flat, dull, and oh-so creepy!! Personally, I'd vote for Tom Shillue, but only if he stays in "Schiif" character for his entire term.

  27. "What's a liberal to do when a Republican is better at compassion?" ——> be glad that the GOP finally entered the age of reason, and finally started following the WORDS OF JESUS CHRIST that they profess to love so much….

  28. Anyone notice how you can't hardly find any videos of the The Five or Greg's show anymore? Did a search and they are all just 2 second clips of nothing.

  29. WHY IS NO ONE, no one at this fair & balanced news network talking about the CNN Project Veritas news break? Afraid or just out-Foxed?

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