Government Agencies Targeting Peaceful Climate Activists & Vietnam Vets Seek VA Eligibility

US intelligence agencies for decades have
been spying on ordinary citizens in an attempt to control civil unrest. We learned many years ago through the Frank
Church hearings that government agencies like the FBI and the NSA and the CIA had been tracking
and spying on American citizens without any warrants just because they believed those
people posed a threat to the powerful elite in DC and to corporate America. The domestic spying programs continue to this
day and the latest targets are the environmental activists who actually want to keep the planet
from burning up for the next generation. Joining me to talk about this story and as
well as other top legal news is Farron Cousins. He’s the executive editor of the Trial Lawyer
Magazine. This is like a blast from the past. This story is, there’s really no surprises
here. We’ve all suspected it. You know, we’ve all known that they’re using
social media to learn everything they can about it. But this report, when I look at this coming
out of the FBI’s own files, this looks like a real, just exactly what the Frank Church
hearings were supposed to stop. What is your take on this story? Well you know, I think a lot of people actually
thought, you know, after the Church hearings, you know, at least back in the day that, okay,
well they’ve exposed this, this ended, and then we knew during the Bush administration,
oh, domestic spying, it’s back suddenly. Truth is, it never went away. It didn’t go away under Bush, it didn’t go
away under Obama and it continues to this day. And in fact, what we found out from the Guardian
is that a lot of this with the environmental activists being spied on, happened while Obama
was president, the FBI decided to classify some of these people from these break free
from fossil fuel events that took place over six continents. Some of them up in Iowa, they thought maybe
some of these folks are terrorists. So we’re using that to justify spying on them,
violating civil liberties left and right, because we want to make sure we know what
these environmentalists are doing and what kind of profits they’re threatening. That’s what’s really… Those darn people in Iowa, you know, there’s
such troublemakers. So it, okay, so the FBI had, they’ve denied
this for time after time and now we find it, it’s in their own file cabinet. This is documents right out of their own file
cabinets. Should they be embarrassed? Well, no, they’re really not embarrassed. They really don’t care because the secret’s
out. It’s been going on for an awful long time. But you talked about the Frank Church hearings
and I think it’s extremely important. The Frank Church hearings took place in 1975
and they took place because they found out that the FBI and the NSA had been spying at
just without any controls on American citizens. They were reading their, any type of a messaging
that took place. They were reading any, listening to telephone
conversations. They were spying, but there’s people they
were spying on were Martin Luther King, Mohammed Ali, Seymour Hersh. Of course, one of the most famous journalist
of his time. Why were they doing that with Seymour Hersh? Seymour Hersh had uncovered the My Lai Massacre. He had done a story on that. He was very critical of Vietnam War. He had done a story that and several other
stories. The Allende murder that Henry Kissinger engineered,
the little thug Henry Kissinger engineered the murder of Allende so Pinochet could be
put in office. So Seymour Hersh covered that story. It wasn’t that they were just spying on him. They were actually intimidating him. They were following him around, the big black
car parked outside his house, making his life miserable because that was the power of the
NSA and the FBI. We thought we did something about it, didn’t
we? Yeah. Not so right? No, absolutely not and what we found out during
the Church hearings was that this actually started in 1947. That’s when the government itself started
spying on people in this country without a warrant. And then when Truman got popped for that,
he said, okay, well I’m going to create this new agency, the NSA. We’re going to create these FISA courts. They’re going to kind of work in unison so
we can get around this without a warrant issue, but we’re still doing the domestic spying. And then Bush came along, obviously said we’re
going to do a work around so we don’t even have to go to FISA, you know, they were doing
it on the anti-war activists and then, you know, it increased at the time to the environmental
activists, which increased. Well, Martin Luther King, the whole civil
rights. They were all under the eye and it wasn’t
just the eye of the government. The government had done more than just, they
were outwardly intimidating these people. They set, they set in motion the fact that
Martin Luther King had an affair with several women to try to destroy his marriage. But that was the FBI at work and we know that
story now. And we, and this Frank Church hearings, told
us that story and it gave us an idea of how dangerous it is when we allow government to
do these things without any kind of… You know, what I thought was interesting about
this Farron is, you know, here you’ve got the FBI, they want to spy on environmental
activists. They want to spy on things like Greenpeace
and people who might be objecting to the fact that we’ve got environmental problems in this
country. We have racial issues, whatever. They want to spy on those people. At the same time, the FBI allows HSBC to fund
terrorism. Literally to fund terrorism and they don’t
prosecute anybody with HSBC. This is after HSBC and other banks signed
off and said, yes, we did this. Yes, we knew we were funding terrorism by
washing the money. Washing money. Yes we knew American lives were endangered
and Americans were killed, and oh, by the way, we’ll pay a billion dollars. Will you let us go? FBI did nothing about that. So the, Howard Zinn wrote about this a lot,
as you know he’s a great writer, and what he used to, he used to equate the FBI and
the NSA is to the modern Pinkertons. You know, that’s where corporations would
hire these investigative thugs to break up unions and they would get involved, but it
was paid for by the government. I mean, they’re actually involved indirectly
with the government. And it kinda gives you the ugly underbelly
