Glenn Beck’s Favorite Politicians = Embarrassing

glenn is gonna discuss so are his
favorite politicians this list is embarrassing not louie Gohmert two years how would
that be crews have a great Gohmert on Mike goblin texas has there ever been
a better time and that would be great I yeah and that’s the way it should be
that sweet exit should be yes yeah excuse my language and as a safe
French but I don’t think it’s technically French a couple love ass
kickers up there with me worried here it is after gomer twins in the senate hmm I its president crews UConn vice president hole maybe vice
president and ground as long as his dad is still functioning someone put his dad as the fed us no I’m sorry the Treasury Secretary mmm okay we’re gonna
abolish the Fed sonya me there but he’ll be the treasury secretary Louis got louie Gohmert is going to be
our Secretary of State okay well then we
need to senators from Texas which is I’m going impact tons I I don’t I is he kidding it if you being serious that has got to be one the most
embarrassing things Glenn Beck has ever said and yes he said a lot louie Gohmert as secretary of fuckin Ste date louie
Gohmert as Secretary of State okay do you know what the sectors they
does and you know who louie Gohmert is are
louie Gohmert is the guy is as you think the Muslim Brotherhood
infiltrated other federal government and is calling shots in the Obama
administration whites well you know what I mean well their
home I am burden whom Avidan is anthony Weiner’s wife
she’s an aide to Hillary Clinton back when she was a senator and their theory actually goes whom
avedon I was in the Muslim Brotherhood she was calling the shots in the
administration as she was being the eight Hillary
Clinton all and former CIA director wonder why this
man you’ve ever seen in your life John Brennan secret Muslim pushing for Sharia I’m not getting these are the things
that louie Gohmert actually believes back I was gonna be secretaries day back
I who actually fakes that President Obama up is trying to bring back the are the main
Empire the Ottoman Empire not always expanding
the American Empire with all these bases we are not be Ottoman Empire now you know why Louis
says I write a royalty on a virus but he just knows it has to do with
people who have a darker skin tone in him and it louima lump them all together it
doesn’t matter if you’re seeking if you’re a you know moslem if you’re Hindu
doesn’t matter if you’re from in Dr if you’re from Rane like and they
got darker skin than me so its all restraints on President Obama he’s you know he’s running back bottom NMR
you have the guy who doesn’t know what the Ottoman Empire is to be the secretary of state louie
Gohmert don’t cast aspersions on my asparagus
Tuesday nobody knows are you trying to say it was in the middle of a heated debate
with Eric Holder and the other videos II how dare you
cast aspersions on my ass paratis and was he trying to say don’t have to
Spurgeon’s on my character don’t cast aspersions on my my own aspersion nobody owes it could
just be that he’s really stupid anything thought the word asparagus meant
something else and 10 cruisers president fit are we talking about the same Ted
Cruz the Ted Cruz who has no idea how the
senate functions the Ted Cruz who’s doing in non filibuster filibuster
that was guaranteed for failure because it’s not a fuckin filibuster the guy who talks for 20 hours simply to
hear his own voice for 20 hours

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  1. No Kyle. Beck is just a bad comedian. Even a. Crazy person wouldn't talk like that. They are just having fun laughing as they watch YouTube responses.

  2. I swear, one day Glen Beck is gonna go on his show, smoke a joint, donate $10 million to Green Peace, legally marry a gay couple and then turn to the camera and say, "Gotcha!"

  3. Because of Putin's efforts and no one elses. John Kerry was all to eager to send someone else's children to be maimed and killed in a war that had nothing to do with the security of the nation he represents.

  4. Rubbish! Sen. Kerry served nobly and honorably in the disgraceful war in Vietnam and knows full well(as does Sec'y Hagel) that mobilizing our military forces is not to be trivialized! Something that Pres. Bush could never understand and cost this country untold money and wasted lives.

  5. John Kerry is an absolute disgrace to anyone whom has ever served the United States in uniform. The Swift Boat Veterans for Truth were all too happy to discredit his supposed war exploits. After his return to Vietnam, he besmirched his fellow veterans in front of congress and in so doing dis-honored every service member that shed blood in Vietnam. He also said that those serving in Iraq were uneducated. John Kerry can rot

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