Gabbard reacts to being attacked by CNN, New York Times

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  1. What i find really disgusting is those hack "journalists" who have never served in the military and never will smear her it's a disgrace.

  2. I would rather have a so called Russian puppet than a communist like Tulsi. She is BORING and as a military vet, she will run us into more wars. Don't believe the lies

  3. Two things?
    1, Tell lies in state TV should violate some laws, where is the fact checks.
    2, President race, 75% is smear and lies between politicians. When will they work for the 350 millions voters.

  4. Sounded like she said Thanks sucka at the end. If she didn't, thats whatbshe really meant. She works for the Globalists, she is a member of the CFR. She is now hiding the fact that her name was taken off of the CFR roster via her request. She is linked to George Soros, and is trying to keep it secret. This is all a plan to garner support from our veterans, and in proxy all of us that support those veterans. Prove me wrong.

  5. Trump would have a tough time with her. She's wrong about everything, but isn't a clown and he wouldn't be able to give her a nickname.

  6. Upon hearing that Tulsi is a Russian asset, Trump said, "I hope they don't pay her more than they pay me!".
    And the Dems opened another impeachment inequity.

  7. God Bless You Mrs Tulsi Gabbart Rep.Candidat For 2020 V.A, … Always Successful, …… Cheerio.🌠👍👍👍🌠🌟🌠.

  8. Trump did not offer control of our military to the Saudis. He was being deferential and diplomatic about wanting know know how we could help after a heinous attack from Iran.

  9. Please tell me, cus I am not a Yank, who in God's name reads the New York Times or watches CNN. I mean what Morons do that? And does any American really believe that because the media says your working for the Russians its the truth, you believe it? Your society is very, very sick. It's so sad. A great country like yours is sliding down into the loony bin, truly..

  10. Shes the only serious candidate her party has but they cant control her..
    Tulsi is the only democrat that gets a pass.
    Trump 2020
    Gabbard 2024

  11. When President Trump wins again I don't wanna hear these democrats complaining about sexism of misogyny because they smeared Tulsi Gabbard.

  12. So veterans are constantly asking to put an end to these regime-change wars? I'm sorry but I haven't heard that since the Vietnam war. But we do have constant military conflicts because of the Military-Industrial Complex that requires these conflicts in order to justify itself. In other words, why would we be spending so much money on troops and armament of we're at peace. The US has many times as much to defend its territory so they look at other places in the world to use them.

  13. American soldiers dying for the profits of the “Military-Industrial Complex” and the NEWS MEDIA rally’s around the filthy war-mongering Corporations and the Democrats!

  14. Tulsi Gabbard if you truly want to help your country PLEASE cross the aisle and become a republican. You are SO wasted on the other side


  16. The totally CORRUPT and FAKE News Network – never reports the news and always on mark with the Dimmocratic Soap Opera – FAKE NEWS 100%

  17. She is only on Fox because now she is being hit by the left. A week ago she was anti conservative. She jumps sides to much to ever be taken seriously

  18. Why didn't Tulsi boycott the debate as she said she would? Because she's a hypocritical publicity seeker who loves to play the victim.

  19. don't care so much anymore. she dropped her support for medicare for all. that's a big nono for me, even a little hesitation and you've lost me fr. i'm sad about that too, i've been a fan of hers for a very long time.

    at least bernie is out there carrying the rest of her issues. thank god for that.

  20. Oh the irony…Asad was, and is still (but not only), at war with Alqaeda & ISIS/Daesh but he's still allies with the Kurds/Kurdistan…& the US is still at war, & at the same, still funding Alqaeda & ISIS/Daesh…Asad, Russia & USA are all allies & enemies all at once…"Orwellian in fact!" Read '1984'

  21. a Democrat complaining how she's badly being treated by democrats doesn't surprise me at all she looks and sound surprised and yet she hasn't learned her party is all about so naive and stupid

  22. Why is it not common knowledge that US foreign bombings & invasions have made the world a safer peacier place!? Specifically after WWI…

  23. Tulsi keeps crying boohoo, get a back bone !!!! So now u know what trump is facing!!!! What kind president will u be? I know, a crying complaining snowflake!!!🤪🤪🤪🤪

  24. News companies have more opportunity to make money if there are conflicts. If she doesn't support regime change wars, she is a threat to bread and butter stories that help produce headlines media companies can make money off of.

  25. SO Tulsi if youre "sortof" the enemy of the left and they do this to you. imagine how much Trump is doing thats right and effective to get the hatemail he gets..

  26. hindu politics a very very dirty 2 + multi face tulsi no exception she supports a racist indian pm modi who oppresses indian people like what we all recently saw in kashmir

  27. How the hell did the Democratic party become the party of war and aggression?….. I grew up in the sixties and it was the other way around…..

