Gov’t, ruling party reveal 2030 vision on reducing traffic, cutting transport fees …

the government and the ruling Democratic
Party have released their 2030 vision on reducing traffic and slashing
transportation fees in metropolitan areas during a joint meeting at the
National Assembly today the two sides unveiled our so called a three three
three metropolitan transportation vision which seeks to expand transport
infrastructure in five major petra paltin cities and they are so rooted on
Gwangju Teague and the Pusan Orson region the government plans to create a
Metropolitan Express train that will reduce the travelling time between major
cities in the Seoul area by 30 minutes cut travel costs by 30 percent and
shorten the transfer time from buses to other means of transportation by 30
percent officials will also look into creating additional transportation
routes in and around Seoul as well as constructing underground roads to ease
traffic congestion the ruling party also vowed to create a task force to be in
charge of the new measure and to make amendments to related legislation as

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