Globalisation, Environment and Social Change at Stockholm University, this is Joshua's story!

hi my name is Joshua levy I'm from the UK and in 2013 I moved to Stockholm to study my master's degree at Stockholm University I'm now also doing a PhD so hopefully I will be able to help you with any questions you might have about moving to Stockholm and studying at the University now ideally I would be making this video in Stockholm so that I could show you a bit around where I work the University campus but it's the summer and I'm on holiday so I'm afraid all you have is my slightly sunburnt face and a nice olive tree behind me there so a little bit about myself before moving to Stockholm I studied philosophy at the University of York in the UK where I became convinced did in questions of environmental political philosophy but I didn't really know what to do with that so I found this program at Stockholm University called globalization environment and social change and I applied for it because it just covered so many different topics that I found interesting at the time as it turned out my interests kind of shifted while I was studying this from more environmental questions to questions of urban social justice and that is what I focused on for the second year of my master's program and what I'm now focusing on in my PhD at the Department of Human Geography here another big part of my decision to move to Stockholm was the city itself before I'd applied for anything we even began searching for masters programs I took world hitchhike around different Scandinavian cities looking at universities there and Stockholm just kind of stood out to me as such a beautiful city with a very nice crossing campus which is really kind of comes into its own in the summer the winter is also nice but in its own way and something that you can find out yourself when you're here okay I think the rest of this video will be done inside because the mosquitos are killing me right now I think one of the things I enjoy most about studying the program that I did was the fact that there was such a good mix of students from all different nationalities and I genuinely was really interesting to make friends with and to be able to study with people who had such different backgrounds and had such different outlooks on the world and on the things that we were studying so obviously I really enjoyed my studies in Stockholm there's always gonna be things that people struggle with when they move to a new city I think in Stockholm people tend to talk about the cold winters the relatively high cost of living and the stereotype of the Swede that can be kind of difficult to make friends with for me these weren't really issues I think I I made a point of trying to learn Swedish early on which then meant that I could get some part-time jobs in cafes in Stockholm which helps both financially and also was a nice way to kind of practice my Swedish and to kind of integrate more into sweet society outside of university as well so that's definitely something that I would recommend so when I graduated from my master's program I decided that I didn't want to leave Stockholm so I hung around worked in a coffee shop for a while until I was lucky enough to be offered a PhD position I think you mean Geography Department here so now I will be around for another few years and that is something that I'm pretty excited about okay I think that is about all I've got so I'm gonna go back to being on holiday and yeah if you have any questions that you want to ask I will do my very best to be as helpful as possible and hope to see you in Stockholm at some point

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