Gutfeld on liberal rhetoric causing liberal violence

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  1. Anyone remember Eric Clanton? He was the Antifa guy who cracked that guy's skull with a bike lock. Clanton got off with a slap on the wrist.

  2. That bewildered and confused look Juan gets on his face when an intelligent person speaks is not an act…. He is actually confused by logic!

  3. The left always cares more about words than deeds. They prefer a president who says pleasant things but screws them over, to one who helps them but says bad things.

  4. John Wilkes Booth… the assassin of the great emancipator… liberals have lost all shame. They may as well have asked for their communist wizard and his magic rifle Lee Harvey Oswald.

  5. The only way I can stomach the sound of Maxine Waters voice is I imagine a liberal waking up and coming out of their lefty stupor every time she talks.

  6. I can't complain about this on Fakebook since I've been blocked. This is calculated. Think about how many conservatives were blocked prior to 9/11. Democrats/Liberals would have you forget about 9/11 entirely and have you hear only that it's Muslims who are the "victims".

    People don't realize just how close we are to losing freedom of speech here in America the same way they have in Britain which is now officially a police state. And it got that way with Mark Zuckerberg's help.

  7. Democrats/Liberals are doing the same thing to conservatives that Muslims/"Palestinians" are doing to the Jews when they call them "Nazis". Pales have even started to obscenely and ridiculously refer to themselves as the "new Jews".

    They're reducing them to subhumans who are fair game for any kind of attack against them.

    I was a Democrat for most of my life. I got out even before they started going so far to the left. Now they're flat out promoting Socialism. And socialism is simply putting a happy face on communism.

    The Democrats do nothing but project their sins onto Trump and conservatives. Everything they lie about and accuse Trump of doing, they have done themselves. Muslims do this about Jews. Ask me to prove it.

  8. This is sick stuff. Anyone anywhere that is calling for harm to anyone anywhere should SHUT UP!! When harm comes YOU SHOULD BE LIABLE for that harm. I don't care if Biden wants to bop Trump in the head that's BS talk. I do care if you call for harassment on me because you disagree with me – You are out of line. I'm referring to Waters, she needs to shut up.

  9. So according to Juan if Trump says he wants to hit someone it’s bad. But if Joe Biden wants to beat Trump up and quote “beat the hell out of him” it’s okay. Juan, stop talking. Forever.

  10. Please confront me snowfxucks PLEASE. JuanW & Mwaters are the king and queen snowfxucks.

  11. Juan needs to stop lying.. Trump said "if they attack you.. attack them back and I'll pay for your legal bills".. Juan needs to change his name to "Wrong" because he's used to being wrong so much. Liberals are violent.. It's time to return the favor.

  12. The five has to have a slave dressed in a suit with his low profile mustache,to disagree with the great white hope!!!

  13. I know why Juan is there..He really doesn't believe what he says,
    because he need a pay check..No one is that stupid!

  14. Hey, why does the right go along with the bullshit Charlottesville narrative? It's not even close to what actually happened.

  15. You know why fox can't get rid of jaun he play the race card and run over to CNN and run his mouth on how every body hated him on fox because he spoke the truth also he sue fox for being racists but no one on fox read what ppl say about him if they did he might have been gone by now

  16. The Left either totally ignores the PATTERN of violence in their own party or infrequently gives lip service to condemn it, but it's always followed by a repudiation of what they just said, sanctimoniously proclaiming that Republicans deserve the physical threats and violence against them anyway. The Left is SICK and DEPRAVED and must be defeated in the upcoming midterms, because if you think it's bad now, just imagine the violent persecution they will unleash if they get back into power.

  17. yeah more should be made public over and over again about the treasonist ayers and his wife and SDS friends. He is a very bad man you know it was written at the time that he and his villainous gang would rear their heads again in the future and here we are

  18. The attacker was said to have a bottle of beer in his hand. He was probably drunk and lost it when he saw the Republican booth. I doubt very much that he had a switch blade knife either. I own several mechanical knives that open with a slide button, and are perfectly legal, and very popular. The media seems to always get these stories wrong , in order to promote their agenda.

  19. I'm pretty positive that Jaun is being paid to just keep saying the same things ever time this segment airs. Even he didn't denounce the actions of the knife wielding extreme lib/dem/progressive attacker. He just said the guy was crazy. How do you know Jaun? Are you a doctor of the mind? So the attackers lawyer is saying his client was in fear for his life and is the victim. Only in California right? They will claim he's had a history of mental health issues.

  20. Stop hating on Juan. I don't agree with what he says but he tries to bring a balance  to this group. Otherwise it would be like "THE VIEW" where only liberal haters occupy the table. Oh yeah! Forgot about shrieking Valley Girl Meghan McCain. Hahahahaha

  21. So I don’t like what Juan says do I get to get a crowd of people to follow Jain around and prevent him from enjoying life when he is not at work when he is just out with his family

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