#grime4corbyn: ‘I’ve never trusted a politician before’ | General election 2017

Youth participation is expected to be higher than usual in this election I went to the #grime4corbyn event in Tottenham
to ask why Can you just tell me, what is it about Corbyn that has galvanised so many young people to come and really support him? Do you know what, he’s the first person who’s actually directed his campaign at the
youth everyone else even Theresa May and the Conservatives haven’t once tweeted to get young people to register to vote. The fact that he’s said he’s going to try
and get rid of the uni fees caught me straight away because I’ve never wanted to go to uni but
now I’m considering it Have you guys ever voted before or is this
the first time that you’ve really been motivated to get involved? It’s the first time for me My whole thing is that I’ve never trusted
a politician before I always that they’ve got what’s it called
– Ulterior motives -Ulterior motives, that’s it, agendas But with Corbyn he just seems like a genuine guy who wants to do right by the people We’re coming from living in council estates, impoverished communities, so we have our own struggle going on and rather than the people who are currently elected that are very much for the wealthy, Jeremy Corbyn looks at it and says OK, well, what about everyone else? The thing about Corbyn is that he knows how to listen he knows how to speak for those of us who have never had a voice before. So yeah he’s a different kind of leader but
he’s the kind of leader we need right now. He’s been on the right side of history on
everything for decades. Fighting for causes that he has no reason
to fight for. As a grassroots politician he was helping
people like my mum bring their children to this country when they were separated from their child. So let me get this straight, you managed to
get your visa with the help of Jeremy Corbyn. Yeah, when I was 10. I’m basically an immigrant but I’ve not claimed benefits. I’ve added value to England and not taken away. I think Theresa May is a career opportunist and I think she’s doing everything to make sure that her career goes nicely. I’m voting more for Corbyn than the Labour
party. The type of politicians we’ve had this far
have created this mess. I know people who work two jobs and are still
struggling to pay their bills. The fact that we’ve got nurses going to food
banks. All of the difficulties that we have we’ve
got because we’ve gone for that type of politician and I just don’t think young people are buying
it any more. What’s going to happen after Thursday if he
loses? A lot of people will be disappointed. I’ll be disappointed. I voted for Labour when the Conservatives
got in so I was really upset about that then I voted for Remain when Brexit happened,
so I really want to win! As a movement of young people I feel like we
should carry on that energy even if the Consevatives win the only reason they’ve made U-turns is because people have challenged those ideas. And so even if they do win we have to make
them keep making U-turns. We have to make it clear that their ideas
are not popular or relevant. It’s not about winning or losing. It’s about young people getting a voice and
being able to express themselves and choose somebody Regardless of who wins, once the votes are counted we’re going to see an up-turn in the number of young people voting and people will have to understand that they have to listen to young people. That’s the win for me.

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  1. ….Errr….guys….you do get that the only reason Jeremy Corbyn promised to scrap uni fees was because he never expected to be in a position where he was actually going to have to DELIVER, right? He's not ACTUALLY going to do it….

  2. We don't car which of these two puppets get in because they are just the two arms of a damned evil Deep State demon.

  3. 2:58 well young people have a voice, but we have to represent ourselves. this means participating in traditional politics by getting involved in local campaigning, writing to our representatives and raising awareness about the issues that concern us AND how we would seek to sustainably and realistically solve them within the existing political system. Too many of us think that expressing frustration through memes (or rioting…) counts as participating in politics, and that's why politicians don't feel the need to listen to us.

  4. I think we're all avoiding the worst outcome: A Conservative minority Hung Parliament.

  5. Young people don't have life experience to decide what's good for the country, sorry geezers but running a country isn't based upon fucking flower power.

  6. " I never vote because I don't trust politicians" then " I'll vote for him because he has PROMISED to take away uni fees"

  7. Talking to a number of younger people today, 20's, and like most people they think Corbyn is soft on terrorism and at the moment it is the number 1 issue. He will still get a lot of support from welfare claimants.

  8. 1:49 What a proud man and how good to hear him say this! This is good and I like people's attitude there in the video. Corbyn may not win but he's actually won already because the disadvantaged or those who feel stuck now consider themselves hopeful. Out of this many good things can happen and people will make their way.

  9. "Theresa May is a career opportunist", okay, let's not pretend that Jeremy Corbyn has been an MP in comfy Islington North since 1983.

  10. Of course the young will support Corbyn. They have never lived through Labou Governments and think his is something new. It is older people who have lived through strikes and tensions of a Labour Government who know the right thing to do. But credit to the socialists, they exploited the media, they shouted abuse ini the streets and in audiences. They do not know that the Labour Party is now Far Left and they are not guided by history. Nationalise the railways for example, and we will go back to strikes and union demands.

  11. Scrapping uni fees? To start off with it won't make a difference even if you can't afford to go to uni you still can now student finance don't discriminate against poor families, they practically pay for anyone. Secondary no one ever pays their student loans back its written off after 30 years and you only pay it back when you're earning 20k+.

  12. There's something distasteful about an old man offering money and treats to young people. More distasteful than a middle aged woman with meagre offerings to young or old.

