Gov't should not ignore UN vote seeking report on PH human rights situation

good morning Willner and thank you for joining us thank you thank you first I'd like you to answer this a basic issue that's among the issues raised by the government against the resolution of the Human Rights Council basically allegedly the countries that signed in favor the resolution were misled that the basis was supposedly fake news and biased media well that has always been the the way they do it you know tell people that it's fake news that we were misleading these states but it's as if the states don't have a way of learning or or trying to figure out the situation in the Philippines you know just watch the news every day people are dying I mean how much more that is really required for the Philippines to say okay it's enough the states can decide on this in fact we have talked to many of these days and the numbers that were using is from the government anyways another six thousand six hundred dead and then the amount of the number of people who were killed by the so called writing and tandem sorry what this government calls the homicides under investigation these are all government figures so not really I mean if they consider it fake then they are the purveyor of fake numbers if that's the case but in the case of Amnesty International your organization reached out to different countries yes we did and then what did you tell them well basically we just we gave them our report definitely that we released a few days ago gave them our previous reports and and many of our findings we also conveyed to them the communication that was given to us by by many of the communities that were affected by the drug war and and really there wasn't much of an effort in terms of trying to give them the situation in the Philippines as I've told you you just turn on your television open the newspaper go online and you'll see the situation in the Philippines but they people are dying every day yeah but in the case of the actual information provided by Amnesty International which particular countries did you actually talk with are we try to reach out to as much countries who are members of the Human Rights Council from Argentina to Mexico Chile Denmark Iceland all these countries that that decided and voted whether in favor or not in favor of the rest know how many of those that you talk with actually voted in favor of the resolution oh well well in terms of number would say that most of this countries we talk to him not just in the Philippines not just the embassies in the Philippines we dealt with them in Geneva we talked to their capital so our sections from different parts of the world also talk to their capitals so it was really a joint effort from Amnesty an armistice partners really now Japan's vote did this surprise you Japan abstained yeah we is really hard to speculate how Japan would vote we were thinking that Japan will definitely vote no to the resolution but it abstained however many of the things that Japan said it can still actually do by voting yesterday resolution in fact this resolution is very it should be seen as a positive step for the Philippines because I mean it's not just them cooperating with the UN or the Human Rights Council it's also if it has nothing to hide then why fear an investigation why fear experts going here and seeing the situation firsthand so well and that's that's at least how we we see at them unfortunately that's not how our government sees it so but but at this stage and the administration and given the the big number of deaths in connection with the drug war again the Philippine government actually afford to still ignore efforts like this well it shouldn't ignore this efforts in fact it should cooperate as as soon as possible I mean they can of course I mean the final statement says that while it would continue working with the human rights the Human Rights Council it still disappointed in that and there was a veiled threat in the end and the far-reaching consequences but but but definitely I mean what the UN Human Rights Council just said is that we are giving the United Nations Amanda the goal in the Philippines and establish facts the mandate is there and and and the Philippines should should cooperate less it it's not just being a pariah but also eventually there will be a day of reckoning and and and at the end of the day the Philippines would have to it would have to then I take the problem with the mechanisms like this the Human Rights Council is that a countries of course spar force other countries so doctor Philippines they can always tell those countries that signed the resolution focus on your drug problem for example referring to Mexico they voted yes yeah they have a much bigger drug problem than the Philippines and of course the Philippines can always say why don't you focus on when your problem matter with our affairs it's a the the thing is every state has a problem and and there are you know in a way this is positive many states are always willing to help Mexico saying check on your drug problems means ok you can also check on ours and and and then and again the the proponents or those who are against the resolution should stop saying you have bigger or more bodies to to hide and and and things like that at the end of the day the UN spoken check on your your check on how you're doing things put a stop to the killings and and let the CNN see how it is really in the country I mean how hard is it really I mean what is this government afraid of at the end of the day now a