Gabriel Gundacker Stops By + Two Frat Boys Refuse To Leave

do I look buff like this I'm recording hey how's it going hey welcome to the intro for episode 14 of podcast but outside 14 it seems like we were it seems like with each episode it goes up as the goal so this is a pretty fun episode we recorded it in downtown Los Angeles and we are in the jewelry district we filmed it in the jewelry district way too close to the camera why what's wrong with that you're just getting very close cuz they can see me okay how about this is this better yeah we were in the jewelry district interns in the show we've coordinated Shorey district downtown Los Angeles and it was a fun episode yeah a friend walks by our friend Gabe and Gabe came by and we chatted with him for a bit we had some young people at the beginning we had some older people later you know some weird day drunk people there were some people who were drinking in the day and they were obnoxious and they might sue us I feel like if we were going to be sued it would be by these guys because they wouldn't want us to air what they did what they did thanks for watching we just got back from Vegas it was an awesome trip that was thanks to the patreon supporters – thank you to those who are supporting us on patreon if you're not go check it out you can subscribe for a dollar and help us make this show and okay alright joy bye hello quick bonus intro the theme music for this episode is my close personal acquaintance it's not actually someone we know is it nope it's just a name he gave us designed to trick you yikes bye it's a podcast but since outside most pegasi usually make inside outside hello and welcome back to podcast but outside this is the world's podcast my name is Andrew Michonne my name is Paul Hart if you've never listened to our podcast before or watched it the point of our show is for us to set up this table on the sidewalk and talk to strangers on the street for that service we pay those strangers $1.00 yes we have a sign on our table that says hi PA gets in our podcast and we will pay you $1 they don't seem to care yeah so we are in downtown Los Angeles we were in the Jewelry District it is district full of jewels hey sir we want to talk to us speak words to our mouths and ears peace peace sign peace and love he says we are in downtown but we nerve it in this part of downtown which is the Jewelry District it's a little different it's a little chiller it's it's better than I think I mean it's just chill I feel more rich oh yeah it is also richer because we're surrounded by jewels and hopefully we'll catch a jewel thief in action here on the show and if we don't I guess it'll have to be one of us who what seals a some jewels sure okay are you not into that I don't know I I can't really say what's the worst crime you've ever committed I don't know honestly probably just like jewelry theft oh well you talk to us we got two mics that's all good you can hear Erica and what's your name my name is Andrew everyone – that's double-double trouble right my first friend okay and how about this one who is he to you a stranger I just met but I'm sure we'll get along great yeah newest friend with PCC podcast College Pasadena not podcaster okay cool and you got your friends over here got the crew yeah that's our gang so what do you guys up to today the day off I love it what about Andrew what's my boy Andrew doing huh I'm with them I know I just thought you may be doing something different no no cool name together how many years have you guys been at PCC wait how old are you guys at 21 oh that's – yeah what I like KPCC than the radio station people say that cuz they that's based at Pasadena City College yep cool so what are you guys doing here today talking to you guys oh yeah you're the first guess we just started recording moments ago is sick stars have aligned yeah – Andrew so what what is being Indra meant to you for the last 21 years it's such an honor it's such an honor to be Angie like you know to meet other Andrews it's even more amazing because you can we can connect I see you like blue I like blue as well it's true actually actually I just don't think it applies oh wow my eyes are bluer though Oh see color better why do you guys only have two minutes where were you headed we gotta go yeah just go home I gotta go to work she gotta work he got to go to the fashion district Jewelry District a fashion district I want to this mentionable day for you where do you work I work at Chris cream barbecue son Krispy Kreme barbecue it sounds great barbecue no no yeah Korean barbecue yeah okay what do you guys do you work or is this this yeah we're just kind of hoping to get work from this somehow awesome that's a bit of a jerk well like the jerk district kind of attitude yeah people like you yeah you want to hear from the sweet crawl around right we call around daily like she you know pasa class like a lot of podcasts we won't talk to trash you know you get a dollar for being on our podcast towards the metro let's do it so you guys are taking Metro back huh yes yes too much are you both from LA okay in Pasadena yeah we're you guys from uh I'm originally from kind of Colorado I'm originally from Ohio moved here from Chicago oh wait so you guys are both 21 yes 21 did you guys celebrate that with partying well I'm 21 so yes I celebrated party so she has not yet but we will we're gonna go wild she's the last one no we're gonna go wild she's the last one to turn 21 so we're gonna go friggin crazy what's your definition of wild what do you have lined up we're gonna we're gonna run on Airbnb and we're gonna get fucked up we're gonna do something we'll figure it out I did it I did a weekend getaway and Pasadena once with my friends would you go I went to a hotel for two nights played board games it was really fun it was fun those of you who don't know LA area I live 10 minutes from Pasadena so my friends and I went for a weekend getaway 10 to 15 minutes from our houses and rented a hotel for two nights and it was one of the most fun memories I have for the past few years I like this game called Santiago a lot Santiago yeah okay okay what is the purpose is you are on an island and you are trying to get your crops watered and every round one person is the canal overseer so he decides where the water goes so that their crops can get water I have played that code names code names is good you guys might be next I don't like games okay oh yeah yeah you don't cause a gig you think well like I don't like any organized structure to a social gathering oh really in Turkey do you like it all right not