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Garba Shehu, Human Rights Activist Disagree Over FG's Handling Of Kidnappings |Sunrise Daily|

Garba Shehu, Human Rights Activist Disagree Over FG's Handling Of Kidnappings |Sunrise Daily|

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. This people are not awusa Burt strangers. Oooooo my harht is opening me.. My people if you see the kind ailecurpter that was flying in enugu state last year just that the Biafras are on the way working in the street just for peaceful protest against this foolishness Nigeria. Burt ones buhari travel to Sudan and his boy just come out in that same federal road stroke Abuja express way and opraiht for like 4 hours and no police officer ur army and sass officer. I am Ashemd of the people who say that day are representing we the igbos in house of assembly. Now day have send us operation puorp harder in igbo land Burt trying to distract us with story by giving that seem bandit weapon to finish all of you not me because I am an army of my family nonsense

  2. Y all this fulanis garba shehu is now stermring when day have not ask him a strong questions. I don't know when this country will be wise and come together Les chees all this animal in human nature to wear day all coming from chard

  3. This idiot does not know
    the amount of economic damages caused by illitrate
    fulanis herdsmen roaming
    about every where to the
    extent of giving them money
    to stop killing.What a useless country.

  4. When ipob raise their flags only in protest the Nigeria government will send all the troops and battalions to fight them in different tags terrorist, etc. but when it comes to maitti Allah or so called fulani herdsman, bandits, and boko haram the government will learn how to dialogue with terrorist and offer them 100billion to acquire more suffiscated weapons to keep killing Nigerians,
    we haill u

  5. Dear EMIRS please know that you are the first line of this attack. Buhari had always been an outsider in the north and the army. His army is weak and under funded. You are collectively the immediate target of this revolution in the north. The new Sunni and Shi'ites divide is worrisome. Gumi cannot be free while El Zakkizzaki is in prison. Saudi Arabia still practice slavery. Do not deceive yourselfs that they are able to help you. If all Nigerians are against you; BIAFRA will be a child's play. Look northwards and see your enemies in the Maghreb. It will be unwise to climb the tree to the end of the branch. The top of the ladder is not a place to dance.

  6. The solution that is worldly applied is keep the youth busy and occupied.
    Clearly politicians in Nigeria lack basic sense of nation building.

    The Era of chop make I chop is back again.

    Political gold diggers in prominent positions. You wonder why all our youth want quick money, travel abroad, into kidnapping and robbery.


  7. Garuda Shehu and all the beneficiaries of nepotism are part of the problem. It does not occur to the northern elites are facing a revolution. Their people have suffered from their inept and wicked rule for 50 years.

  8. 😒😒😒😒😒😒😒 @ this point Jesus wept 😒😒😒😒😒😒😒 for Nigeria for the time has come when the poor has nothing to eat but the rich and elites of the country .

  9. It's a big shame for every issue d military is called upon. Buhari should equip d police n recruit more people into police to solve d security problem in d country .we can't b a democracy n every little thing we call military. How many military officers do we see in other democratic countries?

  10. Then if what garba shehu is saying is that it is not wrong for government to start pleading with the citizens then let us stop budgeting money for security and resolve in prayers

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