  13. People should vote because it makes a huge difference, if you don't vote and then moan please don't because you didn't bother to go and vote

  14. YES YES! Come on Corbyn! Lets hope for the right result tomorrow, Come on we can do this, Dont
    listen to the biased media and the trolls. Look at the crowds that May
    brought out and look at the crowds that came out for Corbyn in every
    rally. I hate to draw parallels but looks suspiciously like what
    happened in the USA in their election and look at how the media saw it
    as an upset. It was no upset. It was the media that tried to steer the
    result in a certain way and it didnt work, The biased media certainly
    tried here too, Lets hope they've failed and if they have the spell is
    broken and nothing will be the same again. We will have some hope for
    our children and our future again 🙂 JC4PM #Labour

  15. Young voters do you want to vote for OAP CORBYN who is of the same generation as your grandparents. Ask your grandparents what the UK was like during the labour governments of the1960's and 1970's. It was a disaster zone. The young will be paying for Corbyn's debts for 30 to40 yrs. No tuition fees? You will pay through taxation when you start working assuming that there are any jobs because labour ALWAYS causes unemployment. Check the history of employment numbers.

  16. "Free tuition fees, that's what grabbed it for me" … Why should taxes pay for your education? Going to university is a choice, not an obligation.

  17. did you happen to notice something? All the kids in this video were not radical, disrespectful or liberal crazy people like we have here. The English people have class.

  18. In 2015 UKIP got 4 million votes, that's more than the SNP & Greens combined, like with the council elections last month expect 80% of that which is 3.2 Million to go to the conservatives

  19. I live in one of the safest labour seats in the country and at least 90% of the youth I know are voting labour and are impetuous to vote. I'm voting liberal democrat but 10000% my seat will be labour anyway so there's no threat of it falling to the tories. Swansea west is the seat if you're interested to see it stay red. I suspect Gower will turn red from blue as in 2015 it became conservative by only 22 votes (closest seat in the UK) but the circumstances now have changed.

  20. Under Labour:
    If you earn £100,000 a year you'll pay an extra £1,000 a year.
    If you earn £150,000 a year you'll pay an extra £5,425 a year.
    If you earn less than £80,000 a year you'll pay an extra £0 a year.Sky News looked at the manifesto plans and worked out who benefits and who loses.The bottom earners are better off under Labour than under the Tories.
    Middle income earners are better off under Labour than under the Tories.
    The top earners get richer under the Tories.

  21. "I've never wanted to go to university, but now I'm considering it." That's why we need Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister

  22. You know, it's rather perverse that when youth participation is low, older people sneer at them for being apathetic, while when youth participation is high, older people sneer at them for having their own opinions. Can't win, can we?

  23. Cons. are the biggest cons in British politics… fraudulent, arrogant, cold hearted…
    vote anyone but them please.

  24. Great to see young people getting so engaged in politics. The only problem is that they probably live in safe Labour constituencies already, so the only effect is to increase Labour's share of the vote but not their number of seats, which is ultimately what matters.

  25. Corbyn supports torturers.

    Here he is being terribly nice about the Chavez regime in Venezuela:-

    And here's a Venezuelan human rights lawyer testifying to the International Criminal Court about the Chavez/Maduro regime's habit of beating, raping and electro-shocking dissidents, including young children:-

  26. Fuck young people. All you lot care about is drugs and shitty music. Wait until you settle down and want children… you'll drastically change your mind then.

  27. Corbyn is trying to make security the big issue, yet this is the man who boasts that he has opposed every single piece of anti-terror legislation since he entered Parliament. This is the man who stood for a minute's silence to honour 8 IRA terrorists taken out by the SAS. The man who called the death of Bin Laden a "tragedy", and who called Hamas and Hezbollah " friends". This is not the man I want in charge of our security, or in charge of my country.

  28. The problem I have with Corbyn and his rallies is they don't represent the voting public. Surrounding yourself with shit loads of people doesn't mean shit to the average person. People see through it. Then we hear about how 'Labours membership has grown' (LibDems say the same too) to try and give the false impression that people support them. Well, yea of coarse some will support them but that doesn't mean the majority do. Sick of this one liner every time a new candidate has been elected as leader of a party. I don't and never could bring myself to vote Tory but Corbyn will not win this election and hoping he will, will not make it happen.

  29. looks like a lot of me me me… Why should a dustbin man or lorry driver have to pay with his taxes to send the youth to uni…

  30. hahahaha !  Unlucky for you stupid people, the is enough of us around who lived under Corbyns style of government before !    " Never Again " !  Labour will get REKKED Today !    And it's YOUR FAULT !     What made you think people would want Corbyn/Abbott/Lavery , when we know how  USELESS they are/were/have been !.       Better Luck Next Time !     : )

  31. Funny how the media stereotypes labour voters and Tory voters. I'm young and I'm voting for the Tories and there are a lot more like that. This video is disturbing because it shows how un educated labour voters really are. The bottom line is that Jeremy is an idealist and not a realist. Idealism is something that young labour supporters warm to as it seems to benefit them at first glance but if you look a little harder it's not hard to realize that what the man proposes is unsustainable and importantly impossible. He is a deluded man with his head in the clouds.

  32. https://youtu.be/rqyLjcWeY1c?t=92

    Immigrants vote for Corbyn for dat free shit, GET ME GET ME GET ME.

    Its bruza get meeeee

  33. I am no Brit, so my opinion really doesn't matter, but I thought brexit was a good decision. However, now, I really hope May gets defeated.

    The plans about censorship she revealed in conservative manifesto and talks about are a bigger threat to individual liberty than anything EU has come up with imo. Also, if she at least had some solutions when it comes to problem with muslims… , but no, she keeps spewing the same shit the EU politicians do.

    I don't like Corbyn (and Labour party in general), but if he's the only one, that can defeat the current tories, I'd vote for him if I was a Brit.

  34. labour think that money grows on trees. its not a good idea to put us £250 billion extra in debt then leave it for the next government to sort out