because they could leave whenever they want you know they could anyone anything can happen anyway can rob a jewelry store like a game where you need to take turns and stuff that's true I'm just kind of I don't like structure right right that's fair are you guys on YouTube what do you guys yeah this will be on you yeah we do YouTube we do podcast hey Kim you want to come out two minutes has turned into about six I like this I like this – they're gonna miss their bucks hot cast war she got paid so Chris what's up man my boy Chris Cole Cole and you and you – pleasure to be from LA as well yeah okay so as people who grew up in Los Angeles to help how much do you think the city has changed in the last I don't know in your lifetime I think it depends which part yeah yeah yeah rapidly changing hasn't changed I mean too much poo you start going more towards like like Echo Park yeah yeah crazy were you what are you gonna do in the fashion district today I'm gonna stop by the Arts District and why don't I work today so I wanted to skateboard around okay look for a cafe to read or sometimes there's lovely day outside so I wanted to take advantage of that yeah yeah what do you do for work I'm a mental health nurse at a psych hospital Wow okay my brother is mentally has issues he's a paranoid schizophrenic yeah it's like I grew up with mental health issues in my family it's very interesting very challenging but he's doing better now you know I think they've changed a lot of the he gets a shot now once a month which is much better for him than the pills because the thing with making crazy people take pills is that they've you know they already think people are trying to poison them on a daily basis as it is so to get them to trying to take something that's good for them it's very hard for them to want to do that so the shots are helping him a lot and yeah he's doing a lot better thanks to people like you hurts to see the pharmaceuticals behind a lot of the sort of push and yeah medications people who suffer from mental illness right there's so many other ways to cure like what's what Stiles do you like Duke I'm well I'm soon as I called you right now and I'm more so interested in like holistic approaches to mental health it's just like studying more like indigenous sort of epistemology zandi's we're like people can be approached by their therapist and acknowledging like their holistic I mean instead of just saying like okay you have depression here's this like I also think with a lot of that stuff it's like depression could be a symptom of something else you know like right and I think a lot of a lot of you know modern health care is treating symptoms instead of causes and I think maybe some of this kind of more ancient wisdom that you're talking about is more about treating the causes that's actually leading to those symptoms in the first place mmm-hmm but it's definitely tough it's tough to diagnose and figure out what's wrong with people both mentally and physically family supportive of like you said your brother yeah have a strong support system I know but it's also tough cuz he's very you know it's like growing up with him it was just like we did it out of jail he stabbed someone in the face one time yeah I was my I was I was I had won a skateboard competition when I was like 12 years old I got first place this game for competition is like an hour and a half from my home I was like all excited and I drove home I just now realized that my brother and my mom my brother watches this I don't know I might have to cut this okay might be okay anyway so I was driving home I just feel bad because I love him and he's a great guy it's just you know it isn't an interesting tough decision stuff but anyway I was in the skate for competition and then we drove home as pre cellphones and stuff we drove home and when we got home we had a phone call on her answering machine my brother had been at the skateboard competition he stayed at the park after we left any stab a stranger in the face this before he was diagnosed we just knew he was like a bit off and then he stabbed a stranger in the face then went to went to prison and then eventually what got trans was a mental health institution for like two years was diagnosed was on a lot of medication stuff and then he moved straight from there to living with us a knife where do you get at night he had a night where that's what I don't know because I don't even know where you begin to try to stab someone in the face I guess that's she is you know what there's bones and stuff up in there but he's doing better now than he ever has so it's all for the best yeah yeah my sister she I guess a mental illness but nomads not your type admits of mental illness like her mom drink when she was a baby so Wow she has to feed off the Han syndrome oh no now she has a form of autism so she's on the high-functioning scale but it still was difficult to grow up with that's crazy sister not bad but like as far we said that's her sister I was adopted and she's adopted so we're done so we are yeah growing up was a pretty weird because everybody else has like you know I guess normal sisters and brothers than you guys we have like people suffering yeah it must be such a crazy thing to carry two like that yeah you were adopted but then your birth mother did something that totally has messed you up for the rest of your life it's really challenging yeah yeah cuz also it's weird cuz like I don't know your faith like I feel like your family like just our families are so different from normal families correctly it could never be the same like cuz you have to you have to be different someone going to any type of yeah yeah well thank you for the work that you do tell us more about these I don't alternative treatments to mental health like what like what are some practical things that you're interested in something I've been noticing is the whole idea of normal right alright sure realize that you speak a little more nearby yeah you know working at the psych hospital you realize that people that are in their label that's abnormal you know you're into society you see people that are normal sometimes it's hard for me to see the difference you know like anyone can end up in there I seen their psychiatrist in there all their lives end up in there so it's really just a day right that makes a difference between them and us yeah so you know anyone so has a family member with the mental illness don't get be so down on you mm for being you know abnormal it's really church because then you start something at them through that framework you know the