  28. CNN and the rest of the liberal propaganda consortium are characterizing Tulsi the same way they do to Trump. It's a shame Tulsi and Trump can't be on the same team.

  29. Tulsi is confused… she keeps talking against the wars in the middle east and then when Trump pulls out she bashes him for pulling out. She does whatever it takes to get attention, especially when ur comes to her liberal votes so she will bash Trump even if she agrees with him. She's a joke and has socialistic views. Hey tulsi… literally everything you said you want to do regarding veterans Trump has ALREADY DONE!

  30. Tulsi Gabbard needs to show back bone by distancing herself from the democraps. At least threaten an independent run for the presidency if separate one on one debates with the leading candidates are not immediately broadcast during this increasingly shrinking window of opportunity for her presidential aspirations to solidify. This emphasis on independence from both parties will possibly capture the American people’s need to relinquish the dominance from this so called two party system now and most certainly prepare for an independent first women president of the United States in 2024.

  31. She does make a lot of sense and shes also being attacked by her own party for calling them out on some of thier irrational policy. It's truly a waste because she would better serve the country as a Republican where she could get the backing instead of having to constantly fight thr four racist idiots that are pro com units.

  32. She knows Assad didn't use chem weapons on his own people – and gets attacked for that belief. Oh, and in general terms the fact that she aligns with Trump on Foreign policy.

  33. Centuries of war and warring factions cannot be changed by injecting American soldiers into their past and their future hate for one another

  34. Why is it becoming a thing now that whenever the left doesn't like something about a politician they're immediately a Russian puppet? It's so childish and pathetic.

  35. Tulsi was just about to start tearing into Warren and of course the CNN moderator completely cut her off!!! I'm not surprised but it's just so blatantly obvious…

  36. I could never vote for the current Democratic party but Tulsi Gabbard is as close as I could get. How she is being treated by the left wing media AND her party is an absolute disgrace, I cannot understand why she is standing as a Democratic candidate after all this BS.

  37. Does CNN really not like Tulsi? Maybe they are promoting her by hating on her hoping people who were leaving the Democrat party and are finally seeing their lies, would vote for her. I'm a former Democrat and hater of Trump. Now hes the only one I trust and want as President.

  38. This is why president Trump calls them fake news. And I think what president wanna call them is F….king news but politely said fake news.

  39. Tulsi your party has left you behind for socialism what are you gonna do now? Climb aboard the Trump Train you can thank me later

  40. Congresswomen Tulsi Gabbard is NOT a leftist leaning socialist Democrat. She is just a Democrat. They trash her because she won’t play hillary and pelosi’s game. Leftist leaning CNN ( Communist Nation News ) and the New York Times receive good monies from their leftist leaning sponsors. Can’t remember the foundations name, let me think, hmmm….. Tulsi Gabbard is military, a soldier for life. A woman of honor. Leftist leaning socialist Dems fear honorable people. Vote to restore order to this Nation. After four more years of President Trump, mane consider Gabbard for our first female President. Vote, vote, vote ….

  41. Why doesn't Tulsi switch parties already? She might have a real chance of winning the Presidency if she ran on the Republican ticket.

  42. Thank you for letting her speak for herself. Imagine being against regime war and then she is accused of working for a foreign power and being a traitor. The other candidates should have stood up for her. They are as bad as CNN and The NewYorkTImes.

  43. Hands of yo fox and Tucker .. for bringing Tulsi again and again.. And actually listening to her policy and her ideology..

  44. Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter. She's trying to stop the deaths of countless innocent lives on both sides. God bless her.

  45. I used to be a fan of Tulsi Gabbard, but she's in the same corner as the rest . Being less crazy than her opponents doesn't win her any points with me.

  46. 2:48 Her answer, isnt that the same thing they say about Trump and that people like her believed(and maybe still does) absolute.

  47. Isn't there ANY way she can sue these "News".. it's not news, it's LIES, an an unsubstantiated ATTACK.
    She's really the ONLY Dem making any sense. She may be liberal, but she's no Subversive Leftist. Big difference!
    She can call out the "fake news" as well as the President can, they are interfering with her campaign.
    I've seen the Project Veritas, it's very disturbing this is going on and a network has lost credibility with it's own employees!

  48. I like those interviews with Tulsi Gabbard. They are very respectful, heartfelt and to the point. And always about topics that are very relevant.

  49. cnn and nyt have no credibility. lying warmongering propaganda. not that msnbc, abc and the like are any better. criminal! hopefully few are fooled. how tragic that they cannot be held accountable.

  50. Obviously the DNC would never allow her to get the nomination, so I'm hoping, after their circus primary is done and Trump is re-elected, Tulsi gets a job in the admin as a high-level member of the State Dept or as our next UN Ambassador. She and Trump seem to really agree on matters of foreign policy and the need to get out of all these ridiculous foreign military entanglements.

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