Global Sync Meditation for Peace 2015

(The word “PEACE” in various languages) We need to do everything we can to help peace because PEACE is love. The power of thought magnifies when lots of people are thinking
the same thought at the same time. And one of the things
we’ve been doing is using that power of collective
thought to send an intention. To somewhere that needs our help. Somewhere in the world that
is war doom that needs some peace. I believe that the inner
peace has a great, amazing connection
with the global peace. Two, most important keywords and they are kindness
and compassion. The world peace is important, because without that you can’t have inner peace. All the methods are acceptable as long as you love your neighbour, you respect other religions, you respect ideas from other people. For world peace, I think that we need to build relationships among people. So, people know each other and that they see the similarities in our souls and in our hearts and build a community in that way, in a world basis. I think, to find inner peace you have to be happy, not to lie, and to be kind and not to expect too much. When there is a critical
mass of people meditating the crime rate goes down. So, what would happen if millions of us did an
intention for peace? On September, 19, 20 and 21st it will be World Peace Meditation. Those will be days when a lot of people from all the world, thousands of people, will be combined together in
collective meditation for peace. Being my true self, gives me
happiness and inner peace. And if everyone could understand that then world peace could be a reality. Our reality.
I am peace. Just use your heart.. Just make love and not war.
Just that! Inner peace is all
about being grateful. And say thanks, every day. It starts from the smallest things. Thank you for the
electricity in my home. Thank you for the clean,
drinking water I have. Thank you for my loved ones. If you believe in the world then maybe you should pray. And you have to believe in peace. The more people who believe in it oh… more it will
make a difference. So, if you are
interested in peace. If you want to make life
a little bit better. Please, join our meditation process. I want all around the world, peace. I just want peace.

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

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