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  1. Castor is clearly playing a weaker hand. Guys like Jordan are really going to be struggling when Bolton testifies, which will eventually happen.

  2. These people are not looking at it in the right way. The public hearings are not design to convince lawyers etc. It is design to convince regular people. I watch it and the Republicans sounded very convincing to Republicans ears They are actually making a lot of sense to their Republican base. Scary, I know.

  3. I am impressed with the confidence Mr. Kent answer his question. On the other hand, Taylor is having hard time holding his laugh when the question. He is having fun seeing how shallow the question were.

  4. It is time to stop asking what the Republicans are thinking.  The politicians are realizing that demographic trends and a possible second blue wave in 2020 may mean that a Trump dicgtatorship is their only chance of holding power in their generation.  The Republican electrate is so brainwashed that they are only leaking around the edges and are no longer capable of independent thought.  The ones the Democrats and the pundits need to concentrate on are the center-right Independents.  The Republicans cannot win without them, and they seem to  be moving away.

  5. How laughable. The GOP has truth on their side making the false accusers look like thirty pounds of dirty ice. Get your facts straight MSNBC to get that orgasmic thrill down Mathews leg!!!!

  6. Don't worry. When the emails from Burisma to the Obama State Dept. in 2015/2016 (already obtained via FOIA by John Solomon of The Hill) are investigated (they asked for the State Dept. help in the name of Hunter Biden) and the subsequent follow-up meetings in person with Obama's State Dept – who the emails reveal were then relayed to Biden himself (but Joe said he didn't know anything about Hunter's involvement ) it will get very interesting for the Bidens.

  7. It's so funny to watch these bozos and the ones on FOX bozos spin things to their advantage. If it were a democratic president they'd be screaming, HERESAY HERESAY!! NOT CREDITABLE!! FOX would be screaming IMPEACH IMPEACH!! ALL OF THEM ARE CORRUPT AND WASTING OUR TIME.

  8. One day you hateful Democratic idiots are going to get the broken America that you want. I'd like to be a fly on the wall when you finally figure out that you've destroyed yourself and your family. But not today. Trump 2020.

  9. Steve Castor looks more like a mortician than a lawyer. I think he missed his calling. If he's involved in defending Trump, though, he will be getting a stiff ready for burial, so we'll see how he does at that.


  11. The 3 stooges of Trump's defence counsels.We all know what Trump did…the facts are not even challenged or in doubt.
    Peter Welsh put Jim Jordan down good when he asked for whistleblower to be called… He said call Trump he started all this not the whistleblower!!!

  12. The whistleblower complaint was through legal chanels. It has been corroborated at every level. There are laws in place specifically for the process and they were followed to a T.

    Where did the Biden complaint come from? A marketing company owned by Rebekah Mercer that produced debunked propaganda.

  13. Reminder that we have Joe Biden bragging on video about denying aid to Ukraine if they didn't fire the prosecutor investigating his son

  14. A partridge and a pair tree? You are correct. "it's a bunch of nonsense." We, the People already know this. It's the next chapter of the Dems smear campaign against the POTUS. you've made me #WalkAway and will be voting #Trump2020 Adam Schiff lyin his butt off about what was said – was enough to make me turn red to back Trump.

  15. I sure get the feeling that this is second rate truth that's spilling forth from these kid's mouths. This is second rate reporting, at best.

  16. The GOP lawyer was using his hands and moving his head to hopefully distract Taylor and Kent. Neither of them were affected by it.



  19. It's snowing outside.
    Who told you it's snowing outside?
    Who is the WB that told you it was snowing outside?
    Dudn't matter …. it's snowing.
    Don't need to know who the WB is.
    Forget about the WB.
    It's after the fact.

  20. Congressman Jordan
    If you hear your wife is cheating and that she is in the local motel with a man, would you question the source or the validity of that information?
    If the first is more important to you than the latter, you're not a practical man. In this case, you are worshipping a man who can't tell the truth instead of the honor of the United State constitution. You yourself is cheating the United State of america. Shame on you.

  21. Corroborated testimony proved: Trump has violated his oath of office, betrayed this nation, and committed the impeachable acts of bribery, extortion, abuse of power, and obstruction of justice. Any president having done so must be impeached and should be REMOVED

  22. The correct answer to the question "Are you a never-Trumper?" is "Are you a Trumper-no-matter-whater who wouldn't impeach him if he shot a baby in Fifth Avenue?" (which, by the way, Trump is certainly going to do if he's not reined in).

