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  1. The Trump team who ever; won’t shoot anyone but do a
    dragging death; a metaphor being drawn and dragged behind the bus in circles,
    which basically is a careful act of a pseudo political- murder, long enough to
    distract or confuse the electorate. Get over it, he does it all the time. Merely
    remember, the Senate thinks it’s not impeachable to ask a strange force to seek
    out dirt on a political competitor! Then, anybody in the world can dream up
    dirt about you or me!

  2. "Three things can not stay long hidden. The Sun, the Moon, and the truth".
    – Buddha

    The truth is slowly revealing itself about the crimes of Donald Trump.
    The Congress must do its job as they have sworn an oath to the Constitution to do.
    The public, pro and anti Trump, must listen and deal with the "facts (which) are stubborn things…"
    – John Adams

  3. Of all the top educated brains in this country, it’s getting so fricken hilarious that everyone is fiercely arguing and fighting against each other, outside of the chicken coop, while that “fool” is inside the coop molesting and killing the chickens!

  4. When s this gonna end? Even today he removed rules to test new pharma drugs. No wonder stocks keep soaring. He plans to obliterate everything in sight before he is gone and leave the country's carcass to the vouchers. Who are these middle class "Americans" who are actually wishing for their own deaths?

  5. Let's all club together, buy him Greenland, build a palace dead centre, dump him there and give him his crown which he can wear in front of a big fat mirror until even he gets sick of the sight of garbage staring back at him. I think I'm going mad! God he is such a prat.

  6. Grown men and women sacrificing life long careers to help this traitor…..It is unbelievable to me that America can't see ….or sees and doesn't care what is happening …..Donald Trump is a home grown terrorist , obstructionist. conveniently with those good old faux Christianity that even the holiest of rollers forgive him and think he is the chosen one….ridiculous…America must not be divided by traitors with 0 integrity. Shameful

  7. And the Nazis worshipped Hitler too. What? You didn't know? There is nothing new here. America has a tyranical dictator whose methods are directly out of the Nazi playbook. His followers are of the very same mentality as those who worshipped Hitler and if you think for one second that a nation has to murder six million Jews to be compared to with the Nazi regime, you're wrong.

  8. Anyone going to the Republican burning of the Constitution rally tonight? Yeah, me neither… Or ever! Trump's presidency is the biggest Gamble and loss anyone or any group has ever had to face..

  9. These Congressional Republicans have no morality whatsoever. They just lie through their teeth. I'm beginning to think half of these guys are romantically linked to farm animals and Trump has the proof. Yeah, use that clever plan of throwing Sondland, Giuliani, and Mulvaney under the bus, and see what extra information these guys are willing to cough up.

  10. We are seeing the total dessimation of the Republican party as we know it. Yet another example of whatever Trump touches dies (Kudos Rick Wilson). RIP G.O.P.

  11. Trump is about to throw Mulvaney and Giuliani under the bus, including prison time. They both will sing like canaries to save their skin.

  12. No the GOP plans on trying to get a fair proceedings. It called DUE PROCESS!!! We all know that’s not going to happen though. Just look at the rules for this . When is a fact witness allowed to to run the impeachment inquiry? Why doesn’t the GOP get to call any witnesses? Why is only certain parts of the testimonies so far released ? Why is it that none of the Democrats see that we have a treaty signed by Bill Clinton on July of 1992 witch allows the United States and the Government the right to ask and help each other with any investigations into corruption? Why if this is truly fair do they not allow the Whistleblower, Joe Biden , Hunter Biden, or Adam shiff to testify under oath?

  13. This coming Monday, the Howoritz report is coming out with indictments. Imagine how shocking it is going to be for the democrats and their buddies when they are perped walked to jail for treason. We will see them all hang.

  14. 1:22 Now the GOP is using this same argument that because there was no direct link, "the Final Solution was Himmler's work and Hitler not only did not order it but did not even know it was happening."

  15. you are all a bunch of lemmings. obey your democrat masters and never think for yourselves. idiots. Trump 2020!! Super majority 2020!!

  16. A couple of days ago, trumpPAB said that he doesn't know sondland. Or the words to the national anthem, or the pledge of allegiance

  17. Trump knows the "court" system better than anybody else because he has been always in legal trouble and always helped by the money from Dad. Without his Dad and the money, he should have been in prison many years ago.

  18. Trump's super ego is really exceptional. Too arrogant. Too much of "knowing all" attitude, narcisit and con man. It is extraordinarily appalling. He could be proud when he was successful in the killing Americans.

  19. The Republicans party is now a cult party. The cult requires only absolute loyalty and the cult leader's order is the only order they should follow, even killing innocent people. It is really like a re-play of "Charles Mason" show

  20. Donald Trump is doing the bidding of Vladimir Putin plain and simple. The whole thing was done in front of the world in Helsinki and it was as plain as the jaunty step and wide cat licked the cream smile on Puti's face. HE NEEDS CONTROL OF UKRAINE. Either these Republicans are ACCOMPLICES or feckless incompetent TRAITORS.