right it's like ostracize them and them you know we have a lot of homeless people out here in LA oh yeah yeah we're so scared of them yeah it's like it's like they have like they're like our modern-day leopards it's pretty crazy I mean cuz we've been doing this podcast for a while we've done a bunch of episodes downtown I think every episode we've talked to some homeless folks right and yeah it's always interesting and and you know I think the folks we've had on the show I think appreciate talking to us was having a conversation stunted but it is strange like I think the homelessness in los dedos has surged like what sixty percent the last four years or something I've seen some billboard that said that and it is like you know it is like yeah you just kind of like turn a blind eye and walk ahead and it's first it's a very surreal experience on a daily basis to see the way that you know they are part of society and also separate from it suicide right like it's a it's an internal conflict within their selves yeah Society has deemed them as you know this or that and now they're thinking about taking their lives and you know what that being on a rise especially amongst our young folk I think it's really important that we just take the time sometimes to just like reach out you know not be so scared of the other normal like what you're doing right now you're outside you know the conversating wall like this is so in a person yeah yeah yeah it's beautiful thank you man thank you thank you know your your conversating with strangers I hate builders yeah it's all about outside you know this is a really stimulating conversation it was really beautiful to talk to you both you guys thank you guys yeah I'll give you each a dollar thank you Chris yeah thank you I'd like a look at school you guys yeah nice to meet you yeah so I really didn't chat to you about nice to meet you yeah good luck with school you guys yeah check us out this will come out in a few weeks you something bye-bye yeah see you guys that was really beautiful yeah I got word that a friend of ours may be coming by oh really well he said he was in the area okay and he saw us but he saw that we're doing it oh oh hey is that your prayer that's game hey hey escape gun Decker oh what's up Gabe how you doing I'm not sure I don't know if you know is this for me you can put the got Gabriel right here I'm not sure if they announce them or not I don't know if it's Wade you know I think you go out what you wait outside the stadium and you see what's going on whether or not they're gonna do one today oh really do you have tickets or anything did you look up online no I don't have any tickets what is this this is a bat yeah you bought a nerve is it a nerf bat I've had this for a couple years why haven't you played with it with some plastic in the it looks like you just bought it no that's I think this is part of the bat separate there you can see the error eventually an air between the bat and this is like a child's bat toy dragon what were you gonna do with this baseball bat yes well so she's gonna do with this within the within the park well I have been a Dodgers fan for a loop for I just got back to LA and I just jumped on the Dodgers game okay fans jumped on yeah and I so I brought my bat that I've had for a while and it's gonna go and maybe you know play you're gonna try to play if they in the game maybe so you have no ticket and no baseball experience and a non real baseball bat you want to play no concept of how games work but you got the Hat I guess so that's good yeah LA Dodgers we got a second half yeah well there's LA Dodgers played the Dodgers they didn't sell one that said LA Dodgers right so I got both so people know that it's so do you like tip your hat to people and they can see like both people well I think a lot of people are going to do this so if you wear two hats so they have both elevated I will say this you're not the first game podcast to wear two hats earlier who were ok do you know where that do you know where the stadium it's in LA central Central LA Los Angeles and you can definitely not just list it downtown yeah it's quite far from here I'm gonna walk there then I'm looking for it and once I find it I'll go to the game and I'll watch it go Dodgers keep going let's go Rogers Rogers getting further from getting any better from the word I moved to LA to get into singing and yeah and it wasn't working so it got into Dodgers okay is that working well I found out a way to get singing into the okay it's sing will you sing him on there's a lot of baseball so about this here we go how about this sure let's say that you're at the you're at the you know you're about to you're about to bat right and there's a pitcher he's about to tell you a ball baseball okay so you're about to bat right and there's a pitcher yeah I don't laughs I see you holding bag laughter what each time you says I'm just all I'm talking about it's just the game of baseball why is that funny to you understand work so you're at bat your with this right which actually matches this it's kind of cool I'm just getting excited okay so here's what's up your at-bat you're about to hit a ball and there's a there's a pitcher and he's he's a mean pitcher he throws really fast balls okay and you wanted to throw a slower ball yeah so I want you to sing a song that you would sing to him to convince him to throw a slower ball that might be easier for you to hit okay so let's play this out this is perfect because both baseball and I know that's why I thought you haven't been the best picture to me you haven't been the nicest picture to me you've been throwing them fast so maybe you could throw this one snow you could be a better picture to me dad wow that's beautiful it was actually pretty beautiful so is this it like in a situation where you and your dad show up to the game together but you can put on opposite teams you have to play against each other that was beautiful by the way thank you for singing that song set up a situation did you how long were you walking around right before we just saw you here I started in San Quentin the prison the prison in San Francisco yeah okay and you walk stay here to try find done I know but that's a quite a long walk and you had that in you I guess that's why it doesn't seem used because you were in prison all those years and it was just in storage well I got arrested outside of the Dodgers game Oh for trying to trying to go oh so you know where the stadium is right just kind of forgot maybe well I'm just I'm just walking back to it yeah yeah believe me I'm not lying right