Former EPA chief says Trump is undermining science

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  1. No surprise from someone who makes up his own facts. Why should he care about scientific objectivity when the accuracy of information usually condemns his silly ideas. The only true worry I have is how much has this president set us back in science & technology. There is no doubt in my mind trump is a cancer.

  2. Why does CNN seemingly have no issue with the obvious BS false flag attack this week? We better not fight another war for Israel

  3. "The world is going to collapse!!" Sorry, climate catastrophe is not going to happen, at the most people are just going to have to take off their hoodie on a hot summer day. End of the world apocalyptic scenarios appeal to people who have given up hope because it means everyone else is going to be knocked down to their level of despair. To all the suicidal young Americans out there, climate change is going to be mild at best, your life was ruined by the financial crisis, and the carnival orgy of global capitalism will go on for everyone else as you invisibly die with a whimper. Doomsday will never come. The world is only ending for Americans without college degrees, while the champagne will keep flowing for everyone else. HA HA

  4. Where is the wikipedia climate change article? LOL! Jackass Commies at YouTube would say Wikipedia is an illegitimate source any other time. What a bunch of assholes.

  5. Some of Trump Administration's actions to destroy USA and the world:
    -EPA has decided that it will not look at air, water or ground contaminants when it determines the health and safety risks of potentially toxic chemicals.
    -EPA authorized a new use rule that allow the creation of new products containing asbestos.
    -EPA cancels a requirement for oil and gas companies to report methane emissions.

    What's next for this despicable Administration?

  6. Here is the kicker, Obama accepted on blind faith that climate change was real. Did Co2 emissions go down at all during his 8 years. Nope……… Will they go down under Trump Nope, Will the they go down under Bernie Sanders, Nope. Until you can get the entire world to agree on a fix this is pointless.

  7. Tangentially related but while Whitman is talking the hi temp for Phoenix was being reported to be 111F. It's only 6/13.

  8. I have no idea if Whitman has left the Republican Party. In any case Nixon started the EPA in 1970 through an executive order.

  9. When badges of authority trump years of photographic evidence — this is the best we can expect. No mention of the photos, and focus on polls whose accuracy are all belied by photographic evidence — and alleged science. The commonality is the prevailing narrative, which actual science can not penetrate — yet.

  10. It's 2019 I can have a video call on my phone with immediate responses and I've had that ability for 10 years how has the news still not worked out they're 3-second delay between interviewer and interviewee

  11. Watched a show about bacteria/viruses that literally survive tens of thousands of years in ice. I wonder what the Trump cult of fools are going to say when the melting ice releases some hideous disease or variant of the Spanish Flu that none of us have any immunity too….will these idiots still be squawking fake news and hoax then? I bet even then these morons would blame it all on some bull shit nefarious conspiracy theory…The sheer stupidity of the Trump cult is amazing.

  12. No… Trump undermined your paycheck! EPA has gotten too big and far too powerful. To fine a poor man $35000 for digging a water hole on his property…. F’ that. And he didn’t roll back regulations without reason. There are pages of reasons. CNN taking advantage of morons who won’t actually read.

    1. SAMSUNG moving all manufacturing out of China!
    2. FoxConn moving multiple factories back to Taiwan and SE Asia
    3. GOOGLE moving Nest and other CE products out of China, possibly to Taiwan
    4. 4 Huge Taiwan companies moved factories back to Taiwan last month due to Tariff
    5. 40% of US Companies are no longer producing in China by 2020.
    6. APPLE making moves to relocate iPhone production out of China
    7. Microsoft moving out of China
    8. Adidas moving out of China
    9. Panasonic moving out of CHina
    10. Adobe moving out of China
    ​11. Yahoo moving out of China
    12. Hasbro moving out of China
    Multinationals who sell to the US are joining suit and moving manufacturing back to Taiwan, S. Korea, US, Mexico or SE Asia…MAGA!!!!!
    MAGA 2020!!!!

  14. Bull shit! Global Warming is a H O A X. And it will be used to control the population!

    Al Gore's scheme made him a multimillionaire.
    From 2 millions to well over 300 Millions.

    The damn Climate Change Hoax Initiative cost our treasurery department well over 42 billions dollars a year, not to mention our stagnant economy!

    And where did all the 42 billion dollars went into?

    It went into everyone's pocket except ours!

    DemonRats are L I A R S. to the core, not to mention, thieves!

  15. Damn science deniers…next they'll claim gender is a social construct and life begins when it leaves the womb

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