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Global outrage over Iran sentencing prominent human rights lawyer to lashes, years in prison

Global outrage over Iran sentencing prominent human rights lawyer to lashes, years in prison

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. "Supreme leader" sounds awfully like North Korea lol. The poor women in these damn Islamic countries deserve better.

  2. -Feminist! Where are you?
    -We were told by the Iranian government, she's a US spy! And the news may be fake. And besides, don't you remember, we never oppose islam

  3. Do not white wash the american hands , who intervened  in other countries throughout history.

    America with the warmongering policies ,changed the course of political movements  who were seeking Democracy. and that is as bad as overthrowing a government !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Remember 1953 coup d'etat against the  lawful elected prime minister  of Iran(Mossadeq) in favour of the Shah  ????
    I suggest you educate yourself about the 1979 revolution  too + find out the American hands behind  the fall of the Shah of Iran.

  4. This is what facist racist fundamentalist violent islam.
    Islam is one of the religions which justifies violence and propagates women enslavement.

  5. Iran is safest place for women on earth.
    Those who talk lot about woman's rights have no issues with n number of prostitution centre.

  6. Denis Diderot: "Man will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest."
    I don't believe that, but I can understand the sentiment when I see a story like this.
    What kind of men are these, these religious and political vultures?
    She's more alive than any thousand of those vampires have ever been.

  7. What a great revolution, the deeply self-deluded, prehistoric minded, Ayatollah Khamenei introduced a Fatwa in late 2016 banning Iranian women from riding bicycles: to bring it to 45 ludicrous restrictions on Iranian women's liberty.
    Down with this demonic regime.

  8. The Iranian Theocratic Sharia law religious police state dictatorship is, founded on oppression, repression, suppression, fear, and conformity, as it is a Theocracy created by religious fanatics, and run by a deeply self-deluded, non-elected Ayatollah. Which means anyone who disagrees with it is automatically deemed an enemy of the state and an enemy of God and so subject to punishment.

  9. Islamic republic should release her before propaganda machine starting all over the world of course holding her is weakness of regime so let her go

  10. Truly a disgrace.
    Down with religious fascism, and all other kinds of fascism. These old religious creeps are barbarians and deserve the punishments they inflict on others. Outrageous.
    This why our "separation of church and state" is so important.

  11. Typical barbarous treatment of women in Muslim culture… where every woman is treated like a cow and subject to rape at the whims of men.

    Yesss! Behold the god damn glory of 7th century Sharia laws… fruited from the alleged "religion of peace."

  12. 🔷🔷🔷 I think the method of religious punishment should be brought to the United State from Iran, this way all the Liberals will understand that such behavior, is archaic and wrong. Naturally, that means the rest of us are going to have to suffer in order to prove our point to the Liberals….The United States has had multiculturalism forever, well before it was ever coined as a word…Legal immigrants make up the fabric of America, in case nobody ever noticed.

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