okay and they took you all the way up to San Quentin and then now you're back well I'm a San Franciscan oh listen took you home I was in the LA Jail which what what's the LA jail don't know it downtown LA jail okay and then they transfer me to San Quentin and Quinten maximum-security how was that for this completely I was the first comes because of the singing it was anyway have you seen the movie Shawshank Redemption yes yeah that's about jail as well uh-huh cool not so much singing but do you think of that in there yeah yeah you guys ever been in jail no yeah no well I mean Andrew apparently has robbed a jewelry store no I don't worry about that okay but no I haven't been you would you recommend it absolutely not okay okay all right Wow so you're you're going to the stadium I don't know if there's a gateway it may not be yeah I don't know what depends on the weather I think they'd be quite nice and it's based on the schedule that they yeah and where they're at and who with there's an opponent team in town I think it's solely the weather and if it's raining that you can play and if it's not raining you can't play I think it's the opposite actually because I needed to be slick so you can run fast oh okay yeah well shucks I mean I really hope they're playing today and I hope you get all blue even the top and bottom is a blue Dodger blue yeah well you know I got used to wearing blue shoes colors in prison so alright shoes the two hats are two different shades of blue do you know which one is official Dodgers blue yeah this is the Meridian blue okay and this is tertian and which one's Dodger I believe they're both fake yeah right okay I got these I made these myself this seems more like Dodger blue than anything you're wearing to me oh yeah this is peripheral the / if you appreciate a peripheral blue and you can find that in the fashion district which is right nearby yeah we were just talking about the fashion district I'm getting sick so I should probably go thusly don't get sick okay you're in the neighborhood yeah well I guess Dodgers the pie yeah I don't think so okay there might be though I mean who knows I guess here's a dollar game thanks for talking to us luck finding your stadium let's go Dodgers Thanks all right see you game going back the way he came yes this is weird yeah and now he's talking to someone I might be his girlfriend or his girl toilet girl toy what'd I say boy toy on this podcast what's a girl boy what a gal twit gal pal a girl toy is sexism no I'm just if I say boy toy what's the what's the opposite of that gal okay look fine there is this respectable female I don't think I just waved at that kid in a very creepy way oh hello hey sir there's a lot going on here like a metal metal gear solid I don't think it's just hovering how does it how does it attach there's just I don't really know what it is oh I think it's a jewelry thing oh you know what it is I think it's it goes on his eye and he can look at jewelry better I'm not kidding I think that's what it is it looks like it was floating in front of his throat don't believe me I I saw also I just gotta say did you see the way he waved at that kid no yeah either option hey guys it's that yeah have a nice day all the family all the families around but yeah it was I mean I I'll try and do an impression of him waving at that kid so he was kind of shuffling around then he saw a kidney guys then you shuffle the way oh it was very very much maybe that maybe that's to look at kids okay so we got oh oh he left left this fuck there's just a guy who's sitting hey you can walk in front there was a guy who is sitting basically three feet from our cameraman the entire last half-hour but he fiddling with his feet he just walked away look he wanted to talk to us but then yeah I would have talked to him he also didn't seem like a guy who would be putting on and off saw hey talk to us no worries thumbs up thumbs up like well that was nice to see Gabe I hope he's okay I just not seem like he is but he ladies out of prison you know my favorite absolute favorite podcast is about prison is is set in San Quentin prison really I'll mention it but I'll have to bleep it cuz it is our competition it's card that's made in prison by prison inmates and a person from the outside about life in prison it's incredible well by far the best podcast I've ever heard but I've also never listened to this one so oh yeah I do need to start listening to this you should listen to this podcast it's oh through our pocket you should definitely check it out is it good yeah I've heard about a lot of people been telling me it's good oh that's great hey sup sir hey ma'am hey ma'am hey ma'am how's it goin hey guys you want talk to us no worries no worries a slow head shake I like it let's start saying no que no que I came out that on the e3 episode it's a way to say no and okay no cane okay so let's start using it hey cameraman any pole hitch this episode that you noticed no that'd be good traffic died down a little bit but you know maybe it's for the best yeah so about when I robbed a jewelry store yeah well they were selling jewelry it's just steep discount I basically robbed him oh okay yeah I just bought a bunch bought a bunch for cheap yeah oh no it's thousands at all hours but the discount was high mm our cameraman's being talked to just ignore just ignore just don't don't worry about it yeah talking about they're talking a lot it's okay managers eyes on the phone okay how's it going a beer beer where would you be I don't know don't it there might be yeah I think there's like a mini-mart oh he said he's not gay but I'm ridiculously good-looking I think there's a mini-mart on this block towards the end yeah yeah we're just waiting for our friend oh yeah it's not so good yeah it's a little bit of a little angry yeah he's a little angry you don't turn this on okay it's called a podcast but outside yeah look it up I don't know whoa hey definitely heard that what all right thank you take care okay thanks man yeah thank you yeah I think I think it's on this block if not it I think there's a mini-mart halfway down he said he wants to have sex with that car can we show the car it actually does look like a fucking book car yeah no the cars fuckable for sure yeah definitely I was thinking the same thing actually okay was that blood all over his hands I don't know what's on his hands that's why didn't ya all right si si that was he was actually funny and cool but his hands were so covered in blood that was nice I didn't want to give him a fist pound yeah you got it now you did call me sexy though hey sorry