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    Nature Healing Society

  2. Great work my dear brothers, just like always. !! Very smooth, & relaxing music, awesome videos, just great work, , thank you guys for all your hard work, God bless you always.

  3. Thank you so much for making this video… makes me wonder why am I still seated here in the confines of my room… love it love it… many thanks again

  4. Obrigada, pela beleza das imagens, pela flutuação das estações, pela música maravilhosa. Toca a alma e aquece o coração. Thank you!!!!!!

  5. There is so much to offer the world a signature smile that the Nature Healing Society Good morning music brings you into the movement that doesn't way you one way or another because you realize then and there that it is far more valuable to your morning than to wake up for the pleasant feeling that feeling forever like two cooing white two turtle doves during how they both feeling after a slow rain calming down to never never land all over again

  6. Nature Healing Society good can't replace allows you to experience peaceful feelings and to know you're faced with a mountain spiritual dip and this version of song makes you feel like the hawk that 's on the move but you don't set you aside because a good morning is hard to get into what you're facing the world by your own but the rushing bull rushes prancing and move to a beat of a different attitude changed overnight for the better

  7. July 20th 2019 romanic calender,san fulgencio Alicante España. Und die menschen sind was sie sind und was sie nicht mache. Oder machen.glück auf.}°_°{

  8. I’ve been listening almost to the end and I like to add;
    This is from the makes soul through to mine.
    Sublime… thank you.

  9. I fought it…
    I fought the odds
    I fought the plots
    I fought what the world thought I could not.
    I fought …
    I put up the fights
    I lost many in this reality we believe is life..
    I've been stabbed ..
    I've been hung..
    I've been abandoned in the worst of slums..
    I've been accused ..
    I've been abused ..
    I've been murdered ..
    I've been used…
    I fought it..
    I've fought depression
    I've fought anxiety
    I've fought stress
    I've even fought myself at the hands of death.
    I've fought the tears..
    I've fought the years
    And through it all I'm still here..
    I fought financial woes in the unbearable cold freezing from joint to joint but my soul never froze…
    I've been jumped by slander , Defamation and propaganda
    I've been painted as a oleander
    I've fought so many lost..
    I've fought for change and postive cost
    I've fought the yells
    I've fought the screams
    I've fought the nightmares and disturbing dreams.
    I fought extreme pressure
    I fought unpredictable weather
    I fought the desires
    I fought the urge
    I fought my demons
    I tamed my nerves
    I fought it all
    I've been beaten all the way down
    And even though I'm hurting from years of fighting my essence and soul still haven't frowned…
    To many I may appear
    To many they see me living in a illusion and fear..
    To many the words are uttered 'O My Gawd what have we here?
    To many my silence is strange it's viewed as hurt and pain
    It's viewed as awkward and strange
    Really don't know what to say I have to keep my strength I have to keep my faith
    I've been through too many brutal fights in my short life …
    I've lost many battles
    I've been in many wars
    Look at my flesh see all the scars
    And still I haven't quit because I came to far….
    I know my destiny
    I know my faith
    I know it's not rooted in this place..
    I know this realm is not my home I have to keep on keeping on
    I'm not a writer I'm a living poem.

  10. Immagini e suoni divini! Chiunque abbia realizzato questo video è un essere di luce. Mi commuove tanta bellezza. Dio ci premia ogni giorno e noi non capiamo niente! Grazie grazie dal profondo del cuore!

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  12. Magnifique. C'est presque magique tellement c'est beau. Je m'incline devant cette nature, grandiose. Incomparable… Merci pour ce splendide partage. Bien a vous…💖

  13. Hermosa música, hermosos paisajes…gracias por tanto!!
    Saludos y Bendiciones desde Buenos Aires – Argentina.

  14. Maravilloso audio que hace que de una vez te lleva a proyectar lo que deseas mientras disfrutas de la música que te eleva la vibra y te enchila el alma. Mil gracias

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