Glenn Beck: George W. Bush Is Progressive

male Glenn Beck has a new fearing not
only is Mitt Romney progressive you got somebody else you’d like to add
to that list the first real progress a president that we had that was this progressive was woodrow wilson we have
world war 1 wooden then the next time we have a real progressive president FDR is FDR
World War two the next time we have a real progressive president we have the
turmoil love the nineteen sixties and Vietnam and now this one you think we’re going
to walk away with this one without I mean I hope I hope I mean we had a
progressive president nine old republicans don’t like to hear this but
he was a globalist and a progressive George W Bush absolutely George W Bush the problem
with them well he was too far on the left end of
the political spectrum know there’s because there’s no way you know where you mean being a
believer not see what amazes me is that okay it’s one thing if it’s some random
guy in the middle love mississippi mean
clinician Jim Bob who knows absolutely nothing about
politics and city knows the people like george bush and you’ll never that legacy heels the
problem what marshall et even democrat liberal progressive some on the
Left that one day right going back his job his job is supposed to be to follow
politics george bush wasn’t only not a progressive he wasn’t
even a conservative he is a Nino conservative which is like already do bernie duper on the
right-wing the political spectrum where they’re like yeah we are in favor
of dominating the world in creating like its spending the united
states in part: that’s all that’s as far away as you can
possibly get from progressive when I just calling
yourself a fascist now the other traffic going back to it is this will become quickly becoming my
favorite conservative track whatever you like a somebody and you know that they don’t help your
cause just declare that they are not you so Bill O’Reilly to this remember when
Anders Breivik did the shooting in Norway and killed 77 that children and in his manifesto he
said I am a Christian terrorist he’s called himself at right Bill O’Reilly our shows are not use our
Christian good it says it brightens manifesto he says I’m a Christian known of Christians don’t do that so is
not a Christian by definition so that’s the way this works now if you just pick something that you say is
inherently good by definition and nothing could ever contradict that even
if it’s right in front your face show up everything bad well it differs
progressive Woodrow Wilson use bad president he got into war the progressive Wenger
Wilson is a progressive like the fuckin Nazis are National Socialists that
wasn’t even ash not the party the National Socialist
Party but they were socialists they were fascists they just call
themselves socialist just like in north korea it’s called the Republic of Ghana career or
something like that the republicans many yet they’re they’re Republic therefore
containers every other detention and Woodrow Wilson columns of
progressive is the furthest thing he was a vicious racist as well documented does not progressive
right up well a at least we know while Glenn Beck might be going around
redefining everything to suit his terms and yes we know he’s consistent on this
issue right so one back is stridently anti-war he’s always been
anti-war he saying yet abt george bush impressive
want more than all other progressives want more wars bad always been against
war what happened to be over are recording
of Glenn Beck advocating the opposite with their the
real story about iraq can be found in the eyes up the children ninety-eight percent
home have been vaccinated for diseases like
polio or who are attending one of the forty
five hundred schools that have been rebuilt and restocked with over 8 million text books like coalition
forces you can also see it bravery patriotism other than 19,000 newly
trained members of the elite Iraqi Special Police Force and the
18,000 border agents more now protecting Iraq’s border with Syria for the amazing progress iraq’s economy
were over 33,000 new businesses have started up since the end the war the real story can even be seen in
places you never even think to look like the fact under Saddam virtually no
one even bird over cell phone and we only had to
kill a hundred nearly nine thousand of them think get them to cell phones for you also made he likes god of course the progressives are for
more in world war two World War one and the other Iraq war george bush was a
progressively one more he wanted more I would never want more under any
circumstances let me tell you all the reasons iraq is great with this sappy
music in the background and by the way I don’t believe annual those numbers iraq is an absolute mess they’re still a
war going on between the Sunnis and Shias nobody likes the kurds in the north all
types in different warring factions there’s bombings on a on a weekly and
monthly basis the place is in shambles right and where he’s getting his information
from your guess is as good as mine but it’s not information on that stuff is
true but clearly all that is beside the point
anyway right the bottom line is Glenn Beck is going
around now pretending like he’s anti-war is always been anti-war why because there’s a democrat in office
as Bill Maher turned it he’s black tracking you know that means
disagree with Obama when you agree with you changing your position because of you
know Obama changed its so Obama now the Sun is but pro war in
Syria so when I got always been anti-war next time there’s a republican president
watch what we flipped again right back towards being in favor of war

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  1. Pushing the neo-cons out of your camp. It may make you ideologically "pure", Mr. Beck, but it makes you less and less relevant to your side.

  2. Too bad he can't accuse Abe Lincoln of a being progressive who got us into war because right-wingers have been busy for the past several years proudly informing everyone that he was a Republican.

  3. @Kyle:Your assuming that their will be another Republican president. Not that it matters much because most of the 'liberals' in office,take a Rep stance anyway.

  4. dude, really? Republic of Korea is actually SOUTH Korea. North Korea is the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea, aka DPRK. really? fucken aye kyle…

  5. Progressives are on both the left and the right. On one end of the spectrum is liberty, with some on the left (classical liberals) and some on the right (tea party conservatives); on the opposite end, the big-government, totalitarian, progressive end, you still have the left (modern liberals) and the right (neocons). Al Gore is a modern liberal, George W. Bush is a neocon, and both are progressives.