wanna talk to us you love the sign you did call me sexy that was kind of cool but I also called the car sexy as though good as judgment of sexiness I guess the two things he called sexy or me what did he call that other guy gay What did he say that other guy I think he offered him sex for money I'm not positive you know it's really funny because there's a security guard like maybe ten feet from us and he has been there the entire episode and what I want from him as a security guard is not to shut us down but to protect us when people are coming like I want him to do his job you can walk in front I'll walk him no no please don't talk to us if you want we're talking to anyone yeah I also say this right now goal Gabe seems pretty with it yeah Gabe is definitely there at this point I would say Gabe has his act together yeah well it's all about contrast it's true jewelry man your throat thing is back yeah I think it's for looking at jewelry what they talked about looking at kids with a bunch of you got the food a lot of food my guest yes and I also feel guilty because we just talked about mental illness and I know but this is this is the reality of what we're talking about I mean I think it's important for us to talk to them but sometimes it's just scary yeah I gotta admit yeah I don't know it's just unpredictable and this is also we have a lot of expensive equipment I don't know there's certain aspects to what we're doing that are very is very vulnerable yeah yeah you know what the best shield is I think having already happy Americans know having guests having that's a good shield I have know in case a bullet comes to make sure the bullets not too big it'll go through them yeah yeah yeah yeah so any snipers in the area please maybe that's maybe how do we turn that maybe into a yeah be yeah intercourse what thank you cannot baby in a baby yeah but I mean like social and do the only thing I'm ever having it or dude the only thing I'm ever gonna have intercourse with again is that car hey I called dibs that's the only thing I'm ever gonna fix is that fricking car which part do you think huh I'm assuming like the you you put a hole in the windshield right have you seen those video are those pictures from years and years ago of drag dragons having sex with cars yeah they were popular online yeah the only folder on my computer but have you seen those are they videos no their pictures their drawings oh this is like Internet 15 years ago they're really funny they'll put a screenshot it's way it's a these dragons having sex with cars yeah this is a bit of a scene here kind of cool cape hey you guys will talk to us you know be a guest no I mean what sit down some want to talk to us JB Macy's it's just fun guys just talking to anyone about anything you get a dollar yeah yeah next time oh no where's the level of excitement from that guy versus the nun sitting down was fucked up big contrast large contrast all about like people are reading the sign and wording it talk to us be a guest on our podcast you're looking sharp is that cat Kali yeah okay guess focus oh you're right now okay next time hey you want to talk to us I'll talk to us well I work at the jewelry place oh okay he has the face of someone who doesn't speak English I don't know if that makes sense here's a face of someone who loves kids and I don't know if Cole saying this but it seems like you're saying that all people who don't speak English love kids you're a pedophile very interesting form of American exceptionalism [Laughter] look I'm not a xenophobe I just don't like pedophiles hey sir hi ma'am I'm AM wonder if this officer would talk to us oh the security guys I mean I love that these security guys don't I mean look I'll just say like I think about these security guards they're just trying to not get people to rob jewelry stores I don't think they care about anything else yeah although this would be a pretty good ruse like a pretty good diversion from people robbing a jewelry store there's two awesome cool guys who are cooler than anyone else and smarter and nicer and better and kinder than anyone in the world we're doing a podcast and they seem sexy too and I love them oh I didn't notice someone's robbing the jewelry store yeah we are the good distraction yeah and that was a good description of us oh we should talk about our cameraman yes we have a new cameraman it is officially the official podcast but outside intern we have an intern he's getting college credit to be our assistant for the entire summer yes we are actually giving college credit so not only are we the only ethical podcast providing financial compensation that's true but we are also giving him we're also providing college credit and at the end of the summer our goal is to have the intern talk to us and be on an episode and talk to us for a few minutes about his experience being our intern and before that we'll gave him $1 it's a paid internship the thing about internships is that it only favors people who are financially well enough off to not be able to make money for a few months but our guy is going to be making $1 at the end of the summer yeah so we're I mean we're crushing it we were rushing in terms of like just good people and we just met him two days ago and on Tuesday which is four days from now we're all going to Vegas two nights me and Cole and our intern record a bunch of episodes there yeah by the time this is released that will have already happened but pretty damn cool yeah and by I mean you may have seen the photo of our intern on our Instagram we DM on our story yeah maybe he'll get a grit post one of these days if he earns it yeah you got you got to earn a spot on the grid you gotta earn it it's tough to get gritted hey sorry you want to talk to us yummy yummy oh no I just said yummy to the girl walking by before I saw you got a time you're yummy so that it's not a girl that's listening to you saying it all right you know a lot of these people have been looking into these things I don't know what they hope to find treasure trash is what he's pulling out of it hey yeah we almost talked to you earlier and now no again mm-hmm kind of a dry spell we can sing songs cuz Gabe did because he set it off you did what give each other why don't we give each other a situation to sing a song about and we'll do okay give me one you're singing a song to me take your time no no though come on Cole I don't I can't handle your bullshit non playing the game thing I know you've got your way of doing things but today we're singing can you guys talk to us come sit down anything yeah I you'd have to be invited