of Capitalism gone wrong. When government is so tied to corporations
that they’re more tied to Exxon, they’re more tied to DuPont than they are protecting the
citizens of this country. This is a deplorable story and I just think
the more of these documents that come out, even though typically you don’t have corporate
media really dealing with this, even though they say this is an important story, I can
assure you it’s an important story and we’re going to see this story develop more and more. I really do believe that the more we get out
of those file cabinets, the uglier this story is going to… Well, let me just add to your point here,
because when you bring up HSBC, they got fined. They admitted we washed money for terrorists. The reason the FBI didn’t want to spy on them
or go after them is because when they get those fines, the DOJ, that becomes FBI fund
money. Yeah. They get to go spend it. Nobody goes to jail. But we got to, you got to pay big money to
stay out of jail. Right. Can’t do that with average citizens. In a last ditch effort to gain a vote before
Congress adjourns for this session, next week, Veteran groups have urged President Trump
to persuade senators to vote on a bill that would make tens of thousands of ailing Veterans
who have served on ships and territorial waters off Vietnam, eligible for VA disability compensation
and healthcare. Joining us to talk about that is Mollye Barrows. Mollye this story, the thing, this is infuriating
on so many levels because you have one Senator. Was it House of Representative or Senator? It was a Senator. Senator that says, no, we want to delay this
now. Okay, let’s put this in perspective. We’re talking about was about $5 million dollars
that they’d have to spend here. Some people say it could be as little as $1
million. Right, two different government offices. Okay, talk, lay it out for us a little bit
and tell us what this story, where it develops. Basically yes. And you’re more familiar with most with what
Agent Orange is. As you know, it’s an herbicide that the US
government used in Vietnam during the war to basically destroy crops and forests so
that they could see the enemy. And it destroyed human beings too. As well. Our soldiers, it destroyed their lives too,
but go ahead. Led to many, many lawsuits from our own people. Those in Vietnam and it also is, as you know,
it’s been connected to any number of diseases and cancers and as well as genetic problems. Dow chemical at its very best. Yes, and causes genetic problems that they’re
still continuing to see, and so this bill was going to address some of that. It was going to extend benefits to more Veterans,
some of their children, especially if they can be shown as part of research to determine
what sort of genetic impacts being exposed to this it had and some of the money was even
going to go to Vietnam, victims in Vietnam, whether they needed medical treatment as well
as to take a look at the environment, see what, if any, restorative work could be done
there. So they had been trying to pass this through
the House had passed it through unanimously and they needed, you know, basically unanimous
consent for this to move forward for the approval process. And this one particular Senator, Mike Enzi,
this Republican from Wyoming said, wait a minute, it’s too much money. It’s going to be five and a half million over
10 years. Let me put that in perspective for you, okay. This year, just in subsidies that we give
the oil companies $40 billion dollars worth of subsidies that we’re saying to the oil
companies that are making more money than third world countries that, hey, you know
what, we need to give you a subsidy so you can stay in business. It’s as low as $40 billion. It’s been as high as $150 billion that we’re
giving to all these people as subsidies. Now, we can’t spend a million and a half dollars
to say to these Veterans, you know what, you’ve proven it. The dangers of this product has been proven. I mean, it’s not just, it’s not just the first
generation of people who were exposed to this, this product that by the way, Dow Chemical
clearly understood what the dangers were. Absolutely. Okay, so it wasn’t just first generation,
it was second generation and third generation. So the study that this man’s talking about
is, we want to see how far removed it is. We don’t want to spend any money, any money
here before we know this. I mean, isn’t that it? It is. Well, and it’s interesting, because you see
the arguments even among the governmental offices, not just the legislators. You had the VA who’s the one leading the charge
with these excuses of cost and basically saying, well, we’re just going to wait for this next
study to come in, that the results are due in 2019. And then you have the guide, the Congressional
Budget Office. They’re saying, no, no, no, it’s not going
to be five and a half million over 10 years. We’re just talking $1.1 million. $1.1 million, now let me add that perspective
again. This cat who’s probably signed off on this,
I don’t know this, but if we looked at his voting history, we would find that he said
it’s okay for a corporation to point, to park $400 billion dollars offshore in a Cayman
Bank and not pay taxes on it. It’s okay to do that. But you know, a Vietnam Veteran who gave everything
in that war that was already based on really, really questionable, questionable reasons
for even being there. Absolutely. Gave everything, gave everything. And so we ask now, all we want, we want a
million dollars. We want maybe $5 million dollars. It’s fine for this, if you would give him
his name again so people can… Mike Enzi, a Republican from Wyoming. Mike Enzi. He was the lone Senator who managed to block
this from moving forward. Somebody, if you’re watching this program,
go look at his background and I bet you’re going to find it’s Mike Enzi and corporate
America. Mike Enzi and big corporations every time,
but where it comes to Mike Enzi and doing the right thing for consumers or certainly
Vietnam Veterans in this situation, there’s not going to be a lot of, it’s not going to
be a two way street. This doesn’t surprise me. It certainly doesn’t surprise me that’s the
lone Republican. Well, they aren’t giving up on it. They’re going to try to, you know, again after
the Christmas break, but let’s see. We’ll see how successful. I think it’ll pass, but it’s really, tells
the story about this guy. Mollye, thank you for joining us. Absolutely. Thanks Pap.

