Forrest Gump (6/9) Movie CLIP – Lt. Dan Makes His Peace (1994) HD

Yes, I would. That’s him right there. Let me tell you
something about
lieutenant dan. Forrest… I never thanked you
for saving my life.He never actually said so,But I think
he made his peace with god.

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  1. that reflects american soldier after the war. sacrificing themselves in the battlefield but left behind after their service. i hope the best for them, i hope i can be like them someday. go bless american soldiers

  2. As beautiful as this scene is, I can’t help but find it hilarious that he brings up how he never thanked Forest before he goes all Dolphin Tale on him.
    “I never did thank you…”
    “… And?”
    “Nothing, I just wanted to point that out.”

  3. The first time I saw this movie I though he straight up committed suicide when he jumped off the boat for a minute

  4. He was making a backstroke with that beautiful background of thick clouds and sun shining… its all I could remember in this scene… they nailed the scene 😃

  5. the guy that [played Lt Dan has devoted his time to vets, giving concerts for them and helping them by building handicap housing, now he would make a great addition to the Trump team as Veterans team

  6. this was one of the most powerful moments in the film . when he called him Forrest for the first time .and he said i never thanked you for saving me . you just felt like the was were these two begain there life long brotherhood . because they both became rich together both had each others back . in war and in life .if thats not true friendship i dont know what is .

  7. This was a beautiful tribute to the veterans of vietnam. They were shit on by so many people and many never recovered. Lt Dan's story is amazing on many levels. Identity, self hatred, forgiveness, and love. One of the greatest lines I find in the film is " Do you have any idea what it's like to have no legs? " – "Yes, I do "

  8. The first time I watch this o was about 6-7. And I didn’t really get the meaning of this scene. But now at 15, I cry a little every time I watch it.

  9. I can totally understand that the intended meaning of this moment is finding God, finding salvation through religion, but that's not what it means to me. I'm not saying that meaning is wrong, or that I dislike it; I think redemption by any means is a great message ^^

    It's just, for me, I've never entrusted my heart to something as immaterial as a God, or any ideal or concept. That being said, I do have some measure of faith in my life: faith in my friends, my family. Faith that, in general, anyone can be moved to an act of kindness, whether by their own will or in service of something they believe to be of greater value.

    In general, a lot of our life is determined not by WHAT we're viewing, but HOW we view it, and Lt. Dan really represents the struggle embodied in that. Lt. Dan went to war expecting to die, almost obligated to. To live in any kind of life other than as a soldier was not something he ever imagined, and to have to live on broken, unable to be the same man he was before…

    Well for a man like that, it must've been like a personal hell.

    In times like these, we're want to blame something. It could be 'the world', or 'life' or indeed 'god' itself. But the common factor is this; we ask, "Why me? Why, of all the people on the planet, did this happen to me?"

    We ask as if there is a singular reason why terrible things happen to good people, or why people who hurt others benefit from their suffering, but in fact nothing could be further from the truth, which is pretty simple:

    What an event means is ENTIRELY determined by how we view it: a woman may lose her husband to cancer and grieve for years, but allow herself some measure of peace by remembering all the good times they had and being thankful for them for example. On the other hand, a man could have his life saved (allbiet at a grave cost), and spend the rest of his life blaming god for his injury.

    Lt. Dan chose not to be that man. In that storm he faced down the world he was so sure was just there to beat him down, just there to be his own personal hell. And he won.

    No, he didn't chase away the storm. He didn't strike down 'God' or even neccessarially find him. He won in the same way any human ever does: he accepted himself, and through that, he found peace.

    Swimming under his own power through the water, charting his own course as the boat sailed beneath him… these were things he'd never have a chance to experience if he'd died in Vietnam. He realised how lucky he was just to be alive.

    And I think, in that moment, he truly made peace with his god.

  10. Ah never done made mah peace with gawd . But I do wonder if on mah last day will he have a big enuf bucket for how much i hate his dumb kids .

  11. The scene was done that way on purpose, you are supposed to think he was trying to kill himself. Then in the next cut you realize he’s just swimming and has actually made peace and a new look on life.

  12. Such a good scene. The fact that he accepted his fate and came to peace with it is truly heartbreaking and sad at the same time . Forest showed him the true meaning of life

  13. he wasnt thanking fore fososet for vietnam, he was thanking him for the job on the boat. If he had stayed in new york he would have died.

  14. forest saved his life twice . once in vietnam and again when he invited him down to alabama. if he had stayed in new york he was a goner the way he was drinking.

  15. Let’s face it, everyone in one point of your life you fight against God and when he wins and he shows his mercy there is nothing in this world like it..

  16. I always got a flashback to this movie when I passed the exit to Bayou le Batre along I-10 in southern Alabama.

  17. This is a very spiritually significant scene. My eyes teared up when I first saw it. Now, so many years later, that I have put some things to rest within me, I understand the message. And the interesting thing is, once you make peace with God and accept your life for what it is, you achieve a contentment that, well, it's impossible to explain. I made my peace with God recently, and myself, and although I wish things had turned out differently, I've ceased struggling in vain..or perhaps "out of vanity" is more apropos…. and now I have the contentment and peace that always eluded me in life. Beautiful scene, beautiful moment, beautiful lesson.

  18. it took me a long time to understand this scene. lieutenant dan isnt talking about what Forest and him went though in Vietnam. hes talking about the shrimp boat. If forest hadn't invited him down to bayou le batrou to work on his boat he would have likely drank himself to death in new York or wheeled himself in front of a bus.

  19. for a while he was pissed off about forrest saving his life and having to live without both legs, but in the end Lt dan was glad that forrest saved him

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