it either side man honestly your choice they did cheese in choosing me hi how about you pop this on your head and then pop this in your mouth or just hold it in front of it pop it in your mouth there's a protein shake it is coming from the gym no I just came from work for those my lunch you're vegan yeah what's your name Rudy nice to meet you I'm Cole I'm big into we don't see me eating this slop what is that kochava or something no it's just like blueberry strawberry there's a chocolate by you you saw my show the other night like the comedy show oh yeah yeah you saw that Oh awesome cool thanks for coming at UCB oh cool Oh best fish taco awesome cool nice to see you guys thanks for coming the show yeah take care yeah I just get recognized for doing my show the other night anyway vegan how long you've been vegan for years oh cool how's it going for you pretty good yeah yeah you like the lifestyle do you miss solid food I just ate at Robin Hood you've been there oh you gotta go it's amazing the vegan ramen downtown Los Angeles I love it yeah it's not where were you working or you don't to say what do you do for I'm actually just getting to start a new job new chapter who tested was it going oh it's gonna be trimming Bob screaming cheering so what do you turn the pot into like origami or something when you trim it like was a good tournament like you take pot and you trim it up and then we turn into okay it is that through like just a group that does it or what is it like a legal legit so what kind of environment is at a warehouse I've done it actually yeah not for work but my mom to give as gifts around the holidays with her oh hey thanks for chatting man take care yeah yeah see you around wow you guys are very eager to sit down here what's up ten are you guys gonna answer that doing speaker put on speaker clothes here Jenna we are on speaker right now yeah like a suggested donation of five to ten bucks it's cool but there's no booze so can I bring booze how do I have to sneak it in like ammonia whoa where I want them to Pat me down with a meditation festival you need to get drunk for that dead dog we just literally stopped at a street podcast right now and you are on speakerphone with a microphone right now and so am I so wait what kind of meditation this is best of all about where do I buy these things cuz I'm away yeah go on send me the address I'm bringing a bunch of cash and let's have a good time all right now I'll call you after this whole podcast thing because it's about the real weird I'm gonna go get into it ten minutes Wow guys show a little daydream Tommy what are you guys doing here just talking to anyone about anything is that your girlfriend or who was that no it's just a friend a friend from back actually from Middle's guys ever make out did you want to know I mean it's completely platonic we don't know who that is just some guy started filming in which case it's kind of the devil your shirt says cheese is good talking about the tiny girl one of our previous guests you sat down very we liked it was you sat down with purpose and we like I have a personal mission that I try to obtain every day yeah that mission I don't know but I do like grilled cheese you're pointing out everybody actually seven so surprised you go to this meditation festival one and basically meditating right now what's our latitude right now because that's you know what if you're not if you're not pushed out of your element you're not that's like the guide that put bacon on grilled cheese for the first time innovation innovation of its flight man nothing I've ever seen I said earlier that you should do you guys live in LA save us not at all where do you live well there's like a shanty town about south of Tijuana or they've actually been like I'm kind of like the medicine man there no words wait where'd you move from Chicago I'm from Chicago we're about no I am I lived read you know trader Todd's the karaoke bar yes a bit of karaoke there oh yeah you guys definitely seem like the type who would I'd hear from my but that sounds a true story and you're still in Chicago I am so tell me what what what's your podcast it's this is this is what is like anything outside we talk to anyone about anything that's it besides we've already what do you want to talk about do you have anything on your mind he's actually what is your ex career as a professional porn speaker so that's why you get all the cat calling or what do you mean you've just seen a professional porn voiceover right there I think that's just professional misogyny I think this will cut down on the misogyny only tell us if someone doesn't have a nice butt yeah I think means that you'll never say it my work what's your job what's your job one of the what do you do what about you I'm actually a professional guest speaker well on what killing it it's kind of weird to be on a package of someone who lies more than me to make them to make them profitable you ever seen Constantine yeah long time ago with canneries what what are the nonprofit's they feel most passionate about I can't say what type of issues do you care most about so it's professionally related so if you had a there might be an association we're a non-profit that represents podcasters right so people that are like broadcasters I don't understand what is so what is it not like what is it what does the money go towards so let's say you be let's say you were a member of the American Marketing Association okay right so they teach people how to be better marketers and in order to teach people to be better marketers you have to pay for education you have to pay for research that would help make people smarter and better at what they do and that cost money right right so I help them get the money to do that to make people within professions and industries better at what they do why isn't that just a business why is it a non-profit I don't understand it is a business but the people that belong to the organization the organization's themselves are nonprofits so they're they're tax-exempt organizations but that seems just like a business thing I thought specifically about charity don't fool yourselves nonprofits should operate like businesses if they want to maximize their cable bill I understand that but I thought the point of nonprofits was that the money goes towards charity nonprofits means you're not in business just to generate a profit it still takes revenue to do what you do no I understand that your purpose is not to make your purpose is not to fill your pockets right no I know but I thought the purpose was to the tax exempt staff