  23. Trump, in a fit of Capslock Rage Tweets "NEVER TRUMPERS!". Shortly theerafter, Jim Jordan, the man Trump personally placed as the GoP lead in the Impeachment Inquiry, quotes Trump's Tweet and makes it the central issue, asking the witnesses starkly "Are you a Never-Trumper?". Of course, as a legal tactic this is meaningless rhetoric, but that doesn't matter, because the real audience, as it is for so many of Trump's Republican apologists, is an audience of one. It is just to impress the president that Jordan is doing the job Trump installed him there for. This all seems pretty apparent.

    Hence I'm just a little surprised that no commentator has picked up on the fact that Trump would appear in some degree to be remotely directing the Republican strategy. This seems worthy of note because it means the reins have been taken from the hands of knowledgable Congressmen and women and professional Counsel and have been taken up by the crazed erratic madman in the White House. It should lead to some memorable moments and of course cannot help but be disastrous for the president. Or so one hopes…

  24. The attack by the GOP worked for their base, for Trump, but to most of us, it was a disgusting, childish, belligerent display.

  25. The GOP are so, so, so stupid. How anyone with half a brain can vote for them remains a mystery. I guess there are a lot of brainless fools in the world.

  26. Boy is this a lie.  Ukraine just released the payments made to Hunter Biden: 38 payments totaling 3.1 million dollars for a guy who knows nothing about the energy to sit on their board.  I should be so lucky.  Both Biden and Clinton sucked all the money they could out of their positions as government officials,  Pay-for-play big time!

  27. What were Bidens´son´s qualifications for the Ukraine job? Salary off $ 50,000 a month – or was it $ 60.000 ? – must have been an important job. Does he speak Ukranian. In the event that he has no qualifications other than being Bidens´son, then there is a whiff of corruption there too. more than a whiff.

  28. What Trump doesn't understand is he is supposed to be president for ALL Americans not just the ones who voted for him and those that cover for his criminal behavior. Saying career diplomats are Never Trumpers because he doesn't like their truth as they remember it makes him sound stupid.

  29. The guy was persistent but you can see how he wavers so slightly as Taylor made him repeat himself the stupid questions. Nicely done

  30. Just because trump tried to bribe Ukraine for a public investigation doesnt mean hunter biden's involvement in Ukraine wasn't corrupt.

  31. I am watching this from the other side of the world, are Republicans idiots at least take part in the debate. You have obviously a great woman that has served your country well and now no one on the Republican party will stand up for her. I thought you guys were Americans first. Then your leader (no we don't call him a President) is intimidating her while she is speaking. What is wrong with you guys? The rest of the world want a STRONG America, honestly what are you doing to yourselves? Why do you owe this man Trump such loyalty. The world is watching, the guy is a nutcase. Actually I hope you do realise the world is watching!!

  32. The Democrats did go after Jordan, by saying that Trump can come in and tell his lies. The audience laugh. Trump is blocking people from coming in.

  33. Jordan and Nunes' primary aspiration at the hearings is to sneer at evidence, testimony and witnesses so as to supply oxygen and fuel for Fox News apologists

  34. Arms for Dirt. It will be long time before another President is caught as red-handed as Trump.

    But to be expected when Trump is the most corrupt, most criminal, stupidest President the country has ever had

  35. What kind of lawyer did the GOP use, and how can one describe the manner of questioning he used. Utterly bizarre, Steve Castor acts like saying a bad word about Trump is an illegal act. I'm amazed at how little he has to work with, and he's clearly limited by The Guiliani doctrine.

  36. Harboring bad thoughts about Trumps felonious actions is not a reason to mistreat people. Trump folks live in a weird bubble.

  37. Pardon Pardon Pardon Pardon Pardon Pardon Pardon Pardon Pardon Pardon Pardon Pardon the whole swamp Pardon Pardon Pardon Pardon Pardon Pardon

  38. Biden completely admitted to everything on video. But this network will not show that video because they are mouthpiece of the corrupt Democrat party. Liars

  39. MSDNC you edited out the part where these 2 swamp creatures admitted President Trump did nothing wrong. So much for journalism and truth.

  40. The republican reputation is such that a lot will be removed from office as there loyalty to a toxic leader,the sooner the better because they treat the American public as idiots,

  41. The Murdochs own 40% of Fox News – is this the centre pin of power in the USA? Who makes up the other 60% of ownership? This battle will be lost if the message isn't truthfully relayed.

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