  6. well, what makes you a progressive is you are willing to acknowledge it. that said, it is a pet peeve of mine. there is no such thing as "south korea" as there is no such thing as "east virginia." the proper terms are either korea and north korea or the ROK and the DPRK. it really is a pet peeve of mine…

  7. Nice try, but no. According to research by social scientists such as Robert Putnam and David Campbell and psychologists such a Robert Altemeyer, the Tea Party is authoritarian, not libertarian. Altemeyer, who has spent his entire career studying the phenomenom of authoritarianism, says Tea Partiers share the psychological trait of being authoritarian followers. Here's a paper he wrote where he explains why:

  8. And you seem to have no idea what "progressive" means in a political context. "Big government" is a meaningless phrase. The size of each part of government can be debated on a case-by-case basis, but nearly all Americans (including Tea Partiers) want their own forms of big government, and those who genuinely don't (libertarian ideologues) comprise a very marginal segment of the population. Punishing homosexuals, for example, is a form of big government, and has nothing to do with progressivism.

  9. I tend to agree. Libertarians are on the very polar tip of the liberty end of the spectrum. When Ron Paul started the tea party movement, it was more liberty minded than it is, now, but the candidates who run under the auspices of the tea party are absolutely authoritarian. Now me, I'm a reformed libertarian and a classical liberal…and an autistic American Indian. Not sure which is worse, but I know the difference between the progressive and liberty poles.

  10. During the 2012 general election a lot of politicians called themselves tea party candidates, but they were neocons just trying to cash in on the movement. Most of the tea party people I know who are not political candidates champion small government. Left unchecked, progressivism leads inevitably and inexorably toward bigger and bigger government until it culminates in totalitarianism. Neocon or Modern Liberal, they all want more government programs to solve things.

  11. You could be right. I've been reading about progressive politics for almost 30 years and that's probably not long enough to really understand it.

  12. Dude, you really need to brush up on your history. Woodrow Wilson was a huge progressive and in fact a racist. He approved of the Klam and was a segregationist. Not to mention, this man rounded up 100,000 people and put them in concentration camps. People of German and Italian descent were thrown into these camps all without due process and no trial. That's just fact! Being far left and progressive are not necessarily the same. Time and again progressives HAVE SUPPORTED WAR as a distraction-fact

  13. Exactly. Same with the NSA, when it was the patriot act you had to be a terrorist if you were against it but now on fox news they talk about Obama stealing your liberties. Fuck fox news.

  14. Good Grief! Really dude? So I guess our founders were "authoritarian." In effect, that's essentially what you're saying. Tea partiers want us to abide by the constitution and live within our means just as the founders did. What could possibly be wrong with that? I'll tell u why. These "scientists want to marginalize these people in order to discredit them because they, themselves, are ideologically on the left and it doesn't fit their agenda. And no, Tea partiers don't want any part in big gov

  15. Well said! In other words, they go to extremes on both ends so far to where they meet each other back on the other end of the spectrum. BTW-Many progressives are racist which has been a well kept secret, especially the old guard like Wilson and Johnson. That's just a fact! Have a look at Robert Bird-I rest my case. This man was actually in the Klan. Progressives have fooled minorities for yrs into thinking they're always in their corner. Nothing could be further from the truth!

  16. Well done. Keep up the good fight for the truth. FIX AMERICA FIRST. of all the wars that we have been involved in; none have bore good fruit. As much as the Republitards want us to believe it isn't the American workers fault the country is bankrupt. It's the neo cons, and war mongers that have our people homeless, without health care, and living in poverty.

  17. I really like Shirou Zhiwu's American Political Spectrum Simplified infographic. It's not perfect, but it comes close. If you Google American Political Spectrum Simplified it will come up.

  18. What about Conservatives preacher 'Ronald Reagan' ?? In Glen beck terminology, Ronald Reagan would be progressive.

  19. Libs are busy turning our Republic into the Democratic Peoples Republic of America. Libs don't care that we were intended to be a Constitutional Republic with a Republican form of government. North Korea is a Democrat's paradise.

  20. You have a poor understanding of the political spectrum. Google "Advocates worlds smallest political quiz". Under Bush our federal government grew much larger: No child left behind, Iraq & Afghanistan war, TSA & other government agencies came into existence.

  21. Having progressive leaders had shit to do with the world wars, the military alliances predated Wilson in fact most occured during conservative administrations not that that played a part anyway and Wilson had zero to do with Arch Duke Ferdinand being assassinated. Likewise Roosevelt had nothing to do with the Versaille agreement or the Communists taking power in Russia etc. Beck talks shit because he's poorly educated and because he's preaching to people who know even less than he does.

  22. So, I agree with most of what you're saying here Kyle, but I gotta say, your bit about a christian not being a christian even though he says it… well.. I have to disagree in a way. I'm an atheist, so I don't have a dog in that race, but if a person is acting in a way that isn't in accordance with accepted christian ideals, then they're not christian, no matter what they're calling themselves, because they're not representative of christianity.

  23. You are hopelessly misinformed. The founding fathers would be absolutely horrified by the Tea Bagger Taliban. Remember, the Anti-Federalists HATED the Constitution because they thought it gave the federal government too much power. Today, these anti-federalists claim to love the constitution and wrap themselves in the flag, but we know better than to take them seriously. And yes, most Tea Baggers supported the past two wars and other reckless spending, which turned a surplus back into a deficit.

  24. Bush was a rhino of the worst kind.
    He was a progressive liberal in disguise.
    And creating the "patriot act" was the clear act of a tyrant.

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