this is a tax thing okay but you don't you don't you're not on operations you're not a business you're not right I know I understand that I've said it from day one charity's a scam it seems like it seems like your dad do you can I ask you guys a question you already had what fret were you guys in I was not in the fraternity I was a goddamn independent piece of shit how did you guys meet what's your origin story well I mean 69 and 69 so you know Ace Hardware we worked together in high school we lived together in college I shunned him for joining his fraternity you need to stop using specific names Jeremiah Ric Flair let me tell you about the night I had Ric Flair's amazing guy how are you guys 19:13 you guys in school yeah we were in we got a PCC Pasadena City College okay yeah what do you guys wanted besides like broadcasting is that what you guys want to do yeah I mean I do I'm interested in whatever yeah different broadcasting stuff any specific area of interest within it wasn't like nonprofits I know I'm kind of like burst that bubble for me a little bit ASMR we've done interviews give you a dollar yeah I would like to donate my dollar you cheese guy you can give it to him yourself yeah he did some hand signals to me earlier well I think he might be deaf so he's like you know yeah it's for class yeah yeah so actually that we this is gonna be our final project actually we just released our last episode last week for our for our class so our teacher mr. Ferguson we kind of wanted to release this episode as like kind of like kind of like tell him like fuck you yeah fuck you mr. Ferguson to the camera yeah that's real life but I can't see myself into your you talking about you are going through a divorce right now with two schools and you turn them right cut the first time we've ever had we cut their mics driving a bike yeah and I also do it on the bike okay cool I don't put people on my bag you do burr food hey little extra money why not I'll pay like the Internet once I was delivering in like a hundred and two degree weather like I got no tips that day no tips and some of them even bragged about not giving me tips I was like hey Brad even they bragged yeah like this one woman is just like oh you didn't get it to me fast enough like I was like maybe a minute late cuz of the traffic and then she went into her air-conditioned like Bank or whatever this is for mr. Ferguson I'm not asking you for a thousand dollar tips people who own bakes suck what's a good tip for an uber driver I add a minimum at a minimum a dollar just like that it's the baseline some people don't even give that you give somebody a 20-minute ride at Subway let's say thirty bucks what do you what would you expect from that I guess I'll talk to this to two to three you know I'll be fine sometimes like if they're feeling really generous like somebody get it okay we're gonna swap these people out you can say but the craziest thing that's ever happened cast like do you guys have a podcasting license to be out here we don't have a license but we are we're students we're students okay you should I give him your seat it was really a dollar it it's like the main rule we have you have to it was a pleasure talking to you both thanks a lot man thanks for sitting down yeah you have to take it yeah you have to take it thanks for talking to us see you guys bye guys see ya yeah have a good day see ya alright this yeah I think do that yeah this is the type of guy who's gonna sue us after we release his episode of course he's interesting the guy on the the guy that was in your seat was actually a virgin which is kind of crazy talking about like what it's like to be the like human version of Barney from The Simpsons yeah like the – they were like barstool sports come to life yeah yeah yeah that's pretty cool sound like the opposite of persona right yeah yeah exactly alright what's your name Arkady are come on let's go they're attacking our cameraman Arkady and your name yeah where you from I'm from LA where's the real name ed guys named gar from something like an old English oh really why do you say Edgardo my mom says it okay just I'm just so used to it I like that I like that always get ripped up by like oh no it's it's just it's just Edgar but just like cool and and where you from be familiar San Francisco okay cool here's visiting town ER yes came for a performance for a music performance in Burbank no was it haven't gone there yet tonight you're performing no no it's a Israeli artist is coming from Paris to perform so it's an Israeli / yes cool okay music is like rap hip-hop well it's her own style I think a lot of art is there her own unique style Ishtar Allah bina okay cool yeah so are use my razor originally yeah grew up there my cousin lives in Israel yeah but I've never visited you should yeah I know I've been wanting to I I didn't I could have done birthright but I didn't do it no I don't know you didn't make alia yeah was it great it was too much schedule packed into a very short amount of time right right it's just I didn't get a lot of sleep and it's the escape and what do you do in San Francisco for work or life I'm here oh she's in HR oh we just came back from 25 days in Israel and that's it Thirteenth time and then it's just never enough there's so much to do there were some highlights great trends incredible concerts food like no other beach like no other everything is ten times better than anywhere else and you know it's really hard to beat well I don't know if you had the same experience she's not from there but she feels the same she's from she's originally from here but she feels the same Wow oh that's beautiful I'm glad you had a good trip did she just hire you for PR Elle's great the ambassador to Israel and Lee that's harder to sell them it's nice for a change dear family in Israel are they're all in America my mother is there okay I thought you were gonna ask at least one very controversial thought-provoking question to push the button we kind of take our cues from whatever the people were talking to want to talk about like we don't really have an agenda we found that having no agenda just leads to a better conversation just a little bit more natural yeah you see where it takes you again yeah yeah yeah no that's wonderful what is one we feel about Israel and Palestine that's another surprise most Israelis don't get angry when you are already the American Jews are very that's yeah yeah right right can call Israelis apartheid occupation there don't get angry they look all right it's not gonna make me I will say this like Israel is not an apartheid