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  1. It's like a flashback to the 50's and 60's. If you have a left-leaning bent and you dare to question authority, they label you a subversive. Meanwhile, Right-Wing nutjobs are the biggest terrorist threat in this country.

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  3. This right here shows how fake our freedoms are and how the claim of the military fighting for them is pure bullshit….especially when they can so conveniently be encroached upon by some three letter agency. Our freedoms are conditional. Conditional upon the whims of the ones who allow us to have them. Do you know how easy it would be to rewrite the "domestic terrorist" definition to include activists to the "extremist" category, and then word it just right to make ANY peaceful protester an "extremist"? The worst part is, the public would just smile and nod and accept it…just like they accept everything else the government agencies tell them, whether it's really true or not. It's no different with how Russia labelled peaceful, law-abiding and productive citizens "extremists", just because they practice a religion that defies the Russian Orthodox Church.

  4. Nice “free” country you got there when carrying out legal activities protected in the constitution is grounds for being spied on

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  6. Don’t tell how much you love the veterans when you refuse to care for them after lying them into a war and damaging them beyond health and repair. This government is hateful of the veteran, using them, abusing them, and abandoning them.

  7. Those who make peaceful revoluton impossible make violent revolution inevitable. An old quote very fitting for segments like these.

  8. Because the government does not care about the Americans citizen! Plus I am a American Vietnam veteran and I fought for more then 48 years! Plus it was not just Dow it’s was more people

  9. I’m a retired firefighter paramedic. I worked in Oakland California and San Francisco California my whole career. Despite what people think the majority of the homeless I saw were vets. Vietnam vets, Iraq vets-you name it. The Republicans love to paint a picture of all the homeless people being dirt bags. While there is a segment of the homeless population that does want to do drugs and drink and not work it’s pretty small. Almost every homeless person I ever had in my ambulance in 20 years was a veteran of some kind. It enrages me when the Republicans(ESP CULT LEADER TRUMP )talk about how great the veterans are blah blah blah yet they take everything away from them. Especially their dignity.

  10. Great so that means that probably quite a few of us might be getting spied on. So much for freedom of privacy.

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  13. That's one reason I deleted FB. I knew they were watching me. I mean they are probably watching me here on YouTube too but meh.

  14. Right……
    cause if there’s anything we know that’s a massive issue at the moment isn’t the president or the cowards pulling the stings, it’s innocent people who are going out of there way to make sure we don’t screw up our only home for human, animal and plant life at the moment

  15. 1,000s of climate protesters spent millions on Christmas which is the biggest contributor to global problems. Pics don't lie. Reality sucks don't it?

    EDIT: Cousins you know damn well that the NSA or any agency that is pro Socialist, you want in power.

  16. I'm not shocked by this one bit. The easiest way to find out that you are being tracked by the government is to fly . I found this out during a family emergency. I would get the initial scan . Then when I am about to get on the flight I get so-called randomly pulled out and scanned again. I watched a video on YouTube a long time ago where the speaker revealed that the tickets you get can have a special code on them . With this code you are seen as a potential danger. The code is SSSS or SSSSS . I figure the more S's the more of a danger you're seen as.

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  18. Making America strong again is giving the Vietnamese trillion dollar homes,million dollar cars,trucks,boats,yachts send their 50 kids per house hold to college for free & pay all taxes for life.They get free money to open business,and they send the money back to Vietnam to assist family members.However any Veteran gets kicked to the curb take their homes & business.' The Veterans & their famlies end up homeless & in shelters or Jail. This is the way we thank our veterans & say FUCK YOU you are no longer needed.Not only is UNITED STATES is a foreign,bankrupt,private corporation,it’s a continuing criminal enterprise,run by sick, satanic people who are enslaving Americans because of the fact that almost all Americans are willfully ,intentionally ignorant.TheZionist-Jesuit Crown Banksters are holding almost everyone hostage/prisoner by taking full advantage of the fact people can’t seem to pound it through their thick skulls that JOHN H. DOE is a RESIDENT ALIEN of the District of Columbia/U.S. citizen & :john-henry;Doe is a man on the land,a non-resident/non-citizen AmericanNational.Please comprehend this.You’re not supposed to register to vote,nor are you supposed to delude toward thinking you’re a U.S. citizen,nor are you supposed to be paying income tax to the I.R.S. from the compensation for your labour,nor are you supposed to be using FEDERAL RESERVE currency,not are you supposed to be paying corporate fees for mail.JOHN H. DOE is a CORPORATE DEAD ENTITY,you are not,right!?See Nevada here in Texas Country (not under state of Texas) & &
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