very strong response coming from the Philippine Foreign Affairs Department of course you mentioned what the one earlier far-reaching consequences what they make up this again I mean it's it's up to them to explain but we see it as a veiled threat far-reaching consequences for who for those who voted for those who campaign to make sure that there is some resolution passes the the United Nations really don't know I mean there's there's nothing after that but we just want to tell this government that there's really I mean if you're going to look at it this is going to be very positive for us at the end of the day I mean they that the resolution is only there to further Human Rights a human rights in the Philippines to make sure that the criminal justice system is strengthened instead of further weakened to make sure that the killings stopped to make sure that those who are accountable should be made accountable I'll make you answer your own question earlier if you don't know if the government doesn't have anything to hide why be afraid of an international inquiry because because sometimes perhaps for people like you it seems the answer to that question this is so obvious I mean honestly six even if we're just going to look at the 6600 figures I mean that's six people dead a day and and according to our findings many if not of the majority of deaths are very questionable I mean it's it's like a copy-paste system that they're doing it's it's a the template that we've been saying I'm the way things happened nanda ban but but according to the witnesses the police came in barging at the dead of the night they were sleeping and they were shot like at the story of Micha I mean the police were told thing that this the father used the the little girl as a human shield why well witnesses are saying otherwise that the father were at was actually shouting that there is a child in here there is a child in here and this has and many of the witnesses that we have talked to said similar things that that the supposed suspects were not really fighting their hands were raised they were surrendering there were cases where the bodies found they said on the ban but the bodies were were beaten science of torture I mean was there a boxing match before the shooting I don't know no they did the report coming from Amnesty International was based primarily on anecdotal evidence right because I don't think that you had access to or 6,600 yeah we are focused at this time we focus in Bulacan but when you establish the pattern how many cases did you we learned up into 20 cases involving 27 deaths 27 therefore this report the 27 deaths in Winnipeg in Bulacan yeah okay because people might be especially supporters of the president might say why would you say that the researcher pattern referring to the 6600 Jets when in fact I just examined 20 yeah it's up if you're going to look at the way this is not our first report we released a report way back but it's a person and it was the same pattern in Aachen in Quezon City and an area somewhere some areas in and even Mindanao and Visayas that we have looked into I mean it's the same way it's the same pattern it's the same modus operandi in this areas mmm I'd like to comment on this because the response from Anaheim yesterday was quite strong also but they always hear this this this argument a millennium if the drug war is strong why is the president still popular they're referring to the latest as WP well 80% so in your case you've been your on the ground how do you explain that people are getting killed most of them the poor yet the president has kept his high approval interest rating well being popular does not necessarily mean that everything that you're doing is is right I mean the Jaguar the PETA killings are happening on a daily basis people might think that there's a semblance of peace and order and security when in fact it's not I mean if you are going to look at the reports right now according to applet the Philippines is a fourth in terms of the most dangerous place for civilians fourth the third is India and the first and second I think is Yemen in Syria this this Yemen in Syria is in a virtual it is in a hoie is in a conflict situation and the Philippines comes in fourth I mean that's the SWS survey we're not gonna say it's wrong but the end of the day the pure popularity or a president or a leader being popular does not necessarily mean that is right all the time that everything that they're doing is right all the time and of course the presidency has many other different facets that ignore those things perhaps were considered as a whole yeah I agree but at the end of the day we we stick with what we know with what we have seen what we have witness and investigated the killings continue the numbers are not dwindling it's adding up everyday and it's about time that this government puts a stop to the killings and and make again those who are accountable accountable you

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  1. Because you just hate Duterte period!
    how come President trust rating is 80percent! And by the way we're are you when Hacienda Luisita massacre happen? 🤦🏻‍♂️👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻

  2. Yan ang daming problema ng governo dyan puro kriminal tapos yong kapa ang lagi inatupag na hindi naman pumatay ng tao ang kapa. Sila yong ang daming pinatay ipasok niyo yan sa kulongan doon na yan sila mamatay huwag ng palabasin kay mga wala ng selbi mga adik na mga ayaw magbago.

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