Guess Who? GOP Whistleblower Edition

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  1. There was a hint there for another game, “Guess Who? Trump Wives & Children Edition”.

  2. Let's say Trump is trash. Still, he was completely cleared of the charge of Russian Collusion. Yet the far left doesn't care who tried to smear an innocent man because they don't like the man. Good thing the average Cop isn't far left. They make Trump look like a saint…which isn't easy

  3. According to crime and investigation series, The least suspicious person is likely to be a culprit. So, the whistleblower must be Jared!
    He is actually a deep state operative sent by the democrat. He married Ivanka to infiltrate Trump's inner circle and destroy him from within.

  4. FBI Agent: Trump may be closing in on our asset, we have to extract them.
    CIA Agent: No, they are too well placed. If he is caught, so be it.
    Eric Trump: I'm standing right here, you know.
    FBI Agent: Geez! We didn't notice you there!
    Eric: Which is how they will never learn it is me.
    CIA Agent: Ok, we're sending you back in.
    Eric: Can I have the garlic knots I was promised first?

  5. Trump had you all where he wants… stop looking 4 the guy and look to the act of patriotism … what if people learn to judge the action not the person?…
    What will happens?

  6. Spy (n): A person employed by a government or other organization to secretly obtain information on an enemy or competitor.

  7. I feel Andrew yang's policies, esp. UBI, are much more PROGRESSIVE than BERNIE's. Having said that I do wish an open debate between Bernie and Andrew Yang, because I only see those two man may be able to change the direction this nation moving forward.

  8. I swear Donnie boy trump is the biggest lying idiot ever to walk this Earth!! He obviously has no idea at the age of 72 or something like that how this country works, how even as the president that there are certain things that he is not allowed to do. There is no such thing as a "spy" as he put it. Whistle blowers are a good thing because obviously they are worried about what could happen to the country as a whole and not just for Donnie boy, which Donnie boy wants. I'm sorry but the country as a whole comes before anyone!!!!

  9. If I knew whoever the WHISTLEBLOWER is, I want him hung by the neck until DEAD and RAVENS come to peck his eyes out!!!🇺🇸😡🛡🗡🏹🔫⚔⚒💣💥

  10. I Wouldn't be Getting to Excited Just yet…..Biden and His Looser Son are 100% GUILTY…..Trump is a SmokeScreen to the Real Traders!

  11. Hopefully voters will someday realize the truth of the real single party controlling us all.
    The Wealth Party which OWNS the media you are watching.

  12. whistleblowers should be seen as heroes our government is so immensely corrupt that people are willing to go against the status quo and out the crimes being committed viva la revolution

  13. The only thing I am going to miss when Trump is Dumped are all the great comic skits. And – when is the game going to be available – I want it.

  14. I believe we established early on that Trump was his own leak. He was bragging to his golf buddies and they told the press.

  15. Hillary the whistle Blower???
    Whistleblower didn't follow the Rules ?? Impeachment compromised by whistleblower stupidity ?? Oh! No😩😉😁

  16. Watch it be Jared Kushner. I feel like he could be a very good candidate, because he is so inconsequential and so inherently boring that no one would expect him.

  17. The secret service have been carrying out drug tests on all staff,
    On suspension of ecstasy abuse,
    They got really suspicious, due to everyone whistle blowing

  18. so, when are a President's calls to other officials ever not recorded? every call going in and out of the White House is recorded for security purposes, and monitored, for security purposes, the ''whistleblower'' is an employee of the Federal Govt, doing their job to keep America safe from it's enemies, foreign and domestic. the Patriot Act in Action. DUH

  19. Trumpy Dumpty had a big FAIL.
    Trumpy Lumpty confessed to it All.
    And all the Lands Henchmen and all lawyers too,
    Couldn't put Drumphy together again.
    But on his last day, Trumpy cried all the same…
    For his ratings were… the Bigliest of all!

  20. I love you SO dearly, Stephen….SO dearly!!! You have literally…kept me sane in a time of complete insanity. I…love you!

  21. How is a US official doing his job, monitoring conversations between world leaders and reporting anything troubling, considered spying?

  22. This is hysterical, but seriously that person must be scared crapless right now, I wouldn't want to be them. I hope 45's entourage is just telling him they're taking part in his crap but really aren't. This guy thinks he's Stalin or something !

  23. People who are voting for Trump primarily because he's "not a politician" probably also make damn well sure their general practitioner is not board certified and their car mechanic has no experience fixing cars. That school bus driver better not have a bus license and that lawyer better not have passed the bar.

  24. Just BRILLIANT! If there is something left we can be proud of it's the Congress and especially it's women and the comedians.

  25. Trump is confused as to the definition of a "spy" – and that of someone reporting corrupt/illegal conduct.
    little hands Donald has tripped over into paranoid mode

  26. I know Stephen Colbert is a satirist however it's all true and the joke is on us because we voted them in truth be told I've been warning people about this douchebag for years all Trump does is create problems to distract you this latest one with the Kurds is costing people their lives civilians are being murdered so Trump could get away with his own murder in my opinion Trump is the biggest hunk of steaming dogshit that ever existed and if you say no it's Hitler will think of this Hitler was actually a veteran he did fight for his country Trump is a pussy who's never done or accomplished anything in his life like have a job or fight for his country he's a soft little boy of privilege with no accountability and no life experience at all it's like giving a child a 9 mm handgun and tell him to go out in the yard and play

  27. Revealing that whistleblower's identity is a felony. Trump and anyone who follows his direction to uncover him/her is a co-conspirator in a federal crime.

  28. The whistle blower DOES NOT EXIST! The demonrats have lied about everything. The whole collusion was a lie. There whole narrative on the phone call is a lie. Fox's stupid pole is a lie. It is foolish to trust them now. They won't show the "whistle blower" because they invented him. This is all a a Big, Fat, Rotten, Evil, Lie!

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