state that is important it's a settler colonial state they're there literally at the cowboy era of colonialism where they're because they don't they don't use the Palestinians for like labor anything this isn't South Africa they want them to be extinct oh just get them out yeah yes be exterminated it's extirpated like God Ritter like yeah just go away like this is ours now it's like yeah you know okay it's mine oh yeah it's um it's complicated some yes some people say that the brutal thing that America and Australia did just you have what the thing about certain wars is you have a war and it's over when you have a problem that's lingering right then it never gets resolved so one advantage of a brutal war if I could call it advantage is that it's over when World War Two was over the next day sorry okay finish the episode with you as soon as done with that so just wait like a couple minutes yeah thank you okay oh yeah it's interesting I mean no it's a complicated thing and you're said you're saying a war that ends has like it this is a little more abstract when I was gonna say the day the World War 2 was over yes they know the single bullet was shot by Germans or Japanese it was over like Taliban or this or they're to keep going guerrilla war terrorism explosion guerrilla war you know explosions terrorism it's over once and for all right however brutal it was how many people died but you have a final solution yeah the israel-palestine conflict is just very kind of abstract and elongated by Israel you talk about it like no there's just like a terse dismiss you just kind of go like you don't really think about looking at that problem right you go to the terrorist destination you go to the beaches you go to like you know all the cultural centers like you don't really think about like all of that like especially when well when you go there you're gonna see that most Arabs are very happy they know that they have a better life there in most other places there are problems with the rights they are discriminated there is discrimination but you're gonna see it's a safer place it's a more beautiful place than any other place you might have been and where yeah any American here will tell you they are blown away when they arrive it's expensive that's yeah that's one downside it's very expensive but and a lot of Arabs are actually very happy and very proud of being Israeli some are some are not so if they don't agree on everything Israelis don't agree on sure sure sure but the day to day is very pleasant for the most extreme people look at and doing this would be very easy anybody with one estado do podcasts in Israel and the best part is you can ask whatever you want okay zero political correctness it was a pleasure to talk to you both and have a great enjoy the concert tonight and enjoy your visit in LA you guys safe travels she's in alright get someone waiting in line you left her wallet oh hi when I put these on we got two phones double phone double phones thank you what's your name Carrie how are you doing well so how do you think the podcast went today huh how do you think our podcast went today I don't know I think you guys would be the better judge of it we're asking I mean nobody got into a real yelling match so by some standards good by other standards it's not enough of a bloodbath therefore not enough in an audience draw okay yeah and what was your favorite part of the episode hmm I don't know I just kind of got into the very end of it so hard to something so hard to say if you had a pair get me to pick something it's a bummer you missed it yeah yeah if you had to pick something Moe's your favorite part basically where you all left on good terms it's nice when in discussions end like yeah I love when discussions and and what was the worst part of the episode what'd he think could be done better next time again hard hard to say because I came in at the cuz I came in yeah yeah I just had to guess though anything anything that was bad hmm were there any like technical difficulties like that someone's Mike all of a sudden cut out at the we had to turn people's mics off yeah as they refuse to leave oh then maybe that was the worst part maybe any constructive criticism but we could do better next time hmm maybe like part of like a one of those put one of those like tomato timers or something you know what tomato when the tomato's done their work or neg timer yeah the tomato ones go for like 20 minutes like you know the Pomodoro Technique yeah yeah I don't know it basically it's a technique for studying or just uh basically a productive making pasta or or making pasta and basically you do something for 20 minutes and then once the timer goes off you take a five minute break and you do I think every three repetitions of this cycle you take a longer break and then yes so basically it's prevent burnout and all that kind of thing okay and where you going I'm going to the library to drop off some books and then going to go grocery shopping a little Tokyo Koreatown fun yeah can we go um I don't know I usually like I usually like hanging out by myself because then I don't have to be worried about we just like we just wrap this up and just gonna go hang out walk like I just want fifty steps behind you like go do the grocery shopping and library and stuff we'll be 50 steps behind you thanks for hanging out yeah see you later thanks for sitting in chairs yeah have a great afternoon we'll see you tomato go on I have a buy one step two step all right my name is Andrew Shaw my name is Cole her thank you so much for watching five but outside okay oh wow what an episode thanks for watching or listening or both or just watching without listening and we just had a really fun day after the episode was filmed with our friend Carrie mm-hmm we went to all the places she mentioned which I forget grocery shopping into the library is that it I think we did a lot more than that yeah so we did all had a fun night with her 50 steps behind her and we're follow her till the rest of her life mm-hmm and that's pretty good and also please rate interview us on iTunes it helps us immensely and check out a patreon for bonus stuff and yeah I think what couldn't oh it's too close no it's good and definitely check us out everywhere we are the Instagram and Twitter for the show is bonkers fun it's bonkers fun and also our own personal instagrams and Twitter's are bonkers fun too and we got lots of stuff coming at you every week for the show okay yeah and if not what the hell yeah it's outside fuck you mr. Ferguson

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