  21. That's a great plan indeed blame everyone who is a non Trumper!🤣 makes sense alright! Republicans ran out of idea long ago!🤣🤣🤣

  22. why do they need to blame anyone if this is a nothing burger, there's nothing to see here, there's no impeachable offense, yadda. just defending yourselves against those bad democrats trying to subvert democracy? hahahaha

  23. oh ,that silly, little sick man , i mean huge man 300 pound sloppy little man,brain running out of his ears ,get over it ,him ,….

  24. I grew up with a father and 2 brothers. The boys never did anything wrong ..and I was 3rd degreed. These men are doing what they know best – making ex- uses for their behavior.
    THERE IS NO " I" IN TEAM. So hes right. Lol

  25. Trump " We have the best Economy , Unemployment is the highest it's ever been of the likes you have never seem before ." Trump truly is Tooting his own horn. Trump is like Robbing Hood ,he Robs the Poor and gives to the Rich so that the Rich won't notice he's stealing from them too. Trump needs to stay President to stay out of Jail ! MAGA ,Vote Blue 💙 in 2020 !

  26. those of us taking these polls & saying we support his impeachment & removal, are paying enough attention to realize this reality. i have friends & family who defend him. they are working & living their lives. i am retired. i try to post these news/commentary segments to fb for them to peruse. i am vocal so i don't know if they are. my comments may turn them off, but i have to speak about my take on them. i hope at least some of them are, or even doing searches on it to verify the info.

  27. OF COURSE! Just amazing the country didn’t see this coming and prevent it by not allowing this malignant narcissist to even run for President! Frightening the country was so asleep…

  28. If the GOP tries to make a mockery of this impeachment hearings I know that most Americans are smart enough to see through their disgraceful play. GOP denying the truth is trying to make the American public seem like fools.

  29. When you go bankrupt 6 time in 9 years and lose a billion dollar in that 9 years you do sh*t for me not even looking after my pig bank.

  30. "He who sings with his tongue on fire, and gargles in the rat race choir, bent out of shape by society's pliers, cares not to come up any higher, but rather drag you down in the hole that he's in" … Bob Dylan

  31. 'Why did you return the kettle I borrowed with a hole in it?'
    'Number 1, there is no hole in that kettle, number 2, it already had a hole in it when I borrowed it from you, and number 3, I never borrowed a kettle from you.'

  32. yep – absolutely preposterous that they are going to try and claim that everyone is either a never Trumper, a radical Dem or a member of the "deep state" and that all of them are lying and only Trump is telling the truth. give me a damned break. at what point does logic and rational thought prevail?

  33. Corrupt MSNBC and fake news media ( you have been extremely well paid by the never Trump billionaires ) , even your own low IQ anchors know the impeachment is just another political democrat circus !

  34. I enjoy coming to msnbc on you tube.
    I enjoy the comments and the short videos.
    The one thing I don’t understand is everyone hates Trump.
    The Trump hating hosts talk to Trump hating guests.
    Isn’t that what you call a bubble. Don’t you want to know anything else outside your bubble? Sad

  35. Maybe someone should read the transcript to tRump since he can't read it for himself. Apparently his supporters can't read either.

  36. What about what you guys are doing? You reinforce him by calling it a transcript. It's not a transcript. It's a memorandum. Someone else's memory of what was said not the actual transcripts.

  37. the great bawler, insolent and without a feeling of shame, becomes commander-in-chief of the army.

    Centurie I, Quatrain 40 

  38. fortunately America is taking care of itself without its "negligible" republican parent. Republicans have become useless, and they know it.

  39. This is why I will no longer vote for a democrat. Ever since Trump was elected this is all the democrats have done is try to impeach Trump. If they would of worked on policies, infrastructure making health insurance affordable. Instead nothing and now we have a great economy, jobs and future.

  40. I'm sorry. On this he did nothing wrong. For all his faults. This is not justice. Democrats need to get back to policy not propaganda 😠

  41. I've been listening to this 💩💩💩💩 4 three years HAY DEMTARDS IT'S NOT GONNA WORK. TRUMP 2020 U BETTER STOCK UP ON KLEENEX. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  42. GOP is teeing up Rudy and Mulvaney! 😂 This is gonna get good! I can't wait to see the Republicans start eating each other! 🍿🙈

  43. This is probably the Republicans last defense after all else fail and that is to throw everyone under the bus. shouldve known The President is a "backstab".

  44. "Me,me,me…..I,I,I…..want, want want" Yep, that about sums it up. I think we will see some dumb clucks in the Senate go down with the ship. I wouldn't count on McConnell, he will not want to sacrifice his GOP band for Trump.

  45. He'll do anything to defend Vladimir Putin if he allow Michael Cohen to go to jail Rudy this Rich Ambassador y'all going to jail

  46. Trump was no politician. So how can he know the system better than anyone? Unless his system is lying finger pointing self praising backstabbing bad mouthing undermining and bribing? If so then he does know the system better than anyone..

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